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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 424, Wyvern Bloodline

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With these Lightning-Attribute Spirit Stones in hand, Yu Zi Yu once again immersed himself in cultivation.


This time, Yu Zi Yu aimed to break through to Tier-4, the Class known as Natural Disaster.


*Haaaa…* Taking a long, deep breath, Yu Zi Yu’s consciousness sank into the depths of his tree body. At the same time, intermittent blue electric arcs began to shimmer in the air.


Immediately after…


*Gulp, gulp…* Amidst the expansion and contraction, the roots entwining the Lightning-Attribute Spirit Stone gradually turned a lightning-blue color. At this moment, if one looked closely, they would notice numerous electric arcs surging from Yu Zi Yu’s towering tree form.


*Crackle, crackle, crackle…* Like a chorus of a thousand birds, the air was filled with sharp and piercing crackling sounds.


“The fluctuations from Master’s cultivation are becoming more and more terrifying.” Observing Yu Zi Yu, who had already become a towering blue tree with lightning streaking all over, White Tiger lying on the peak of a mountain could not help but have his eyes flicker. 


“Indeed,” nodding, the Honey Badger, Flathead, next to White Tiger also acknowledged.


However, if one paid attention to Flathead, they would notice a grindstone-sized Lightning-Attribute Spirit Stone in his claws.


Flathead was a Lightning-Attribute Mutant Beast. And this Lightning-Attribute Spirit Stone would definitely significantly increase his cultivation speed.


Yu Zi Yu was always generous to his companions and subordinates. Even though these Lightning-Attribute Spirit Stones were a bit scarce for himself, Yu Zi Yu did not hesitate to share them.


Missing a few Lightning-Attribute Spirit Stones would not greatly affect him. However, it was nothing short of a huge opportunity for Flathead.


Moreover, Yu Zi Yu had not only given a few Lightning-Attribute Spirit Stones to Flathead, but had also left a few the Lightning Giant Beat on the Arctic Island.



Time slowly passed away, while the commotion caused by Yu Zi Yu’s cultivation became increasingly frightening.


*Rumble, rumble, rumble…* Claps of thunder reverberated across the sky, with dense, dark clouds surging in the sky.


At this moment, a clap of thunder reverberated across the sky as a lightning bolt, as thick as a water bucket, would strike down.


However, before this lightning bolt disappeared into the air, a powerful attraction would come from the ground.


The next moment, much to the astonishment of various Mutant Beasts, the lightning bolt actually changed direction and shot straight towards Divine Tree’s canopy.


Fortunately, this was Misty Mountains, where a thick veil of mist lingered in the air. Otherwise, this sight would have scared the Hell out of countless people.


There was no denying that the sight of using the most violent force in nature, lightning, for cultivation was extremely mind-boggling.


Terrifying to the point that even Nine Tails, who had broken through to Tier-3, could not help but gasp in shock.


However, this was just the beginning.


Because, even after several days passed, Yu Zi Yu’s cultivation had not yet ended.


As if realizing something, crimson flames surged from Nine Tails before she lay down beneath Yu Zi Yu’s towering tree form, acting as his guardian.


“Haaa… once Divine Tree awakens, he will surely be even stronger.” Heaven an emotional sigh, Bull Demon, who had emerged from the Earth-Attribute Spirit Stone Mine deep underground, slowly raised his head and gazed fervently at Yu Zi Yu’s tree form. 


“Who knows?” Nine Tail did not give a direct answer, and just smiled.


However, after a moment, as if noticing something, Nine Tails’ pupils could not help but shrink.


“You broke through?”


“Luckily.” Nodding, Bull Demon, with a demonic appearance of a Bull’s head on a humanoid body, slowly raised his palm.


A moment later, much to Nine Tails’ astonishment, a purplish-black energy ball began to form in his palm.


As with the appearance of this energy ball, the ground began to sink and the dust particles floating in the air continuously plummeted towards the ground.


What was even more terrifying was that an extremely terrifying pull came from afar.


“This is a Gravity Ball, which means that my control over Gravitational Force has reached a whole new level.”


After a brief demonstration of his current strength, Bull Demon seemed somewhat satisfied.


Although he had just entered the Fourth Order of Tier-2, his strength was definitely comparable to some seasoned Apex Transcendent. He would not fall short of the newly arrived Guardian, the Snake Queen.


However, it would still be hard to say who would come out on top. After all, every Transcendent who could step into the Fourth Order of the Tier-2 had some tricks up their sleeves. So, no one could guarantee who exactly was stronger, and who was weaker.


[Well, maybe there is.]


As if thinking of something, Bull Demon glanced deeply at Yu Zi Yu’s tree form.


[If there really is a terrifying existence invincible within the same Tier, it’ll be none other than Master.]


As this thought crossed Bull Demon’s mind, Bull Demon’s smile grew bigger and bigger. 


At this moment, as if recalling something, Nine Tails suddenly shifted her gaze to the nearby Spirit Pond.


In the depths of the Spirit Pond, two purplish-black eggs lay calmly, surrounded by flickering black electric arcs.


“It’s about time,” saying so, Nine Tails turned her head and looked at Bull Demon, instructing, “Old Second, take the cracked Wyvern Egg to Old Fourth.”


“Uh…” Bull Demon was a bit stunned, unable to make heads or tails of it.


“Master has instructed me that when this Wyvern Egg has absorbed enough from the Spirit Pond, and its aura has stabilizes, I’ve to take it to Old Forth for him to absorb its bloodline.”


“I see!” Bull Demon muttered as realization dawned upon him.


Sarcosuchus already possessed an ancient bloodline of the Cretaceous period. If he successfully managed to fuse it with the Wyvern’s bloodline, a species that only existed in myths and legends, he would undoubtedly undergo a qualitative transformation.


Thinking of this, Bull Demon promptly started walking towards the Spirit Pond in large strides.



A short while after this…


*Roooaar…* A roar resembling that of an ancient beast suddenly echoed through Misty Mountains.


The next moment, in a seemingly endless Spirit Lake, a head the size of a small mountain slowly emerged from the water.


“Second Brother…” Sarcosuchus called out softly, but his thunder-like voice shook the very air.


“Goodness, you’ve grown so big,” Bull Demon exclaimed, seeing the terrifying size of Sarcosuchus, resembling a hill, marveled with a hearty laugh.


For Atavistic behemoths like Sarcosuchus, the larger their size was, the more terrifying their strength was.


At present, Sarcosuchus’s body stretched to a length of a hundred meters. Just that was enough for one to imagine how terrifyingly strong he was.


However, compared to this, Bull Demon was more concerned about what Sarcosuchus’ form would look like after devouring the Wyvern Bloodline.


Thinking of this, Bull Demon patted the giant black egg he brought with him and advised, “Old Fourth, this is a gift that Master entrusted to Elder Sister to give to you before he immersed himself in cultivation. I hope you treasure it.”


Saying this, Bull Demon pushed the egg, which was as tall as an average Human, in front of Sarcosuchus.


“Mas…ter…” murmuring, Sarcosuchus cast a long, deep glance towards the center of Misty Mountains, at the towering tree with lightning streaking around it and aura becoming increasingly terrifying.


Sarcosuchus did not say thanks or anything. He had noted everything down in his heart.




*Haaaa…* Taking a deep breath, Sarcosuchus shifted his gaze to the purplish-black giant egg right in front of him. “A Wyvern Egg…”



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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