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Humanity’s Great Sage – Chapter 464, Not Fair, Heavens! Not Fair!

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When Lu Ye’s group had finally returned to Bilandia, the entire city had entered a battle ready state. Each section of the wall was guarded by countless cultivators, and ward cultivators were setting up all sorts of wards outside the city as well.


Bilandia was the Human Race’s final bastion in the Myriad Beasts Domain. If it fell, then no one was safe, and the world would fall under the control of the crazed Spirit Beasts completely.


All the survivors had already reached Bilandia, and those who did not make it were most likely lost to the Spirit Beasts already.


Lu Ye and his companions had just fought a great battle. Naturally, they were going to catch some rest. If they participated in the battle in their depleted state, there was a high chance they would not be able to last the whole fight.


There was a surprise waiting for them, however. When they arrived at their accommodation, they discovered that a dozen or so strangers had moved into their house!


Xia Qianqian and the girls immediately turned wary. Bilandia was so overcrowded that countless cultivators and mortals had to sleep on the streets. It would be terrible if someone had robbed them of their homes while they were out, especially considering the massive gift they had paid to the city lord to make it happen.


Lu Ye thought differently though. A moment of hesitation later, he openly approached the unfamiliar group.


[If I’m not mistaken, they should be…]


As Lu Ye predicted, one of the cultivators in the group—an old man—broke into tears when he saw him. He immediately ran up to him, grabbed his shoulders and cried out, “Are you okay, Young Master?”




Xia Qianqian and the rest of the girls immediately figured out who these people were after catching his outburst.


There was only one type of people who would address Lu Ye as “Young Master”, and they were the cultivators of the Myriad Beasts Sect. The girls were surprised because they didn’t think that some of the natives would be their natural allies, but Lu Ye did because of his identity. He would not have approached them if he hadn’t realized this.


When he first entered the Hidden Realm, the objective he received was to escape to Bilandia with the thumb ring and buy the survivors of the Myriad Beasts Sect a place in the city.


In fact, Lu Ye knew that the survivors of the Myriad Beasts Sect had spread out after their headquarters was destroyed. His group could not be the only one who had escaped the disaster.


Since these people were waiting for him at his detached house, they could only be the survivors of the Myriad Beasts Sect.


The group numbered a dozen or so people, and they were all Cloud River Realm cultivators. Considering the average power level of the Myriad Beast Domain, they were without a doubt a force to be reckoned with. This was especially true for the old man holding Lu Ye and the old woman standing at the back of the group. If he wasn’t mistaken, they were both Ninth-Order Cloud River Realm cultivators.


“I’m fine!” Lu Ye assured while nodding his head.


The old man looked Lu Ye up and down until he was sure that Lu Ye was unhurt. However, his relieved expression quickly morphed into anger as he yelled, “Damn that Liu Wuzhai! Our sect had just been destroyed, and that old bastard already sent you out to face against the Spirit Beasts? He must’ve been hoping that you would die out there! I cannot imagine how the bastard ever became the lord of Bilandia considering how shortsighted he is!”


Liu Wuzhai was the name of the city lord of Bilandia. Clearly, the old man had many things to say about the city lord’s decision to send Lu Ye out to danger. In fact, he immediately turned on the girls next and yelled, “Are you girls stupid or what? Whatever possessed you to think that putting the Young Master at risk is a good idea?”


The girls were incredibly miffed, of course. If not for the fact that the natives had no idea they were really Jiu Zhou cultivators, they would’ve taken offense and argued back already.


“What? Why are you looking at me like that? How dare you! If it wasn’t for the Myriad Beasts Sect, you would’ve died on some forgotten streets a long time ago!” The old man could not help but explode again when he saw their expressions.


“Enough, Great Elder,” the old woman that concerned Lu Ye chose this moment to speak up, “it’s not like the girls wanted to risk the Young Master’s life. We’re not at the Myriad Beasts Sect anymore, remember? If anyone is at fault here, it is us for taking too long to come to Bilandia.” The old woman then looked at the girls and ordered, “You three, apologize to the Great Elder now.”


Instead of apologizing, the girls merely stared at Lu Ye’s back. Feeling as if someone was burning a hole in his back, Lu Ye immediately straightened up and said, “It’s okay, Great Elder. I’m the one who made the decision to go on the mission. It’s not their fault.”


The Great Elder let out a long sigh. “Young Master, I know you love the girls, but you can’t pamper them too much. Otherwise… forget it. We are all that is left of the sect now, and I do not wish to make the atmosphere any more unpleasant than it already is. Just remember to keep the Young Master out of danger next time.”


Finally, the girls let out a disgruntled “mm”.


Suddenly, the Great Elder looked at Amber. The white tiger was currently draped over Lu Ye’s shoulder. The longer he stared, the brighter his eyes shone. “Where did you find this little fella, Young Master? Is it okay if I take a look at it?”


Lu Ye tilted his head at Amber, and the white tiger immediately leaped over to the Great Elder. The old man’s eyes brightened even more when he caught Amber. “Oh, what an intelligent fella you are!”


After inspecting Amber thoroughly, the Great Elder finally returned the white tiger to Lu Ye with a wide smile on his face. “Congratulations, Young Master! You are incredibly lucky to have recruited this incredible beast not long after you lost your Chosen Beast. If I’m not mistaken, this beast is a descendant of the Four Sacred Beasts. It might not be very powerful right now, but it possesses incredible potential. If raised properly, its future is guaranteed to be brighter than most.”


Lu Ye was surprised. He did not think that the old man would be able to identify Amber’s bloodline, but then again, what was he expecting? He was the Great Elder of the Myriad Beasts Sect, the greatest Beast Taming sect of this Cultivation World before it was destroyed. Even Lu Ye himself wasn’t sure that Amber was a descendant of the Four Sacred Beasts until now.


As for the Chosen Beast the Great Elder spoke of… Lu Ye knew nothing about the poor animal, of course. He wasn’t actually the Young Master of the Myriad Beasts Sect, he was just assuming his identity.


According to Xia Qianqian, there used to be a Myriad Beasts Domain in the past. Everything they were experiencing right now was something that had already happened in the distant past. They were reliving that experience now only because the Heavens had somehow recreated it through some means he was nowhere powerful enough to even imagine.


Both the Myriad Beasts Sect and the Young Master of the Myriad Beasts Sect were real, but Lu Ye had no idea what the Young Master’s Chosen Beast was because the Heavens hadn’t given him that information. Heck, he didn’t even know that the old man before him was the Great Elder until the old woman had spoken up.


Lu Ye was an inquisitive man, so he asked, “How can I make it my Chosen Beast, Great Elder?”


The Great Elder shot him a confused look. “I’m sorry?” The art of converting a Spirit Beast into a Chosen Beast was the beating heart of Beast Taming itself. How could Lu Ye possibly not know about it?


Lu Ye immediately feigned a sorrowful expression. “I’m sorry. I’ve been feeling pretty addled since the Myriad Beasts Sect was destroyed. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve forgotten many things that I should never forget.”


Xia Qianqian and the others rolled their eyes repeatedly when they heard this…


However, the Great Elder accepted the shoddy excuse and sighed. “I see. I’m sorry you had such a hard time, Young Master.” He then shoved his hand into his Storage Bag and searched around for a bit before passing Lu Ye a jade slip. “This contains the most important technique of our sect, the Beast Pact Art. Keep it safe!”


Lu Ye accepted it respectfully and nodded. “Do not worry, Great Elder.”


Behind him, the girls felt their eyes widening like saucers. Who would’ve thought that asking was all Lu Ye needed to do to obtain the Myriad Beast Sect’s most important technique? They might not know what the Beast Pact Art was, but it didn’t take a genius to know that it must have something to do with Beast Taming.


In Jiu Zhou, Beast Taming was a minor cultivation faction at best, but here in the Myriad Beasts Domain it was the complete opposite. They had no doubt that the cultivators of the Myriad Beasts Domain were far better at the Way of Beast Taming than the cultivators of Jiu Zhou, not to mention that the Beast Pact Art Lu Ye just received came from their strongest Beast Taming sect.


The Beast Tamers of Jiu Zhou would kill to obtain the Beast Pact Art. It was extremely valuable to say the least!


[This old man isn’t a nuisance! He’s an opportunity!]


Xia Qianqian was a woman of action. She immediately asked, “Great Elder, we’ve run out of cultivation resources. Can we—”


The Great Elder immediately lost his pleasant expression and glared at her, “Did the Sect Master not give you a bag of Spirit Stones right before you left? Don’t tell me you’ve used them all already!”


Xia Qianqian groaned on the inside. [Of course not! I haven’t even met your Heavens damned Sect Master, much less received anything from him!]


The Great Elder turned back to Lu Ye with a pleasant expression. The guy must be a master of faces. “Where is your Spirit Beast Bag, Young Master?”


“I’m sorry?”


The Great Elder let out another sorrowful sigh. “Oh, Young Master. It’s not easy to make Spirit Beast Bags, you know. Our sect only has a dozen of them, and they were all passed down by our ancestors. You can’t just lose it like this.”


He then removed a bag from his waist and handed it to Lu Ye. “Here. This is yours now.”


To say Lu Ye was flabbergasted would be an understatement, but his shock was not even close to the girls. They were so jealous they could strangle the lucky sonuvabitch. Forget Kitty Shen, even a veteran like Xia Qianqian had never seen anyone receiving such preferential treatment from a Hidden Realm native before.


Xia Qianqian had thought that Lu Ye’s identity was a superficial status at first, but clearly she was mistaken. The guy could abandon them all and go into hiding right now, and she wouldn’t even be able to fault him for it!


[It’s not fair!]


[Why is a Second-Order cultivator getting so much profit for free, while I, a Ninth-Order cultivator, get nothing at all?]


[Is it because he’s a male?]


[Not fair, Heavens! Not fair!]


Xia Qianqian wanted to cry.


It was at this moment the old woman spoke up, “The young master has just returned from battle. Why don’t we postpone this conversation to a later date?”


The Great Elder nodded. “You’re right. Please take your rest, Young Master. We will speak again after you’ve recovered.”


“I shall be taking my rest then,” Lu Ye replied. He was going to walk into the house when suddenly, he felt a few pairs of red hot gazes piercing his back. He hurriedly waved at the girls and added, “You girls, follow me.”


“Yes sir!” The girls hurriedly responded.


As he was walking toward his room, he thought he heard the sound of grinding teeth behind his back. He wondered if it was his imagination…


Lu Ye went into his room and closed the door. He had just sat down on the floor when the world suddenly grew a little dim. He looked up and saw the three women glaring down on him with thick, unbridled disdain…


“I can’t help it! The Heavens are the ones who arranged all this!” Lu Ye tried to defend himself, “Plus, I brought you all here to catch some rest, didn’t I?”


“We’re splitting the loot!” Xia Qianqian uttered through gritted teeth. She was going to explode if Lu Ye said no.


“Sure. How do you want to split it?”


“You can have whatever’s inside the Spirit Beast Bag, but I want a copy of that Beast Pact Art. Don’t worry, I’m not going to sell it. I have a senior brother who’s a Beast Tamer, and the art might be useful to him!”


“Me too!” Kitty Shen raised her hand immediately.


Lan Ziyi was silent, but it was obvious she wanted a copy as well.



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