Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 472, Breakthrough in Progress

| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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“Over eighteen million Evolution Points…” softly murmuring, Yu Zi Yu gazed at the series of numbers on the status screen, his eyes squinting.


So many Evolution Points were something he wouldn’t even dare to imagine on a normal day.


Yet now, with this invasion of Sea Creatures, he unexpectedly reaped so many Evolution Points.


What was even more terrifying was that harvesting so many Evolution Points didn’t incur the wrath of Heaven or the Humans; instead, it elicited gratitude from countless Humans and even Mutant Beasts.


Smiling in his heart, the young man’s figure, seated under the main body of a Tree, created by Yu Zi Yu, couldn’t help but curl the corners of his lips into a subtle smile.


At this precise moment…


*Haaa…* Exhaling a long, deep breath, Yu Zi Yu held his breath and became completely focused.


[It’s time for me to breakthrough.] With this in mind, Yu Zi Yu truly exerted his Spiritual Energy to its fullest extent for the first time.


*Whoosh, whoosh, whooosh…* Like the tumultuous waves of a tsunami, the movement of Spiritual Energy kicked up surging sounds. Then, amidst the shocked gazes of countless Mutant Beasts and Humans, a surge of majestic fluctuation rose from the distant primeval forest.


*Boom!* Looking up, one could even see concentric glowing ripples of Spiritual Energy spreading outward continuously, distorting the space as they traveled.


And this dissemination wasn’t just limited to a city or province; it extended towards the distant horizon.



Federal Spiritual Energy Monitoring Bureau…


“What is that!?” Amidst voices filled with disbelief, the gazes of numerous staff members focused on the luminous waves.


In their sight, a glow was expanding incessantly from a city, spreading outwards.


In just a few breaths, it spread to nearly half of the continent.


They were just fluctuations of Spiritual Energy, but as they were too vast and majestic, it resulted in their materialization and resonation with the boundless Spiritual Energy in the environment.


“4 million…”


“7 million…”


“9 million…”


One exclamation followed another.


No, these were no longer exclamations but screams that they somehow managed to wrung out of their throats while being strangled hard.


Each staff member was gawking at the Spiritual Energy Monitoring Instrument in the distance in staunch disbelief.


Until a moment later…


As if reaching a critical point, the red line on the Spiritual Energy Monitoring Instrument, resembling a thermometer, rose to its peak, and then, with a deafening boom, the Spiritual Energy Monitoring Instrument, which had been in operation for years, finally met its end today.


At this moment, if one were to look at each staff member, they would surely witness a truly mind-boggling sight; everyone completely stupefied in shock.


“It’s over, it’s truly over.”


“The Tree Monster has actually reached quiently this level?”


“There’s no hope, There is really no longer any hope. The entire world will now grovel at its feet.”


Amidst murmurs, a look of despair blanketed the faces of countless people.


Ordinary people might not understand what Tier-4 Transcendent signified, but for people like them, who deal with Spiritual Energy constantly, they clearly understood what a Tier-4 Transcendent signified.


A Tier-4 Transcendent was tantamount to an unstoppable natural disaster, a moving and breathing natural disaster. Wherever they passed, they would leave nothing but devastation.


Compared to the onslaught of Sea Creatures, just one was several times more terrifying.


According to the speculation of some Spiritual Energy Experts, a top-tier Tier-4 Transcendent could single-handedly even influence the operation of the entire planet. Their existence would affect the balance of the ecosystem.


It could be said that if an Apex Tier-4 Transcendent really came into existence, the entire planet would begin to reweave its ecosystem according to its will.


What did this mean?


If this Apex Tier-4 Transcendent was of extreme cold attribute, the entire planet would gradually descend into an ice age, transforming into a world of ice over the course of many years.


If this Apex Tier-4 Transcendent was of extreme heat attribute, the entire planet would gradually transform into a magma purgatory.


Of course, all of this was premised on the fact that this Apex Tier-4 Transcendent chose not restrain its own existence.


And now, this Tree Monster was actually on the verge of breaking through that seemingly forbidden realm.


Although, even if it breaks through, it would only be an Early-Stage Tier-4 Transcendent, it would be almost invincible; no one could shake its existence.



Meanwhile, in the depths of the Western Desert of the Asian Continent… 


As if sensing something, a Humanoid Figure suddenly stood up, its eyes staring fixedly towards the east of the continent. 


“You’re actually going to break through, huh?” Sighing deeply, Seth, known as the God of the Desert and Storm, slowly bent his body.


A person of great strength commands respect, and someone as formidable as this, who had surpassed his understanding, made him willingly to bow his head towards.



In another place…




A gentle cry suddenly resounded through the sky.


Looking up, somewhere in the depths of the sky, a bird as black as ink, with three plumes trailing behind like a Phoenix, suddenly circled around and changed its direction, gazing towards the east of the continent with a burning gaze.


“It’s the aura of the Tree Monster…” muttering, the Demonic Phoenix, known as the ‘Second Monstrosity of the Continent’, also shook its head helplessly.


Tree Monster was a taboo word. The more powerful one was, the more they could feel its terror.


Even if it did nothing, just remaining still in the depths of the Misty Mountains, the most powerful Mutant Beasts on the entire continent could still feel a mountain pressing on their chest.


And now, this mountain seemed even heavier.


*Chirp…* Giving out another soft cry, the Demonic Phoenix also bowed its head.


In fact, the Demonic Phoenix was a legendary creature, known only by name to the world, not by appearance.


It had a body resembling that of a Phoenix, but was as black as ink.


Its three plumes at the tail could draw out black starspots. When they swayed gently, one could see starspots scattering out of the plumes and then slowly disappearing, creating a beautiful, solitary track.


This was the Demonic Phoenix, a legendary creature.


In the past, Humans attempted to hunt this beautiful creature, but the cost was immense. A thousand-kilometer stretch reduced to a silent, lifeless zone on the continent, forever scarred. Even now, the area around that city was pitch black, as if telling the terror of the past.


However, this was only the beginning. The continent was vast, compared to what was previously known, it was slightly larger.


After the resurgence of Spiritual Energy, the continent was expanding at a rate invisible to the naked eye. If someone was paying attention, they would surely notice that the continent had long since gained new and previously unseen landforms.


Of course, few people would pay attention to this detail, even China would find it difficult to detect.


Because it did not happen overnight, but had been happening gradually over the years.


In the past, China might have had a chance to notice. But now, having lost control of their technology, how could China possibly know about these changes?


And now, in a corner of the continent, in a remote and desolate valley…


A sleek and agile black Mutant Beast, resembling a majestic horse, with a peculiar black horn on its forehead, slowly raised its head and let out a neigh, gazing towards the horizon.


The next moment…


*Clip-clop, clip-clop, clip-clop…* Its long whip-like tail swayed slightly, and this strange creature, which resembled a divine steed, majestic and agile, quietly merged into the night, treading the void without a sound, heading towards the distance.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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