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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 747, Everything Is Destined, What an Unfortunate Soul

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“It seems like I would have continued being deceived and used by you. How brave of you… Are you not afraid I’ll end your life?!” As soon as the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being heard those words, his face turned indescribably cold, and his expression was devoid of any emotion. Dreadful visions surfaced deep within his eyes, causing the surrounding galaxies to collapse and crumble. Consumed by fury, he unleashed an unrestrained attack, determined to end Gu Changge’s life within this universe.




The entire cosmos trembled as if on the verge of shattering. The immense pressure descended like divine wrath, capable of obliterating everything in its path. 


Cracks resembling a vast network of spiderwebs spread throughout the universe under this overwhelming force, and an infinite torrent of astral winds and Chaos Qi swept from the distant reaches, transformed into a storm that laid waste to heavens and earth. 


Since the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being and Gu Changge had fallen out, there was no more need for pretence. The Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being’s murderous intent materialised into a dark divine weapon, which resounded through the universe, capable of piercing through it.


“Why has it come to this, Master? Why must we turn our blades against each other?” Gu Changge chuckled lightly. With a single wave of his hand, the void before him parted, revealing a horrifying black hole akin to an endless expanse of starry sky that devoured all light and World Principles.


Gu Changge naturally desired to kill the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being and seize everything that belonged to him at this very moment. In his eyes, this place was a fitting burial ground for him.


“I’m curious to see what you’re capable of. To think you dared to scheme against me so recklessly,” the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being commented, his face as calm as still water. 


His Daoist robe emanated a radiant glow as countless Grand Runes flew out, manifesting into divine soldiers. There were also a dark Heavenly Sword, a Golden Ancient Bell, a bronze Imperial Clock, and many more artifacts, all of which were unparalleled in might that had only appeared in the Celestial Ancient Times. They were not illusions but solid manifestations, which possessed vast and terrifying power. 


Each divine soldier radiated an infinite brilliance like scorching suns, exuding immeasurable might as they charged towards Gu Changge.


A terrifying black-and-white millstone appeared behind the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being. Thick with the intertwining aura of life and death. Fragments of shattered time danced in the surroundings, crashing down with thunderous force. 


The entire universe struggled to withstand this onslaught as it cracked and ruptured under the overwhelming pressure.


This was the Great Millstone of Life and Death, which held the Power of Reincarnation. Even a mere wisp of its aura harboured the might to annihilate the world. 


After all, as a figure from the Legendary Celestial Ancient Times, the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being had unimaginably terrifying methods back then and even now. No True Daoist could withstand his current might. They would be pierced through and have both their body and soul obliterated. Even a true Remnant Immortal would be no match for him.


“You had yourself drop down from being in the True Immortal Realm, which is why you are far stronger than a Remnant Immortal.” As Gu Changge discerned the truth behind the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being’s facade, his eyes shimmered with shades of black and white. He could clearly perceive the traces of Immortal Principles surrounding the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being. Although they were incomplete, they were undeniably real.


These Immortal Principles transformed into guillotines and Heavenly Swords that slashed in his direction from all sides with unmatched ferocity. Everything beneath the Immortal Realm was mere ants. Even those who had become True Daoists were nothing more than slightly larger ants before this might.


“So what if you’ve realised it? The Immortal Principles I’ve displayed so far are nothing but fodder. Destroying them won’t change a thing. My pursuits are forever beyond your reach,” The Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being sneered as his methods soon grew even more ruthless. 


While the Great Millstone of Life and Death continued its descent, he simultaneously unfurled a tattered flag that instantly expanded to cover the sky, obscuring the sun, and shrouding the entire universe.


An ancient and vast aura of iron and blood suddenly emanated from within. The torn flag had holes in some places and was stained with iridescent fresh blood that had never dried up, even to this day. Stars and galaxies could clearly be seen flowing within the flag, forming a terrifying and immeasurable world that perpetuated endlessly.


The blood, with its myriad colours, exuded an indescribable horror, casting its reflection upon the cosmos. Even a mere wisp of its aura caused the universe to tremble, as Chaos Qi surged towards the fringes of the world.


“The Iron-Blooded War Flag once bore the blood of an Immortal King. Consider yourself honoured to be annihilated by it!” The Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being’s gaze turned ice-cold, for at this moment, he had already regarded Gu Changge as a dead man. 


Although the true power of the treasures he possessed couldn’t be used, he believed that killing Gu Changge was undoubtedly well within his capabilities. After all, no matter how formidable Gu Changge might be, he was ultimately just a Junior whose accumulated experience and foundations could never compare to his own. Moreover, in terms of skills, he believed himself to far surpass Gu Changge.


“Alas, time has decayed this war flag that was once stained with the blood of an Immortal King…” Gu Changge shook his head with a sigh, his expression unchanged. 


Grand runes, black in colour, floated and swept forward like a blazing sea of darkness, transforming into a Dark Immortal Furnace. Scorching Godly Flames emerged within, countering the pressure from the Iron-Blooded War Flag. Although his cultivation was indeed inferior to the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being, Gu Changge didn’t believe that anyone in the Upper Realm could be his match in terms of strength.


“Although decayed, it will be enough to kill you. Be wise and hand over those Source Runes you obtained from those ancient wells. I can leave your corpse intact if you do.” Time seemed to vanish under the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being feet as he waved the Iron-Blooded War Flag while the Great Millstone of Life and Death loomed above his head, as he swiftly approached Gu Changge.


Despite that, Gu Changge only put on a small smile and calmly raised his palm as endless World Principles coiled around him like an ocean, directly resisting the Iron-Blooded War Flag. 


It ended up emitting a terrifying energy that even shook the River of Time.




The fluctuations of their battle had long surpassed the boundaries of this universe, engulfing many worlds around them. 


Space ruptured, and worlds collapsed. 


Those that had joined forces against the monstrous creatures at the Immortal Gate couldn’t help but tremble in fear, their souls freezing with terror. Such power far exceeded their imaginations. It surpassed even the creatures at the Immortal Gate. 


At this moment, they felt as though a True Immortal had descended.


“What in the world is happening? Why does it suddenly feel like there are unrivalled experts clashing? Even the legendary River of Time has manifested…” 


Everyone quivered and prostrated. Overwhelmed with unimaginable fear, their souls began to tremble. Unfortunately, Gu Changge and the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being had long left the boundaries of that universe, with their figures blurry as if waging war within the River of Time. 


They were surrounded by the void and the Chaos Sea (Sea made of Chaos), where World Principles boiled and fragments of the Great Dao flew. 


The scene was too terrifying for words to describe.


“To be honest, I’m quite curious about what other secrets you hold, besides feeding on these True Daoists to strengthen yourself. Where have you hidden the Dao Fruits you’ve collected?” Gu Changge chuckled lightly before he swung his fist, and a radiating golden brilliance filled the entire space. It collided with the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being, unleashing vast waves of power that exploded like a myriad of suns.


As if 3000 ancient worlds were floating about with endless Primal Divine Light permeating around him, the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being tried to resist the attack before him.




As if the force of the entire universe had pressed down, with horror reaching its peak, Chaos Qi blasted at him.


*Spurt!* The Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being spewed blood and was sent flying! The arm that collided with Gu Changge’s attack flail about as it made sounds of bones cracking. 


The blood that splattered dyed his Daoist robe in red. 


Gradually, his complexion turned grim. He never expected that even the Iron-Blooded War Flag stained with the blood of an Immortal King couldn’t prevail against Gu Changge.


Though constrained by World Principles, as such, the Iron-Blooded War Flag could only exert a fraction of its godly powers, it was still beyond the reach of ordinary True Daoists. However, around Gu Changge, it was as if there was an invisible domain capable of devouring and cancelling out any attack directed towards him. It was like an impervious fortress, immune to the Principles of the world.


“Just who are you? Are you only testing me?” At this moment, the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being finally sensed that something was amiss and growled. Unless he unleashed his true skills of an Immortal, he would never be able to overcome Gu Changge. In terms of strength, Gu Changge certainly reached an unparalleled pinnacle. Worse, he had a feeling that Gu Changge was merely gauging his abilities and hadn’t revealed his true trump card.


A sense of unease suddenly swept over him, engulfing his mind. The Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being couldn’t believe it. Despite having survived since the Celestial Ancient Times and employing numerous calculations and astounding techniques, he wasn’t able to handle someone like Gu Changge. 


Gu Changge was like an unfathomable abyss. The more the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being understood him, the more he felt deep-seated fear.


“Boring. Did you only realise it now? Since you keep refusing to tell me, I’ll have to personally look into it.” Gu Changge shook his head, the faint smile on his face fading away. He had been testing the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being all along, seeking to thoroughly understand his abilities rather than completely annihilate him. After all, Gu Changge thought that he would make an excellent puppet.


“What do you mean?” The Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being stared intently at Gu Changge. The black and white aura from the revolving millstone above his head descended, forming a constant cycle of replenishing itself. 


It was capable of withstanding everything as it completely enveloped him. Yet, the unsettling and heart-rending feeling once again engulfed him. It was as if an invisible vast inescapable net was slowly closing in on him.


In the next moment, a terrifying black light cleaved through, shattering eternity, rupturing the skies, and traversing the universe and the River of Time. Under the strike of the spear, all traces of Dao and Principles were wiped out, as they were reduced to dust.


*Pffft!* The Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being could only stare in disbelief as he was unable to react in time. He only felt a coldness between his eyebrows, as if something icy had pierced through his head.


“This… What is this…” His voice rang out intermittently. His mind was already shrouded and consumed by boundless silence and fear now. 


Right then, he suddenly recalled the halberd glow that had shot through the heavens during the Forbidden Epoch. With the same magnificence and terror, it had eradicated and shattered everything. 


The Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being was filled with horror and disbelief. [How is this possible? How can Gu Changge be that person?]


Unfortunately, his vitality was quickly dissipating at this moment, and there was no one to answer his questions. 


Even though his soul was incredibly strong after it was tempered through countless ages, it was now filled with cracks as it slowly shattered like porcelain.


Gu Changge walked slowly over with his Eight Barren Demon Halberd, pointing diagonally towards the southern sky. He then traversed the entire universe in an instant. His expression remained unchanged, but he looked at the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being with a hint of pity.


“Speaking of which, you are quite fortunate to die under the Eight Barren Demon Halberd. After all, this is the first time I have truly unleashed its power in a very long time…”


During his time in the central region of the Upper Realm, Gu Changge had never truly unleashed the power of the Eight Barren Demon Halberd nor displayed its overwhelming Demonic might. It was a weapon capable of annihilation. If even a trace of its true aura were to leak out, it would be a catastrophe beyond imagination for the entire Upper Realm. 


Naturally, even if he wanted to, Gu Changge couldn’t unleash all its might at the moment. Still, it was thanks to the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being’s for letting him come to this remote area, that Gu Changge was allowed to recklessly wield the halberd, and display whatever might he could.


No matter how widespread the fluctuations of the great battle in this far off location, they could not reach the central region of the Upper Realm and alarm those there. 


[Everything has been determined from the very beginning. You were the one who was completely unaware and thought you would emerge victorious.]


“What an unfortunate soul. Well then… I will be taking everything you have now.” For Gu Changge, his soul was not only nourishment but also held numerous secrets left by the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being.


Furthermore, within the Spiritual Palace of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being’s soul, there were resources he had gathered over countless ages. Daoist Scriptures, Artifacts, Immortal Herbs, extraordinary Immortal Roots, these were just some among the many precious treasures he had. 


The so-called practice ground was actually right here. After his death and dissipation, this collection of his would naturally become Gu Changge’s.


As for the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being’s physical body, Gu Changge would also collect it so that he could refine it when he had the time.


What Gu Changge was most concerned about currently was the Dao Fruits accumulated by the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being over countless ages. In the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being’s plan, these Dao Fruits were crucial to his breakthrough to the Immortal King Realm. 


Initially, the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being cultivated the Dao of Reincarnation and managed to delve into the Great Dao of Time. However, he made no progress later on and couldn’t even glimpse a trace of hope in becoming an Immortal King. That was why the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being, with great determination, severed his cultivation of the Immortal Realm and descended to seek an Immortal King Dao Fruit through other methods.


[The Dao Fruits he collected are contained within each Dharma Body. Such bodies are spread throughout the vast ancient universe in great numbers. It seems there are still quite a few of these Dao Fruits to collect. For me, they are a shortcut to rapidly advance my cultivation after breaking through the Immortal Realm. These fruits will certainly save me from a lot of trouble.] With these thoughts, Gu Changge looked towards the ancient universes he and the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being had traversed before. In a way, the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being was truly his benefactor for giving him such a great gift.


Gu Changge’s gaze shifted, and then, a Grand Flask radiating boundless dark light materialised in his palm. The flask soon engulfed the dissipating soul of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being.



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