Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1066, Cultivation

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain


Inside one of the rooms in Zong Ao’s palace, Yang Kai sat cross-legged.


Taking out the Heavenly Spirit Ghost Orchid, Yang Kai swallowed it without hesitation.


A cool sensation ran straight from the throat to his abdomen, and as he began to refine the medicinal effects, which cool sensation rapidly spread out to every part of his body, dilating his pores and rapidly affecting his physique.


In order to refine a Burning Flame Pill that formed Pill Clouds, and in order to rapidly improve his cultivation realm, Yang Kai spared no effort.


Moreover, he no longer regarded this time’s incident as a disaster but instead an opportunity.


Currently, he was all alone in the Star Field, without any friends or family, no one to rely on, only by increasing his own strength would he be able to survive.  Xue Yue falling unconscious and not awakening gave him the opportunity to concentrate on cultivation.


When viewed from another angle, misdemeanours could often become advantages.


Yang Kai could safely use these next few months to break through then afterwards improve his Alchemy skills to complement his cultivation realm and achieve greater growth.


The cool sensation made him tremble but also more clear headed than ever before.


He suddenly felt as if he had a good plan for the foreseeable future, causing his heart to pound harder.


Xue Yue’s uniform breathing came from the next room over.  Zong Ao’s methods could only maintain her vitality for at most a year and a half, once that time was up, she would die if there was no appropriate pill to treat her.


However, Yang Kai wasn’t as worried at all about this right now, his mind in a state of pure tranquility.


The Heavenly Spirit Ghost Orchid’s medicinal effects continued to permeate through Yang Kai’s body.  Ha Li Ka hadn’t clearly explained how this precious treasure would improve the efficiency of his cultivation, but Yang Kai could clearly feel some changes occurring in his physique.


Suddenly, the coolness which had flooded his whole body began to gather towards Yang Kai’s chest, and the medicinal efficacies of the Heavenly Spirit Ghost Orchid were rapidly consumed.


Suspicious, Yang Kai removed his shirt, exposing his sturdy body, and looked down towards his chest.


The Golden Dragon Tattoo, the Dragon Emperor’s inheritance, quickly swam across his skin.  


The Golden Dragon Tattoo moved deftly, just like a living creature, sometimes swimming in front of him, sometimes swimming behind him, while the Ice Phoenix Tattoo remained on his back, never moving.  The Phoenix Empress inheritance which belonged to Su Yan was simply using Yang Kai’s body as a temporary residence, waiting for him to hand it over to her.


At this moment, there was a faint trace of Black Qi gathering on his chest, like some kind of ghost or demon.  Yang Kai inspected this Black Qi carefully, but not discovering anything out of the ordinary, he decided to quietly wait and observe.


After a while, the Black Qi on his chest condensed and began to take on a vague pattern.


Yang Kai stared closely, but did not understand what was happening.


Only after waiting half a day did the chilly feeling in his chest suddenly disappeared, and at the same time, the blurry pattern quickly became clear.


It was actually a baby’s face with clear features, as if Yang Kai now had an extra head in his chest, a disturbing and terrifying sight to behold.


Yang Kai was stunned, never having imagined that such a situation would happen after he took the Heavenly Spirit Ghost Orchid.


To his further amazement though, the mouth of this baby face suddenly opened and then like a great vortex began madly drawing in the surrounding World Energy.


*Hu Chi Chi…*


A great gust of wind blew through the room at that moment and an unimaginable amount of World Energy poured into Yang Kai’s body as the baby’s mouth continued sucking it in.


Suddenly, Yang Kai felt his mind and body relax as a sense of replenishment filled him.  His meridians pulsed, accepting this vast stream of World Energy and transforming it into his own capital under the circulation of his Secret Art.


[So mysterious!]


Yang Kai was overjoyed, closing his eyes tightly while feeling the benefits of the Heavenly Spirit Ghost Orchid.


Although the design of this Heavenly Spirit Ghost Orchid on his chest looked eerie, its effects were truly spectacular.


In this way, even if Yang Kai didn’t actively circulate his Secret Art, under the suction of the Heavenly Spirit Ghost Orchid, he could continuously draw in the surrounding World Energy, improving the speed and efficiency of his cultivation greatly.


The baby face’s breathing cycle lasted about thirty breaths of time, actively inhaling for that period before resting for an equal amount of time, each cycle bringing in an astonishing amount of World Energy for Yang Kai.


Ha Li Ka’s gift was truly a Heaven sent for Yang Kai.


Yang Kai often spent most of his time traveling, and while moving from one place to another, he rarely had the opportunity to cultivate.  If this Heavenly Spirit Ghost Orchid’s effects could continue on indefinitely, it would be difficult for Yang Kai’s strength to not improve.


In the future, he could maintain a state of cultivation when traveling or even during battle.


Unfortunately, according to Ha Li Ka, this Heavenly Spirit Ghost Orchid’s effects would gradually diminish as time passes, disappearing entirely after two or three years.


Additionally, this treasure was extremely difficult to find.  Occasionally one or two plants were discovered, but as soon as they were, they would be snatched up.  In order to obtain this treasure, Ha Li Ka had fought a long bloody battle with many other masters.


However, two or three years was enough for Yang Kai!


After taking the Heavenly Spirit Ghost Orchid, Yang Kai next brought out the Snow Pond Crystal Essence and placed a drop into his mouth.


A new and different cool sensation filled his body.  The Snow Pond Crystal Essence was a product from the Snow Pond Forbidden Zone, naturally its primary attribute was cold.


Yang Kai’s spirit shook and he couldn’t help feeing a cleansing sensation wash over him, as if his very soul was being purified.


A peculiar power rippled from Yang Kai mouth, flowing into his abdomen then vaporising and rising like a cloud of smoke towards his Knowledge Sea.


Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea, which was originally somewhat turbulent because of his excitement and joy, immediately settled down, all ripples disappearing in an instant.


Yang Kai’s Soul seemed to undergo an instantaneous sublimation, his mood becoming as tranquil like an ancient well.


As the Snow Pond Crystal Essence’s medicinal properties took effect, Yang Kai suddenly developed a wondrous feeling, as if he had become detached from his own body and become an outside observer.


All the memories contained inside his Knowledge Sea became scenes flashed before his eyes.


In this way, Yang Kai was able to review all the roads he had traveled throughout his life, as well as the people he met and the events he had experienced.  His setbacks and achievements, happiness and frustration all put on display.


It was as if he traversed his thirty year life all over again.


Yang Kai saw many details he had previously ignored, as well as the many regrets he had accumulated, allowing his mood to change subtly.


He became more mature and more experienced.


As his state of mind changed, Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea also underwent some unusual changes.  The level of seawater gradually rose, which was a sign of his Spiritual Energy increasing and the colour of the seawater become deeper and thicker.  The intensity of his Soul was becoming stronger at a visible rate.


Atop the six-coloured island which sat at the centre of his Knowledge Sea, the six coloured light became even more lustrous and dazzling.  Even the Soul Devouring Insects, who had been living on this island, began to buzz with joy, rapidly swallowing the six coloured light which the Soul Warming Lotus emitted.


Soon, the number of Soul Devouring Insects reached a critical limit and they began to attack their nearby companions, eliminating the weaker existences, allowing the swarm as a whole to become more powerful.


Yang Kai was aware of all these changes, but instead of trying to stop it, he simply observed it with indifference.


The Soul Devouring Insects used to be one of his sharpest weapons, able to cause trouble for Saint Realm cultivators and easily kill those below the Transcendent Realm.


However, after arriving in the Star Field, the Soul Devouring Insects were no longer of much use.  In the Star Field, there were an endless number of cultivators, and Saint King Realm cultivators were common, the current Soul Devouring Insects posed no threat to these masters.


Yang Kai was looking forward to how these tiny Exotic Ancient Insects, which only fed upon Spiritual Energy, would evolve after this time and whether they would become useful again.


He desperately needed more strength.


The battle between the Soul Devouring Insects was incredibly fierce as each tiny insect battled to devour its neighbours, allowing on the most elite to survive.  These few survivors though were far stronger than before.


Finally, the battle atop the six coloured island came to an end, and the number of Soul Devouring Insects had dropped by several thousand times!


The few remaining insects then fell into a type of deep sleep.  Sweeping them with his Divine Sense, Yang Kai discovered that each individual had wrapped itself in a cocoon-like shell, with only faint traces of life pulsing inside.


Yang Kai stopped paying attention to them after determining there was no issue.


Taking back his consciousness, Yang Kai left the palace and took out the Seven Coloured Spirit Gathering Flags, followed the method given to him by the middle-aged beauty, poured his strength into the flags, and threw them out.


The seven small flags suddenly became much larger and arranged themselves into a peculiar pattern around Yang Kai, each one waving in the wind.


There was some kind of imperceptible connected between these seven flags, transforming the Seven Coloured Spirit Gathering Flags into a Spirit Array.


The wind blew and the trees in the distance began to sway as a large amount of World Energy began being pulled towards the location of the seven flags.  Even the sky up above underwent some changes.


Yang Kai sat down cross-legged, took out a few cultivation pills, stuffed them into his mouth, held a good piece of Saint Crystal in his hand.


Inside the palace, Zong Ao, who is performing his frenzied Alchemy as usual, noticed something going on outside, stopped his hands for a moment, and released his Divine Sense, soon understanding what was happening.


“There’s no justice in this world…” He couldn’t help muttering, “Why when this old master was young and weak did no one provide me with such good cultivation environment, how unreasonable.”


He felt a little jealous.


Heavenly Spirit Ghost Orchid, Snow Pond Crystal Essence, Seven Coloured Spirit Gathering Flag…


What’s more, his three thousand kilometre territory had many Spirit Arrays already set up to gather the surrounding World Energy?


All kinds of effects concentrated in one spot would help the cultivation speed of the little brat outside to increase by several folds.


The speed at which Yang Kai would be able to gathering World Energy through all these means would be comparable to that of an Origin Returning Realm master in secluded cultivation.


Zong Ao estimated that in just a few months, Yang Kai would be able to break through and rise another Minor Realm.


Of course, only if this little brat’s body was able to eat up this extravagant feast.


Such a rich World Energy aura was not something a little Saint Realm cultivator could absorb, and if the gathering rate of this aura was too fast for him to digest and accept, it would only cause a huge burden on Yang Kai’s body, bursting his meridians and damaging his foundation.  If that were to happen, instead of helping him, all of these blessings would instead harm his progress.



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