Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2731, As Big As You Want


Translator: Silavin & Raikov

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Nine pills was the absolute limit one could refine from a single furnace of ingredients.


Proposing to change the Spirit Pill to one of Dao Source Grade was not because Ji Ying couldn’t win, but because he didn’t want to fight a one-sided battle! He had become an Emperor Alchemist many years ago and refined countless Emperor Yuan Pills. Even if Yang Kai was also an Emperor Alchemist, it was impossible to have the same rich experience he had. If Ji Ying chose to compete in refining the Emperor Yuan Pill, then he would have a great invisible advantage.


If they were to switch to a Dao Source Grade Spirit Pill, he would still have a great advantage, but at least the difference wouldn’t be so big.


Yang Kai shook his head, “No need. Many thanks to Grandmaster Ji for his kind intentions. Let’s just refine the Emperor Yuan Pill!”


He naturally knew the reason why Ji Ying made this suggestion, and his impression of him also improved a little bit as a result.


Not just anyone could become the Chief Alchemist of High Heaven Palace, even if it was a Legacy Disciple of Wondrous Pill Great Emperor like Ji Ying. If his character was not honourable, then Yang Kai would not have his eyes set on him.


Thanks to how readily he was able to admit his mistake regarding Li Xuan’s incident, even apologizing and openly expelling Li Xuan from Medicine Pill Valley, Yang Kai surmised from this that Ji Ying must have a righteous character. This latest suggestion only furthered that impression.


To put it another way, Ji Ying was a disciple of Wondrous Pill Great Emperor and one of Medicine Pill Valley’s people, so even if he did not apologize to Yang Kai just now, there was nothing Yang Kai could do about it. That was unless he really wanted to take the risk of offending Medicine Pill Valley and making things difficult for him.


Just a single one of those deeds would have been enough. Even though Ji Ying had a noble status, he did not have the typical arrogance that most Alchemists had. And, with his identity as an Emperor Alchemist, then there would be no need for Yang Kai to worry about Spirit Pills in the future if he were to become High Heaven Palace’s Chief Alchemist.


Ji Ying could even nurture a new generation of Alchemists for High Heaven Palace!


The development of a Sect could not be achieved by Yang Kai’s efforts alone. Only when many came together and contributed would High Heaven Palace truly thrive.


“Since Palace Master Yang insists, then this Ji naturally has no problem with it,” Ji Ying said in a sullen voice, seemingly feeling vexed that his kind intentions had been ignored.


As he said that, he turned his hands over to reveal a pile of herbs that were separated into two portions, “These are two sets of herbs used to refine the Emperor Yuan Pill. Whether it be in quality or age, there is no difference. Please inspect them, Palace Master Yang.”


Yang Kai smiled, “I trust Grandmaster Ji’s integrity.”


“Then choose one!” Ji Ying said.


Yang Kai casually chose one set of herbs. Ji Ying’s reputation and status was the guarantee here. Even if he wanted to win against Yang Kai, he would defeat him in an up front competition of Alchemy skills. It was impossible for him to play any sort of trickery with him.


When he saw how relaxed and at ease Yang Kai was, Ji Ying felt angry for some reason and coldly snorted, “In that case, let us begin. Palace Master Yang, as an Emperor Alchemist, you naturally have your own Alchemy Furnace, correct? Do you need me to lend you one?”


“No need,” Yang Kai smiled and shook his head.


If they were competing as Alchemists, then they should naturally compete in public where it’s impossible to hide anything. As such, the two of them sat down directly in the hall.


With a casual flick of Ji Ying’s hand, a tripod-style Alchemy Furnace appeared and landed steadily on the ground. With the appearance of this Alchemy Furnace, a clear and peculiar aroma spread out in the hall that shook one’s spirit. The Alchemy Furnace clearly had a long history, with two dragon heads on each side that appeared vivid and lifelike. These dragon heads weren’t just decorations though and seemed to be essential instruments for controlling the flames inside the furnace. As for the interior of the furnace, there was a dense runic pattern that would make one dizzy just by staring at it.


A burst of Emperor Intent permeated the air!


“Good furnace!” Yang Kai’s eyes lit up full of praise.


As he was also an Alchemist, he naturally had a special love for good Alchemy Furnaces. As soon as Ji Ying brought out this furnace, Yang Kai knew that it was no ordinary treasure, and from the fragrance it was releasing, Yang Kai could infer that Ji Ying had definitely refined countless Spirit Pills with this Alchemy Furnace. He should have reached a level of one-ness with this Alchemy Furnace.


Ji Ying said proudly, “This is the lowest quality Alchemy Furnace that this Ji has on hand.”


He took out his worst Alchemy Furnace not solely because he did not want to take advantage of Yang Kai, but also because he was confident of his own skill.


Yang Kai nodded lightly before waving his hand and summoning out his own Alchemy Furnace.


The body of the entire Alchemy Furnace had a black lustre to it and a faint Emperor Intent also spread out the moment it appeared. It was clearly an existence of the same level as the Alchemy Furnace Ji Ying took out. Seeing Yang Kai possess an Emperor Grade Alchemy Furnace, Ji Ying couldn’t help but feel stunned, as if he did not expect Yang Kai to have such heritage as well.


But on second thought, it would be normal for Yang Kai to have an Emperor Grade Alchemy Furnace if he really was an Emperor Alchemist.


With the showdown imminent, Ji Ying did not think about it anymore and quickly focused his mind. Even if his opponent was a young man who did not know the immensity of Heaven and Earth, Ji Ying would not take anything lightly. Even a lion will use its full strength to hunt down a rabbit.


Only by showing his true skills and defeating him in all aspects would Ji Ying be able to show respect to the Alchemic Dao and live up to the many years of teaching he received from his Honoured master.


“Shall we begin?” Ji Ying looked at Yang Kai with a solemn expression.


Yang Kai was just about to nod when he suddenly looked to the side and smiled, “Sect Master Mi, Palace Master Li, are you going to place bets?”


“We can bet as well?” Mi Qi and Li Jiao looked at each other, both a little surprised.


“Since you’ve already come, you shouldn’t go home empty-handed, should you?” Yang Kai looked at them with a smile.


“Very well!” Mi Qi exclaimed, “Let’s bet. Only, I don’t know how big of a bet Palace Master Yang is able to afford!”


“As big as you want. We can even bet our Sect’s foundations,” Yang Kai answered casually.


“Wha…” Mi Qi and Li Jiao’s faces changed when they heard this, shocked by Yang Kai’s words. Such stakes were simply too big. Even though Mi Qi and Li Jiao had the intention to add insult to injury here, slicing a few pieces of meat off Yang Kai’s arrogant face, they did not even dare to think about gambling using their Sects’ foundations.


Even if they had absolute confidence in Ji Ying, they wouldn’t dare to gamble so much.


“You don’t dare?” Yang Kai looked at them tauntingly.


“It’s not that I don’t dare to, but rather that it is excessive. We have no enmity with each other, so why raise the stakes so high?” Mi Qi acted obstinately, but he was actually just worried.


“That’s right. Let’s just add some casual interest.”


“In that case, what sort of wager do you think is acceptable?” Yang Kai asked.


Mi Qi and Li Jiao looked at each other, their Divine Senses surging as they seemingly discussed something.


Yang Kai was in no hurry either and just sat to the side and waited, smiling at Ji Ying as he commented, “The weather is good today.”


Ji Ying frowned, thinking to himself, [Is he just spouting nonsense now? The skies are clear for tens of thousands of kilometres outside. Even a fool can see that.]


But why was he saying this to him? To mess with his mind? How wicked!


He couldn’t help but glare at Yang Kai before turning back to the front, ignoring him.


“Palace Master Yang. Brother Li and I have decided,” Mi Qi suddenly said.


Yang Kai gestured for him to continue.


Mi Qi said, “Brother Li and I will bet ten years of our respective Sect’s revenues. I wonder if Sect Master Yang dares to accept this wager or not!”


Even Ji Ying was slightly moved when he heard the stakes.


Ten years of a Sect’s revenue may be simple enough to say, but it could amount to a terrifying figure if converted into Source Crystals. For top Sects such as the Full Sky Sect and Fire Dragon Palace with countless industries under their jurisdiction and numerous Source Crystal Lodes they mined, one year’s revenue would amount to at least fifty million High-Rank Source Crystals.


Ten years, that would mean five hundred million High-Rank Source Crystals!


With two major Sects together, that would equal one billion High-Rank Source Crystals!


That was simply a terrifying number.


From the looks of it, Mi Qi and Li Jiao had ruthlessly decided to shave some benefits from High heaven Palace. Ji Ying glanced at Yang Kai, wondering what sort of expression he had right now.


He probably… wasn’t looking too good, right?


But when he turned to look, Ji Ying was stunned as Yang Kai sneered with disdain, “You two are leading figures in the Northern Territory, but that’s all you can afford? How stingy.”


“Stingy?” Mi Qi’s face darkened, “You dare call us stingy?!”


Li Jiao narrowed his eyes, “Is Palace Master Yang not just trying to play tricks? You actually don’t dare to take our bets, do you?”


He thought he was able to see through Yang Kai’s thoughts, and his voice was filled with insinuations.


“Fifty years!” Yang Kai exclaimed, holding up his hand, “I’ll bet fifty years with each of you, fifty years of each Sect’s revenue!”


Mi Qi and Li Jiao both sucked in a breath of cold air.


Ji Ying also stared at Yang Kai with wide eyes as if he were a madman.


“You, you…” Mi Qi began to stutter, revealing the violent fluctuation of his emotions, “Do you know how much Full Sky Sect can earn in 50 years? And you dare run your mouth off!”


Yang Kai replied calmly, “If you count 50 million High-Rank Source Crystals a year, ten years makes five hundred million, so fifty years will be two and a half billion! That’s only five billion in total for your two Sects, right?”


“Only… five billion!” Li Jiao almost choked to death when he heard Yang Kai’s words. He really wanted to ask Yang Kai whether he truly knew how much five billion High-Rank Source Crystals actually was.


Yang Kai snorted and looked at them disdainfully, “What, are you two too afraid to bet? Or do you have no confidence in Grandmaster Ji?”


The first sentence was fine, but the second sentence made things difficult. If they really backed out now, wouldn’t that mean they had no faith in Ji Ying as Yang Kai said? This could become a big deal as it may end up offending Ji Ying.


How sinister and cunning! Li Jiao and Mi Qi were both grinding their teeth in anger.


Naturally, they couldn’t back down now that things have already come to this, so Li Jiao coldly snorted, “Naturally, Brother Mi Qi and I do not have a problem with this. If you want to bet fifty years worth of revenue, then so be it! But I don’t know whether Palace Master Yang can take out that much to bet with!”


“Exactly!” Mi Qi nodded approvingly, “Five billion High-Rank Source Crystals is no small amount. If Palace Master Yang goes back on his word, what can Brother Li and I do to you?”


“Ridiculous!” Yang Kai pointed to his own nose, “Do I look like the type of man who doesn’t keep his word?”


Mi Qi and Li Jiao both observed him seriously for a moment before the latter said, “It’s not like we know each other well! How should we know what sort of person you are?”


“Good, good, good,” Yang Kai looked utterly exasperated, making Mi Qi and Li Jiao feel as if he was just pretending.


Mi Qi laughed, “If Palace Master Yang can come up with the bet, what’s the harm for Brother Li and me to place our bets?”


“That’s what you said, so don’t regret it!” Yang Kai jumped to his feet.


“Take it out, then!” Li Jiao urged him as if he could see through Yang Kai.


“I’ll do it now!” Yang Kai shouted.


“Do it, then!”


“Here!” Yang Kai turned his hand over and a Space Ring appeared on his palm which immediately attracted everyone’s attention.




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        1. 🤔Yang Kai’s attitude toward Ji Ying is justified by the fact that he needs to be severely provoked to accept the Alchemy contest bet, while the behaviour with the two Sect masters can be defended, as their character being set up such that they would try to suppress High Heaven Palace regardless of whether they have cordial relations with Yang Kai or not.

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