Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3208, Look Who’s Here


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With such a line-up, High Heaven Palace had a richer heritage than most of the top Sects in the Star Boundary. Even Sects like Fire Dragon Palace, Ice Heart Valley, and Azure Sun Temple only had one Third-Order Emperor Realm Master each.


The Space Array shone brightly, which startled Bian Yu Qing who was meditating, causing her to lift her eyes and glance in that direction. Thinking that it was Hua Qing Si returning from the Southern Territory, she hurriedly got up to greet the person who arrived.


Yang Kai’s figure was revealed before she could get closer though, and surprised, she hurriedly cupped her fists, “Palace Master, you’re back.”


Several disciples guarding by the side also rushed to greet Yang Kai with respectful expressions. Incidentally, it had been more than ten years since Yang Kai left the Northern Territory to go to Dragon Island. There had been no news from him throughout all this time, and if Zhu Qing had not come here to inform everybody of the truth, they would have assumed that something had happened to him. However, she had not mentioned that he was going to a Lower Star Field and simply said that he was cultivating in retreat and might take months or years to exit.


Now that Bian Yu Qing could feel the fluctuations coming from Yang Kai’s body, she was shocked to the core to discover that he was now a Second-Order Emperor Realm Master. [I can’t believe he broke through to the Second-Order Emperor Realm in a little more than ten years! What incredible cultivation speed!] 


When she first met him, he had only been a Second-Order Origin King. She inadvertently felt a sense of shame for her lack of achievement when she compared herself to him.


“Manager Bian.” Yang Kai grinned, feeling extremely cordial to be reunited with an old friend. Although Heng Luo Star Field was where he was originally from, High Heaven Palace was the foundation of where he currently stood. He finally returned after ten years outside, so he was in a good mood, “Are you on duty today?”


“Yes!” She replied honestly.


“En, did anything happen in the past few years?”


“Everything has been peaceful. Please rest assured, Palace Master.”


The heritage of High Heaven Palace was clear as day and it was no secret that three Monster Kings were guarding this place, so who in the entire Northern Territory, aside from Wondrous Pill Great Emperor’s Medicine Pill Valley, could even compare to it? It was only natural that nobody dared to cause trouble for High Heaven Palace, so the past ten years had gone by without incident.


“Rather, people from Fire Dragon Palace came here many times to ask about the whereabouts of Li Jiao.”


“Oh, just ignore them.” Yang Kai waved his hand dismissively, “Ask Sister Hua to come and meet me.”


She responded, “Manager Hua is currently not in the palace.”


“Where did Sister Hua go?” Yang Kai was startled to hear the news.


“Manager Hua is currently settling some accounts for the end of the year. She went to the Southern Territory half a month ago to settle some material transactions with Violet Source Chamber of Commerce, and based on her schedule, she should be returning in about two days.”


A few years back, Yang Kai had reached an agreement with Violet Source Chamber of Commerce. Since the two Territories were located very far apart and the resources they produced were very different, they were fully capable of making up for what each other lacked. Hua Qing Si had maintained the trade relationship between them for all these years, bringing in a lot of income for High Heaven Palace as a result.


“Is that so? Then, ask Nanmen Da Jun and Chi Yue to come and meet me instead.”




Afterwards, Yang Kai strode forward and merged into the Void. By the time he reappeared again, he was standing in the sky and looking down at High Heaven Palace. The mountains below him rose up in the distance, the vegetation was lush, the scenery was beautiful, and the weather was calm. There were many mountain peaks scattered around and numerous buildings were located in the valleys between them; however, most of these places were empty. These buildings were originally the properties left over from Seeking Passion Sect, but because High Heaven Palace had always been sparsely populated, nobody lived there and those buildings were left empty.


Yang Kai flew around the entire High Heaven Palace for a while, observing the landscape quietly as he formed a plan in his heart. Since he was back, the first thing he needed to do was to release the people within the Small Sealed World. The only way they could adapt to the World Principles in the Star Boundary was to integrate them into this world as soon as possible.


After today, the population of High Heaven Palace would probably exceed a hundred thousand people.


An eagle’s cry sounded and a figure dashed over to Yang Kai at that moment. When that figure got closer, it turned into a well-dressed man with a hooked nose who cupped his fists and greeted, “Young Master Yang.”


“Ying Fei, it has been years since we last met. I trust you’ve been well?” Yang Kai smiled slightly.


Ying Fei replied, “Many thanks for your concern, Young Master Yang. I have been well.”


While they were speaking, Xi Lei and Xie Wu Wei rushed over too. The three of them had noticed Yang Kai’s aura at the same time, it was just that Ying Fei’s speed was faster, so he arrived first.


After exchanging greetings, Xi Lei asked curiously, “Young Master Yang, what are you looking at?”


“I was trying to assess how many people High Heaven Palace can accommodate.”


Xi Lei chuckled at those words, “We have vast lands and a small population, with hundreds of spirit peaks empty. Accommodating one or two hundred thousand shouldn’t be a big deal. Why? Are you planning to open the gates and recruit disciples, Young Master Yang?”


“That’s not necessary.” Yang Kai shook his head. Then, he casually added, “By the way, I just came back from the Ancient Wild Lands.”


All three Monster Kings turned pale at those words. Glancing at each other, Ying Fei cautiously asked, “Did the Divine Venerables… say anything?”


“We met briefly before they drove me out. It seems that they don’t welcome me very much.” Yang Kai grinned, recalling the behaviour of the Three Great Divine Venerables back then still amused him greatly.


“Is that so…” Ying Fei was speechless. Although he could guess why the Three Great Divine Venerables were not welcoming toward Yang Kai, it was not easy for him to explain the situation at this time.


Xi Lei hesitated for a moment, “Did the Divine Venerables mention us?”


As soon as those words sounded out, both Ying Fei and Xie Wu Wei looked at Yang Kai nervously. When it came down to it, they were still Monster Kings of the Ancient Wild Lands. They were subject to the commands of the Three Great Divine Venerables, and if they were ordered to return, they would have no way to refuse. Otherwise, it would be considered a betrayal. However, they would surely be frustrated and unable to accept the situation if they returned just like that. Despite staying by Yang Kai’s side for so many years, they had yet to obtain the opportunity they were hoping for. It would be such a waste to leave right now.


“Not at all.” Yang Kai shook his head, “It looks like you’ll be my people officially from now on.”


The three looked at each other before cupping their fists in unison, “We wish to serve under you!” 


Their eyes were full of excitement. It was best if the Divine Venerables did not order them to return. They were willing to continue staying by Yang Kai’s side and offer their services to him. Although living in High Heaven Palace was peaceful to a fault and there was nothing much for them to do, it was still the best way for them to make a connection with that descendent of Heavens Order.


“Work hard. In the future, I will make it worth your time.” Yang Kai nonchalantly said. It was a casual remark, but it sounded much more significant to the listeners. Thus, the three Monster Kings became even more excited.


“En, come with me.” Yang Kai ordered before he turned around, flew downwards, and landed in front of a huge square where Nanmen Da Jun and Bian Yu Qing were waiting for him. 


Upon noticing his arrival, Nanmen Da Jun hurriedly came forward, “Greetings, Palace Master!”


“Little brat, you’re finally back!” Chi Yue, Gui Zu, Gu Cang Yun, and Ai Ou also greeted him.


Yang Kai cupped his fists respectfully. These few would always be regarded as his Seniors no matter how high his cultivation, especially Chi Yue and Ai Ou. One was his Mother-In-Law and the other was his Father-In-Law, so how could he not be respectful towards them?


“Boy, where have you been gallivanting off to recently? I heard you even subdued a Dragon Girl!” Ai Ou looked at Yang Kai with an unhappy expression. Moreover, his tone was rather difficult to interpret.


[This smelly brat is too improper! He already has four wives in the Star Field yet he dares to continue to fool around after coming to the Star Boundary!? He even dared to seduce a member of the Dragon Clan and become intimate with her!] It was only natural that Ai Ou had some thoughts of his own regarding Yang Kai’s actions. He might not dare to act presumptuously in front of the Dragon Clan, but it was different when it came to Yang Kai. [Who cares how high your cultivation is!? I will never forgive you if you treat my daughter badly!]


Moreover, that Dragon Girl wasn’t the only one. Ai Ou had also heard about a woman in Ice Heart Valley who seemed to have some sort of ambiguous relationship with Yang Kai as well. It was simply intolerable. If not for his lack of strength, he would have taught Yang Kai a harsh lesson by now.


“It was an accident. It was only an accident!” Yang Kai sweated profusely. He only mentioned Zhu Qing to Su Yan alone and did not know if Su Yan had told Luo’er and Xue Yue about this, but he had never heard them asking him about it before.


“An accident!?” Ai Ou snapped angrily, “How can you do that to those girls!? You don’t even know how they are doing back in the Star Field right now. Smelly brat, if you have the time to go around seducing women, then you should use that time to figure out a way to go back and bring them here! You should be able to do it with your current ability!”


“I was just about to discuss this matter with you.” Yang Kai took the opportunity to change the flow of the conversation.


“About what?” Chi Yue looked at Yang Kai suspiciously.


“Look who’s here!” Yang Kai smiled and waved his hand out in front of him. Communicating with the Sealed World Bead, several figures appeared, one after another, with that flick of his wrist.


Su Yan, Xia Ning Chang, Shan Qing Luo, and Xue Yue all appeared together. It was clear that they had been summoned without warning as they were confused and did not know what was going on; however, just standing side by side highlighted how beautiful yet distinct they were. Although their looks varied greatly, every one of them was an outstanding beauty.


Nanmen Da Jun and Bian Yu Qing were amazed by what they saw, their eyes gleaming brightly as they swept their gazes over these four women. The cultivation of Su Yan and the others might be nothing special in their eyes, but each one among these four women was incredibly gorgeous. It was a blessing of several lifetimes for an ordinary man to obtain any one of them. Nevertheless, Yang Kai managed to grab hold of all four of them at once! It seemed their Palace Master was quite lucky in love! 


[It’s Yang Kai after all.]


Meanwhile, the focus of the three Monster Kings was not on the external appearances of Su Yan and the others. It was undeniable that these four women were beautiful even in the eyes of the Monster Race, but they could sense a different sort of aura coming from two of these women that grabbed hold of their attention.


In particular, the aura from the woman with the cold expression gave birth to a sense of worship in them. Her aura was similar to that of Luan Feng’s, but it was even nobler and more powerful. Despite just standing there, she felt as though she was towering above the clouds and looking down on the world from the Heavens. Conversely, the other enchanting woman did not have as imposing a presence, but even so, her aura was not something ordinary people could possess.


[Divine Spirits!] The three Monster Kings glanced at each other and their eyes were filled with shock. As part of the Monster Race, they were very sensitive to the auras of Divine Spirits so they could easily tell that both Su Yan and Shan Qing Luo were carrying Divine Spirit Sources with a single glance. Even if the two women were weak right now, these three were certain that these two women would surpass them in strength if given the opportunity to grow.


“Luo’er?” Chi Yue was stunned and stared at Shan Qing Luo in a daze. She was barely able to believe her eyes. 


Ai Ou was just asking Yang Kai to figure out a way to go back to the Star Field to bring Shan Qing Luo and the others here, but then Shan Qing Luo suddenly appeared in front of her in the blink of an eye.




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