Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3300, We Will Meet Again


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At the back of Heavenly Wolf Valley, there was a serene place where a cottage had been constructed. This was Ling Yin Qin’s residence, where she lived a peaceful, secluded life.


According to Lan He, after she left the Shattered Star Sea, she started looking for Ling Yin Qin. Coincidentally, Ling Yin Qin had just reached the Eastern Territory. Upon meeting, Ling Yin Qin understood Lan He’s intentions, after which, she thanked her and followed her to Heavenly Wolf Valley.


At that time, she was still only a Third-Order Dao Source Realm.


With Lan He’s recommendation, Ling Ying Qin was able to join the Sect with ease and started living in the residence where her deceased husband used to live. She stopped caring about worldly affairs and started cultivating in seclusion. As time passed, she was able to reach the Emperor Realm. Seeing that she had a breakthrough, Tang Sheng conferred the position of Elder to her; however, everyone in the Sect knew that she wasn’t involved in the operations of the Sect, nor did she communicate with anyone. She spent most of her time doing her own things outside of her cottage. To those who were aware of her story, they were moved by her love for her late husband.


When Yang Kai and Lan He arrived at the place, Ling Yin Qin was seated with her legs crossed in front of a tombstone. The surrounding area was filled with grass and flowers. This was clearly where her husband’s ashes were buried.


Sensing their arrival, Ling Yin Qin opened her eyes. Upon seeing Lan He, who was leading the way, she flashed a smile at her, but after she saw Yang Kai, who was behind Lan He, she was startled for a moment before her expression turned pleasantly surprised.


“Elder Ling, you have a visitor,” Lan He walked over with a smile.


“Big Sister Ling, we haven’t met in ages,” Yang Kai smiled and cupped his fists.


“Yang Kai!” Ling Yin Qin was quite surprised, but the smile on her face was sincere as she asked, “Why are you here?”


“I was travelling the Eastern Territory and came across Sister Lan He. She invited me to Heavenly Wolf Valley, and I decided to visit you while I was here.”


Ling Yin Qin swept a glance over him and nodded, “We haven’t met in many years, and it seems that you’ve grown stronger.”


Yang Kai replied with a grin, “I heard that you’ve reached the Emperor Realm as well.”


Ling Yin Qin turned to look at the tombstone and uttered gently, “I have nothing better to do anyway, so I just cultivate every day. Come in, we can talk inside my house.”


She then passionately invited Yang Kai and Lan He into her cottage. The decorations inside were simple, with only a table, some chairs, and a bed, with no ornaments at all. However, this interior still gave off a refreshing feeling.


Ling Yin Qin started boiling a pot of tea for them and after they were seated, she started narrating the events of her journey from the Solitary Void Sealed World to the Eastern Territory in a somewhat sorrowful manner. At that time, she was only in the Third-Order Dao Source Realm, so it took her several years to travel from one territory to the other. During her journey, she had encountered several life-or-death moments, but fortunately, luck was on her side as she had always managed to escape unscathed. Soon after she finally arrived in the Eastern Territory, she bumped into Lan He, who was looking for her.


Ling Yin Qin was grateful to Yang Kai. If he hadn’t told Lan He about her in the Shattered Star Sea, given her condition at that time, it wouldn’t be easy for her to join Heavenly Wolf Valley; after all, she didn’t grow up in the Sect. No great force would easily take in an outsider they were not familiar with. Heavenly Wolf Valley was fairly famous in the Eastern Territory, so a great force like it was normally very selective when accepting new blood. They would rather raise their disciples from a young age than take in a stranger.


After joining the Sect, Ling Yin Qin settled down and started living a life of seclusion and normally, no one would bother her.


As they spoke, she asked about Bing Yun and Liu Xian Yun, and upon learning that they were fine, she was finally able to be at ease.


Half a day later, Yang Kai rose from his seat and bid her farewell.


Ling Yin Qin tried to persuade him to stay for a few days more, while Lan He played along with her on the side; however, Yang Kai had found out Tang Sheng’s stance, so he wouldn’t stay in the valley any longer than necessary, lest he invite hatred towards himself. After coming up with a suitable excuse, he turned around and left.


Ling Yin Qin wanted to see him off, but he rejected her. In the end, she could only stand outside the cottage and watch him leave.


While flying alongside Yang Kai towards the exit, Lan He asked in a dejected manner, “Brother Yang, can’t you wait for a few days more? I’ll come up with a way.”


Yang Kai shook his head and replied with a smile, “There’s no need for that. I have something to do, so I won’t go to Spirit Beast Island for now.”


“But…” Lan He uttered.


However, before she could finish her words, a young man suddenly flew towards them from the side and called out to her anxiously, “Senior Sister Lan, Valley Master wants you to see him immediately. He has something he needs to tell you.”


Lan He nodded, “After I see Brother Yang off, I’ll go meet Valley Master.”


Nevertheless, the young man blocked her way and said solemnly, “Valley Master said that you must go over to see him now. It’s an urgent matter.”


Upon hearing that, Lan He knitted her brow. Realising something, she snorted, “I’m just seeing Brother Yang off, and I’ll go over soon. Can’t my Master wait for even a short while?”


The young man appeared embarrassed as he cupped his fists, “Senior Sister Lan, please forgive me. I’m just carrying out Valley Master’s order.”


Seeing that Lan He was about to rebuke this young man again, Yang Kai raised his hand and said, “Sister Lan, please go ahead. I still remember how to leave the valley, so you don’t have to see me off.”


“Brother Yang…”


Yang Kai waved his hand and shot towards the exit like a bolt of lightning as he was heard saying from afar, “The world is vast, but we’ll still meet again if there’s a chance.”


“Brother Yang, please be careful!” Lan He shouted from behind. After Yang Kai disappeared from her sight, she turned around and glowered at the young man.


Faced with her stare, the young man felt a crawling sensation on his scalp as he put on a fawning smile and explained, “Senior Sister Lan, Valley Master…”


“Hmph!” Lan He appeared displeased as she turned around and left in a different direction. She wanted to question her Master about the reason behind his actions. Yang Kai had saved her life before; however, not only was she unable to help him, but she was also not even allowed to see him off. How would she have the face to see him again in the future?


It had to be said that she was disappointed in the way her Master had treated Yang Kai.


Immediately after Yang Kai left the valley, he noticed a person flying toward him. Initially, he didn’t pay this person any mind, but just as they were about to pass one another, that person suddenly yelped in surprise. Then, he stopped flying and turned around as he shouted, “Is that you, Brother Yang?”


Yang Kai stopped in his tracks and whirled around. In his heart, he found it interesting that he kept bumping into one familiar person after another in the Eastern Territory.


The person who spoke earlier was flying back as he stopped tens of meters in front of Yang Kai. After taking a glance at Yang Kai, he uttered in surprise, “It’s really you, Brother Yang! Do you remember me? I’m Qi Hai! I heard that you’ve arrived at Heavenly Wolf Valley, which is why this Qi rushed over. I didn’t expect to come across you here on your way out.”


“Qi… Hai?” Yang Kai frowned. If the person in front of his eyes didn’t reveal his name first, Yang Kai wouldn’t have remembered him at all. His name and his familiar-looking face made Yang Kai recall what happened in the Shattered Star Sea and the Ancient Lands Passageway.


Upon hearing this, Qi Hai guffawed, “So Brother Yang still remembers this Qi. It is this Qi’s honour.”


Yang Kai took a glance at him and asked curiously, “Aren’t you from Qi Family Fort? Why are you all the way out here?” If he wasn’t mistaken, Qi Family Fort was located just outside the Ancient Lands Passageway and many people from the Fort resided in the desolate city outside the Lands.


Recalling that, he suddenly realised something. He had walked out of the Ancient Lands and passed by the desolate city, but not long after that, many people in the Eastern Territory became aware of his arrival. Even Lan He from Heavenly Wolf Valley had heard about it. Everything happened for a reason. Although Yang Kai didn’t cover himself up during his journey, supposedly, not many people knew who he was in the Eastern Territory. The problem now was who spread the news of his arrival.


Previously, Yang Kai had some doubts about this, but he didn’t really mind. It wasn’t until he met Qi Hai that the realisation dawned upon him, as the source of the news was right before his eyes.


[If that’s the case, why did Qi Hai not take the initiative to directly look for me instead?] Yang Kai narrowed his eyes and stared at him in a probing manner.


An unperturbed Qi Hai uttered seriously, “I’m here to find Brother Yang.”


Yang Kai asked dispassionately, “What for?”


Qi Hai put on a bitter smile, “For the same matter we originally discussed…” As he spoke, he suddenly bowed deeply and said respectfully, “Please have mercy and save this Qi’s wife. Her days grow slim and if she is not treated, she will pass away within a month.”


Upon hearing this, Yang Kai was shocked, “Your wife is still alive?” 


If he wasn’t mistaken, Qi Hai’s woman was stricken with one of the Ten Extreme Poisons, the Heavenly Frost Earth Rain. Yang Kai knew a thing or two about this poison and realised that it was indeed fatal. Anyone who was affected by this poison was practically incurable. Of course, if they could find the Phoenix True Fire, which contained a power that was as amazing as rebirth, there was still some hope of survival.


Nevertheless, a long time had passed since the incident. Qi Hai’s wife was struck with the poison before the Shattered Star Sea opened, so it had been at least twenty years now. How had she survived for twenty years after being poisoned by the Heavenly Frost Earth Rain? Was she a member of the Dragon Clan?


With a sorrowful expression, Qi Hai explained, “We have a treasure in Qi Family Fort that can freeze a person. My wife’s entire body and her vitality have been frozen, which is why she has survived till this day. However, as time passes, even this treasure loses its effectiveness. If she can’t be detoxified in time, she will…” As he spoke, his eyes were already drenched in tears and he appeared faithful to his wife, which caused Yang Kai to feel a bit depressed as well. Normally, men wouldn’t cry easily. Moreover, Qi Hai was an Emperor Realm Master, so what he was doing proved that he was indeed deeply in love with his wife.


If Su Yan or Xia Ning Chang had suffered this kind of ordeal, Yang Kai knew that he would be just as disheartened.


After pulling himself together, Qi Hai went on to say, “The last time Brother Yang appeared in the Eastern Territory, you mentioned ‘it’ was not with you and could not help…”


At that instant, Yang Kai appeared embarrassed, “It really was not with me at that time. So, I was unable to help you.”


Qi Hai said, “As long as you had the Phoenix True Fire, you could help my wife detoxify the poison. Did Brother Yang fail in your attempt to obtain the Phoenix True Fire in the Shattered Star Sea? But… how is that possible?” He was certain the Phoenix True Fire was in Yang Kai’s hands. It had to be. Everything Yang Kai said that day must have been a lie… If it turned out to be the truth, then everything he had been doing would be a farce…


Yang Kai shook his head, “Like I said, I obtained the Phoenix True Fire, but at that time, it wasn’t with me, so I was unable to help you even if I wanted to.”



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