Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3320, I Want Half


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After Yang Kai finished speaking, he dragged his injured body to move around the battlefield. Most of the Emperor Realm Masters were dead, and those who were still alive were barely so. Not discriminating, Yang Kai landed a palm on all the enemy Masters, whether they were dead or alive, not even sparing Fu Bo and Xu Chang Feng.


Earlier, Fu Bo was suppressed by Yang Kai with the Mountains and Rivers Bell. Following that, he was injured and lost consciousness after Yang Kai surged the bell’s power. If that was all though, he would still have retained some strength.


The crux of the problem was that Yang Kai and the Embodiment’s epic battle against the purple-robed man had far-reaching implications. Fu Bo was basically in the middle of the battlefield, so he wasn’t spared from the fallout of this battle. For instance, when the purple-robed man summoned Heavenly Lightning, Fu Bo was struck countless times. Since he was unconscious, Fu Bo couldn’t defend himself; hence, he was struck until he was half-dead.


Yang Kai had practically relieved him of his pain by ending his life.


Xu Chang Feng wasn’t in a better state than Fu Bo. It could even be said that he was in an even worse condition. He was already powerless to counterattack when he was having a one-on-one fight against the Embodiment. 


Afterwards, he was severely injured when Yang Kai launched a sneak attack on him using his Moon Blades. After that, Xu Chang Feng was also caught up in the shockwaves of the following battle. When Yang Kai found him, Xu Chang Feng was already on his last breath. If it weren’t because of his Third-Order Emperor Realm cultivation, he would’ve lost his life long ago.


Yang Kai swiftly sent him to the next life.


Seeing Yang Kai work, Li Wu Yi heaved a sigh, “The situation in the Eastern Territory is going to change after today.”


More than thirty Emperor Realm Masters, including Fu Bo and Xu Chang Feng, were dead, rendering two top Sects basically powerless. For more than ten thousand years, Netherworld Sect and Brahma Holy Land had been hegemons of the Eastern Territory, oppressing others as they pleased, accumulating quite a lot of enemies. 


Once news that all the powerful Masters of these top two Sects had been killed spread, the other Sects, who had been oppressed by them, would band together to destroy whatever remnants remained.


Besides that, those from Ahan Temple would not be able to resist such temptation. Two of the three top Sects were now gone, so not counting Serene Soul Palace, which was the true overlord of the Eastern Territory, Ahan Temple was the last leader among all the Sects.


Jiu Feng uttered, “This brat is pretty ruthless.”


Yang Kai did not even bat an eye as he killed so many Emperor Realm Masters, which went to show that he was extremely used to murder. Jiu Feng wondered if it was a blessing or a curse for their Little Princess to have fallen in love with him.


Li Wu Yi replied with a smile, “The Martial Dao is paved with slaughter and violence. You either kill or are killed. No one is exempted from this truth.”


Jiu Feng shot him a look, “It seems that you sympathize quite a bit with him.”


Li Wu Yi fell silent and thought about what he had gone through when he was young. Although he appeared calm and tempered now, he was also quite a ruthless man in the past. 


It was while Li Wu Yi was reminiscing that Tang Sheng, Qian Xiu Ying, Chi Gui, and the others flew over.


The famous Li Wu Yi and Jiu Feng had arrived, so as the Valley Master here, Tang Sheng couldn’t possibly pretend that he did not see them. He needed to come over and greet them at the very least.


After he landed on the ground, Tang Sheng saluted politely. Even an arrogant youth like Chi Gui showed proper deference towards these two giants.


Li Wu Yi and Jiu Feng, however, did not put on airs despite their strength and status though and chatted leisurely with Tang Sheng and the others, which surprised many greatly.


A moment later, Yang Kai, who was drenched in blood, came over.


Lan He and Ling Yin Qin immediately approached him and began sweeping their eyes over him, a worried Lan He asking, “Are your injuries severe? Will you be alright?”


Yang Kai grinned at her, “Don’t worry, I’m still alive.”


Ling Yin Qin immediately said, “Why are you so reckless?”


Yang Kai shrugged, “I had no choice but to resist. Otherwise, I’d be dead.”


With a dejected expression, Lan He stuttered, “B-Brother Yang, I…”


Yang Kai raised his hand to stop her, “Sister Lan, pay it no more mind. I understand the situation you were in. Moreover, you couldn’t have helped me in that battle.” 


It wasn’t that Yang Kai was disdaining her, it was simply the truth that a newly promoted First-Order Emperor would have been useless in such an awe-inspiring battle.


“You should rest and recuperate at my place. You need to wash away all the blood as well, otherwise, you won’t be able to proudly meet with anyone.” Ling Yin Qin tried to smooth the situation.


Following up, Tang Sheng invited Li Wu Yi and Jiu Feng to visit Heavenly Wolf Valley; after all, guests had arrived right outside the valley, so it would be rude for Tang Sheng to not invite them in.


Upon hearing this, Yang Kai took a look at Li Wu Yi and asked, “Big Brother Li, I came to the Eastern Territory to search for Spirit Beast Island in hopes of discussing the Dao of Space with you. I didn’t expect that we’d come across each other here though. If Big Brother Li has no pressing matters, why don’t we have a chat?”


He indeed wanted to clean himself up and rest, but Yang Kai wasn’t willing to give up the chance to discuss the Dao with Li Wu Yi, which was why he took the initiative to make such a suggestion.


Upon hearing this, Lan He and Tang Sheng heaved a sigh of relief. Since Yang Kai had said so, it went to show that he didn’t hold any resentment against Heavenly Wolf Valley for how they treated him earlier. If this wasn’t the case, he wouldn’t have been willing to return to the valley at all.


After giving it a thought, Li Wu Yi replied, “This Li’s primary purpose today is to take him.” 


As Li Wu Yi spoke, his eyes shifted to the tacky old man. The old man had remained unmoving for a long time as he stared fixedly at Yang Kai, as if some flowers had grown on the latter’s face.


Upon hearing what Li Wu Yi had said, the old man chuckled, “Li Wu Yi, even if you want this Old Master to follow you to Spirit Beast Island, you have to get my Young Master’s permission first.”


Yang Kai gazed back at the old man with his head tilted and finally couldn’t help asking, “Are you out of your mind?” 


He couldn’t believe that this old man was still calling him Young Master at this point.


With a solemn expression, the old man replied, “Young Master, this Old Master is perfectly clear-headed. Why would you ask if I am out of my mind?”


Yang Kai was so exasperated that he started chuckling, “You really want me to be your Young Master? Alright, chase after that bastard right now and bring back his head for me.”


The old man’s face twitched as he put on a fawning smile, “Young Master, please don’t make things difficult for this Old Master. This…”


Yang Kai waved his hand and turned back to Li Wu Yi, “I don’t know what’s wrong with this old man or even who he is. Big Brother Li, just do whatever you want to him.”


Upon hearing that, the old man appeared heartbroken as he pined, “Young Master, how can you be so heartless?”


An enraged Yang Kai refuted, “I don’t know who you are. Can you get that clear first?”


Li Wu Yi, however, put on a faint smile and interjected, “Hold on a moment, Yang Kai. In fact, you should know him. What’s more, him calling you Young Master is not without reason.”


A startled Yang Kai asked, “What do you mean?” 


If the old man was the only one who said this, Yang Kai would ignore him outright; however, since Li Wu Yi was the one speaking, there had to be more to it. At that instant, Yang Kai became both puzzled and curious.


Li Wu Yi waved his hand, “Why not ask him yourself?” 


Li Wu Yi then turned to look at the old man and declared, “Before everything is settled, don’t even think about fleeing. You should know that since I’ve marked you, I can find you no matter where you escape.”


His words came across as quite haughty and arrogant. Since the old man was able to beat the purple-robed man, it went to show that he was fairly powerful. At the very least, he must be in the same realm as the latter. Furthermore, this old man was a noble Divine Spirit. However, after hearing what Li Wu Yi had said, he couldn’t refute him.


That was because he knew that since Li Wu Yi was tracking him, there really was no way he could flee.


After shaking his head, the old man stated, “Since this Old Master has finally reunited with his Young Master, I have to follow and serve him. Why would I run away? Li Wu Yi, don’t look down on this Old Master.”


“That would be for the best.” Li Wu Yi nodded and didn’t retort, “Since that’s the case, We’ll be troubling you, Valley Master Tang.”


Tang Sheng was elated and nodded, “There’s no trouble at all, Sir. It is Heavenly Wolf Valley’s honour to welcome all of you. Please, come in.” As he spoke, he made way and beckoned politely.


Li Wu Yi and Jiu Feng directly stepped forward while Yang Kai shot a look at the old man, who immediately said with a smile, “After you, Young Master.”


After a snort, Yang Kai stepped forward as well. When he passed by Chi Gui, however, he suddenly stopped and patted his shoulder as he openly said, “I want half of everything inside the storehouses of Netherworld Sect and Brahma Holy Land. I’ll visit Ahan Temple to collect them another day. Don’t forget to inform your Temple Master about it.”


Chi Gui stared at him with widened eyes. What Yang Kai had said was absurd, but he immediately understood what Yang Kai meant.


The top two Sects were basically destroyed as their leaders were all killed. Even if there were still some Emperor Realm Masters left in the Sects, there would be very few of them. It was apparent that the two great forces couldn’t be revitalised, and their demise was inevitable.


Faced with such huge benefits, there was no way Ahan Temple wouldn’t make a move. In other words, the wealth that Netherworld Sect and Brahma Holy Land had accumulated over the years would fall in the hands of Ahan Temple as long as it moved fast enough.


Chi Gui was already considering heading straight back to Ahan Temple to inform his Master about what happened here so that they could begin moving immediately.


But before he could even move, Yang Kai had claimed half of the benefits from the two Sects. These two Sects had foundations stretching back tens of thousands of years, so the amount of wealth that they had accumulated was undoubtedly astronomical.


Chi Gui couldn’t even imagine how great the sum would be, but he quickly came to his senses and instinctually gritted his teeth to question, “What makes you think you have the right to do that?”


Even if Ahan Temple made a move, why would they share their harvest with someone else? Moreover, Yang Kai had even demanded half of everything.


Yang Kai grinned and pointed back at the messy battlefield, “I’m the one who killed all of them. Without the battle today, your Sect wouldn’t be able to reap the benefits without lifting a finger. So, I don’t think it’s an unreasonable request.”


“Er…” Chi Gui was at a loss for words. If he honestly stated his thoughts, Yang Kai’s request was indeed unreasonable; however, having just witnessed Yang Kai single-handedly destroy two top Sects alone, it was clear he didn’t put Ahan Temple in his eyes either. If Ahan Temple fell out with this monster, the consequences would be dreadful.


With this thought in mind, Chi Gui felt a chill running down his spine.


“Just inform your Temple Master about it. It’s up to him whether or not he agrees.” Yang Kai put on a warm and friendly smile.


After pondering it for a moment, Chi Gui nodded, “Good, I’ll pass your words on to my Temple Master. Farewell!”


Upon finishing his words, Chi Gui immediately turned into a beam of red light and shot off into the sky.


Time was precious right now. He had to return to his Sect before the news spread. He needed to tell his Temple Master to make a move so that they could snatch the wealth of the two fallen Sects before the other great forces of the Eastern Territory began to move.


Lan He and Ling Yin Qin were speechless as they watched Chi Gui leave. They couldn’t believe that Chi Gui still had the guts to quibble about such things at this point; however, there was no doubt that anyone would be tempted when faced with such immense wealth.


After Yang Kai caught up to them, Jiu Feng glanced at him and smilingly said, “It seems that you’ve earned a lot this time.”


“Not at all, not at all,” Yang Kai replied in a perfunctory manner, thinking that, as a Palace Master, he was in a difficult situation. More than a hundred thousand disciples were screaming for food back home, so he had to obtain more resources whenever he could.



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