Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3461, Soul Puppet


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They only cooperated once in the Blood Arena, so Yang Kai was not familiar with Bo Ya. Furthermore, she did not seem to be an obedient person at that time; in other words, this woman wasn’t the type to submit meekly or obey orders easily.


Yang Kai instinctively thought that she was joking, but soon his face changed again. He turned to look in one direction, sneered, and then turned back to Bo Ya. She looked embarrassed, the corner of her lips twisting into a faint smile.


More than a dozen kilometres away, many powerful auras were approaching. There were many High-Rank Demon Kings among them whose figures could even be seen from a distance, and they were all eyeing this place.


Although Yang Kai just swept his eyes over them, he recognized one among them; he was the middle-aged Demon King who he had met in the Blood Arena that day.


It was impossible that the Demons were coming for him, so there was only one explanation for this, they came for Bo Ya.


The submission of this woman was an act she had to carry out in order to seek protection; however, Yang Kai had no idea why she was being chased and hunted by the people from the Blood Arena.


Without any hesitation though, Yang Kai waved his hand, “Make way, or don’t blame this King for being rude!”


Bo Ya pleaded with a pitiful face, “Sir, please don’t stand by and watch me die! It’s all thanks to you that this Bo Ya fell into such a situation.”


Yang Kai snorted, “It’s none of my business that you offended others.”


Bo Ya explained, “It’s because of what happened in the Blood Arena yesterday! They seem to think that my intervention sabotaged their plans, so they have been chasing after me since then. Bo Ya has no where to go now and could only ask Sir to accept her. Sir has seen Bo Ya’s abilities; she will surely not disappoint you.”


Yang Kai sneered, “The Demon Realm is a vast, wide world. You can go anywhere you want, why come to me? Stop being ridiculous.”


As soon as these words came out, Bo Ya dropped her head in despair, “If I had another choice, I wouldn’t have come to you. All the Territory Gates have been blocked by them, so where else can I go?”


Yang Kai looked at her faintly, “I wonder if you’ve heard a particular saying we have among my Human Race?”


“What is it?” Bo Ya looked at him curiously.


Yang Kai’s mouth curved into a smile, “If a natural disaster happens to someone, he can be forgiven; but if it’s of one’s own making, he deserves the punishment!” Although he knew that he was a part of the reason Bo Ya was being chased and hunted down by those from the Blood Arena, Yang Kai truly did not want to be involved with this woman. As such, he simply waved his hand and demanded, “Make way!”


Bo Ya threw herself onto the Tiger Head Chariot and begged pitifully, “If Sir doesn’t want to take me in, can you just escort me out? Just help me to pass through the Territory Gate.” After a pause, she continued, “Right, you don’t need to pay me my ten percent either. I don’t want it anymore.”


“There was never ten percent for you! Cease your nonsense,” Yang Kai hissed.


Bai Zhuo suddenly interrupted, “Brother Yang, it’d be good to take her with you. This girl’s ability is more powerful than an ordinary High-Rank Demon King. She really could be of great use to you.”


Hearing what Bai Zhuo said, Bo Ya quickly nodded like a chicken pecking rice, “Yes, yes, Sir, just take me with you. I’ll serve you well!”


Yang Kai glared furiously at Bai Zhuo as he had no idea why Bai Zhuo was so interested in this matter. He shook his head slowly and remarked, “I don’t feel secure about this.” He did not know Bo Ya well, so how could he simply keep her with him?


Bai Zhuo laughed gently, “If that’s the case, I can do you a favour.”


After saying so, he suddenly reached out and grabbed Bo Ya. Bo Ya was taken aback, and instinctively attempted to retreat, but she was no match for Bai Zhuo despite her strength. Bai Zhuo’s big hand was directly inserted into Bo Ya’s head, but no blood gushed out of it. Bai Zhuo then pulled his hand out after a while. Bo Ya’s body went stiff before it shivered, as if she had suffered some severe damage, gasping for air with a horrified face.


At this moment, Bai Zhuo had caught hold of something like a twisted and erratic cloud in his hand. He then took out something like a puppet with another hand, and placed it in front of his chest. Followed by some chanting and a hand seal, he threw the cloud into the puppet, and then applied several seals. After that, he tossed the puppet to Yang Kai with a smile, “Now you can rest assured using her.”


On the other side, Bo Ya’s face turned pale as she retreated a few steps back, looking at the puppet in Yang Kai’s hand in horror, “Soul Puppet!”


Bai Zhuo smiled at her, “Since you recognize this thing, you should behave yourself in the future.”


Bo Ya was immediately distressed, “Sir Bai Zhuo, how can you do this to me? When did Bo Ya offend you?”


Bai Zhuo replied curiously, “Isn’t this King helping you achieve your wish? You should be grateful.”


Bo Ya was so infuriated that her teeth rattled, but she dared not rebuke.


Yang Kai pinched the doll as he questioned, “What’s the use of this thing?”


Bai Zhuo beamed lightly, “To control her life and death. With this thing, she won’t betray you.”


“Really?” Yang Kai raised his eyebrows.


“Not at all!” Bo Ya yelled, and attempted to snatch the puppet, “Give it to me, and I’ll leave now.”


Of course, Yang Kai would not let her get what she wanted and turned aside to avoid her snatch. He then gently flicked the puppet’s forehead, and in the next moment, a thump was heard, followed by Bo Ya’s scream. She seemed to have been hit hard, and spun several times in the air before she stabilized her body.


When she finally came to a stop, a feeling of dizziness struck her. She covered her forehead with her hands and looked at Yang Kai with a depressed face. A red mark could be seen on her forehead, as if she had been punched.


She regretted it. Initially, she just wanted to pass through the Territory Gate with Yang Kai’s help, and then she would flee far away and never return to Enchantment Continent again; however, she did not expect Bai Zhuo to make a move without any warning and seal her Soul Brand into a Soul Puppet. From now on, she would not be free anymore… 


On the other hand, Yang Kai became interested. He pulled the arm of the puppet upwards, and Bo Ya could not help lifting her arm. When he poked the puppet, Bo Ya immediately fell back in a stagger.


Everything that he did to the puppet would be reflected on Bo Ya. In other words, if the puppet was destroyed, perhaps Bo Ya would die without a chance for burial.


Yang Kai grinned. He did not have to worry about anything if he had this thing. He then turned to Bai Zhuo and asked, “Do you still have more of these things? Give me some if you do.”


Bai Zhuo returned with a smile, “It’s not easy to refine this thing, and it needs the corresponding Secret Technique to use. Even if I give you another, what’s the use of it if you don’t know how to use it?”


Yang Kai grinned, “Then just teach me that Secret Technique.”


Bai Zhuo shook his finger at Yang Kai, “Be contented.” He was obviously unwilling to teach Yang Kai the Secret Technique.


Seeing this, Yang Kai could only give up on that thought. He put the Soul Puppet into his Space Ring and then looked up at Bo Ya with great interest. To be honest, aside from her character, Yang Kai truly admired her outstanding ability, for he had witnessed it when he teamed up with her yesterday.


Now, with the restriction of the Soul Puppet, it would be harmless for him to take her around; therefore, he announced firmly, “Since you have come under me, you should obey my orders in the future. You will be rewarded if you have meritorious deeds and will be punished if you make mistakes. If you dare to have any thoughts of betrayal, you will die!”


The corner of Bo Ya’s mouth twitched, she lowered her head, “Can I say no?”


Yang Kai replied, “It’s up to you. If you are unwilling to, I’ll give you the Soul Puppet now, and we’ll have nothing to do with each other.”


Bo Ya looked at him dumbfounded, as if she did not seemingly expect that he would be so easily convinced; even Bai Zhuo was a little surprised. Although Bo Ya’s reputation was not good by any means, her strength was recognized by everyone. Many Half-Saints wanted to recruit her, but she did not want to be constrained by others in her early years. Later on, her reputation grew worse, so now no one wanted to recruit her anymore.


Unexpectedly though, when she came to Yang Kai, she was treated as an existence that could be abandoned, which discouraged Bo Ya.


However, she was quite interested in Yang Kai’s suggestion. She hesitated for a while, but after looking at the crowd from the Blood Arena she rubbed her hair ruthlessly, finally declaring with a resolute face, “I can work for you, as long as you don’t do anything strange to me.”


The corner of Yang Kai’s mouth curved, “You think too much.”


Bo Ya turned her head away while cupping her fists, “May I know where Sir is going? Bo Ya is willing to open the way ahead.”


Yang Kai nodded with satisfaction, “Cloud Shadow Continent!”


Bo Ya accepted the task. As soon as she turned around, she took a deep breath, held her five fingers together, and a sharp arrow appeared at her fingertips. Without showing her movement, the bowstring of the great bow in her hand had been pulled and the arrow had been nocked. Everything was performed smoothly and swiftly.


The arrow turned into a stream of light, and was released towards a spot a dozen kilometres away.


Bo Ya guffawed wildly, “Eat this Lady’s arrow, you bunch of dogs!”


More than ten kilometres away, the faces of the Demon Kings turned pale one after another as they hurriedly dodged the arrow. With a bang, the colour of the entire world seemed to change. When everything returned to its initial state, the group of Demon Kings retreated another dozen kilometres away.


Bo Ya ignored those guys and led the way ahead arrogantly. The Demon Kings in the distance watched her leave with dark faces, but none dared to come forward to confront her.


They dared not be presumptuous in the presence of Bai Zhuo, even knowing that if they missed this opportunity today, it would be impossible to trap Bo Ya again in the future.


After a while, a Territory Gate appeared in the sky ahead, leading to an adjacent continent. As Bo Ya mentioned, there were Masters guarding the Territory Gate, and they were obviously people from the Blood Arena.


However, Bo Ya did not approach immediately and instead watched from a distance, waiting for the arrival of Yang Kai and the others. Once they regrouped, Bai Zhuo led the way through the Territory Gate, and the Masters standing guard there could not do anything but sigh.


One needed to pass through five Territory Gates and four different continents in order to travel from Enchantment Continent to Cloud Shadow Continent, but after the initial incident with Bo Ya, everything went smoothly.


They took only half a day to arrive at Cloud Shadow Continent.


After passing through the last Territory Gate, Yang Kai looked around and frowned.


He found that the Territory Gate here was indeed unstable, just as Bai Zhuo stated before. A normal Territory Gate would stand firm and remain unchanged for tens of thousands of years, but the Territory Gate of Cloud Shadow Continent was now fluctuating slightly from time to time, like a bubble that was warping and might collapse at any time.




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