Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3478, Myriad Demon Cave’s Change


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But since things had come to this, saying anything more would be useless. If they wanted to live, they had to offer up their loyalty. They could only blame Tu Qia Luo in their hearts for not making matters clear in the beginning. If he’d been clear about the situation from the start, then they may not have defected so hastily.


Instructing the two High-Rank Demon Kings to open up their Knowledge Seas, Yang Kai planted Soul Imprints on them. Now, the cold look on his face was no longer to be seen, and had instead turned cordial. Since they were his own people, there was no need for him to worry about anything anymore.


Lao Ke, Ke Sen, and He Yin also came over to offer their congratulations. Even though Yang Kai was conferred the title of Great King and seemed to be highly valued by the Holy Venerable, she had only ordered him to come to the Cloud Shadow Continent in order to stabilize the Territory Gate. Now though, this Human had even brought down Blue Plains and brought them along to kill off so many Demon King level Masters. Who knows whether the Holy Venerable would blame them if she were to learn of this?


It had to be known that the Demon Saints may compete against each other in the Demon Realm, which resulted in the continents under the Demon Saints being hostile towards one another, but what happened just now could only be considered infighting. Whether it was Cloud Shadow or Blue Plains, they were both Yu Ru Meng’s territories. 


Moreover, with a war raging between the Demon Realm and the Star Boundary, it was time to set aside internal squabbles and focus on the eternal threat.


Finally, even if the Holy Venerable didn’t blame Yang Kai, what about Yue Sang?


It was true that Yue Sang was banished to the two worlds’ battlefield for now, but Blue Plains Continent was still Yue Sang’s territory. If, one day, Yue Sang was allowed to return, there was no way he wouldn’t seek to settle accounts.


Lao Ke and the other two were filled with worry, but there was nothing they could say at this time. Even though Yang Kai was only partly responsible for what happened today, ordering Ke Sen to block Blue Plain’s Territory Gate was overstepping his authority. However, Blue Plains had also gone overboard with their response; otherwise, how could the current situation have been created?


But since matters had come to this, they could only take things one step at a time.


With Yue Sang’s trusted subordinate eliminated, and the remaining ones, Tu Qia Luo and the other two High-Rank Demon Kings, subdued, the others would naturally lose their desire to resist. Either way, the foremost rafter was always the first one to break. With Tu Qia Luo and the other Demon Kings already submitting, the leftovers lacked the course to refuse. In the end, the battle resulted in Blue Plains Continent falling into Yang Kai’s hand. This may be something that the ones from Blue Plains never even dreamed would happen.


Yang Kai was not planning to interfere too much in Blue Plains’ affairs, so he simply ordered Tu Qia Luo and the two to carry on as usual, all he wanted was peace while he was studying the Territory Gate.


Yang Kai also ordered someone to collect the bodies of the Demon Kings who had died in the war and throw them into the Small Sealed World for the Embodiment to devour.


Even though these Demon Kings were dead, there was still a lot of power remaining inside of their bodies, so they were useful for the Embodiment’s growth.


As for the loot, Yang Kai took a few things he wanted and left the rest to Lao Ke to distribute, which instantly made the group of Demons feel grateful for their Great King’s generosity.


After taking care of everything, Yang Kai returned with his group to Cloud Shadow Continent in order to continue his task.


During this period of time, Yang Kai had been gaining enlightenment at the Territory Gate. Both Blue Plains and Cloud Shadow were now under control, and both sides of the Territory Gate were sealed off. Naturally, there was no one to disturb him now. Two months of study brought Yang Kai many gains in his comprehension of the Dao of Space. On the other hand, he didn’t make much progress in terms of stabilizing the Territory Gate, but he didn’t care too much about it.


As for Yang Kai’s seizure of Blue Plains Continent, it had caused a big storm in the Holy City.


Bai Zhuo said in the past that the strength of a Holy Venerable and the Half-Saints beneath them was directly related to the number of continents they occupied, not only because these continents were able to provide some kind of intangible fated fortune to the Demon Saint and Half-Saints, but mainly thanks to the Myriad Demon Pills produced by each one.


The more territory one occupied, the more Myriad Demon Pills one could naturally obtain, and thus the more Masters they could raise.


Blue Plains Continent was originally Yue Sang’s territory, but now Yang Kai had taken it by force while he was gone, which could be considered improper. The fact that he killed six High-Rank Demon Kings and several dozen Mid-Rank and Low-Rank Demon Kings also greatly damaged Blue Plains’ strength, which led to many of the Half-Saints who were staying in the Demon Realm becoming unhappy with him. Yu Ru Meng had received more than one formal complaint from those Half-Saints, asking her to give Yang Kai a proper punishment to serve as a warning.


But of course, Yu Ru Meng had no interest in doing so. However, with so many Half-Saints complaining, she couldn’t just do nothing or it would affect her reputation negatively.


A month after Yang Kai seized Blue Plains Continent, Yu Ru Meng sent someone over to reprimand Yang Kai, saying that Blue Plains Continent was not his territory and that he shouldn’t have acted in such a manner. They also told him that now that the forces of Blue Plains Continent were greatly damaged and there was no suitable person to take charge of things for the time being, Yang Kai had to manage it until Yue Sang returned from the battlefield, at which point he would have to return it to its rightful owner.


When this news came out, those Half-Saints found it hard to believe. They wondered whether the Holy Venerable was being so partial towards this Human. While she had declared that Blue Plains Continent would be returned to Yue Sang once he returned, who knows when or even if that would happen?


The war going on in the Star Boundary was fierce to the point that even a Half-Saint falling was possible.


But since Yu Ru Meng had already made concessions, they couldn’t force the matter too much, so they simply allowed things to drift off. They were not able to make an example out of Yang Kai, but set his occupation of Blue Plains in stone instead, forcing the many Half-Saints to re-evaluate this Human called Yang Kai.


Yang Kai himself did not pay too much attention to this matter. During the past two months, besides cultivating at the Territory Gate, he also ordered people to travel to all the other continents to obtain information.


Now, he had the forces of two continents that he was able to dispatch, so he sent out tens of thousands of scouts to get a better grasp of the Demon Realm’s situation


His main mission here was to bring back Bright Moon Great Emperor, but there was no progress made so far. Last time, Yang Kai did ask Yu Ru Meng about Bright Moon, but she wasn’t too clear on the situation. Even if she did know of Bright Moon Great Emperor’s whereabouts, Yang Kai couldn’t ask for it in case he made her suspicious.


Since he couldn’t ask others, he had to rely on himself for this matter.


Yang Kai had his scouts go out to find out about the unusual situations happening in each continent during these recent years, especially around the time Bright Moon fell into the Demon Realm, hoping to be able to find out his location using these clues.


One day, while Yang Kai was gaining insight into the Dao of Space at the Territory Gate, He Yin suddenly flew over in a hurry from afar and exchanged a glance with Ke Sen who was staying nearby. Divine Sense surging, they communicated silently for a moment.


“What happened?” Yang Kai opened his eyes and asked. He had already noticed that He Yin had arrived, but he didn’t pay much attention to her. However, noticing the looks of both her and Ke Sen’s face, Yang Kai realized that something big must have happened.


“Great King.” He Yin cupped her fists at him and spoke with great spirit, “There have been some movements in the Myriad Demon Cave. Demon Qi is surging so it is likely the Myriad Demon Pills are about to form.”


“Oh?” Yang Kai raised his brow, revealing a look of excitement, “Are you certain?”


He Yin smiled, “Yes. Usually, once these movements are detected, the Myriad Demon Pills can be collected within a month.”


“Very good, let’s go take a look.” Yang Kai was excited to hear of this matter. He had been to the Myriad Demon Cave once, but it was just a dark set of caves with nothing special about it. Based on what Lao Ke and the others told him, that was what the Myriad Demon Cave was usually like. Only when the Myriad Demon Pills were about to form would there be any changes.


Yang Kai was greatly concerned about the Myriad Demon Pills. Though these things were useless to him, they were of great benefit to the Embodiment. The Embodiment required a large amount of them, and the Myriad Demon Pills could only be collected once every hundred years with Cloud Shadow Continent producing several dozen to a hundred pills at most each time. With just this number of Myriad Demon Pills, the Embodiment fell far short of his requirements. It would take at least 3,000 pills to allow the Embodiment to achieve a breakthrough.


But even a mosquito was still meat. With whatever Myriad Demon Pills were produced this time, the time it took for the Embodiment to grow would also be shortened.


When Yang Kai first came to Cloud Shadow Continent, Lao Ke and the others told him that the Myriad Demon Pills would be ready for harvesting within half a year. Now, counting the day, it was just about the right time.


When Yang Kai brought Ke Sen and He Yin to the Myriad Demon Cave, sure enough, the Demon Qi here was overflowing. A black demonic cloud tumbled below and the cave system, which was originally plain and unremarkable, now seemed to have a life of its own.


Lao Ke stood a short distance from the Myriad Demon Cave, looking both excited and anticipant.


How many years had it been? Since Lie Kuang submitted to Yue Sang, Lao Ke and the others had lost the right to participate in the collection of the Myriad Demon Pills. Each time a harvest was ready, it was always someone from Blue Plains Continent that came to collect them before they were all sent directly to Yue Sang. Yue Sang would then hand most of them over to the Holy Venerable.


Normally, each time a harvest occurred, they would at most receive one or two pills each while the rest would be offered up to the Holy Venerable. But in recent years, the Myriad Demon Pills that belonged to them all entered Yue Sang’s pocket instead, which made them feel both bitter and helpless.


Upon seeing Yang Kai arrive, Lao Ke immediately came over to cup his fists and greet him, “Great King!”


“What’s the situation?” Yang Kai gazed over at the Myriad Demon Cave which seemed to be breathing, drawing in large amounts of World Energy, kicking up a noticeable whirlwind and racket.


Yang Kai couldn’t help raising a brow in wonder. When last he came here, there were no such abnormalities at all, so he had no idea how the Myriad Demon Cave ended up in such a situation, or why one existed in basically every single continent above a certain size.


Yang Kai had searched for information and learned that the Myriad Demon Caves did not exist at the very beginning of the Demon Realm; rather, they were formed later, and there were many different stories about when exactly this occurred.


The most popular theory was that the Myriad Demon Caves suddenly appeared a thousand years after the Demon Realm shattered into fragmented continents, but it was not known what sort of link these Myriad Demon Caves had with the collapse of the Demon Realm.


“From the looks of this situation, the harvest this time should not be small. We should be able to obtain at least 70 to 80 pills. Possibly even 100.” Lao Ke responded with a smile, appearing like an old farmer who had been working the land year-round and was finally about to harvest his crop.


But he could not be blamed for his excitement. After getting to know Yang Kai during the past few months, he realized that this Human was a rather generous master. This time, he would surely share some of the Myriad Demon Pills with them after the harvest. Mid-Rank and Low-Rank Demon Kings aside, they, the High-Rank Demon Kings, should at least be able to get one pill each as a reward.


Yang Kai glanced at him and smiled, “You’re able to tell how big the harvest will be?”


Lao Ke said, “Once one has seen the process enough times, they will naturally be able to make certain judgements.”


Yang Kai gently nodded before looking around and noticing many Demons sitting cross-legged on the ground, cultivating. He asked thoughtfully, “Does cultivating in this area bring your kind any benefits?”


He Yin nodded, “It is as Great King says. Whenever the Myriad Demon Cave undergoes this change, the World Energy of the continent converges here. So, cultivating nearby during this period will increase one’s cultivation efficiency several times higher than usual. Naturally, no one would want to waste such an opportunity.”




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