Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3525, Might of a Demon Saint


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The mountains and rivers shuddered, space collapsed, the continent was broken into pieces, and incomparably huge cracks lay across the Void like scars that would never heal. Blood-red light and moonlight clashed with each other above the sky. The Half-Saints and other members of the Demon Race watched in awe from below.


They could not tell how the battle was going as the fiercely colliding Grand Dao had blanketed all traces and blinded their eyes. There was only a continuous flashing of lights in their vision, an endless rumbling in their ears, and the ceaseless quaking of the World Energy around them. The aftershocks of the confrontation rippled wildly across the entire continent. As strong as the Half-Saints were, they suddenly felt extremely insignificant in the face of such power. This was a true battle between a Great Emperor and a Demon Saint!


Eternal Sky Continent was still in tatters from the last battle, and now that it was going through another similar experience, this continent was basically doomed to destruction. Even with the World Principles of the Demon Realm doing their best to repair things, it was unlikely for it to recover again on its own. Rather, it was easy to imagine that it would be like all the other continents that had disappeared. It would slowly disconnect itself from the Demon Realm in the next millennia and become completely obliterated in the endless Void.


Even if the Half-Saints couldn’t catch the specifics of the battle, they could tell that the Great Emperor from the Star Boundary was still trying to find a way to escape just by relying on their combat instincts; however, his attempts were being blocked by Xue Li. It was impossible for the Human to get away for the time being, but that was an extremely normal occurrence. When two people of similar strength fought, there would always be some struggle between the escapee and the captor. Unfortunately, it was undeniable that the former had an advantage over the latter. The captor would have to pay a higher price to achieve their goals.


High up in the sky, there was a round moon behind Bright Moon’s back that shone with a brilliant, white light. That gentle halo of light illuminated the entire world. Meanwhile, the aura around his body pulsed vibrantly, causing every gesture he made to carry the power to destroy the Heavens and shatter the Earth.


Sometimes, Xue Li took his Human form to perform various Secret Techniques to display his strength. Other times, he would turn into a blood mist that made his whereabouts very difficult to track. There was no need for him to confront Bright Moon in a life-or-death fight, he only needed to delay the other party’s progress and wait for Huo Bo to arrive. It would then become two against one, giving them a decisive advantage.


It was obvious that Bright Moon understood that too. His offensive attacks became fiercer and fiercer, almost to the point of recklessness. What really bothered him was not Xue Li, who was fighting him. Rather, it was a throbbing feeling in his heart. It felt as though a pair of eyes were watching him quietly from the darkness; one that could strike a fatal blow at any time.


If not for his scruples over that, Bright Moon would have gone all out in his struggle with Xue Li a long time ago. He tried many times to lure the enemy hiding in the dark to reveal themselves, but his efforts had failed. He didn’t know whether it was simply his imagination or whether the enemy was simply concealing themselves extremely well, but the longer he was delayed, the more detrimental it was to him. He could no longer afford to continue delaying as his best chance of survival was to flee as soon as possible.


When the thought crossed his mind, a trace of determination flashed in his eyes. Forming a set of profound hand seals, the round moon behind Bright Moon suddenly burst with dazzling light, transforming his whole being into a beam of brilliant radiance. With the resolve of facing death in order to carve out a chance to live, he charged toward Xue Li.


The blood mist in front condensed to reveal Xue Li’s figure as a trace of hesitation and struggle flashed in his eyes. Finally, he grit his teeth and the vitality around his body surged. A bright red light illuminated the sky as he stepped forward to meet Bright Moon boldly.


[If you want to fight with your life on the line, then I will accept your challenge!] His first thought was that it was one of Bright Moon’s tricks and he was simply trying to use this method to force him into retreat. This was the Demon Realm after all, and if Bright Moon was injured once more, he would not be able to escape again.


For that reason, Xue Li could not afford to retreat in this place. If he did, Bright Moon’s plan would succeed. Since he couldn’t retreat, he could only fight!


However, Xue Li’s expression soon filled with shock. That was because as he approached, he discovered that Bright Moon had no intention of backing down. Instead, Bright Moon’s aura became stronger while at the same time his attack became even more determined. 


[This bastard really wants to clash with me!]


Xue Li soon rejoiced as he couldn’t help bursting into laughter, “Bright Moon, you truly court death!”


After saying that, he increased his power too.


Above the sky, white and red rays of light quickly approached each other before colliding. There was no explosion. At that moment, the entire world fell into a strange silence. It was as chaotic as the dawn of time; however, all those Demons who were watching this scene could clearly hear their hearts thumping in their chests. It felt as though they were caught by a giant invisible hand that left them feeling breathless…


The two rays of red and white light were stuck in a stalemate in the sky for a moment. Then, they crashed, exploded, and the impact seemed to swallow the entire world. All the Demons below couldn’t help squinting at this moment. Shockwaves visible to the naked eye spread out in all directions centred around the collision point as a gust of wind howled past, flattening and shattering many mountains…


The two figures were thrown in opposite directions at a speed faster than when they rushed at each other as the entire continent resounded with Xue Li’s angry roar, “You can’t escape, Bright Moon!”


Somewhere in the distance, a figure floated up unsteadily. It was none other than Bright Moon Great Emperor who had suffered defeat at Xue Li’s hands twice. At the moment, his complexion was deathly pale and his hair was dishevelled. His white clothes were stained with large patches of red. Nobody could tell whether the blood belonged to him or Xue Li. Ignoring his enemy’s words though, Bright Moon circulated his Emperor Qi and flew towards the nearest Territory Gate.


At the same time, he reached out his hand, summoned forth an emerald green leaf, put it in his mouth, and held it under his tongue. If it weren’t for having this leaf of the Immortal Tree, he would not have dared to use such a method that would injure both parties to escape from Xue Li’s entanglement. It was precisely because he could fall back on this that Bright Moon could act so resolutely.


Yang Kai had given him three leaves of the Immortal Tree back then, two of which he had used to heal his wounds. Bright Moon had been reluctant to use the last one, saving it just for today in case anything unexpected happened. Now, it would seem that this was a wise decision. He could stabilize his injuries with the leaf of the Immortal Tree, allowing him to take advantage of the fact that the other Demon Saints had not arrived. It was a great chance for him to escape from the Demon Realm during this period.


There were two remaining Territory Gates in Eternal Sky Continent, each of which was heavily guarded. Nevertheless, as long as there were no Demon Saints blocking his path, the other members of the Demon Race were nothing to him. If he could only pass through the Territory Gate, he would have won half the battle.


It was just that the feeling of being stared at by somebody was still there. It was definitely not just his imagination. There really was an extremely powerful enemy hiding somewhere in the darkness like a hunter watching the movements of their prey.


What surprised Bright Moon though was that the enemy hiding in the dark did not seem intent on stopping him even when the Territory Gate appeared in his vision. He did not let his guard down just because of that though as it was well-known that the better the hunter, the higher the possibility of them landing a fatal blow at the critical moment…


Bright Moon was only a few hundred metres from the Territory Gate, and with his cultivation, he could cover such a distance in the time it took to blink, but all of a sudden, a powerful aura suddenly appeared from the side and approached him at an incredible speed. It was a Demon Saint’s aura! Moreover, it was an extremely unfamiliar aura.


Bright Moon’s expression sank. He turned his head to look, only to see a figure with a short and round body that looked like a melon. His entire body seemed to be covered in flames, and he was screaming loudly. Moreover, he made a flurry of odd gestures on the way here. It made him look extremely comical.


[Is that… a Red Demon?] Bright Moon had spent quite a long time in the Demon Realm, and although he had been imprisoned for the vast majority of it, that did not mean he was clueless about the Demon Realm. Back then, Yang Kai had explained the various customs and culture of the Demons to the people of the Star Boundary, focusing on the characteristics and abilities of numerous Clans in the Demon Realm. 


The memory of the Red Demons and Green Demons self-destructing was vivid in Yang Kai’s mind. Those two clans had been very active in the wars between the two worlds, and many from the Star Boundary had died at their hands.


These two Demon Clans held extremely low status across the entire Demon Realm. It could be said that they were the lowest existences of them all. They acted as cannon fodder in every war due to their powerful self-destruction ability. 


Correspondingly, these Demons who were essentially cannon fodder had extremely low intelligence and never seemed to have produced any high-level members of the Demon Race. Be that as it may, Bright Moon was currently looking at a Red Demon, who was a Demon Saint! It was no mistake. The person rushing toward him, flailing and yelling at the same time, was exuding the aura of a Demon Saint! 


[Can a Red Demon really cultivate to become a Demon Saint?] Despite his impressive mental faculties, Bright Moon couldn’t help feeling shocked.


Meanwhile, the Red Demon Saint rushing in this direction seemed to have no intention of defending at all. On the contrary, he looked as though he was determined to die together with Bright Moon.


[What does he plan to do?] Bright Moon frowned. [This guy can’t be like those normal Red Demons and Green Demons, right? He can’t be throwing himself at me to self-destruct, right? He is a Demon Saint after all. He can’t be attacking with such inferior means!]


Unfortunately, he soon discovered that he was wrong. This Demon really intended to self-destruct! That was because the aura around his body was becoming more and more dangerous as he approached. It felt like a volcano that could erupt at any time!


Bright Moon’s complexion changed. He turned and glanced at the Territory Gate that was so close at hand. Gritting his teeth, he retreated quickly.


The self-destruction of the most common Red Demons could produce great damage. Bright Moon simply could not imagine what would happen if a Red Demon, on par with the Demon Saint, were to self-destruct. [Perhaps, even the entire continent will be destroyed from the blast!]


To his surprise, the figure of the Red Demon in front of him became distorted as he backed away. The other party suddenly appeared a thousand metres in front of him in an instant. At such close distance, Bright Moon could clearly see the other party’s ugly face, bloated figure, and eyes that looked like they were about to pop out of their sockets. It was as if he himself could barely bear the great pressure in his body. The aura that was already dangerous in the first place had become even more horrifying at this moment.


Without any hesitation, Bright Moon gestured with both hands to lay down several layers of defence in front of him. He even went so far as to summon the defensive Emperor Artifact that he had never used before!


A small red light appeared suddenly. Immediately after that, a loud noise that left the entire world buzzing in its wake rang out. The place where the Red Demon Saint was located was instantly shrouded in a dazzling red light. Then, the red light spread out violently in all directions. Everything it touched turned to dust.


The layers of defence in front of Bright Moon shattered like paper. Meanwhile, the defensive Emperor Artifact was wildly flashing, only enduring for a breath before shattering.


Silavin: Original Title – Self-Destructing Demon Saint




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    1. If you have strong enough spirit, rebuilding or possessing another body is not impossible, provided a GE-grade self-destruction will not end your spirit in the process o_O
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  1. How would a self-destruct demon even become a saint in the first place, when all they can do is explode xD I would imagine every one else in the Demon Realm would easily keep them surpressed even if they did rise to become Demon Kings.

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