Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3587, Rapid Expansion


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Huo Lun widened his mouth as he stared shocked. It wasn’t that he had recognised Yu Ru Meng; it was just that he had never seen a woman as beautiful as her before. She had become even more alluring thanks to the fact that had recently experienced the spring rain and dew with Yang Kai. At first glance, Huo Lun felt as though his Soul had been snatched by this enchantress.


With that said, he wasn’t a fool; after all, he was still an experienced Low-Rank Demon King, so he knew that this beautiful woman must have an incredibly noble identity, which could be deduced from her elegant demeanour and air. Furthermore, even the leader of Snow Demons had arrived at this place before. Although he was astounded by Yu Ru Meng’s beauty, he wouldn’t dare to have any improper thoughts or display the slightest disrespect to her. Hanging his head low, he cupped his fists and said, “Huo Lun greets Madam. How may I address you?”


He couldn’t see through Yu Ru Meng’s cultivation, so it was apparent that she was more powerful than he was. Hence, it was appropriate for him to call her ‘Madam’.


Without uttering a word, Yu Ru Meng released a little of her Demon Saint’s aura.


In an instant, Huo Lun fell to his knees and pressed his head against the ground, “This humble one greets Holy Venerable Yu Ru Meng! May Holy Venerable forever remain strong and beautiful!”


In his heart, he rejoiced that he had the good sense not to hit on this woman; otherwise, he would have lost his life without even knowing how. Previously, the leader of the Snow Demons had come to this place. This time, even the leader of the Charm Demons had come over. Huo Lun wondered what was so attractive about this place that so many powerful figures wanted to visit.


A surprised Yu Ru Meng turned to look at him this time. It wasn’t that this man was particularly interesting, she was simply surprised that he was able to recognise her identity. With her head tilted, she asked, “Have you met this Saint before?”


“This humble one has not had the honour,” Huo Lun replied respectfully.


“Then how do you know who I am?” Yu Ru Meng became even more curious.


Huo Lun replied honestly, “There are twelve Holy Venerables in the Demon Realm, three of which are women. This humble one has met the Holy Venerable of the Snow Demons before, and although I have never seen the leader of the Feather Demons, I know that all Feather Demons have unique characteristics. Obviously, Holy Venerable is not a Feather Demon, thus… it is only logical Holy Venerable is the leader of the Charm Demons.”


Yu Ru Meng finally understood the reason this man could recognise her as he had met Bei Li Mo before. With a smile, she said, “You’re pretty observant.”


“Many thanks for your compliment, Holy Venerable.”


“Get up and speak,” Yu Ru Meng lifted her hand.


After a moment of hesitation, Huo Lun got to his feet as he was told, but he didn’t dare to look her in the eyes as he stared fixedly at his own feet. That was because no one should gaze at the leader of the Charm Demons as they pleased. It was no wonder he felt that his Soul was almost taken away. If he had stared much longer at her earlier, his Soul really would’ve left his body.


“You said you’ve met Bei Li Mo. When did that happen?” Yu Ru Meng nonchalantly asked as she looked into the distance.


“It was not long ago,” Huo Lun replied honestly, “About half a month.”


After some calculation, she realised that it was the time before Yang Kai returned to Enchantment Continent. He was supposed to be devouring Heavenly Martial Continent at that time. She immediately understood that he must have brought Bei Li Mo to this place when he devoured that continent.


At the thought of this, she gritted her teeth slightly because Bei Li Mo had actually found out Yang Kai’s secret earlier than she had. She was determined to settle the score with him one day.


“How long have you stayed here?” Yu Ru Meng asked.


“One year.”


Yu Ru Meng was startled upon hearing this. One year ago was just around the time when the battle on Eternal Sky Continent took place. Recalling what Yang Kai had told her before, she asked curiously, “What did this place look like when you arrived here for the first time?”


In fact, she had asked the same question that Chang Tian and Bei Li Mo had asked before, so Huo Lun began narrating his experiences to her in a concise yet full manner.


Yu Ru Meng nodded repeatedly as she listened to him. As time passed, more of Hundred Spirits Continent was devoured, and she could clearly feel the transformation of this world.




It took more than ten days before the entire Hundred Spirits Continent was devoured. Just like what had happened to Heavenly Martial Continent, the location where Hundred Spirits Continent was supposed to be had turned into a turbid region of the Void.


After retrieving the Sealed World Bead, Yang Kai released Yu Ru Meng from the Small Sealed World. Then, he looked smilingly at Bei Li Mo, and it was apparent what his intention was. At the same time, Chang Tian was staring at her as well.


Since Hundred Spirits Continent had been devoured, there was no turning back for Chang Tian so he wouldn’t allow Bei Li Mo to go back on her word.


Realising that she had no other choice, Bei Li Mo turned around without hesitation and said, “Let’s go.”


Then, the four of them moved past the Territory Gate and headed to Soaring Snow Continent.


Before they reached their destination, Yu Ru Meng left the group and returned to Enchantment Continent to prepare. What Yang Kai was doing would turn the entire Demon Realm upside down, so if she didn’t make any preparations, things would quickly get out of hand.


At the very least, she had to inform her Half-Saints about it and summon those Half-Saints currently on the Two Worlds’ Battlefield back. Of course, Bei Li Mo had to do the same.


A few days later, Yang Kai, Chang Tian, and Bei Li Mo arrived on Soaring Snow Continent. After arranging a place for them to stay, Bei Li Mo went on to gather her Half-Saints to tell them to get prepared.


Chang Tian had bet the future of Hundred Spirits Continent on Yang Kai, hoping that he could strive for a better future and a wider territory for those living in the continent after the new Demon Realm was born. Hence, he was most concerned about Yang Kai’s security. In Soaring Snow Ice Palace, wherever Yang Kai went, he would always tag along. Even as someone who held the same status as a Demon Saint, he had somewhat become Yang Kai’s bodyguard.


Yang Kai had persuaded him several times to stop doing so but to no avail, so he just let him be.


While Bei Li Mo was getting prepared, Yang Kai was studying the map and getting some information from Chang Tian.


He learned that Bei Li Mo had forty-three continents. Yu Ru Meng was no match for her in this regard as she only had thirty-eight continents. Initially, Yu Ru Meng had eleven Half-Saints under her command, but Yue Sang was killed by Bright Moon and Yin Si was murdered by Yang Kai. Taking her loss during the War of Eternal Sky into consideration as well, Yu Ru Meng only had eight Half-Saints left.


On the other hand, Bei Li Mo initially had thirteen Half-Saints, but one of them had lost their life during the War of Eternal Sky, so she only had twelve now.


Yang Kai made some calculations and realised that Chang Tian, Bei Li Mo and Yu Ru Meng collectively had twenty-nine Half-Saints, which was a force to be reckoned with. After he swallowed up all their continents though, these people would also be a part of his power. Although he was still no match for the other Demon Saints, he would gain the right to wage war against them at the very least.


Then, he asked Chang Tian whether they could have more Demon Saints side with them. Just one to two more Demon Saints would significantly increase their chance of winning.


However, Chang Tian told him to give up on that idea. The circumstances for Chang Tian, Bei Li Mo, and Yu Ru Meng were unique. Chang Tian was unhappy with the current situation and wanted to carve out a brighter future for Hundred Spirits Continent, which was why he decided to side with Yang Kai. Bei Li Mo was left with no choice, and Yu Ru Meng did it because of love; however, it wasn’t so easy to persuade the other Demon Saints. If they found out about Yang Kai’s plan, they would rage against him like a tempest; there was no room for discussion.


Upon hearing this, Yang Kai had no choice but to give up on that idea. Before he became strong enough, he had to do everything he could to conceal his plans.


Bei Li Mo acted swiftly, and just three days later, she came and told Yang Kai that everything was ready.


Without waiting any longer, Yang Kai immediately started devouring Soaring Snow Continent. During the process, Bei Li Mo stood beside Yang Kai as she looked dispassionately at the disappearing continent without uttering a word.


However, her emotions were certainly not as calm as her expression; after all, this was where she was born and raised, and where she ascended to become a Demon Saint. If she was not under Yang Kai’s control, she would’ve been unresigned to see her home being swallowed up like this.


After Yang Kai was done with Soaring Snow Continent, he headed straight to the next one.


As time passed, the continents were gulped down one by one.


The time it took to devour a continent varied depending on its size. Yang Kai remembered that initially, it took Gun-Gun ten days to swallow a broken continent; however, as the space inside the Sealed World Bead expanded, Gun-Gun’s size grew as well, and it had become more efficient at its job.


It took Gun-Gun half a month to devour Hundred Spirits Continent, and it was one of the largest in the entire Demon Realm, almost twice the size of Soaring Snow Continent.


Seven days were needed for Gun-Gun to gulp down Soaring Snow Continent, and it became more even efficient as time passed.


Initially, Yang Kai was worried that it would take too long for him to carry out his plans; after all, Bei Li Mo had forty-three continents. If seven to eight days were needed to devour a continent, it would take Gun-Gun a year to devour all forty-three. Many things could happen in a year. 


As such, Gun-Gun’s increase in efficiency was indeed a piece of exciting news.


As time passed, more continents were devoured, and Gun-Gun’s size became increasingly larger. At the same time, the speed at which it could eat up a continent increased proportionally. Gradually, Gun-Gun could stuff down a continent in five to six days, then it became three to four days. Eventually, it could do it in just one to two days. For some of the smaller continents, it could even devour one in just half a day.


As the continents disappeared from the Demon Realm, the locations where the continents were, joined the Void. 


As Bei Li Mo had made proper arrangements in advance, only a small number of accidents had happened during the process. Although the Demons living in her territory were horrified, they could only close their eyes to bear this-Heaven destroying and Earth-shattering calamity. When they opened their eyes again, they realised that they had entered a new world.


The territory inside the Small Sealed World was expanding rapidly.


In just three months, all forty-three continents that belonged to Bei Li Mo were completely devoured.


After the last continent disappeared, Yang Kai could clearly hear Bei Li Mo heaving a sigh. At this point, her fate had been intertwined with that of Yang Kai’s. Just like Chang Tian, there was no turning back for her.


Finished with this first phase, Yang Kai sent Bei Li Mo into the Sealed World Bead so that she could help her people settle down.


During this period of time, Bei Li Mo had entered Sealed World Bead many times, so she was already familiar with this world. She had personally witnessed the transformation inside the Small Sealed World so there was no doubt that it was slowly being perfected and was much stronger than when she saw it for the first time. All forty-three continents had been assimilated, and together with Hundred Spirits Continent, they provided an immense amount of nutrition for the Small Sealed World.


With the enrichment from these continents, the World Energy in the Small Sealed World was now so thick that it could even nurture peak Origin Kings, similar to a Lower Plane Star Field.


Yang Kai had only swallowed the territories of a single Demon Saint, and there were still eleven Demon Saints out there. If he could devour all their territories, he was certain that the Small Sealed World would grow into a Great World that was a match for the Demon Realm and Star Boundary. By then, even a Demon Saint could be born into this new world.




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  1. Eh only origin king after 2 continents and the lost ones?! I have no idea how he’s gonna convince the other saints. Might have to wage war

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  2. Wasn’t it already supposed to be on lower star field level before he swallowed the first completely intact continent? Since that one made such a huge change, I would have expected the Divine Spirit continent plus the enitre territory of a Demon Saint to make a much much bigger change. Should at least be Dao Source level now or something.

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