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Martial Peak – Chapter 3796, The World Lives

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Seeing that Yang Kai was injured, many Masters from the Star Boundary and even the countless soldiers below couldn’t help feeling as though their hearts were caught in their throats. Nevertheless, what happened next made their eyes shine with a strange light!


When Yang Kai’s spear blasted forward, Can Ye’s expression changed again. He instinctively felt the World’s Will pressing down on him. Even with the power of a Great Emperor, it made him feel a little breathless. He hastily parried the attack. Even so, the overwhelming force that came from the front sent his body flying backwards involuntarily.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai followed closely like a shadow, attacking again and again without stopping. His expression was as tranquil as an ancient well, but his actions were merciless and ruthless.


*Boom. Boom. Boom…* The fierce and unending onslaught made Can Ye a little tired of parrying. His figure was constantly fleeing around in the enormous cage, but he was unable to get away from Yang Kai.


In front of everybody’s eyes, the Night Shadow Great Emperor was being suppressed and forced into a completely disadvantageous position in the battle. Everybody was in an uproar… This scenario was something that nobody could have imagined even though they knew that Yang Kai had the power of a Great Emperor. It was just that Can Ye had made a name for himself for such a long time now. Even if Yang Kai had gained the power to fight, it was hard to say who would end up winning and who would end up losing the battle. However, the current situation seemed to indicate that Yang Kai was holding the upper hand.


“Can Ye must be heavily injured…” A pensive look flashed through Li Wu Yi’s eyes.


The Army Commander who had snuck over to Li Wu Yi previously spoke upon hearing those words, “Is that to say… it’s not that Can Ye is weaker than Yang… Senior Void, but because his injuries have yet to heal?”


Li Wu Yi nodded, “That’s probably the case. It might also be a matter of their motivation…”


Yang Kai wanted to rescue the Star Boundary. For that, he had to finish the battle within an hour. It was a given that he was not holding back at all. On the other hand, Can Ye was different. All he needed to do was drag things out. There was no need for him to fight a deathmatch against Yang Kai. After all, Yang Kai would be powerless to do anything once High Heaven Palace was completely eroded by the Demon Qi, regardless of how strong he was.


One side was giving their all while the other side was holding back. Combined with Can Ye’s previous injuries, it was not surprising for this situation to occur.


“Crazy Junior!” Can Ye’s suppressed roar came from within the cage. He seemed furious, “Don’t go overboard with your antics!”


Yang Kai did not answer. However, his boundless fighting spirit continued to burn strongly and his intense murderous intent was firmly locked on Can Ye.


“Fine! If that’s the case, have it your way!” Can Ye yelled furiously. At the same time, his empty hand reached out to grab at something in the Void. Another curved sword appeared in his hand without warning. With a sword in each hand, the aura around his body changed abruptly. The World’s Will gathered around his body without anybody noticing. Then, he crossed his swords in front of him.


*Boom…* A loud explosion sounded. Can Ye had been forced backwards and seemed to be at a disadvantage all this time, but he stood firmly in place at this moment. Yang Kai gripped his spear and pushed down. The Azure Dragon Spear and the twin swords clashed against each other with an ear-splitting screech and a dazzling shower of sparks.


They stood no more than ten metres away from each other and glared at each other. One was ballistic with rage while the other was as calm as an abyss. The world around them shattered and fell apart.


“I am also one of the Great Emperors recognised by the Star Boundary! You are not the only one who can control World Force!” Can Ye roared.


The reason Great Emperors were known as Great Emperors was that they were recognised by the world. They contained a part of the World’s Will in their bodies, which allowed them to draw upon the World Force. That was the biggest difference between a Great Emperor and an ordinary Emperor Realm Master.


Yang Kai grinned, “So what?”


While speaking, he exerted great strength in his hand. The newly condensed Dao Seal above the spine of the dragon bone shone brightly and a boundless mighty force gathered around his body.


The stalemate was instantly broken and Can Ye staggered backwards by several steps. His expression changed drastically at the sudden turn of events. He yelled, “How can this be!?”


In that moment, he felt his connection with the world weakened slightly. On the other hand, Yang Kai’s World Force increased sharply in contrast. If not for that, the balance would not have been broken so easily.


Yang Kai looked at Can Ye pityingly, “What’s so impossible about that? You abandoned this world. Did you think the world would just let you do whatever you want?”


The force in Yang Kai’s hand increased further and a circle of vibration spread out all of a sudden. Can Ye was blown away like a shooting star, spitting out a mouthful of blood while in mid-air.


Standing in the sky, Yang Kai spoke in a cool tone, “The World is alive, Can Ye. Don’t you understand that?”


If the World were not alive, it would not have opened the Profound Heavens Temple at the last moment of the Star Boundary’s survival. If the World were not alive, the Source Sealed World would not have protected Yang Kai after the competition for the Heavenly Source Fruit ended. The World was always watching over the millions of living creatures at all times; the invisible and intangible Heavenly Way would always guide a person to the clearest path at critical moments.


Can Ye stabilised his body, wiped away the blood at the corners of his mouth, and coldly responded, “If the World is sentient, then why did it allow me to become a Great Emperor? Stop speaking nonsense.”


Yang Kai threw his head back and laughed, “Whether or not my words are nonsense, don’t you know best? Since you decided to abandon and betray the Grand Dao of this world, then please return everything you received from this world.”


While he was speaking, a huge gap suddenly opened in the Void behind him. The shape of the gap was very peculiar. It almost looked like an eye that was staring at Can Ye indifferently.


Can Ye widened his eyes in astonishment, staring at the huge eye in the sky in horror. Under that gaze, he felt his connection with the world fading away rapidly.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai spread open his arms. An odd look appeared on his face. The invisible and intangible World Force gathered around his body and the Azure Dragon Spear in his hand roared several times.


“Can Ye!” All of a sudden, he let out a roar. His expression was hideous, “The blood of the Demon Race might flow through your veins, but you were born and raised in the Star Boundary! This world gave you the glory you have right now; this world gave you the status and respect you have right now! It’s bad enough that you don’t appreciate it, but you went so far as to betray the world, abandon the people, and allow foreign enemies to invade us! Your death is one not worth pitying! Today, I will deliver justice on behalf of the Heavens!”


He stuck the Azure Dragon Spear into the void and cast a Secret Technique with one hand. A mysterious and peerless mark suddenly appeared behind him.


“Dao Seal!?” Can Ye’s eyes widened further. He stared at Yang Kai in horror, “What are you doing!?”


As a Great Emperor himself, it was a given that he understood what a Dao Seal was. It was the crystallisation of a Great Emperor’s strength accumulated over a lifetime. It was equivalent to the Monster Core of a Monster Beast.


Monster Beasts would spit out their Monster Cores in desperate situations to attack powerful enemies. It was something only a cornered beast would do. If their luck was good enough, they would be able to turn the situation around and survive. If their luck was poor, their very soul would be destroyed. It could be said that this approach taken by the Monster Beasts was a double-edged sword. It would backfire on them with the slightest mistake.


In all the years since Can Ye became a Great Emperor, he had never seen anybody bring out their Dao Seal. Then again, there had never been a battle between the Great Emperors in the Star Boundary for all these years. They would occasionally exchange a few blows in private at most, but nobody would bring out their Dao Seal so easily during a sparring match. That was why it was also his first time seeing somebody performing an attack like this.


A halo of light flowed through the Dao Seal, flashing and flickering erratically. Just like the Space Principles that Yang Kai had mastered, that light was unpredictable, strange, and inexplicable. Moreover, an extremely horrifying aura was fluctuating from the Dao Seal.


Every single person who saw the Dao Seal couldn’t help feeling a chill running down their spine. There was no doubt that if something like that were to crash into the Star Boundary, it would most likely wipe out an entire territory.


The World Force poured madly into the Dao Seal, making the Void around the Dao Seal shine brighter and brighter. In the blink of an eye, it was as though there was a small sun in the sky. Everybody could not help but close their eyes.


“There’s not much time, so this attack will determine everything!” Yang Kai’s expression was calm. It was almost as though the Dao Seal in front of him was not the most important thing to him, but an artifact that he could just casually toss out.


If possible, Yang Kai would not have wanted to take this risk. He had only just received this opportunity and glimpsed into the secrets of the Martial Dao peak. It was only natural that he wanted to cherish his own wings.


Unfortunately, time waited for no one. He had the confidence to win against Can Ye if he continued his fight against Can Ye, but it was not something that could be resolved within a short time.


[This is the only way! Only by taking this risk can I end this as soon as possible!] Once he made his decision, he stopped hesitating. Even if doing this would damage his Grand Dao foundation, he had to press forward at all costs.


“Go!” While shouting, Yang Kai pointed forward. The Dao Seal that was radiating with a dazzling light leisurely floated towards Can Ye. The speed was fairly slow. It looked like any ordinary person could dodge the attack.


However, in Can Ye’s eyes, it felt like the entire Star Boundary was pressing down on him. [I can’t escape!]


That was an attack fuelled by the power of the vast Great World. Moreover, it was unleashed by the Dao Seal. There was nobody in this world who could avoid that attack.


[I can only defend like my life depends on it!] A loud roar rang out. Can Ye gritted his teeth and reached out his hand to point forward. A mark also appeared at the tip of his finger. That mark was quite similar to Yang Kai’s Dao Seal. It was mysterious and unique, but it was black in colour. Not to mention, the entire Dao Seal gave off a vibe that was both sharp and hidden… That was Can Ye’s Dao. It was a Dao of assassination and concealment.


Under the watch of countless eyes, these two Dao Seals gradually approached each other. They collided with each other silently. At that moment, black and white light illuminated the entire sky to form two huge semi-circles of different colours that rivalled each other. Both Yang Kai and Can Ye coughed up blood at the same time. Their hearts and bodies were shocked by the impact.


Under everybody’s nervous gaze, the white Domain expanded abruptly to engulf the black Domain. It only took a blink of an eye. The black was rapidly melted and filled entirely with white. Like how the victory was determined between the two opposing armies, the black army collapsed and fell apart.


Can Ye’s reluctant and furious roar rang out across the world.


When the incandescent white light that filled the world slowly faded, everybody felt their vision returning to normal. Then, they anxiously looked up.


Two figures stood apart in the sky. The cage that Yang Kai set up earlier was nowhere to be seen. Even though he formed that cage by borrowing the world’s might, it was still not enough to withstand the impact of two Great Emperors’ Dao Seals clashing against each other. It had long since dissipated into nothing. A huge black hole had appeared in the Void, as though the world was missing a chunk. It was all thanks to the protection of the cage. Otherwise, the missing piece in the world would not have been that small.


At this moment, both figures in the sky were in a miserable state. Yang Kai was pale and bleeding from his seven orifices. On the other hand, Can Ye’s hair was completely dishevelled and he looked like he was going to collapse at any moment.


Everybody was shocked. They thought that it would be the greatest battle in the world. They thought that it would be a fierce struggle between two evenly matched opponents. Who could have expected that the winner would be decided in less than ten seconds after Yang Kai’s Dao Seal was unleashed? This kind of speed was simply appalling. This was a battle between Great Emperors. How could it end in such a short period of time!?



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  1. In the manhua they added Can Ye thinking ” He could bring out a Power equivalent to a Great Emperor” when YK sealed the World at the beginning of their fight

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