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Martial Peak – Chapter 3797, Three Spears

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There was no way of knowing who held the upper hand in the battle at first glance.


A gasping sound rang out as Yang Kai’s chest heaved violently. He reached out to grab the Azure Dragon Spear next to him with a look of reminiscence and nostalgia on his face, his voice echoing solemnly as he shouted, “This spear is for the World that birthed and raised us!”


While speaking, his body flickered slightly and instantly appeared in front of Can Ye, his spear thrusting out.


Can Ye raised his weapon to parry; however, he seemed to have lost all strength and before he could even lift his twin swords completely, he felt his body stiffen. The Azure Dragon Spear had pierced into his lower abdomen and came out through the back of his body. A violent force exploded from behind, ripping his clothes to pieces and causing a large bloody hole to appear in his back.


He widened his eyes in surprise and stared hard at Yang Kai, who was standing in front of him, his teeth rattling audibly as he muttered, “This King is Night Shadow Great Emperor…”


Yang Kai turned a deaf ear to those words as he pulled out his spear, causing a large amount of blood to spill out. Then, he thrust his spear out again, his voice cold as ice, “This spear is for all the trillions of lives who died in the Star Boundary!”


With a loud splatter, the Azure Dragon Spear pierced into Can Ye’s heart.


Can Ye’s body jerked once more. Blood dripped from the corners of his mouth and a gurgling sound came from his throat, “This King has stood in the Star Boundary for tens of thousands of years…”


The spear was pulled out again, but this time around, Yang Kai’s indifferent voice became slightly more high-pitched, mixed with a combination of blood and tears he roared, “This spear is for Senior Bright Moon!”


His grief-filled voice resonated throughout the entire Star Boundary. There was a crack of thunder and lightning flashed, followed by torrential rain that fell from the sky without warning.


Accompanied by the sound of lightning and thunder, the spear struck Can Ye’s head, exploding it the moment the attack landed. At the same time, something both white and red splattered in all directions




The thunder and lightning flashed even more fiercely and rain came pouring down more and more torrentially, washing away the filth in the world. There seemed to be a faint sigh coming from the world and the huge crack in the sky behind Yang Kai that looked like an eye slowly closed at this moment.


There was no announcement or communication in any way, but even so, every single living creature in the Star Boundary had a moment of enlightenment in their hearts: A Great Emperor had fallen!


Yang Kai retrieved his spear, stood tall and took a deep breath. An unprecedented joy in his heart made him unable to resist throwing his head back and roaring into the sky. His roars were thunderous, matching the sound of thunder and lightning in a deafening cacophony.


He was not elated by the death of a Great Emperor at his hands; rather, it was because he had finally collected the blood debt of Bright Moon!


Bright Moon had died on Eternal Sky Continent, and although many Demon Saints had worked together to besiege him, the real fatal blow was actually delivered by Can Ye.


Yang Kai had watched the battle from afar, so he distinctly saw what happened at the time. If not for Can Ye who appeared out of nowhere at the last moment and ambushed Bright Moon Great Emperor, the latter might still have had a chance at survival. Bright Moon had been wary of all the Demon Saints, but it was a pity that the only thing he had not guarded against was Can Ye appearing on Eternal Sky Continent.


It was also in that battle that Yang Kai received Bright Moon’s legacy and the blessing of the world. In the end, that was what allowed him to reach the end of the Grand Dao battle and obtain the Heavenly Source Fruit. It could be said that everything he achieved today was all thanks to Bright Moon Great Emperor’s sacrifice.


Since Yang Kai received such favour from Bright Moon Great Emperor, it was only natural that he should take revenge for his benefactor! It was a pity that he was too weak before and even if he wanted to, he did not have the strength to do so. Thus, how could he possibly pass up such a good opportunity today?


It wasn’t until this moment that Yang Kai felt the burden that had been pressing down on his heart all this time finally ease up.


Amidst Yang Kai’s roars, the Demon Race army trembled like quails without a nest in the cold winter. Likewise, the expressions of the Half-Saints watching this battle changed greatly. The fear on their faces was beyond description.


Inside High Heaven Palace, Lan Xun stood among a mountain full of dead bodies and stared at the headless corpse in the sky with tears streaming down her cheeks. She fell to her knees with a thud, crying loudly, “Father, Can Ye is dead. Please rest in peace now.”


Not far behind her, Xiao Chen stood covered in blood with his longsword gripped tightly in his hand. He was staring forward blankly, his heart full of bitterness as he mused, [The gap between us has grown so large… At this rate, I will never catch up to him for the rest of my life.]


Furious roars came from the clouds above, occasionally mixed with a high-pitched Dragon Roar. Five figures were entangled with each other somewhere high up in the sky. Moreover, the sounds of battle were gradually getting farther and farther away.


Can Ye’s death had struck a chord of fear in Xue Li and the others. How could they dare to remain in this place after what they just witnessed? Needless to say, they immediately wanted to flee; otherwise, they would not be able to leave even if they wanted to once Yang Kai composed himself.


They were evenly matched with the two Elders of the Dragon Clan, so they would definitely be at a disadvantage if Yang Kai was added to the mix. Besides, they had been frightened by Yang Kai’s near suicidal tactics just now. Although the three of them fought against the two Elders of the Dragon Clan, they had never dared to release their Dao Seals for the sake of killing the enemy.


On the contrary, Yang Kai dared to make such bold moves despite having only just been promoted to become a Great Emperor. His actions were completely unpredictable using common sense!


As soon as the three Demon Saints retreated from this place, the Demon Race army scattered across the entire battlefield immediately lost all morale. The Half-Saints quickly followed after the Demon Saints and the Demon Race army on the ground was obliterated as a result.


After being oppressed by the Demon Race for so many years and forced to evacuate countless times, the Star Boundary army had long since built up a great well of resentment and anger. Not to mention, the last pure land remaining in the Star Boundary had nearly been invaded mere moments ago. How could they let the Demon Race off so easily at this time? The surviving Star Boundary armies immediately swarmed out of High Heaven Palace. They chased down their enemies in all directions, leaving millions of corpses in their wake.


The only thing that made the Demon Race feel a little relieved was that Yang Kai simply stood there motionlessly after killing Can Ye. Not only did he not extend a helping hand to the two Great Elders of the Dragon Clan, but he also ignored the retreating Demon Race army.


It wasn’t his intention to ignore everything around him of course. If possible, he wanted to bury the entire Demon Race army in this place and was perfectly capable of doing that with his current strength. Although Can Ye was there to stop him before, Can Ye was dead now. Who else was there in this world that could stop him now?


It was just that… he might have killed a strong enemy in his battle against Can Ye, but the price he had to pay was not small. The hidden dangers caused by the clash of Dao Seals were extremely severe. Right now, Yang Kai’s Dao Seal had gone dim and dull, even though it used to emit a dazzlingly bright light.


Can Ye was a Great Emperor after all. Although he was abandoned by the World at the last moment and could longer mobilise its World Force to assist him, his strength was still a fact. In his last desperate struggle, Can Ye caused great harm to Yang Kai.


Immediately after that, Yang Kai had also unleashed three consecutive attacks. Those three attacks might have seemed bland and ordinary, but how could three attacks that could kill a Great Emperor be so simple? A large portion of his strength had been infused into every single thrust.


That was why he was currently unable to move a single muscle. If Xue Li and the others had been a little more courageous; if they had broken free from Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun to target him, he would not have had any strength to fight back at all.


Yang Kai observed his internal condition only to discover that his Dao Seal had not only gone dim but was also showing signs of collapsing. He was so frightened by this that his Soul nearly left his body. 


[If my Dao Seal collapses just like that, then I will be the shortest-lived Great Emperor in all of history! I’ve only just taken my first step out of the Profound Heavens Temple and my Dao Seal is about to fall apart in less than half a day…]


How could he dare to hesitate? Yang Kai immediately began trying his best to stabilise his Dao Seal.


In front of Yang Kai stood Can Ye’s headless corpse which for some eerie reason did not fall to the ground but instead slowly melted away like snowflakes under the sun. It didn’t take long for the entire corpse to dissipate into nothingness. The luck and good fortune that he once captured from the Profound Heavens Temple was returned to the Star Boundary at this moment.


Those with low strength did not notice anything; however, the Pseudo-Great Emperors and those above their level could feel that something invisible had been added to the world. It was extremely mysterious and if they had the chance to study the phenomenon, they were certain they would receive a lot of benefits.


By the time Yang Kai opened his eyes again, it was already half a day later. Night had fallen and the world was covered in darkness. Demon Essence was still raging across the World and even the scenery was hazy as a result. Neither the sun, moon, nor stars could be seen.


Yang Kai immediately noticed a large group of people standing in front of him, led by Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun.


“How is it?” Fu Zhun asked nervously. Although both she and Zhu Yan had been engaged in battle with the three Demon Saints at the time, they remained keenly aware of Yang Kai’s movements. It was obvious that they knew how Yang Kai had eventually killed Can Ye; therefore, they were both extremely worried that something might have gone wrong with Yang Kai’s Dao Seal.


Yang Kai shook his head slowly and smiled, “I’m fine. I’m sorry for worrying you, Second Elder.”


His Dao Seal was still a little dim at the moment, but at least there was no risk of collapse anymore. As long as he slowly recuperated in the future, he would be able to recover completely. Be that as it may… he did not dare to use a similar fighting style again. He had been forced by the circumstances at the time and there was also a bit of fearlessness that came from ignorance. Now that Yang Kai had learned about the dangers that came with his actions, he could not help shivering slightly thinking back on them.


“Good!” Zhu Yan let out a long sigh of relief, feeling his anxiety easing. This young man was not just a Great Emperor of the Star Boundary, he was also the Dragon God of the Dragon Clan. This matter was related to the survival of the Dragon Clan and Star Boundary, so how could Zhu Yan not be nervous?


“Li Wu Yi and fellow companions greet Senior Void!” Li Wu Yi, dressed in white clothes that were stained with blood, stepped forward from behind Zhu Yan and saluted.


Behind him, a group of the Star Boundary Pseudo-Great Emperors and Demon Race Half-Saints, who had defected to the Star Boundary, echoed in unison, “Greetings, Senior Void!”


“Senior, you…” Caught off guard, Yang Kai quickly helped Li Wu Yi up. For him to become a Great Emperor, half of the credit went to Bright Moon Great Emperor while the other half went to Li Wu Yi.


If Li Wu Yi had also participated in the Grand Dao battle, Yang Kai was certain that he would most likely have seized the position of Great Emperor instead. In that case, the title ‘Void’ would not be his right now. How could he receive such respect from Li Wu Yi when he was so greatly indebted to the latter?


Li Wu Yi smiled, “In the Martial Dao, strength speaks the loudest. You are now a respected Great Emperor, please do not mention the word ‘Senior’ again. This Li cannot bear it.”


Yang Kai smiled bitterly as his eyes swept across the people behind Li Wu Yi. All he saw were many scorching gazes staring back at him. It did not matter how old he was or whether he was formerly their Junior. Now that he was a Great Emperor recognised by the World, the entire Star Boundary stood behind him. His very existence gave the people the confidence and hope to walk out of the darkness.


As such, all he could do is cup his fists with a solemn expression and declare, “Everyone, you have worked hard!”


All those present responded humbly.


Taking a deep breath, Yang Kai turned his gaze to the people standing further behind him. Many familiar faces stood among the crowd and they were all looking at him with respect. Among those faces, the expressions of Zhu Qing, Su Yan, Xue Yue, Shan Qing Luo, Xia Ning Chang, and Ji Yao were glowing with pride. This man was their husband, the future hope of the Star Boundary!



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    1. Though it should take a few years for the temple to open/appear again. After all, this time was comsidered fast and was still 10 or 20 years after Bright Moon GE’s death

  1. Nah. The writer said when GE’s get injured it takes awhile to heal because they’re so strong it’s difficult to get injured in the first place. Yes yk has extraordinary means to heal himself but I’m sure can ye and the rest of the great emperor’s didn’t live tens of thousands of years and not have extraordinary means themselves even if it isn’t as remarkable as yk’s..
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