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Martial Peak – Chapter 4000, You Seem To Know Many Things

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Zhao Xing Chen kept glaring at the Great Moon Province disciple, whose scalp began to tingle. After a while, Zhao Xing Chen coldly snorted, “Since Brother Meng says so, then this Zhao will give Brother Meng face and forget this matter. But there will be no next time.”


Meng Hong couldn’t help but heave a sigh before continuing with an apologetic smile, “Many thanks, Brother Zhao, for showing mercy.”


Zhao Xing Chen declined to comment. He then turned his attention to Chen Yue and stated, “It is fate that we meet today. Since you’re all here, why don’t you give a toast to them, Yue’er?”


“En.” Chen Yue obeyed Zhao Xing Chen before stepping forward and picking a glass of wine.


Meng Hong’s face grimaced in pain more and more, seeing her like this. He secretly hated that he wasn’t strong enough to provide Chen Yue a safe shelter. All he could do was helplessly watch his beloved jump into another’s arms. He was heartbroken.


Chen Yue raised her glass as she toasted, staring at Meng Hong, “Senior Brother, please accept my toast. If you need help in the future, feel free to ask me. Junior Sister will not refuse to do what she can.”


Zhao Xing Chen also nodded and added, “Good. I, Zhao Xing Chen, hold some sway here. If you encounter anything, you can come to me.”


The Great Moon Province disciples helplessly raised their glasses before downing them in one go.


Zhao Xing Chen, on the other hand, stared at Yang Kai and asked without any fear, “Friend, are you not going to give me face?” After entering the restaurant, he hadn’t paid any attention to Yang Kai, but when Chen Yue gave a toast on his order, only Yang Kai remained still, suddenly becoming conspicuous. He naturally became interested.


As for Yue He, who also hadn’t raised a glass, he didn’t dare to provoke her; after all, she was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Scarlet Star had always been trying to invite Yue He to join them, even offering her the position of Great Commander without hesitation. Unfortunately, Yue He hadn’t given a clear answer.


“Do I know you?” Yang Kai looked at him and indifferently asked, “How much is your face worth?”


He had been sitting here and disinterestedly watching from the sidelines. He didn’t want to provoke Zhao Xing Chen, so he didn’t bother to intervene, but who could have expected Zhao Xing Chen to actually provoke him instead? Naturally, Yang Kai wasn’t polite to him.


Although they were meeting for the first time and he had no idea about Zhao Xing Chen, his first impression was terrible. Yang Kai was too lazy to speak politely with him.


As soon as Yang Kai said so, Zhao Xing Chen’s face suddenly sank, “Friend, you are really crazy. What’s your name? You look unfamiliar.”


Meng Hong also didn’t expect Yang Kai to say something like this, so he hurriedly intervened, “Brother Zhao, this is Brother Yang, Yang Kai!”


“So you are Yang Kai?” Zhao Xing Chen’s eyes lit up when he heard this. He could help but size up Yang Kai.


Yang Kai looked at him indifferently, “Do you know me?”


Zhao Xing Chen pursed his lips into a smile before cupping his fists and replying, “So it is Brother Yang! Forgive this Zhao for being disrespectful just now. Yue’er has told me much about you. Actually, this Zhao came here today specifically to see you. I didn’t expect to meet here. It seems we share some fate.”


He was acting all close and enthusiastic, even pulling up a chair and sitting down.


Meng Hong and the others looked at Chen Yue suspiciously. They had no idea what Chen Yue had told Zhao Xing Chen for him to be so enthusiastic towards Yang Kai.


Yang Kai also glanced thoughtfully at Chen Yue, who couldn’t help but blush and avoid his gaze.


After sitting down, Zhao Xing Chen placed a barrier around the table, isolating them from the surroundings. Judging by the energy fluctuations leaking from his hand, he was quite strong, a little stronger than Meng Hong and the others.


Only then did he lean closer and continue with a bright smile, “Brother Yang, Yue’er said that you are adept at beast taming and now control a Scarlet Flood Dragon and an Earth Dragon. I wonder if this is true or false?”


Meng Hong’s face sank when he heard this and looked at Chen Yue with reproachful eyes.


Chen Yue had climbed onto a higher branch, throwing herself into Zhao Xing Chen’s arms, for which Meng Hong hated himself from preventing. Nonetheless, she shouldn’t have revealed information about Yang Kai. Many times, information could make the difference between life and death. What’s more, Chen Yue had also received Yang Kai’s life-saving grace as he had brought her all the way here, yet instead of repaying this favour, she even revealed sensitive information to an outsider. It was tantamount to repaying kindness by stabbing Yang Kai in the back.


Chen Yue only came to know Yang Kai through him, so Meng Hong was feeling extremely embarrassed.


“So what if it’s true? So what if it’s false?” Yang Kai flashed Chen Yue a meaningful smile, immediately causing her to lower her head with an embarrassed look on her face.


Obviously, she also knew that what she had done was shameless and immoral.


Zhao Xing Chen chuckled, “Since Yue’er said so, it should be true. Brother Yang, you are really something. Beast taming is a superb ability. This Zhao is in admiration. I’ll toast to you.”


While speaking, he raised his glass.


Yang Kai turned a deaf ear and didn’t even glance at him.


Zhao Xing Chen’s facial muscles twitched slightly, but the next moment, he laughed it off as if he didn’t care about it. He put down the glass and continued, “Brother Yang, it’s like this, this Zhao has an Elder Sister who heard about this. She is very interested in one of your exotic beasts. She would love to keep one. I wonder if Brother Yang is willing to give it up. Whatever may be the price, I will definitely not disappoint you.”


“Your Elder Sister wants one?” Yang Kai strangely looked at him, “Which one does she want?”


“My Elder Sister is more interested in Scarlet Flood Dragon. Forget the Earth Dragon. Brother Yang, you should know, the Earth Dragon is a little ugly and dirty. Haha.”


Yang Kai agreed with a nod, “True.”


Zhao Xing Chen continued, “Brother Yang, please name your price, this Zhao will pay it. In difficult times, everyone should be friends. If Brother Yang needs any help in the future, this Zhao will not refuse.”


Yang Kai refused, shaking his head, “I apologize, neither the Scarlet Flood Dragon nor the Earth Dragon are for sale.”


Zhao Xing Chen became anxious after hearing this and raised his hand and offered, “Brother Yang, don’t be in a hurry to refuse. How about listening to this Zhao’s offer before making a decision?”


Yang Kai still shook his head, “I’m not selling, not for any price!”


“Are you really not going to sell?” Zhao Xing Chen slightly narrowed his eyes.


Yang Kai stared at him, “I don’t want to repeat the same thing thrice!”


As their gazes met, Zhao Xing Chen’s eyes turned slightly cold. Yang Kai, on the other hand, remained indifferent. Meng Hong and the others were growing nervous and restless. Only Yue He was smilingly sitting next to Yang Kai, resting her cheek on her palms, looking at him with a sidelong glance. She didn’t bat an eye, as if she could never get enough of staring at him.


After a while, Zhao Xing Chen laughed, “Good, since Brother Yang has said so, then this Zhao will have to drop the idea.” He then switched the conversation, “Let’s stop talking about the two exotic beasts. Let’s talk about the Dragon Blood Pills.”


Yang Kai narrowed his eyes, “You seem to know many things about me.”


Needless to say, Chen Yue must have also revealed the existence of the Dragon Blood Pills. Previously, Yang Kai had refined many such pills and apart from taking them himself and giving them to Xiao Hei and Xiao Hong, Meng Hong and the others also enjoyed a few. Taking it in a diluted form would strengthen a cultivator’s physique, so it was of great use to anyone.


Since Zhao Xing Chen knew about the Dragon Blood Pills, how would he not care about them?


Ignoring Yang Kai’s teasing words, Zhao Xing Chen continued with a solemn face, “Scarlet Star wants to buy some Dragon Blood Pills. Price is not a problem. We are willing to buy as many as you have.”


This time, he presented himself as Scarlet Star’s representative. In other words, he was acting on Scarlet Star’s behalf to discuss this transaction with Yang Kai, trying to pressure him.


“Scarlet Star wants to buy my Dragon Blood Pills?” Yang Kai failed to stifle his laughter.


Zhao Xing Chen nodded, “Indeed!”


“I’m not selling!” Yang Kai decisively refused. He finally came across Dragon Blood Flowers that surpassed Peak-Rank after so many years, and spent four months refining them all into Dragon Blood Pills, all to improve his bloodline. Why would he take them out and sell them now?


They were already insufficient for his own use.


Zhao Xing Chen seemed to have expected this answer. Hearing this, he indifferently smiled and calmly took a sip of wine and continued in a calm and composed manner, “Brother Yang, I heard that you have been in retreat. So you might not be aware of the situation outside. Now, this entire Star City is my Scarlet Star’s territory. Once you enter this Star City, you are under my Scarlet Star’s jurisdiction. People who don’t obey will not be able to live here for long.”


Yang Kai looked at him with a smile and calmly asked, “Are you threatening me?”


“I am just presenting the situation to Brother Yang.” Zhao Xing Chen put down his glass, “Right now, my Scarlet Star has seven Managers. All of them are above the Third-Order Open Heaven Realm. We also have 3,000 people under our command. To put it bluntly, only a few people can offend our Scarlet Star in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary! Brother Yang, it must have been very hard for you to reach your current cultivation. You must understand how to correctly appraise your circumstances! Scarlet Star just wants to buy some Dragon Blood Pills from Brother Yang, that’s all. Why would Brother Yang remain unreasonable and keep us at arm’s length?”


Having said this, a smile appeared on his face as he continued, “Furthermore, as Brother Yang is able to refine Dragon Blood Pills, you must be very proficient in the Alchemic Dao. My Scarlet Star lacks geniuses like Brother Yang. This Zhao is willing to recommend you. As long as Brother Yang is willing to become my Scarlet Star’s Honoured Guest Alchemist, everyone will be one family in the future.”


“Brother Yang, what do you think?”


After finishing his offer, Zhao Xing Chen stared at him with burning eyes.


Yang Kai straight out refused, “I said I’m not selling, so I’m not selling. Anything you say is useless.”


Zhao Xing Chen’s face turned cold, “Brother Yang, are you not going to take your time to consider it? I’m afraid Brother Yang will regret it!”


Yang Kai coldly looked at him, “If you dare to speak nonsense again, I will make you regret sitting down!”


Zhao Xing Chen’s face turned black. He stood up, glaring at Yang Kai with murderous intent. After a while, he looked at Yue He and suggested, “Lady Yue He, why don’t you persuade him?”


Yue He faintly replied with a love-struck look on her face, “Whatever Young Master says is right. I will obey Young Master.”


“Good!” Zhao Xing Chen laughed in anger, “Very good!”


He then clapped and shouted, “Guards!”


A dozen or so people suddenly rushed in and immediately stood behind Zhao Xing Chen. Each and every one of them had a magnificent aura.


Zhao Xing Chen pointed at Yang Kai and his team, “This Commander suspects that these people are spies planted by other great forces. Apprehend them immediately!”



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