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Martial Peak – Chapter 4011, Fist of Loose Sand

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Since Bie Jian was here, Yang Kai didn’t need to think about which great force these people belonged to, it was no doubt Thunder Light.


In the Crouching Dragon Mountain Range a few months back, Bei Jian, leading a group of Thunder Light disciples, had collected a lot of Dragon treasures, but in the end, he was intimidated by Yang Kai with the Earth Dragon and the Scarlet Flood Dragon, and forced to hand over everything he had gathered and retreat empty-handed.


At that time, Bie Jian didn’t have many people with him and he had no choice but to bear the disgrace before the Scarlet Flood Dragon and Earth Dragon. Every time he thought about that day, his heart would burn with fury and hatred. He secretly vowed to take revenge the next time he met Yang Kai.


Unfortunately, the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary was vast, and he had no idea where Yang Kai was, so he couldn’t talk about revenge. He had never thought that he would run into him in the Yuan Magnetic Mountains today. When he came face to face with his enemy, his eyes turned red in anger.


After recognizing Yang Kai, Bie Jian sneered, “Little brat, you will get what you deserve today! I told you a long time ago that you should always leave a way out for yourself, and not be ruthless, but you just had to insist. I’ll see how you will escape with your life today!”


On the Crouching Dragon Mountain that day, Bie Jian believed that the other party was stronger than him, and had proposed to divide the Dragon treasures harvested in half, but Yang Kai refused. In the end, Bie Jian had no choice but to hand over everything and back away helplessly.


When he met Yang Kai on the Yuan Magnetic Mountain today, he naturally wanted to vent all his hatred and make him pay for the disgrace he had suffered that day.


Yang Kai chuckled, “We will see if you have what it takes or not.”


“Do you know him?” An elderly man beside Bie Jian asked doubtfully. He could tell that there was some kind of grudge between Yang Kai and Bie Jian.


Bein Jian replied with a scoff, “Brother Zhu, do you remember me telling you about the Crouching Dragon Mountains?”


The old man surnamed Zhu raised his brow after hearing this, “Is he the one you were talking about?”


“Yes, it’s him!” Bie Jian continued, grinding his teeth, “At that time, he had used two powerful exotic beasts to deter us, so this King had no choice but to lower his head. I have been searching for him for several months, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find him. I didn’t expect to run into him here.”


The old man surnamed Zhu nodded, “In that case, you don’t need to care about being civil.” He looked up at Yang Kai and demanded, “Brat, I heard that you obtained many Dragon Blood Flowers from the Crouching Dragon Mountains, honestly hand over those Dragon Blood Flowers along with the Fifth-Order Divine Stone you just found, and we might let you keep your life. Otherwise, this day next year will be the anniversary of your death!”


Dragon Blood Flowers could enhance one’s physique, so there was no Open Heaven Realm Master who wouldn’t desire them. When one’s cultivation had reached the Open Heaven Realm, cultivators focused first on slowly improving their Order while also improving their physiques. Dragon Blood Flowers were an excellent treasure for Body Tempering. If they could grab those Dragon Blood Flowers, the old man surnamed Zhu was confident that he could improve his physique by several levels. Even if he couldn’t improve his Order, his strength would be greatly enhanced.


As for the Fifth-Order Divine Stone just now, he couldn’t miss it either. The Fifth-Order Divine Stone was worth at least 1.5 million Open Heaven Pills.


“Sir Zhu, Sir Yang is my Scarlet Star’s Sixth Manager, do you want to start a war with my Scarlet Star by being so aggressive?” Guo Zi Yan stepped and sonorously shouted.


As soon as he made this remark, both Bie Jian and the old man surnamed Zhu were taken aback.


The old man surnamed Zhu glanced at Guo Zi Yan before asking, “Are you a member of Scarlet Star?” Whether it was Thunder Light or Scarlet Star, they had been ruling the Star City for tens of thousands of years and crossed swords multiple times during this period. As a Great Commander of Scarlet Star, Guo Zi Yan wasn’t an unknown figure, so the old man surnamed Zhu had naturally seen him a few times, though he hadn’t paid much attention to him.


It was only when he said those words that the old man finally glanced at him.


Guo Zi Yang quickly replied, “Yes!”


Bie Jian was taken aback even more so, “Wasn’t Scarlet Star’s Sixth Manager Du Niang Zi? When did this brat become your Sixth Manager?”


Guo Zi Yan replied, “Du Niang Zi has already fallen, this is my Scarlet Star’s new Sixth Manager!”


Bie Jian and the old man surnamed Zhu looked at each other after hearing this. They couldn’t believe that Du Niang Zi was actually dead. She was a Master of poison, so even the two of them didn’t dare to provoke her easily. They couldn’t understand how she died? Who had killed her?


However, since Guo Zi Yan, a Scarlet Star Great Commander, had said so, it must not be wrong.


Bie Jian scoffed, “Scarlet Star has really regressed. You actually made an Emperor Realm brat your Sixth Manager? Was there no one available in Scarlet Star?”


The old man surnamed Zhu also snorted and added, “So what if you belong to Scarlet Star? It’s not like my Thunder Light hasn’t fought with your Scarlet Star before, so who needs to fear whom?”


Guo Zi Yan’s face turned cold as ice, “Are you two not going to give us face?”


The old man surnamed Zhu and roared angrily, “What face do you even have? Enough with the nonsense, if you don’t want to die, hand over your things right away!”


Bie Jia raised his hand and calmly addressed, “Guo Zi Yan, let me guide you to the right path, are you willing to listen to me?”


Guo Zi Yan agreed with a frown, “Sir Bie Jian, if you have anything to say, just get on with it.”


Bie Jian smiled at Yang Kai and continued, pointing at Yang Kai, “He is going to die today, and no one can save him! If any of you don’t want to die, just obediently surrender and join my Thunder Light, perhaps you might live!”


There were just over thirty people around Yang Kai, but Thunder Light had dispatched more than 300 people this time. There was a ten-fold difference in number. In the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, it was akin to a completely one-sided situation. No matter how strong Yang Kai might be, he wouldn’t get out of this safely!


However, Bie Jian wanted to enjoy Yang Kai’s desperation before he killed him. Bie Jian wasn’t worried about the choices of Scarlet Star’s members. If they surrendered, they would naturally be shown mercy, but if they remained bullheaded, they would be killed together with Yang Kai!


When it came to life or death, people would always make a wise choice.


“I will only count to three, those who don’t step forward in three breaths will be killed without mercy!” Bei Jian raised his finger and counted in a long drawn-out manner, looking triumphantly at Yang Kai, “One!”


Just as he shouted, the thirty or so people behind Yang Kai immediately broke into a clamour. All of them were terrified and their faces had turned ugly.


“Two…” Bie Jian shouted again, raising another finger.


The 300 or so Thunder Light members secretly circulated their strength, as if they were preparing to kill the enemy at any moment. The silent pressure made most of Scarlet Star’s members’ faces turn pale.


In just a breath, someone couldn’t bear the threat of death and jumped out from behind Yang Kai and shouted, “I surrender, I surrender, don’t kill me!”


One turned into two, and in an instant, eight people had rushed out to surrender.


Guo Zi Yan’s teeth cracked as he angrily cursed, exasperated by their disappointing performance, “You fools! We have been fighting Thunder Light for so many years that the blood feud between us cannot be resolved! You won’t have good days ahead of you after your surrender. It’s better to follow the Managers and fight our way out. Even if you die here, don’t disgrace my Scarlet Star’s name!”


As soon as he stated this, the people who were still a bit eager to surrender immediately quashed this idea. Guo Zi Yan was right, Scarlet Star and Thunder Light had been fighting for many years, so the enmity between the two had reached an unforgivable level. In the future, even if they managed to preserve their lives by surrendering, their days would be worse than death in the future. It might be better to die now than live on in misery.


But not everyone thought so. After the initial eight people, nearly ten people had rushed to Thunder Light’s side after them.


Yang Kai already had a small number of people under him, but now, nearly twenty people had surrendered to the enemy, leaving only about a dozen people behind him. This formed a sharp contrast against the hundreds of Thunder Light members.


Guo Zi Yan’s eyes turned red in rage as he glared at the defectors. He wanted to charge at them and tear them to pieces, but now he couldn’t even save himself, so how would he have the energy to kill those traitors?


Bie Jian broke into laughter, looking extremely proud, “Those from Scarlet Star are just a bunch of trash! They become like a fist of loose sand after just a little threat from this King. How could they achieve big things with such weak spines!”


The Thunder Light members burst into laughter.


Bie Jian’s face suddenly turned cold as he stated with a snort, “This King despises traitors more than anything. They take no responsibility for their cowardice at all and can betray their comrades at any moment. What’s the use of keeping such people alive? Kill them all!”


Just as he ordered this, the expression of the twenty or so cultivators who had defected to Thunder Light greatly distorted; however, before they could beg for mercy, all kinds of artifacts or Secret Technique rained down on them.


They didn’t even have the chance to scream as they all died then and there!


A bloody smell filled the air as twenty or so mutilated and incomplete corpses lay on the mountains as energy waves slowly spread into the surroundings.


The dozen or so people standing behind Yang Kai shuddered in fear. They were secretly glad that they hadn’t defected; otherwise, their corpses too would be lying on the ground. At the moment, their life and death was still in their hands, albeit their chances were slim in front of an enemy dozens of times stronger than them.


Guo Zi Yan stared and stated, “You went back on your word!”


Bie Jian chuckled, “So what?”


Guo Zi Yan ground his teeth in hatred. Although he hated the defectors and wanted to kill them to vent his anger, he still couldn’t help but feel sad and angry at the sight of them being killed by Thunder Light like this.


He secretly regretted it. [If I had known this would happen, I would have sent a message to the other Managers, asking them to bring more people over. Now, we are surrounded by hundreds of people. I’m afraid we are doomed today!]


As this thought crossed his mind, Guo Zi Yan approached Yang Kai and whispered, “Sir and Madam, when the fight begins, you should immediately leave. This humble subordinate will bring up the rear. I just hope that if you get a chance in the future, you will avenge us!”


Yang Kai glanced at him before patting his shoulder and stated, “I never like leaving revenge to the future.”


Guo Zi Yan was stunned, “Sixth Manager…”


Yang Kai smiled at him, “You are pretty good.” 


No matter what, Guo Zi Yan didn’t betray him; also, based on what he had said just now, he was willing to cover Yang Kai’s retreat while risking his own life. Thus, Yang Kai would definitely repay his loyalty! Before, he only thought that Guo Zi Yan was taciturn, but now, Yang Kai realized that his character wasn’t bad. Apparently, Scarlet Star had assigned him a pretty good Great Commander.


Yue He pursed his lips and chuckled, “You haven’t seen our Sixth Manager’s skills, today you will have your eyes opened!”


Guo Zi Yan was completely confused as he stared at these two new Managers in a daze. They were surrounded by hundreds of people and their lives were hanging by a thread, but they were still able to talk and laugh like this, filled with confidence.


Although he had no idea where Yue He was getting this confidence, Guo Zi Yan’s pride was also aroused so he quickly declared, “Sir and Madam, just relay your order and this subordinate will tread through oceans of fire and rivers of blood!”


*Pa pa pa…*


Bie Jian chuckled and started clapping, “What a great display of loyalty! How touching!” His face suddenly sank as his voice turned colder, “But what does it matter? You all will be dying here today!”



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