Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4028, Divine Cauldron Heaven Xu Zhen


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“My Young Master is currently in retreat, why don’t you all go back for now and come when he exits?” Yue He suggested.


The young man, however, simply demanded, “Just call him out.”


“I’m afraid that’s not possible,” Yue He slowly shook her head.


The young man lashed out angrily, “Why is it not possible? It is his honour that this Young Master personally came to see him, he should appreciate it and give me face!”


Yue He sneered lightly as she gradually lost her patience. She was afraid of Azure Nether Paradise, not this pompous Young Master in front of her, so how could she take his threats seriously? This boy had repeatedly spoken rudely. If he really angered her, she wasn’t afraid of beating him up either.


The guard who had just spoken leaned forward and whispered something into the young man’s ear. The young man’s brow wrinkled, and his expression became gloomy for a moment before he spoke with a look of displeasure, “Fine, this Young Master will stay in the largest inn here. When your Young Master comes out of seclusion, call him over to see me immediately.”


Yue He nodded lightly, “Of course.”


The young man glanced at Yue He again, slowly shaking his head and sighing as he finally left.


Yue He turned her head and looked towards the distance, greeting with a smile, “Manager Chen, you’re here too!”


Chen Tian Fei was standing not far away and had not concealed his whereabouts. Naturally, Yue He would not fail to spot him.


Chen Tian Fei squinted as all his fat stacked up on his face squeezed together, leaving just two slight gaps where his eyes should be. His extremely stout body moved as he made his way to the entrance of the mansion before he cupped his fist and greeted in return, “Seventh Manager.” 


He turned his head towards the young man, and asked, “Who was that?”


Yue He replied, “They claim to be from Azure Nether Paradise, but who knows whether it’s true or false?”


Chen Tian Fei added with a nod, “For a mere Emperor Realm Junior to be able to obtain two Open Heaven Realm Masters as guards, even if he isn’t from Azure Nether Paradise, his background must be quite astounding. What were they here for?”


Yue He covered her mouth, giggling, “He said he fancied my Young Master and wanted to take him under his wing. Don’t you think it’s funny?”


Chen Tian Fei chuckled and agreed, “He’s really overestimating himself.” 


How could a freak like Yang Kai submit to someone else, especially in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary? Having personally witnessed Yang Kai’s might, Chen Tian Fei felt that there was probably no one in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary who could match him unless they fought with numbers or arranged powerful Arrays beforehand.


Chen Tian Fei thus changed the subject, asking, “Where is Sixth Manager?”


“Manager Chen is also here for Young Master?” Yue He wore a regretful expression, “Unfortunately, Young Master happens to be in retreat.”


Chen Tian Fei was stunned for a moment, thinking that Yang Kai had just returned from the Yuan Magnetic Mountain not long ago, so how could he have gone into retreat. Still, he nodded in understanding before saying, “Then I’ll say what I was going to tell him to you, Seventh Manager.”


Yue He invited, “Come in, let’s talk inside.” 


At the end of the day, they were both members of Scarlet Star, so it wouldn’t be appropriate to keep him outside. Furthermore, Yue He also wanted to know what Chen Tian Fei’s intentions were.


After inviting him into the guest hall, Chen Yue served tea. Chen Tian Fei didn’t beat around the bush and went straight to the point.


Yang Kai’s actions on Yuan Magnetic Mountain brought a lot of pressure to Scarlet Star. Thunder Light had already sent people to condemn him, demanding an explanation, otherwise they would take matters into their own hands. Chen Tian Fei also informed Yue He about how terrifying Sword Pavilion was in detail.


He spoke for a very long time, but in summary, he wanted Yang Kai to exercise some caution and restraint when he went out in the future. Yang Kai shouldn’t show off too much. Since he was the Sixth Manager of Scarlet Star, he should always consider things from Scarlet Star’s perspective.


Yue He naturally played along and said that she would pass on the message when Yang Kai came out.


Since he couldn’t meet Yang Kai, Chen Tian Fei had no choice but to leave.


After sending off Chen Tian Fei, Yue He turned around and warned Chen Yue that if anyone came knocking again, no matter who it was, they should not be entertained! Chen Yue repeatedly nodded.


Inside his cultivation room, Yang Kai’s consciousness was immersed in his Dao Seal, comprehending the mysteries of his Wood and Fire Element Powers.


The vitality of Wood and the oppressive might of Fire gave him a vague sense of enlightenment, but something was still lacking. It was as if there was a thin membrane in front of him, blocking his vision of the deeper secrets before him.


This feeling made his heart itch. Although he understood that as long as he pierced through this thin membrane, he would be able to see another layer of the world, there was nothing he could do at the moment.


Yang Kai also knew that opportunities couldn’t be forced, so he could only allow nature to take its course, repeatedly telling himself to calm his mind and clear his thoughts.


Days slowly passed away…


One day, Yue He, who was idly chatting with Chen Yue, suddenly frowned and turned her head to look outside.


Chen Yue asked, “What’s wrong?” 


Her strength was still a bit low, so she didn’t notice anything unusual, but from Yue He’s expression, it was obvious something had transpired.


Yue He sneered, “A little rat broke in.”


Chen Yue was stunned for a moment before quickly realizing what was going on and couldn’t help feeling surprised. What kind of person was so bold as to dare trespass into someone else’s mansion? One had to know that this mansion had a Spirit Array barrier protecting it, so if an ordinary person wanted to enter, they would have to break through it forcefully.


However, she didn’t sense any unusual energy fluctuations; in other words, this person must be extremely proficient in Spirit Arrays. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to be so stealthy.


“Stay here, I’ll go take a look,” Yue He advised before disappearing.


A moment later, Chen Yue felt a faint energy fluctuation erupt from somewhere in the mansion before it quickly calmed down.


After a dozen breaths, Yue He walked in with a person in her hand and casually threw him to the ground.


Chen Yue looked over in surprise and saw that this person’s face was pale, and he still had some baby fat on his face. He was dressed neat and tidy, but still couldn’t be anything but a little fatty.


Judging from his appearance alone, he should be a very amiable person. Chen Yue couldn’t understand why such a person would trespass into someone else’s mansion.


“Great Aunt, let me tell you, just because I surrendered doesn’t mean I can’t fight back. I just don’t want to raise my fist against a woman.” The little fatty got up and straightened his clothes. Although he had been captured, he didn’t panic at all.


“Great Aunt?” Hearing this, Yue He’s brow jumped, and a cold light flashed across her eyes as she ground her teeth.


The little fatty shrank his neck and suddenly remembered something, quickly coughing and correcting himself, “Elder Sister!”


Yue He coldly snorted, “At least you know your place!”


The little fatty sighed in his heart, thinking that his Master was right. No matter what kind of woman it was, they would always care about their age and how others addressed them. His Master had advised him to always be careful when talking to women as it was quite normal for them to become angry for even a slight offence.


After understanding this, the little fatty cupped his fist and asked, “Elder Sister, may I ask where the Master of this place is?”


“Why are you looking for him?” Yue He glanced over. Regardless of whether this little fatty was trespassing or not, his appearance was so friendly and amiable that it made it impossible for others to feel any disgust.


The little fatty smiled faintly, assuming an air of mystery, “I’m here to give him an opportunity and ask for some benefits in return.”


“Opportunity?” Yue He’s expression became strange as she looked him up and down, “Are you trying to say that you come from some kind of Cave Heaven or Paradise, and want to recruit the Master of this place?”


The little fatty was stunned for a moment before shaking his head and denying, “That’s not gonna happen. Even if he wants to enter my Master Sect, it will depend on his aptitude and ability. If he doesn’t have the ability, he will never be able to enter.”


Yue He asked curiously, “Is your Master Sect very strict with its requirements?”


The little fatty nodded solemnly, indicating that this was no ordinary level of strictness.


“What’s the name of your Master Sect?” Yue He asked with a smile.


“Divine Cauldron Heaven!” Little fatty replied calmly.


Chen Yue’s beautiful eyes instantly went wide while Yue He’s laughter also came to an abrupt halt as she stared at the little fatty, thinking that she might have heard wrong.


Divine Cauldron Heaven was one of the 36 Cave Heavens and was one of the top forces in the 3,000 Worlds. Previously, a silk pants Young Master from Azure Nether Paradise had come to this place and Yue He had thought that his background was big enough, but who would have thought that the little fatty standing in front of her now would have an even bigger background?


Yue He was casually teasing him just now, not having expected him to really come from a Cave Heaven; as such, she couldn’t help asking solemnly, “Can you prove it?”


The little fatty fumbled around his pockets for a moment before taking out a black token and showing it to Yue He. On the token was a name: Xu Zhen!


Obviously, it was this little fatty’s name.


Xu Zhen flipped over the token, pointing the back of the token towards Yue He. Engraved on it was the image of a Divine Cauldron that was exuding an ancient and profound aura.


Yue He was thoroughly shocked. This was a genuine Divine Cauldron Heaven Disciple Token. Although she had never seen one before, when she used her Divine Sense just now, she could clearly sense that there was an extremely powerful Divine Ability sealed inside this token.


Ordinarily, elite disciples of Cave Heavens and Paradises would have this kind of identity token on them. This token was not only a symbol of status, but also contained a life-saving Divine Ability bestowed upon them by their Master. It was impossible to fake such an item.


Even if Yue He were outside, a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like her would still lose her life if she were to face the Divine Ability inside this token!


The person who had left a Divine Ability in this token was definitely a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master!


With such a background, regardless of whether Xu Zhen was really from Divine Cauldron Heaven or not, his identity would definitely not be too far off, so there was no need for him to pretend to be a disciple of another Sect.


Chen Yue and Yue He looked at each other and saw the shock in each other’s eyes.


“So you are a Core Disciple of Divine Cauldron Heaven! I apologize for my previous rudeness.” Yue He’s attitude became a bit more polite. It was one thing to attack when she didn’t know the other party’s identity, but now that she did, she had to maintain proper etiquette.


“Elder Sister doesn’t need to worry about it, I came uninvited and offended the dignity of this place’s Master,” Xu Zhen laughed it off, not putting on any airs of a Cave Heaven disciple.


Yue He clicked her tongue in wonder. In the past, she had seen many cultivators who came from Cave Heavens and Paradises, but all of them had their eyes on the top of their heads, similar to that silk pants Young Master from Azure Nether Paradise who had come before. This was the first time she had seen someone like Xu Zhen, so she couldn’t help but feel curious.


Pondering for a moment, Yue He asked, “Did you just say that you wanted to give my Young Master an opportunity in exchange for some benefits?”




“Can you elaborate?” Yue He asked.


The little fatty suddenly became somewhat embarrassed and rubbed his two fat hands together, with a flattering look on his face as he replied, “It’s like this, Elder Sister. I heard that the owner of this place obtained a lot of Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones, and all of the high Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones from the entire Yuan Magnetic Mountain were taken away by him, so I wanted to ask him for a piece!” Saying so, the little fatty lightly squeezed his fingers, indicating that he was only asking for just a little, and definitely not much!




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