Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4029, It’s Worth it


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Yue He asked, “Are you cracking a joke?”


Even if he was a Cave Heaven’s Disciple, this kind of request was a bit too impolite. A Sixth-Order material was extremely precious, yet this little fatty had come to ask for one without any prior relationship with Yang Kai. Wasn’t he thinking too highly of himself?


“I’m not kidding, I’m really not kidding.” Xu Zhen quickly waved his hand and added, sweating, “I also know how precious a Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Stone is. As the saying goes, if you don’t deserve it, you won’t receive it, so I definitely won’t ask for it for free. If he can give me a Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Stone, I’ll give him an opportunity that will definitely be worth it.”


“What kind of opportunity?” Yue He asked. If anyone else said this, Yue He might not believe them, but Xu Zhen’s background was not small, so listening to him could prove useful.


Unexpectedly, the little fatty smiled and waved off his hand, “I can’t say it. It depends on whether this deal goes through or not, I will know it after meeting the Master of this place.”


“Young Master is currently in retreat and won’t be seeing anyone for the time being!”


Xu Zhen blinked and asked helplessly, “When will he come out?”


“It’s hard to say,” Yue He slowly shook her head. She didn’t even know why Yang Kai was in retreat, so how could she know when he would come out?


Xu Zhen couldn’t help but scratch his head. He had expected to see Yang Kai here and tell him about his intentions, but now that he couldn’t even see Yang Kai, he couldn’t help but worry.


“Elder Sister, can I wait for him here?” Xu Zhen turned to Yue He and asked seriously.


Yue He pondered for a moment before agreeing with a nod, “Alright.”


Apart from Yang Kai, who was in retreat, there was only her, Chen Yue, and a few people from Great Moon Province left in this mansion. The rest were weak maidservants, so it didn’t really matter if Xu Zhen stayed here or not.


Not to mention, Yue He also wanted to know if this little fatty was really from Divine Cauldron Heaven.


Hearing this, Xu Zhen was overjoyed and cupped his hands, thanking, “Many thanks, Elder Sister!”


Yue He covered her mouth and giggled, “You’ve got quite a glib tongue!” 


She then turned her head, motioning to Chen Yue, “Find him a guest room.”


Chen Yue nodded and called out to Xu Zhen, “Please follow me.”


The next day, a scorching energy suddenly erupted from a certain spot in the mansion. Yue He was startled and immediately rushed over when she realized it was coming from where Meng Hong was in retreat.


However, when she arrived, she found Yang Kai already present. Obviously, the disturbance here had caught his attention, so he quickly came to investigate.


It had taken Meng Hong nearly a month to refine the Fifth-Order Sun’s True Fire, and it was only today that he was finally able to successfully absorb it. The Fire Element Power in his Dao Seal rumbled violently and he seemed unable to control it for the time being. Previously, he had only refined Third-Order materials, but now the Order had risen by two all of a sudden. Meng Hong was having a hard time getting used to it.


The eruption of that energy just now was due to him wanting to test his own strength, but in the end, he had been careless and almost burned down the mansion.


“Congratulations, Brother Meng,” Yang Kai congratulated with a smile.


Meng Hong stood up as the Fire Element Power surged from him. He was unable to control it properly still, but nonetheless, he respectfully cupped his fists and bowed to Yang Kai, “Meng Hong thanks Brother Yang for his great kindness. This favour is akin to giving me a new life and I will never forget it for the rest of my life!”


Yang Kai waved his hand casually and stated, “Breaking and rebuilding your foundation was your own decision. I only provided you with some materials, Brother Meng need not be so polite about it.”


Meng Hong slowly shook his head, “If I hadn’t witnessed Brother Yang’s divine might, how could this Meng know how vast the Martial Dao truly is? I wouldn’t have become brave after experiencing shame. If I can reach the Open Heaven Realm in the future, it will be all thanks to Brother Yang!”


Yue He pursued her lips into a smile as she intervened, “Alright, you two. Meng Hong, you’ve just condensed your Fire Element, so you should stabilize it first.”


Meng Hong nodded and agreed, “That was my intention.”


As they were talking, an unfamiliar voice suddenly interrupted, “Oh, a Fifth-Order Sun’s True Fire, not bad, not bad.”


Yang Kai and Meng Hong both turned their heads and looked towards the source of the voice. The next moment, they saw a fair-faced little fatty slowly walking over, looking at Meng Hong with interest.


“Your Excellency, who are you…” Meng Hong was puzzled.


Yang Kai was also at a loss as he wondered, [Who is this little fatty? Why haven’t I seen him before?]


Yue He introduced, “Young Master, I forgot to tell you, this is….”


“I’ll do it myself,” Xu Zhen interrupted Yue He with a smile and walked over to Yang Kai. He looked up at him before cupping his fist and greeting, “Divine Cauldron Heaven Disciple Xu Zhen greets Brother Yang!”


Yang Kai’s eyes constricted, “Divine Cauldron Heaven?”


Meng Hong also cried out in shock, “Divine Cauldron Heaven!?”


As his emotions fluctuated, a scorching heat wave of energy burst forth from his body. Fortunately, none of the people surrounding him were ordinary. Although this Fifth-Order Sun’s True Fire was quite powerful, it could not harm them. Be that as it may, it was enough to make Meng Hong panic. He quickly took a breath and reigned in his Fire Element Power, secretly smiling wryly as he thought to himself that he really should hurry up and go into retreat. At the very least, he needed to be able to take out and withdraw his Fire Element Power freely; otherwise, he would accidentally injure the people around him.


“En!” The little fatty smiled and nodded.


Yang Kai turned to look at Yue He, his eyes clearly asking if it was true.


Yue He replied with an eye signal, ‘most likely!’ After all, she had seen the token before and verified Xu Zhen’s identity.


“So Brother Xu is a Divine Cauldron Heaven Disciple, my apologies for being rude!” Yang Kai cupped his fist.


“I came uninvited, Brother Yang. Please forgive me!” Xu Zhen’s amiable performance had left a good impression on everyone.


“May I ask why Brother Xu is here?” Yang Kai looked at him curiously.


Xu Zhen replied with a smile, “Previously, I informed this Elder Sister that I came here to give Brother Yang a fortuitous opportunity and also to ask for some benefits from Brother Yang! However, this Elder Sister said that Brother Yang was in seclusion and couldn’t be disturbed, so I waited here. Today, I finally have the chance to meet Brother Yang.”


“Opportunity? Benefits?” Yang Kai raised his brow slightly.


Xu Zhen asked, “Can we talk somewhere else?” 


During this time, the other two Great Moon Province disciples also noticed the commotion and came over. Even Chen Yue was watching from afar. With so many people around, it really wasn’t a good place to hold a conversation.


Yang Kai nodded his agreement, “This way then!”


He turned to Yue He and ordered, “Find another cultivation room for Brother Meng.”


“En!” Yue He agreed.


Yang Kai then led Xu Zhen towards the guest hall.


Yue He was curious about what Xu Zhen was up to, so she quickly arranged for Meng Hong and rushed over, but she couldn’t find him when she arrived at the guest hall. She swept the mansion with her Divine Sense, and immediately discovered Yang Kai’s location. She then quickly arrived in front of a seclusion room.


Yang Kai stood outside with a look of anticipation, while Xu Zhen was nowhere to be found.


“What about that little fatty?” Yue He asked.


Yang Kai pointed to the room and simply said, “He’s inside.”


“What is he doing inside?” Yue He was puzzled, “Have you finished your discussion?”


“En!” Yang Kai nodded.


“What? Your discussion ended so quickly?!” Yue He was somewhat speechless. She had even rushed over to hear about it, “He said he wanted to ask for a Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Stone…”


“That’s right. I gave him one,” Yang Kai nodded, “This guy is quite strong. If he wants the Yuan Magnetic Divine Stone, he should be trying to condense his Metal Element with it!”


To be able to condense Yin, Yang, and Five Elements with Sixth-Order materials, one’s aptitude had to be quite exceptional. It could even be said to be extraordinary. If not, it would be impossible for one’s Dao Seal to withstand the raw power of a Sixth-Order material. Meng Hong was Great Moon Province’s Eldest Senior Brother, and although Great Moon Province was not a particularly powerful force, Meng Hong was definitely its top talent, yet his limit was only Fifth Order, and even that carried a risk of failure.


However, Xu Zhen’s goal was to refine a Sixth-Order material, which showed the gap between them. In other words, Xu Zhen wanted to reach the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm when he initially broke through.


As for the Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones on the Yuan Magnetic Mountain, all of the ones at Sixth Order had been taken by Yang Kai, so Xu Zhen had no choice but to come and find him.


Yang Kai was glad that he had taken away all the Sixth-Order Divine Stones that day; otherwise, he would have missed this opportunity. Xu Zhen had come uninvited, but he had solved a huge problem for him. If this matter was resolved successfully, Yang Kai would have another powerful card in his hands in the future!


“Are all Cave Heaven and Paradise disciples so amazing?” Yang Kai turned his head and asked. [If that’s true, wouldn’t there be plenty of Mid-Rank and High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters in the Cave Heavens and Paradises?]


Yue He shook her head and replied, “How could that be possible? This Xu Zhen is able to refine Sixth-Order materials, so he must be a top figure amongst his generation. However, although those Cave Heavens and Paradises aren’t as exaggerated as you think, I’ve heard that an official disciple must at least be able to refine Third-Order Open Heaven materials. Those unable to refine at least Third-Order materials will be expelled or be reduced to ordinary servants or guards.”


“Tsk, tsk, tsk… that’s quite terrifying.” Yang Kai shook his head repeatedly. Their requirements were truly high if the Open Heaven Realm below the Third Order were completely discarded. Perhaps only they knew how deep their foundations had reached over the years.


“What did he offer you in return for you to actually give him a Sixth-Order Divine Stone!” Yue He was quite surprised by this. Previously, she had asked Xu Zhen what kind of opportunity he could give Yang Kai, but that little fatty refused to say anything, causing her to feel quite helpless, arousing the urge to kick him to death.


“Well, it’s worth it!” Yang Kai grinned meaningfully, “If you don’t have anything else to do, keep an eye on him. If there’s any movement, call me immediately!”




Yang Kai then entered seclusion once more. This time, he had only come out because of the disturbance caused by Meng Hong. Since he had confirmed that Meng Hong was fine and had settled a matter with Xu Zhen, Yang Kai naturally wanted to go back to focus on cultivating.


As for Xu Zhen, Yue He would be able to keep an eye on him. Although being a Divine Cauldron Heaven Disciple was quite extraordinary, Yue He was still a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm cultivator, so watching over Xu Zhen was not a problem for her.


With these words from Yang Kai, Yue He obediently stood guard in front of the cultivation room without any complaints or regrets.


Although she was very curious about what Xu Zhen was doing inside and what kind of deal he made with Yang Kai, she didn’t dare disturb him because an Array protected and isolated the room.


Ten days passed just like that, uneventfully.


Chen Tian Fei had been living quite comfortably these past few days. Scarlet Star originally had seven Managers, until Yang Kai killed Du Niang Zi and Gan Hong. Although Yang Kai and Yue He had been immediately added in to make up the numbers, these two didn’t seem to care much about Scarlet Star’s affairs and only cared about their own business.


Of the remaining Managers, Bei Yu Shan had brute force but no brains, Lady Qin didn’t care about worldly affairs and only cared about music, while the Ou Yang Brothers were wise and capable, but unfortunately, they often went into seclusion to cultivate. Now that the Head Manager was in retreat, the entire Scarlet Star could be said to be under Chen Tian Fei’s control.


Although he wasn’t the Head Manager, he had a lot more power in his hands than what his post would suggest; so he felt great.




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  1. So I assume that guy is an alchemist, and considering that the most recent problem Yang Kai had is what to do with the light in his bag, the little guy can probably refine it into something useful (7th Order element?).
    I don’t think him just telling YK some alchemy recipes will be worth a 6th order material

    1. I mean, depending on the quality of the recipes it might be worth it to YK.

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