Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4125, Return


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After swearing on her Source, Zhu Jiu Yin put it back inside her body.


It was only then that Yang Kai set his mind at ease. Zhu Jiu Yin was incredibly powerful, but she could not take an oath sworn on her Source lightly. Just like a cultivator swearing on his Dao Heart, if there was no special way to render the oath ineffective, they had to honor it; otherwise, the backlash would be intense.


[As for a thousand years later… we’ll see if you can still defeat me by then.] Yang Kai grinned.


After everything was settled, Yang Kai directly raised the back of his hand and infused his energy into it, “Come in.”


A glow radiated from the pattern and engulfed Zhu Jiu Yin before sucking her into the strange space.


Instantly, Yang Kai’s face turned as pale as a white sheet as his forehead was drenched in sweat. Despite the fact that he already knew that it would cost him a lot of energy to put her inside the space, the exhaustion he felt was still beyond his expectation.


The next instant, Zhu Jiu Yin’s furious voice was heard coming from his Soul, “Why are these two little kids in here as well? It’s so cramped!”


With his limbs spread on the ground, Yang Kai couldn’t even move a muscle so he lethargically replied, “They’re just hitching a free ride. Bear with it for now.”


Yang Kai now realized why there was only one Divine Spirit who could be the winner in every Spirit Seizing War. He didn’t feel anything when he stuffed the Scarlet Flood Dragon and Earth Dragon into the special space, but now that he did the same to Zhu Jiu Yin, he immediately felt that it was filled to the brim. It was no wonder she said it felt cramped.


This special space could only accommodate one Divine Spirit. There was no room for another one.


The breeze was cold and the fog roiled. Yang Kai’s breathing slowly stabilised. Soon, the entire Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary was filled with fog, and he couldn’t even see his hands before his face.


It felt like a short moment, but it also felt as if many years had passed. When the fog dissipated, Yang Kai was startled to hear noises from all around him.


Opening his eyes, he realised that he was already floating in the void. Several tens of thousands of cultivators were scattered everywhere as they exclaimed and cried tears of joy, as though they had been reborn. They could hardly contain their excitement.


Over ten years ago, the Grand Ancient Ruins Rolling Fog swept across an entire Star City and engulfed it. More than ten years later, the same fog sent them back.


In the past, there were several hundred thousand to over a million people in and around the Star City, but now, only twenty thousand to thirty thousand had come out alive. In the past dozen years or so, countless cultivators had lost their lives in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, and only a small number of them survived.


Yang Kai immediately checked on his Small Sealed World, and upon realising that the Divine Medicines that he had obtained were still with him, he breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that the Principles in the Boundary wouldn’t intercept living creatures without flesh and blood bodies. If those three Divine Medicines were intercepted, he would’ve felt dejected.


Pu Bai Xiong and Little Mushroom were not so important, but the gourd vine was a Supreme Treasure.


Inside the Small Sealed World, the other Bearers stayed quietly in a particular area. They were either meditating or looking around curiously. As the Master of the Small Sealed World, Yang Kai had imposed a limit on where they could go, so they were unable to see the Small Sealed World in its entirety.


After their initial excitement died down, the surviving cultivators started dispersing. Now that they had escaped unscathed, they wouldn’t dare to stay in the same place. It would be terrible if the Grand Ancient Ruins Rolling Fog returned for some reason.


These cultivators bid each other farewell and left in all directions.


It took Yang Kai a long time before he could restore some of his energy. As a thought flashed through his mind, he released those Bearers from the Small Sealed World.


After several dozen people appeared, they became startled for a moment before a pleasantly surprised Xu Zhen asked, “Have we left?”


Yang Kai nodded, “Fortunately, I didn’t disappoint you all. The Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary has closed, and we’ve all left that place safely.”


Xu Zhen turned his head, and seeing as Yang Kai appeared completely battered, he became shocked and said, “Brother Yang, you must have suffered a lot.”


Although he wasn’t sure what Yang Kai had gone through, it was apparent that a lot of misfortunes had befallen the latter; after all, so many Bearers had entered the Primordial Land, but only Yang Kai had come out in the end, so there was no way those Divine Spirits would let him off.


“Many thanks, Brother Yang!” Xu Zhen solemnly cupped his fists.


All the others lightly bowed their heads as well, “Many thanks, Senior Brother Yang.”


If Yang Kai hadn’t put them inside the Small Sealed World, as soon as they left the Primordial Land, their respective Divine Spirits would’ve immediately found them. Many of them would’ve lost their lives because of that. It could be said that Yang Kai had saved their lives, so they now owed him a favour.


“It was a minor matter,” Yang Kai saluted them back.


“I haven’t returned to the Sect for years, so Sect Master must be worried about me. I’ll take my leave now, Senior Brother Yang. If you ever come to the Free and Unfettered Territory, please pay a visit to our Sect. This Ning will personally welcome you.” Ning Dao Ran placed one hand on his chest and sincerely invited him.


With a smile, Yang Kai replied, “I’ve heard much about the Thirty-Six Cave-Heavens and Seventy-Two Paradises. If there’s a chance, I’ll definitely pay your Sect a visit.”


After a nod, Ning Dao Ran turned around and left.


“I also have to return to my Sect. Yang Kai, I’ll definitely repay your favour in the future, so don’t get yourself killed too soon.” Lin Feng snorted and cupped his fists before leaving with Ning Dao Ran.


“I have to leave as well. Little Brother Yang, come look for me when you’re free,” Upon finishing her words, Qu Hua Shang flicked a token at him, “With this token in your possession, you can come to my Yin-Yang Cave Heaven whenever you want.”


Yang Kai stored the token and nodded his head, “Senior Sister Qu, take care.”


Following that, Xu Zhen, Gu Pan and the others also left. They were from Cave-Heavens and Paradises, so it was expected that they had to leave in a hurry. The opening of the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary was a major event; moreover, many people had been sucked into the Boundary this time while all the survivors had had their own opportunities. The Bearers had especially gained immense benefits, and many of them had condensed Sixth-Order or even Seven-Order Element Powers. Therefore, they had to immediately report this matter to their Sects. With so many new rising stars, it was a great opportunity for those Cave-Heavens and Paradises to recruit them and nurture them into future powerhouses.


This matter had to be settled as quickly as possible. If the news was spread around, it would be too late for them to recruit these people.


Before Xu Zhen and Gu Pan left, they had respectively given Yang Kai a token and told him that with them in his possession, he could contact them as long as he came to their Sects.


Yang Kai carefully kept them. He had intended to ask Gu Pan about Zhang Ruo Xi, but there were too many people around, so he decided to give up on that idea. In any case, with Gu Pan’s token in his hands, he could go to Lang Ya Paradise when he was free.


Following that, all the Bearers left one by one. All of them bid Yang Kai farewell before leaving. They had gained a lot of benefits in the Boundary this time, so they wouldn’t dare to remain here lest an accident happened.


Some of these Bearers were not famous, while some of them were the top disciples in their respective great forces, but regardless, they were all Emperor Realm cultivators who would be easy targets for those who wanted to rob them of their wealth. A while later, Yang Kai amassed twenty or thirty tokens in total. He watched them leave, and soon, there was no one around him.


Suddenly, a thought flashed through his mind. This time, he had gained unimaginable benefits from the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. Besides the immense resources for cultivation, he had also brought back a Divine Spirit and made her agree to become his Protector for a thousand years.


There were also the rewards he had gained in the Primordial Land, which included three Divine Medicines, a large amount of Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water, sixteen World Fruits and a World Tree root. 


Apart from these tangible benefits, there were also the intangible ones, which included forging friendships with other Bearers. These guys had been nurtured by Divine Spirits in the Boundary, and if they could grow to become famous and powerful, they would be able to influence the 3,000 Worlds’ affairs. It could be expected that hundreds or thousands of years later, they would all become powerful hegemons.


At that instant, Yang Kai felt extremely lucky and pleased that he was part of these changing times.


“Brother Yang, do you have a place to go?” A figure approached Yang Kai. It was Ding Yi.


As soon as Ding Yi left the Boundary, he started gathering his subordinates together. He was the founder of Emperor Heaven. Initially, there were many people in his group, but a lot of them were killed in the Primordial Land, and many more were slaughtered by the Divine Spirits at the last moment. This was a loose organisation that only banded together to survive in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. Now that they had returned to the outside world, many of them were not willing to stay.


Presently, there were only a few hundred people around Ding Yi. These people didn’t have a Sect or background, so after they left the Boundary, they had nowhere to go. Upon Ding Yi’s calling, they gathered around him again.


Hearing that, Yang Kai nodded and then shook his head.


Before he was swept into the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary by the strange fog, he was part of First Inn; however, at that time, Bai Qi was ambushed when he was breaking through to the Open Heaven Realm, so he was almost destined to die. A furious Proprietress had sworn to kill Qin Ji and the others in order to avenge him. Over ten years had passed since those events, so Yang Kai wondered how they had been doing.


Ding Yi grinned, “If you have nowhere to go, why not join me?”


Yang Kai asked with a smile, “Brother Ding, where are you going?”


With a proud expression, Ding Yi replied, “I’m going to look for a Spirit Province to found a Sect and make a name for myself.”


“Brother Ding is a man of ambition.” Yang Kai praised him. In the past, Ding Yi didn’t have the right to do such a thing. Nevertheless, he had obtained tremendous benefits from the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, and as long as he could ascend to the Open Heaven Realm, he would be a Fifth or Sixth-Order Master. That was enough for him to found a Sect.


“As long as you’re willing to help me, I’ll definitely achieve my goal. If you decide to come with me, you will be the Leader.” With a pair of bright eyes, Ding Yi looked excitedly at him.


He was fully aware of Yang Kai’s capabilities. Knowing that he was inferior to him, he was eager to make him become part of his plan.


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai shook his head, “Many thanks for your kind invitation, Brother Ding, but I have other matters to attend to, so I’m afraid that I can’t join you.”


Hearing that, Ding Yi appeared disappointed and sighed, “That’s a shame.” Nevertheless, he was an optimistic person, so he pulled himself together quickly, “In that case, we’ll part ways here. I’m sure we’ll meet again. Farewell.”


“Take care,” Yang Kai cupped his fists.


“Guys, let’s go. Follow this Ding to make a name for ourselves and let the 3,000 Worlds tremble beneath our feet. Hahaha!” Ding Yi swung his arm and proudly led these hundreds of people to leave this place.


Yang Kai watched him leave and shook his head with a smile. He appreciated Ding Yi being so ambitious, but he knew the latter might face some trouble in the future. In order to increase his strength, Bi Fang had forced him to condense a Seventh-Order Fire Element Power, so he might not be able to smoothly ascend to the Open Heaven Realm.




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  1. “He had intended to ask Gu Pan about Zhang Ruo Xi, but there were too many people around”…
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    But I’m surprised about Ding Yi and Lin Feng surviving, both seemed like the typical character to quickly die

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