Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4132, Coincidence


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“En, him.” Chen Tian Fei nodded, “Qi Qiao Heavenly Monarch is fairly powerful as he’s a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.”


Zhao Bai Chuan nodded. He was also a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, and as the Master of a great force, Qi Qiao must be a respectable figure. Thus, he asked, “Are you confident that he’ll lend us some people?”


Chen Tian Fei chuckled, “I’m fairly confident, but I’m sure there will be a price to pay. Moreover, Head Manager, you’ll have to personally meet him.”


“I don’t mind paying a small price.” Zhao Bai Chuan nodded. Since they wanted to borrow people, they naturally had to offer compensation. As long as they could find Yang Kai, the price would be worth it, “Let’s head to Seven Wonders Land now.”


It was then that Chen Tian Fei pointed out the direction for him, whereupon the Hundred Refinements Peak shot towards Seven Wonders Land.


Just one day later, Chen Tian Fei pointed at the fog in front of them and said, “Head Manager, we’ve arrived at our destination.”


Zhao Bai Chuan took a glance and saw that the fog was weltering, but he was unable to see through it. He couldn’t help but nod and say, “This is indeed an extraordinarily great force.”


Chen Tian Fei chuckled, “It’s my first time coming to this place as well. Head Manager, please wait a moment. I’ll send a message to Qi Qiao Heavenly Monarch and tell him to open the portal.”


Zhao Bai Chuan simply nodded.


It was then that Chen Tian Fei fished out a Faith Token and infused his Divine Sense into it.


In the past, Qi Qiao Heavenly Monarch had repeatedly visited the Star City and did some business deals with those from Scarlet Star, which was why they had traded means to contact each other. However, it was always Qi Qiao who looked for him. Chen Tian Fei had never expected that he’d need to seek his help one day.


Right after he sent a message, he saw the fog rolling violently. The next instant, a rumbling sound was heard as an extremely thick bolt of lightning shot out from the fog and reached them in the blink of an eye.


Chen Tian Fei was stunned as he narrowed his eyes at the dazzling light.


With a grim expression, Zhao Bai Chuan yelled, “Open!”


Instantly, the Hundred Refinements Peak trembled violently as a rich Earth Element Power gushed out of it and formed a layer of airtight protection around the artifact.


A deafening sound was heard as the lightning bolt struck the Hundred Refinements Peak and caused it to tremble.


“Such a powerful attack!” Zhao Bai Chuan turned solemn. Even the Hundred Refinements Peak couldn’t withstand such an attack if it was repeatedly struck. As soon as he finished speaking, a few rays of lightning shot out from the fog.


At the same time, someone from Seven Wonders Land bellowed, “Yu Xiu Shan, do you think this King is really afraid of you!? Do you seriously think you’re powerful enough to gobble up my Seven Wonders Land!?”


Chen Tian Fei was dumbfounded. They were immediately attacked after they arrived at this place, so they had no idea what was going on, and who was Yu Xiu Shan?


Rumbling sounds were continuously heard. Wherever the beams of lightning went, the void broke apart.


The Hundred Refinements Peak could attack as well as defend. Zhao Bai Chuan had spent a lot of time and resources to have it refined, so it was a pretty extraordinary artifact. As the beams of lightning were about to strike, the Hundred Refinements Peak hurriedly shrunk and moved around to dodge the barrage.


Even so, it was still struck by another bolt and the entire mountain shook as one of the peaks collapsed.


“Chen Tian Fei!” Zhao Bai Chuan yelled and glared at him. He was heartbroken at the fact that the Hundred Refinements Peak had been damaged. Although this artifact was superb, it couldn’t possibly withstand the power of the Grand Array for long.


Chen Tian Fei’s forehead was drenched in cold sweat and hurriedly exclaimed, “Heavenly Monarch, please stop! It is Chen Tian Fei from Scarlet Star, not Yu Xiu Shan. Are you mistaken?”


If he hadn’t heard it wrong, the person shouting from Seven Wonders Land just now was Qi Qiao Heavenly Monarch himself.


After he finished speaking, the lightning behind the fog seemed to have gotten stuck as a person said in surprise, “Chen Tian Fei? Fatty Chen Tian from Scarlet Star?”


Torn between tears and laughter, Chen Tian Fei quickly leaped away from the Hundred Refinements Peak and revealed his chubby figure, “Who else can I be? Heavenly Monarch, please take a proper look.”


A moment later, a surprised voice was heard coming from behind the fog, “So it is really Brother Chen!”


It was hard not to recognise Chen Tian Fei. There were trillions of Humans in the 3,000 Worlds, but it was rare to find someone as robust as Chen Tian Fei.


However, the Heavenly Monarch soon snorted, “Brother Chen, why are you here? Who is on that mountain?”


Hurriedly, Chen Tian Fei replied, “Heavenly Monarch, please hear me out. The reason this Chen has come all the way here is that he needs to request your assistance with a small matter. This mountain is the Hundred Refinements Peak, which belongs to my Scarlet Star. The person on the mountain is the Head Manager of Scarlet Star.”


Then, he turned his head and nodded at Zhao Bai Chuan.


With a gloomy expression, Zhao Bai Chuan kept the Hundred Refinements Peaks and revealed his figure. Besides him, there were also more than ten Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters.


“Head Manager of Scarlet Star?” Qi Qiao was evidently shocked, “I’ve heard so much about you!”


He had been to the Star City on Scarlet Star several times, but he had never met Zhao Bai Chuan in person before. Knowing that the Head Manager had been cultivating in seclusion to break through to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, he didn’t mind this.


Since Zhao Bai Chuan had stopped cultivating in seclusion, did it mean that he had ascended to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm? With this thought in mind, Qi Qiao’s tone became more polite.


Zhao Bai Chuan sported a cold expression. He was in a terrible mood because he was attacked for no reason; moreover, he had been fuming with rage after what Yang Kai had done. Therefore, he only nodded and said impassively, “Heavenly Monarch, I’ve heard much about you too.”


Qi Qiao said, “Brother Chen, why are all of you here today?”


Chen Tian Fei replied, “We really need your help. Can we come in to talk with you?”


Behind the fog, Qi Qiao Heavenly Monarch fell silent for a moment before saying, “Please.”


Following that, the fog rolled to the sides and revealed a passageway. Chen Tian Fei breathed a sigh of relief and turned to look inquisitively at Zhao Bai Chuan.


Upon getting his approval, Chen Tian Fei put on a smile and cupped his fists, “Pardon our disturbance.”


Then, he led the way while Zhao Bai Chuan shuffled forward with the other Open Heaven Realm Masters following him.


Soon, they entered Seven Wonders Land and saw a group of Open Heaven Realm Masters. The person at the front appeared to be a man in his forties who looked handsome and elegant.


With a friendly smile, Chen Tian Fei cupped his fists at this middle-aged man, “Greetings, Heavenly Monarch.”


This person was none other than the owner of Seven Wonders Land, Qi Qiao Heavenly Monarch.


Following a laugh, Qi Qiao Heavenly Monarch walked over and grabbed Chen Tian Fei’s shoulders, “We haven’t met for years, but you’re still so healthy and energetic. It pleases me greatly.”


There was a bitter smile on Chen Tian Fei’s face, “Many thanks for your compliment, Heavenly Monarch. For the past few years… Hai… It’s a long story. Please allow me to introduce you to Head Manager Zhao from Scarlet Star. Head Manager, this is Qi Qiao Heavenly Monarch.”


Qi Qiao cupped his fists, “Head Manager Zhao.”


Zhao Bai Chuan saluted him in return, “Greetings.”


Seeing as Zhao Bai Chuan appeared displeased, Qi Qiao knew that the other party was still upset over what just happened, so he quickly explained, “Head Manager Zhao, please pardon my earlier offence. I didn’t intend to attack you just now. One of our enemies has been harassing us recently, so when a disciple told me that a strong cultivator had come to this place, I thought that the thug had returned. It’s just a misunderstanding. Please forgive me.”


Upon hearing that, Zhao Bai Chuan was stunned, “Your enemies have been harassing you?”


It was then he realised why Qi Qiao attacked him as soon as he arrived. That was because he was mistaken as an enemy. After learning the reason behind it, his displeasure decreased noticeably.


A shocked Chen Tian Fei said, “Who would have the guts to make a fuss here?”


“Hai… It’s a long story!” Qi Qiao sighed. His expression and tone were similar to those of Chen Tian Fei earlier.


Zhao Bai Chuan arched his brow, “Heavenly Monarch, it seems that you’re injured.”


Even though Qi Qiao was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, his aura was a little unstable. It was the same for the three Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters behind him.


A furious Qi Qiao Heavenly Monarch said, “I was injured a few years ago, but I haven’t managed to fully recover yet. Even the Grand Array around Seven Wonders Land has been damaged. That is the reason Yu Xiu Shan had the guts to come harass us.”


He had cursed at Yu Xiu Shan earlier, and now he mentioned this name again. Zhao Bai Chuan and Chen Tian Fei immediately understood that this guy was the one who coveted Seven Wonders Land.


“Let’s not talk about this kind of problem. I’m really pleased that both of you have arrived at Seven Wonders Land. Come, come, prepare a banquet! This Qi must have a few drinks with Brother Chen and Head Manager Zhao!”


As soon as he gave the order, some people immediately left to prepare for a feast. Since Qi Qiao was acting so hospitable, Zhao Bai Chuan and Chen Tian Fei naturally wouldn’t turn him down as they got ready to attend the banquet.


Inside their cave in the shopping district, Yang Kai and Yue He traded glances and felt speechless.


“They came here of all places? Did they discover something?” Yue He was worried.


The disturbance earlier was pretty loud, so they were able to hear it even though they were hiding in the shopping district. However, they couldn’t hear the conversation between Qi Qiao and those from Scarlet Star, so they wondered what they were talking about.


“That’s not likely, but we should still be careful,” Yang Kai appeared solemn. He reckoned that he hadn’t left any traces behind, so those from Scarlet Star shouldn’t have discovered anything. Moreover, if they had found out their whereabouts, they would’ve made a move instead of letting them stay here peacefully.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai thought that he still had to act carefully. It was impossible to leave this place now as he might alert their enemies. Moreover, not everyone from Scarlet Star had arrived at this place yet, so it was apparent that some of them were still looking for him in other locations. Now, they could only wait patiently.


While they were worried, the people at the banquet were drinking and having a lively chat. Qi Qiao Heavenly Monarch intended to befriend Zhao Bai Chuan, so he had been quite hospitable.


However, he soon discovered that Zhao Bai Chuan was still a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. It seemed that the other party hadn’t managed to break through yet. While he was slightly disappointed, Qi Qiao also secretly breathed a sigh of relief; after all, he was also a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, and he was injured. He would feel pressured if he were to face a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


The atmosphere was harmonious as they only talked about worldly affairs and nothing else. Chen Tian Fei intended to bring up the topic of borrowing some people from Qi Qiao, but he was secretly stopped by Zhao Bai Chuan.


Despite not understanding his intentions, Chen Tian Fei still obeyed his order.


When the banquet was over, Zhao Bai Chuan made a request to have a look around Seven Wonders Land. Certainly, Qi Qiao wouldn’t reject him, thus he told the Venerable of Earth Spirit Land to lead the way for them and show them the seven Spirit Provinces of Seven Wonders Land.


Just like Duan Hai, the Earth Spirit Land Venerable Protector was a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, the same realm as Chen Tian Fei. Upon getting the Monarch’s order, he wholeheartedly acted as a guide, furthering the pleasant exchange between the two parties.




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