Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4166, Found It


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Four months later, the windmill stopped in front of a huge Territory Gate, which was seen with dark lights swirling around it even from a long distance.


Inside the windmill, Yang Kai was gazing at the Territory Gate. Despite his calm expression, he was nervous deep inside.


He wasn’t sure about the exact location of the Star Boundary. Since he bought the Universe Chart, he had been trying to look for it and had identified three possible locations.


Before coming across Hei He, he had searched around a Great Territory, but he discovered nothing. Two months after he made Hei He his subordinate, they entered the second possible Great Territory; unfortunately, they still couldn’t find the Star Boundary.


The Great Territory behind this Territory Gate would be the last one. If they still couldn’t find the Star Boundary in this Great Territory, Yang Kai wouldn’t know where to go next.


The three possible locations were not narrowed down by Yang Kai using his gut feelings, there was some rationale behind it.


Over the years, other than Great Demon God Mo Sheng and Heavens Order, no Open Heaven Realm Masters had visited the Star Boundary; in other words, the Star Boundary was located in an extremely remote place, and the resources in that Great Territory must be poor, which was why it couldn’t attract the attention of Open Heaven Realm Masters. If not, just like Golden Sun Continent and Thousand Inspirations World, the Star Boundary would’ve been ruled over by some great force.


In fact, if it weren’t because Great Demon God invaded the Star Boundary and Zhang Ruo Xi inherited her ancestor’s will, Yang Kai would never have found out about the Open Heaven Realm.


With this judgement in mind, he could narrow down the possibilities. The three possible locations he had found didn’t have any great forces in them. There were only some Universe Worlds with somewhat weak vitality as well as a lack of resources.


Unfortunately, he couldn’t find the Star Boundary in the previous two Great Territories, and he wondered if he could achieve his goal after passing through the Territory Gate in front of him.


If he still couldn’t find the Star Boundary, he would have no choice but to look for Zhang Ruo Xi. She had inherited Heavens Order’s will and memories. Although it wasn’t complete, she might be aware of the Star Boundary’s location.


After pulling himself together, Yang Kai spoke up, “Let’s go.”


Upon receiving the order, Lu Xue drove the windmill into the Territory Gate. Despite the fact that they had the protection of this flight-type artifact, they still felt dizzy inside the windmill. Nevertheless, they were fine and a moment later, the windmill passed through the Territory Gate and entered a different Great Territory.


Yang Kai immediately released his Divine Sense, but soon, his heart sank. That was because he didn’t sense anything. He was the Void Great Emperor who had obtained part of the Star Boundary’s Will. As long as the Star Boundary wasn’t too far away, he should be able to detect it.


Now, the Star Boundary was either not in this Great Territory or was too far away from him. Yang Kai secretly prayed that it was the latter as he told Lu Xue to continue forward to search around this Great Territory.


A few days later, Yang Kai suddenly detected something and turned to look in a particular direction. Grinning from ear to ear, he ordered, “Over there! That way!”


Lu Xue immediately turned the artifact around and moved in the direction he pointed.


Hei He chuckled on the side, “Congratulations, Sir. Your dream has finally come true. Your effort has been worth it.”


After four months of recuperation, he had fully recovered. It wasn’t supposed to be so swift, but with the help of Pu Bai Xiong, it took him a much shorter time to heal his wounds.


Although he wasn’t sure what Yang Kai had been looking for, he had a feeling that the latter was trying to get to someplace. Seeing as Yang Kai appeared elated, it was apparent that he had found it.


After such a long time, Hei He had gradually gotten used to his place and stopped complaining. Having come into contact with Yang Kai for quite some time, he realised that he was never oppressed or abused, so he decided to put down his pride as a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master and accept his fate.


“Hahahaha!” Yang Kai was over the moon as he couldn’t stop laughing. Then, he patted the other man’s shoulder, “Congratulations to you too!”


Hei He rubbed his nose and felt speechless, thinking that there was nothing worth celebrating about this situation for him.


Lu Xue drove the windmill forward at a greater speed and one day later, a Universe World in the distance that looked like a half-moon came into their sight.


Yang Kai looked at it and let out a long breath. Just like any traveller returning to his homeland, he felt both anxious and hopeful. The Universe World that looked like a half-moon was none other than the Star Boundary!


From another direction, Yang Kai could feel a faint connection with another place. That was the new Demon Realm that his Embodiment was in charge of.


In the past, Yang Kai’s Sealed World Bead had gained a second form he had named Gun-Gun and swallowed all the continents in the original Demon Realm. After those continents merged within the Sealed World Bead, the third region was formed.


After the war between the two Universe Worlds, the Star Boundary had suffered an immense loss, while the Demon Realm was almost wiped out. Nevertheless, there were still many Demons in the third region.


Yang Kai extracted the core of the Small Sealed World out of Gun-Gun and turned it back into the Sealed World Bead. The remaining area became the new Demon Realm, and for reasons that were beyond their control, the Embodiment had to stay in the new Demon Realm. The two top Masters, Bei Li Mo and Chang Tian, were also living there.


However, it wasn’t the time to go over as Yang Kai had to return to the Star Boundary first. As the gap shortened, the outline of the Star Boundary became clearer.


There came a moment when Lu Xue became horrified as she said, “Sir, there’s something over there. A gigantic thing seems to be in the periphery of the Universe World.”


Hei He discovered that as well, so he directed some power to his eyes to enhance his vision and soon exclaimed, “That’s… a Giant Spirit God!?” Upon finishing his words, he gasped.


The gigantic mountain was actually a Giant Spirit God!


Hei He was an experienced Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, but it was the first time he had ever seen a Giant Spirit God with his own eyes. In the past, he had only heard about them.


That was a Giant Spirit God, one of the most powerful entities in the entire 3,000 Worlds. He had heard that the Giant Spirit God Clan members were all innocent and benevolent and as long as they were not provoked, they wouldn’t harm anyone; however, he was still terrified to have come across one in such a place.


Feeling a crawling sensation on her scalp, Lu Xue turned to look at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai said, “Don’t worry. He’s an old acquaintance of mine.”


Guo Zi Yan widened his eyes in disbelief. On the other hand, Hei He was staring fixedly at Yang Kai as though he was trying to find out if the latter was trying to make a cheap joke at their expense.


There was a solemn expression on Yang Kai’s face, however, as the fact that Ah Da was still around suggested that the Star Boundary was in a perilous situation.


It had to be noted that Giant Spirit God Clan members had a special talent. Although they were amiable, they fed on dead Universe Worlds. In this expansive Outer Universe, as long as a Universe World was in its final moments, they would detect its special aura and hurry over. Then, they would patiently wait for the Universe World to perish before swallowing it.


If the situation in the Star Boundary had improved, Ah Da would’ve left; however, presently, he still remained in this place.


While the rest of them were horrified, the windmill still rapidly approached the Giant Spirit God.


Soon, someone was heard yelling, “Who goes there? This is the Star Boundary, stop now otherwise I will be forced to take action!”


Hearing the voice, Yang Kai chuckled before lowering his tone and saying, “You’re quite arrogant, little girl! What will you do if I don’t stop?”


Feeling speechless, the other Open Heaven Realm Masters in the windmill gazed at Yang Kai suspiciously.


The other party fell silent for a moment before she said through clenched teeth, “Little bastard, you’re finally back!”


Apparently, she recognized Yang Kai’s voice.


Yang Kai laughed and dashed out of the windmill. Looking up, he saw a slender figure with a charming face standing in the void in front of him. Her beautiful eyes were just like a divine river that radiated an alluring glow. Presently, her eyes had reddened a little as she stared at Yang Kai with clenched teeth.


Yang Kai spread his arms and shouted, “I’m back!”


In an instant, she became ecstatic and crashed into his embrace.


The woman in her arms felt incredibly soft and Yang Kai couldn’t help taking in a deep breath to get a whiff of her familiar bodily fragrance. Then, he lowered his head and kissed her hair, “I’m back, Ru Meng. It’s been too long.”


She was none other than Demon Saint Yu Ru Meng.


Yu Ru Meng looked up with her elegant eyes, which appeared slightly moist. Although it had only been about 15 years since Yang Kai left the Star Boundary, she felt as if ten millennia had passed for her.


Missing him was just one of the reasons though. After Yang Kai left, the other Great Emperors had to enter retreat to heal their injuries. In the whole of the Star Boundary, the only top Master on par with a Great Emperor left was her, so it could be said that the life or death of the entire Universe World hinged on her alone. It was an immense pressure to withstand.


Furthermore, as time passed, things only became worse in the Star Boundary. Yu Ru Meng was extremely worried that she might disappoint Yang Kai and couldn’t bear to see the Star Boundary falling apart right in front of her eyes, helpless to do anything about it.


Fortunately, she could set her mind at ease now. With the burden lifted off her shoulders, she had the urge to cry.


Yang Kai held her tighter and looked at the Star Boundary with a solemn expression.


Presently, the entire Star Boundary was filled with Death Qi. Although he hadn’t entered it yet, he could clearly feel that the World Principles were still broken. It never crossed his mind that the problem facing the Star Boundary was so severe.


Even though he had brought a World Tree’s root with him, he wasn’t certain whether it could save the Star Boundary. In the worst-case scenario, if the World Tree’s root wasn’t effective, he would take all the living creatures in the Star Boundary away with him.


However, there was a problem if he were to do that. Void Land couldn’t possibly accommodate so many people, and most cultivators in the Star Boundary were weak, so it was pointless to bring them to Void Land. Only by staying in the Star Boundary could they flourish and grow.


While the pair embraced one another, Lu Xue and the others flew over.


From close up, they finally understood why this Giant Spirit God was around. That was because he was attracted by a dying Universe World, which proved that the legends about Giant Spirit Gods were true.


They traded glances and shook their heads. To them, there was no way this world could be saved. It was just a matter of time before it perished.


Realising that some people were approaching them, Yu Ru Meng hurriedly struggled out of Yang Kai’s embrace and asked curiously, “They are…” 


“They’re my subordinates,” Yang Kai explained.


Lu Xue and the others hurriedly cupped their fists, “Greetings, Madame!”


Yu Ru Meng was stunned. Despite the fact that she was a Demon Saint, she was unable to sense the true power of these three. All of them gave off a feeling that they were not inferior to Great Demon God in the past though. In fact, their strength even seemed to surpass his.


At that time, Great Demon God nearly destroyed the Star Boundary on his own, and it took all the Great Emperors working together, risking their lives to finally stop him.


However, powerful people like these three of them were actually Yang Kai’s subordinates!


[What has my man gone through in the outside world over the years?] She had many questions in her mind.


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    1. I’ve gotta ask, do you really think everything would have turned out perfectly okay if he just used the abyssal returner? As soon as he did anything that would destroy mo sheng’s plan, mo sheng would personally show up and destroy Yang kai. Mo sheng only showed up at the final phase of the war, not because he couldn’t show up earlier, but because he never needed to. The star boundary was doomed no matter how much they resisted, so there was never any point in him showing up. All he had to do was refine the auspicious spirit essence of the world in peace. However, once the star boundary did anything that would ruin his plans, he would immediately show up. Just like he did after Yang kai became a great emperor, and stopped him from devouring the last bit of the essence. So it’s not that the star boundary is doomed because he didn’t use the dog, it would have been doomed if he did use the dog at the start of the invasion. Because back then Yang kai wasn’t a great emperor, nor could he use world force. He would have had no way to resist mo sheng, and everything would have been over.

      1. Of course it’s not like Yang kai would have known about mo sheng at that point, so why didn’t he use the dog? I think its because the author decided to retcon the dog.

        If you look at the legends about the abyssal returner, and if you look at the story mo sheng told Yang kai, you will see that they contradict each other. According to the legends surrounding the abyssal returner, it was said that it was the cause of the demon realm being fragmented. That in the past, during a time where there weren’t any demon gods, the demon saints fought against the abyssal returner, and this fight ended up destroying the demon world, and this lead to the demons needing to invade other worlds. Supposedly after the fight was over one of the demon saints became the demon god, which we now know is impossible, there is no way someone in a universe world can break through to open heaven realm, even if you collect all 7 elements, you would have to go the outer universe and enter a spirit province that can support the breakthrough. At least i think its possible to break through to open heaven realm while in a universe world.

        Hundreds of chapters later we got mo sheng’s backstory. And from that we learned that he was the one who basically created the demon race and the demon realm. And that the demon realm was destroyed because of his fight against flowing time great emperor. Which means there was never a point in time between the creation of the demon race and the destruction of the demon realm, where there wasnt a demon god. All this completely invalidates the abyssal returners backstory. I think the author had something big planned for the dog, but over hundreds of chapters he got a new idea, and decided to retcon the dog, this is why the dog didn’t play a role in the war. I honestly doubt we will ever see the dog again, unless the author comes up with another storyline for the abyssal returner.

        1. My personal theory to why it was said that a Demon Saint broke through to Demon God is because the realms were named differently in the past, so Demon Saint is now Half Saint and Demon God is now Demon Saint.
          We do know from the first world and the transcendent/above immortal ascension realm, that people don’t automatically know what the name for their realm is, so the names could change.
          We also know that you need the worlds recognition to become Great Emperor and likely a Demon Saint (or Demon God in the past), and defeating something like the abyssal returner that poses danger to demons and the demon realm should earn that. That fight destroying the whole demon realm is wrong as we know, but it could have done harm on a smaller scale (since the abyssal returner can devour space) and was then exaggerated and used as a scapegoat to explain the damage Great Demon God has caused (since Mo Sheng’s existence is not fully public knowledge).
          And during the barbarian arc, Yang Kai fought against a “Demon Saint” (or Half Saint in present) while being a High rank shaman king (=3rd Order Emperor). If that had actually been a real Demon Saint, then Yang Kai being able to fight against him would be weird, since he later stood no chance against Demon Saints in the real world (where Yang Kai is stronger than in the Illusionary dreamworld). And shortly after that arc when Yang Kai met Bright Moon, he said that Bright Moon was stronger than that Demon Saint he met in the dreamworld.

          Of course that’s not actually canon, but I don’t think there is anything that outright speaks against it and it can fill this plot hole a little.

    2. Also right now, the star boundary isn’t surrounded by demon qi, it’s surrounded by death qi. If you were referring to the death qi from this chapter when you wrote your comment, rather than demon qi that corrupted the star boundary back in the war, I apologise for misunderstanding.

      But even then the dog wouldn’t be able to do anything. Death qi and demon qi are 2 different things. Death qi is something that shows up on a living thing that is approaching death. That’s all there is to it. Even if the dog could eat the death qi, it wouldn’t solve anything because the death qi is a symptom not a cause. Even if the dog ate the death qi, more would just show up, unless the fixed the star boundary.

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