Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4279, Cloud Piercing Arrow


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After pondering for some time, Yin Xin Zhao finally spoke up, “Senior Brothers, the 36 Cave-Heavens and 72 Paradises have always been intricately linked and connected since ancient times. Why damage our relations for this? I ask that you retreat as a favour to this Yin.”


Wei Bu Que smiled, “What if I refuse to retreat?”


Yin Xin Zhao replied grimly, “Although you are talented people, Senior Brothers, you are few in numbers. If it really came down to a fight, are you sure you can protect that bastard surnamed Yang?”


Wei Bu Que frowned slightly. As one of Divine Cauldron Heaven’s Core Disciples, he did not fear these people, but if it really came down to a fight, the opposing side only needed to send somebody to keep him busy. The same held true for the others. It could be said that the opposing party would only need to send out a small group of people to distract them while the others continue to besiege Yang Kai.


[Even if Yang Kai is extremely powerful, it will be hard for him to survive this calamity. The best outcome at the moment is if he escapes immediately. But…] He turned to look at Yang Kai and saw that the latter was perfectly calm. Despite being watched by so many great talents of the same generation, Yang Kai showed not the slightest hint of fear. [He has no intention of escaping. Truly admirable.]


Wei Bu Que had heard about Yang Kai from Xu Zhen, so he knew that he was very strong. It was just that he had never seen Yang Kai in action before. He did not believe that Yang Kai could turn the current situation around all on his own. [If it comes down to a fight, I’m afraid things will end badly for Yang Kai.]


“You want to compete with numbers?” A furious roar rang out, “Do you think nobody from First Inn is here?”


Following the appearance of that voice, a chubby fatty ran over from a great distance. He had a kitchen knife in his hand and an apron tied around his waist. The apron was covered in grease stains and the word ‘Butcher’ was written in large characters across it. He looked like a chef who just came right out of a kitchen, and it really was none other than the chef!


Yang Kai’s eyes lit up. [I can’t believe Chef is here too!]


Chef rushed over aggressively, the fats on his face jiggling with every movement as he called out, “Don’t worry, Brat. Just see what I can do.”


Then, he raised his hand and shot out an arrow into the sky. A sharp piercing sound entered their ears. He shouted vigorously, “One cloud-piercing arrow, calling upon a thousand-man army!”


He did not summon thousands of troops of course. Be that as it may, the accountant, Lang Qing Shan, and the others quickly appeared right behind him.


When the entrances to the Blood Monster Cave Heaven first appeared, Yang Kai had stolen many of Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven’s entrances and sent his subordinates into the Blood Monster Cave Heaven instead. After Yang Kai entered the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, he parted ways with the rest of them. The people gathered in this place were not many. There were only ten or so of them. Another ten or so were nowhere to be seen. They were probably not in the vicinity. The Blood Monster Cave Heaven covered a vast area after all. Not everybody would travel in this direction.


The accountant glanced sideways at Yang Kai through his triangular eyes and muttered under his breath, “Brat, why do you have to cause trouble wherever you go?”


Yang Kai said, “It’s not that I like to cause trouble. On the contrary, trouble likes to come knocking on my door. What can I do?”


The accountant gave those words some serious thought and nodded, “I can’t blame you for that.”


“Brother Yang, is that you? What a coincidence!” A pleasantly surprised voice rang out. Immediately after that, a person emerged from the crowd. He was followed by a large group that numbered around forty or fifty people.


“Brother Ding!” Yang Kai exclaimed in astonishment. The person who popped up out of nowhere turned out to be Ding Yi!


Yang Kai had a deep impression of this person. Back in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, Ding Yi had established an organisation known as Emperor Heaven and took in a large batch of subordinates. He travelled extensively across the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary and made a name for himself. When the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary closed, most of Emperor Heaven dispersed and scattered around. Only a small number of people remained united around Ding Yi.


It was not surprising to meet Qu Hua Shang, Gu Pan, and the others here; the Blood Monster Cave Heaven was an important event after all. It was a given that the Cave-Heavens and Paradises would let their disciples enter as well. That being said, it was rather shocking for Ding Yi to enter this place. [He is only in the Half-Step Open Heaven Realm. How did he manage to snatch an entrance? Not to mention, there are so many people following behind him!]


“It’s been many years since we last met, Brother Yang. Have you been well?” Ding Yi roared with laughter. His posture was arrogant, almost as if he was not bothered by all the disciples from the major Sects on the opposite side.


Yang Kai smiled, “Brother Ding, your bearing is as imposing as usual!”


Yin Xin Zhao was furious as he roared, “Where did these wastes come from? How dare they jump out and embarrass themselves!? Get lost!”


He had been incredibly upset by the sudden appearance of Gu Pan, Ning Dao Ran, Wei Bu Que, and the others in support of Yang Kai. Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do as their strengths and statuses were all similar. On the other hand, he could tell at a glance that Ding Yi did not have much of a background. [How dare he meddle in this affair? He does not know his place.]


While snapping, Yin Xin Zhao raised a hand and shot a stream of light in Ding Yi’s direction. Although it was a casual blow, his strength was extraordinary. The power behind this stream of light was absolutely shocking and all the people gathered around the mountain peaks in the vicinity were horrified by the sight, secretly thinking to themselves, [As expected of a Core Disciple from Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven.]


They would find it difficult to defend themselves even though it was just a casual blow. Out of all the cultivators present, 90% would be killed within ten moves if they fought Yin Xin Zhao one-on-one.


His attack was also intended as a warning to the others, lest more and more people popped up again, creating an unending cycle.


Ding Yi, however, burst out laughing. Raising his hand into the air, he summoned a blade, “I was just wondering about the abilities of a Cave-Heaven disciple.”


His blade came slashing down. The flames wrapped around the blade swept upward and transformed into a stream of light that easily cut down Yin Xin Zhao’s attack.


The disciples of the various Cave-Heavens and Paradises were shocked by the sight. They initially assumed that Yin Xin Zhao’s attack would cause Ding Yi to panic, even if it could not kill the latter. Who could have known that the other party was so powerful? Ding Yi easily stopped Yin Xin Zhao’s attack, but that was not all. After destroying that stream of light, Ding Yi’s flame blade did not stop swinging and he shouted loudly, “Receiving without returning is impolite. Hey, you! Take this!”


A blade light mixed with flames came slashing down towards Yin Xin Zhao.


Yin Xin Zhao coldly snorted. Summoning a longsword, he flicked out countless sword shadows to meet the attack. The flames flashed though and the sword shadows were annihilated. 


Yin Xin Zhao abruptly turned pale as he shouted out, “Seventh-Order Fire Element Power!?”


Just from this exchange of blows, he immediately noticed that something was wrong. [This guy can unleash a Seventh-Order Fire Element Power!? No wonder he was able to block my attack!]


In desperation, Yin Xin Zhao immediately drew on the Powers in his Dao Seal.  A dense wave of water vapour spread out and enveloped his entire body. He had not condensed a Seventh-Order Element, so all he could do at the moment was use Water to suppress Fire.




The moment Water and Fire collided, Yin Xin Zhao groaned and a cloud of steam exploded in all directions. By the time the mist dispersed, everybody gasped in surprise. Although Yin Xin Zhao was perfectly fine and unhurt, his appearance was dishevelled and messy.


Everybody stared at Ding Yi in shock, wondering where this freak came from. They couldn’t believe he bested Yin Xin Zhao!


Only Yang Kai was aware that Ding Yi could unleash the Seventh-Order Fire Element Power because he was chosen by Bi Fang to become a Bearer in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. Bi Fang had forced him to condense Seventh-Order Fire Element Power in order to increase his strength. This approach had heavily impacted Ding Yi’s future as he would be forced to withstand the Seventh-Order Fire Element Power when he advanced into the Open Heaven Realm in the future. If he could not survive the impact, then his future would be bleak.


Even now, Ding Yi’s face was flushed red after using Bi Fang’s Fire and his entire body was steaming with heat. Nevertheless, he feigned calmness, resting his blade on his shoulder as he loudly proclaimed, “Cave-Heaven disciples are nothing special after all!”


Yin Xin Zhao was rendered speechless. If it really came down to a fight, Ding Yi would not be his opponent. Ding Yi could clearly not use Bi Fang’s Fire many times, so he only needed to block the Seventh-Order Fire Element Power once or twice to stand in an invincible position. It would be an easy victory once Ding Yi could not use that power.


It was just that he did not know anything about Ding Yi. [Is he the disciple of some unknown Old Monster? Otherwise, how could he be capable of unleashing a Seventh-Order Fire Element Power?]


He asked through gritted teeth, “What is your name, Your Excellency?”


Ding Yi burst out laughing, “Do you take me for a fool? You are a Cave-Heaven disciple. If I tell you my name, won’t you remember my name and come after me for revenge in the future? I’m not telling you. I won’t tell you even if you beat me to death!”


What he didn’t seem to realise was that Yin Xin Zhao would remember his appearance even if he did not know his name.


Ding Yi had brought his men as reinforcements, and counting Lang Qing Shan and the others, the numbers on Yang Kai’s side were almost equal to the opposing side now. However, only their numbers were equal. There was a huge disparity in terms of quality. Core Disciples and Legacy Disciples of the various Cave-Heavens and Paradises were abundant among the opposing side, and even the weakest among them were Inner Disciples who had condensed Fifth-Order Elements.


On the contrary, aside from Gu Pan, Ning Dao Ran, Wei Bu Que, Lin Feng, Qu Hua Shang, Ding Yi, Chef, and Accountant, there were not many who had condensed Fifth-Order or higher Elements on Yang Kai’s side. The people from Emperor Heaven were even more of a mixed bunch.


Yang Kai was not afraid of anyone in a one-on-one fight, but there was a problem now. As long as Yin Xin Zhao and the others had their Identity Tokens on them, he could not kill them unless he was willing to die with them. At present, he could only injure them at most. But, what was the point of doing that? That was why it was hard to tell who would win and who would lose if it actually came down to a fight.


The scene was tense. Ding Yi’s attack had greatly frightened Yin Xin Zhao and the others. If they did not attack, then Yang Kai and the others naturally would not attack either; thus, the situation fell into a stalemate.


“Are you done making a fuss? If you’re done, then shut up. Everyone keeps shouting at each other. It’s so noisy,” All of a sudden, somebody leisurely walked over from the foot of the hill with his hands behind his back.


Yang Kai’s expression changed drastically. Reacting as though he was facing a great nemesis, he prepared all the strength in his body to attack at any time and directed all his focus at this newcomer solemnly. There was only one person in the entire Blood Monster Cave Heaven whom he considered a formidable enemy, Black Crow Divine Monarch, who had returned to life through possession! Yang Kai had never thought much of anybody else, no matter which Cave-Heaven or Paradise they belonged to.


Similarly, Qu Hua Shang’s expression became grave.


On the opposite side, Pei Wen Xuan narrowed his eyes and inconspicuously took a few steps back. He had suffered badly at the hands of Black Crow Divine Monarch previously. In addition, his Identity Token had been destroyed. If Black Crow Divine Monarch attacked him once more, he would be powerless to resist, so upon hearing Black Crow Divine Monarch’s voice, he immediately began to consider whether he should flee.


“Now who the Hell are you!? How dare you speak so arrogantly!?” Yin Xin Zhao had nowhere to vent the rage in his heart. Just as he was about to deal with Yang Kai, various people had popped up one after another to get in his way. Ding Yi’s sudden appearance had also caused him to fall into such a dishevelled state, losing a great deal of face. And now, another unknown nobody had emerged. This series of happenings made him incredibly angry. It felt as though the entire world was looking down on him.




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  1. I wonder if Yang Kai can exchange the technique to free Mo Mei and the others from their blood seal (or what it was called) in exchange for the water that removes the refined elements. The body that Black Crow possessed likely has refined 5th order elements, but as a former high rank he can likely reach 6th order directly.

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