Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4312, Great Peng Spreads Its Wings and Soars Into The Sky


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“Signs of breaking through to the Open Heaven Realm?” Shock surfaced on Yang Kai’s face, “What do you mean?”


Yue He explained, “Young Master may not be aware, but whenever a cultivator is about to break through to the Open Heaven Realm, one’s Dao Seal must be broken to integrate Yin, Yang, and Five Elements together with one’s Grand Dao to form their Small Universe.”  


She then pointed at Mo Mei and the others, “They are currently in that phase. Once they succeed, they can advance to the Open Heaven Realm. If they fail, the consequences will be dire.”


“Such a thing happens?” Yang Kai was astonished. He really did not know that the Dao Seal would have to be broken while advancing to the Open Heaven Realm. He always thought that the Dao Seal would accompany a cultivator for the rest of their life, but now it seemed that there was no Dao Seal in those within the Open Heaven Realm, because their Dao Seal would shatter and merge into their Small Universe, imprinting the cultivator’s Grand Dao.


Yang Kai then asked with a frown, “But the Dao Seal is critical to a cultivator, wouldn’t it cause irreparable damage to us when it shatters?”


Yue He chuckled, “What Young Master described is the consequences of one’s Dao Seal being destroyed by external forces. For example, if a certain Half-Step Open Heaven Realm Master was subjected to a Secret Technique that shattered their Dao Seal, even if this person did not die, their cultivation would be completely crippled. However, when breaking through to the Open Heaven Realm, this process is essential, otherwise, how would one integrate their own Grand Dao into their Small Universe? This can be considered as breaking the old to build up the new, that’s why the advancement to the Open Heaven Realm has always been extremely dangerous, and one careless mistake will put all previous efforts to waste.”


Yang Kai had a vague idea now but was still confused, “I am still one step away from Open Heaven Realm, but it is not easy to even take this step. So why did my Dao Seal change like this?”


Yue He did not understand what was going on either, so shaking her head, she replied, “I cannot say, Young Master. Do you really not feel anything wrong?”


Yang Kai answered, “If there was something wrong, I would notice it, but I truly don’t feel anything abnormal, except for the crack in my Dao Seal.”


Yue He pondered for a long time before opening her mouth hesitantly, “Perhaps, it has something to do with the Order of the materials you have refined, Young Master. Throughout the ages, there have been very few cultivators capable of condensing High-Rank Element Powers. Another might not appear for thousands of years, so no one would be able to predict what kind of abnormal situations may occur on the path of cultivation such as Young Master’s.”


If even Yue He could not give him an answer, Yang Kai did not know who else to turn to. She had the highest cultivation and was the most knowledgeable in Void Land, so it was impossible for the others to know more than she did.


Although Zhu Jiu Yin was a Divine Spirit and certainly stronger than Yue He, her cultivation method was completely different from that of a Human’s, so asking her would be pointless.


Seeing him still worried, Yue He comforted him, “But there is a benefit to the situation you’re in.”


Yang Kai smiled bitterly, “What’s the benefit? Let’s hear it.”


“Young Master’s advancement to the Open Heaven in the future will certainly be easier now as there are signs of your breaking through already. When you gather all of your Yin, Yang, and Five Element Powers, your advancement will definitely come naturally without much obstruction.”


Although Yang Kai knew that she was just comforting him, he still felt somewhat relieved and nodded, “I hope so.”


Although talking to Yue He did not solve his doubts and he did not know why his Dao Seal had such a phenomenon, Yang Kai faintly noticed one thing; the long gorge of cultivation between Emperor Realm and Open Heaven Realm could be called a completely new realm, such as the Dao Seal Realm!


This was because when one’s cultivation had reached the peak of the Emperor Realm, they would need to condense their Dao Seal with their own Grand Dao and lifelong cultivation. When advancing to the Open Heaven Realm, one’s Dao Seal would be shattered and integrated into their Small Universe. The formation to the destruction of the Dao Seal was the rise and fall of a Realm, and its characteristics were extremely obvious.


The question was, why did such a Realm not exist?


Since he could not answer such a question, he decided not to think about it anymore. If there had never been the existence of a Dao Seal Realm before, there must be a reason for it.


Five or six days passed by in a hurry while Yang Kai was constantly paying attention to the situation of his Dao Seal. Suddenly, he sensed a notably obvious World Force swaying in the void. Looking up quickly, he saw Pang Duo get up with a smile and stood steadily.


However, at this moment, he was a lot stronger than before. His upright stature felt as though a new World had emerged, and a complete World Force lingered around him.


He has successfully broken though!


At almost the same time, World Forces constantly fluctuated around the void. Jin Yuan Lang, Mu Qian Xuan, Gong Yang Xi, and the others advanced to the Open Heaven Realm within just a half cup of tea’s time. These Great Elders of Abundance City had spent almost the same amount of time cultivating, and the Fifth-Order materials they refined were not much different in attributes, which was why their breakthrough was so close to each other.


After another half-day, Fan Wu Xin and the other Deacons also successfully broke through.


Finally, after another day, Mo Mei completed her breakthrough!


Yang Kai was overjoyed!


Although he gave Mo Mei many Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills, which could greatly improve the chances of successfully breaking through to the Open Heaven Realm, Spirit Pills were only external aids after all. What truly mattered was their respective will and foundation. No matter how much any external assistance was provided, if one was personally insufficient, there would still be a risk of failure.


Now that they were all successful and no one had failed, it was well worth being delighted about.


Having long noticed Yang Kai’s presence, Mo Mei did not bother stabilizing her cultivation after her advancement to the Open Heaven Realm and flew straight towards him.


Behind her, Pang Duo and the others quickly followed, followed by the hundreds of Abundance City cultivators who had already broken through to the Open Heaven Realm.


In front of Yang Kai, Mo Mei saluted elegantly, “Greetings, Sect Master!”


Yang Kai stretched out his hand to lift her up with a small smile before cupping his fist as well, “Congratulations to everyone on your advancement to the Open Heaven Realm. From now on, like the Great Pengs of legends, spread your wings and soar into the sky!”


Mo Mei replied humbly, “Many thanks to Sect Master for removing the Blood Principles on us, taking us out of Blood Monster Cave Heaven, and giving us such precious Spirit Pills. We will never forget Sect Master’s grace!”


Although Mo Mei’s tone was calm, her expression could not conceal her excitement. She and the Great Elders of Abundance City had long met the requirements to break through to the Open Heaven Realm, but they could not do so because they were suppressed by the Blood Monster Cave Heaven itself. They have lived in that Universe Cave Heaven for generations, and although they knew about the existence of the Open Heaven Realm, they could never reach it. As cultivators, how could they not have the desire to progress further on the Martial Dao?


Even in their dreams, they had never thought that one day they could really achieve what they so desired.


It was Yang Kai who broke them out of that cage, lifted the Blood Principles Restriction on them, and brought them to this vast universe safely. To them, this was tantamount to a life-saving grace and an opportunity to be reborn.


Furthermore, there were the Spirit Pills given by Yang Kai to them. Before their breakthrough, Mo Mei and the others were not aware of the dangers of attempting this breakthrough; however, after having experienced the process first-hand, they realized the various risks of this process. It could be said that if they had no special Spirit Pills, at least a hundred cultivators from Abundance City would have died in this attempt. Even Mo Mei could not guarantee that she would succeed, as it was possible that she could have fallen short just with a slight change in her inner state, resulting in her death.


If even she had no guarantee, what about the others?


However, with the help of the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills, hundreds of people were able to advance successfully together, and no one was injured. It was nothing short of a miracle!


Mo Mei’s gratitude was completely sincere and heartfelt.


The 300-plus people chanted in unison, “Many thanks, Sect Master!” 


Yang Kai chuckled happily, “We are all one family now, there’s no need to be so formal.” After a little pondering, he added, “Mo Mei, you have now reached the Open Heaven Realm, and are also in the Sixth Order, so you and Yue He will be promoted to the positions of Left and Right Protectors of Void Land. I wonder if you are willing to take up this responsibility?”


Mo Mei replied, “It would be my honour, Sect Master.”


Yang Kai nodded and continued, “Good, then Mo Mei, you will be the Right Protector of my Void Land in the future. Additionally, you and the other Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters will join Void Land’s Elder Council. Second Manager will inform you of the details.”


Pang Duo and the others chanted in unison, “We will follow Sect Master’s command!”


Yang Kai guffawed, his face full of exhilaration, and the worries brought about by his Dao Seal were also washed away. He shouted in high spirits, “Today, Void Land has gained a great boon. There won’t be any need to worry about being prosperous in the future. It is Void Land’s honour to have you join us, just as it is this Yang’s honour!”


Mo Mei replied humbly, “Sect Master is too modest.”


Yang Kai continued, “We should set up a banquet and have a good drink to celebrate such a joyous occasion, but you have all just finished breaking through, so you still need to stabilize your cultivations. Let us return to Void Land first. We will celebrate well after all of your cultivations have been consolidated.”


Naturally, no one had any objections. They did need time to stabilize their cultivation and familiarize themselves with the might of the Open Heaven Realm.


Upon returning to Void Land, Yang Kai summoned Bian Yu Qing, informed her about the advancement of Mo Mei and the others, filled her in on the matter of the Protectors and Elder Council, and delegated her to make arrangements for it.


Pang Duo and the others had now advanced to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, and indeed were qualified to be part of the Elder Council. As for those Fourth-Order and Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, Yang Kai gave the responsibility of delegating their positions and responsibilities to Bian Yu Qing.


Yang Kai did not stay any longer and returned to his retreat.


After studying his Dao Seal carefully for a few days, he finally let out a breath of relief when he did not find any hidden dangers. According to Yue He, although the incident with his Dao Seal was strange, it may not be a bad thing. At least it would be much easier for him to break through to the Open Heaven Realm in the future.


Mo Mei and the others needed time to stabilize their cultivation, and so did Yang Kai.


The Proprietress said before she left that the progression of his cultivation was too rapid. Although there would be no problems in the near future, it was difficult to guarantee that there would be no hidden dangers during his advancement to the Open Heaven Realm. There was no other cultivator like him who had condensed six High-Rank Elements in such a short period of time and was only one step away from the Open Heaven Realm.


Even the oddity with his Dao Seal was likely related to this.


Yang Kai naturally had to be careful.


He would not be able to obtain the last Yin Element treasure in short order. Since the Proprietress would be keeping an eye out for him, Yang Kai decided to not worry about it. The Proprietress definitely had much better connections than he did, so if even she was unable to find a High-Rank Yin Element treasure, he wouldn’t either, no matter how hard he tried.


Simply taking this time to consolidate his own cultivation was the best plan for the future.


With a clear mind, Yang Kai relaxed and entered retreat with peace of mind, focusing on exploring the current Powers he had.




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