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Martial Peak – Chapter 4318, Accusation

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Kong Feng was naturally just brushing Luan Bai Feng off while he secretly cursed her for being insatiable. How could it be so easy to capture a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master alive? Both he and Luan Bai Feng were also just in the Sixth Order. Although Yue He was certainly no match for them in a straight up fight, given that the gap between their overall strength was not too large, capturing her alive would be all but impossible.


If Yue He wanted to escape, he would have no way to stop her. As such, he did not dare to promise too much.


Ignoring Luan Bai Feng, Kong Feng waved his hand as he ordered, “Act according to the plan!”


“Yes!” On the deck of the ship, several men cupped their fists. Then, followed by hundreds of others, they split into ten or so groups and flew out of the ship before scattering in all directions. Soon surrounding the local region.


The leaders of these groups were all Open Heaven Realm Masters, and after getting into position, each of them took out something like a square array plate one after another, and threw them into the void. Then, they formed a set of hand seals and the array plates quickly vanished into the Void. At the same time, the surrounding space solidified.


The changes in the environment were not obvious to others. Even Yue He, who was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, was only slightly aware of some unusual transformation in the surrounding region, but it was impossible to tell what the specific changes were.


Only Yang Kai could sense it so clearly that he could not help snorting coldly, “Old dog Kong Feng, you’re really well prepared.” 


He watched the large group of people flying out from the ship, but he did not understand what they were doing. However, Yang Kai immediately understood when the surrounding space changed.


On the deck of the ship, Kong Feng turned to Luan Bai Feng, and nodded lightly, “Junior Sister Luan’s attainments in the Dao of Spirit Arrays are truly amazing. This Senior Brother salutes you!”


Luan Bai Feng smiled, “It’s the fruit of being forced in order to have a living, it’s not like I had a choice. But with the confinement of my Array, this area has become completely sealed. Even if that boy has high attainment in the Dao of Space, he has no way to escape from here.”


Kong Feng nodded lightly. He certainly learnt about Yang Kai when he inquired about Void Land, and knew that while he was not strong, he was good at escaping. Especially after hearing the report from Old Hong, Kong Feng learnt that Yang Kai had used Space Principles to slip away from even Lan You Ruo of First Inn before. As such, he understood that if he wished to capture Yang Kai this time, he had to use a Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Array. It would not be easy for even a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like him to stop Yang Kai once that happened.


Therefore, before they continued, they confined the space around Void Land in order to prevent Yang Kai from teleporting away.


With the Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Array set up by Luan Bai Feng, Yang Kai had no way to run this time!


They did not arrange this Array earlier because Kong Feng wasn’t certain Yang Kai was in Void Land, but as soon as Yang Kai appeared, Kong Feng immediately ordered them to execute the plan.


Now that everything was set, they just had to wait for the right moment to attack!


Kong Feng turned to Old Hong and exchanged looks with him. After receiving the signal, Old Hong yelled, “Little thief Yang Kai, you’ve finally shown yourself!”


Yang Kai glared at him as he retorted, “Old dog, stop barking non-stop and disturbing the peace. You court death!”


Old Hong grinned, “How dare you speak wildly when facing imminent disaster? The folly of youth indeed!”


Yang Kai did not bother to talk nonsense with him and instead turned to Kong Feng with a clenched jaw, his eyes burning in anger, “Union Master Kong, why did you capture my Void Land’s people? How has Void Land offended you?”


Kong Feng remained silent with a smile, putting on a look like Yang Kai had no right to speak to him. Meanwhile, old Hong continued shouting, “Do you still need someone else to tell you what your Void Land has done? Junior, today you must die!”


Yang Kai glared at him furiously, “Our Void Land has never offended others who have not offended us. I swear to the Heavens and Earth that we have never acted without conscience. Old dog, stop talking nonsense.”


Old Hong sneered deviously, “You really won’t shed tears without seeing the coffin, will you? Little brat, if you don’t wish for others to condemn you, you should not do deeds worthy of condemnation. Since you insist on denying the truth, this King will give you the proof.” He waved his hand, “Please, Junior Brother Qi!”


As he spoke, an elderly man stepped out from the crowd. His face was filled with such lament and sorrow that there seemed to be nothing else that could hurt him anymore. After gaining a stable foothold, he cupped his fist towards Old Hong feebly.


In front of the public, this elderly man was instantly recognized as Qi Chang Ying, a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master from Mountains and Seas Pavilion. There were only two Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Mountains and Seas Pavilion in total, which were Qi Chang Yi and the Pavilion Master himself. However, the Pavilion Master of Mountains and Seas Pavilion did not show up most of the time, leaving most matters of Mountains and Seas Pavilion to be handled by Qi Chang Ying. As such, he was known by many Open Heaven Realm Masters of other Second Class great forces.


Old Hong patted Qi Chang Ying on the shoulder with a supportive look, and continued in a deep voice, “Junior Brother Qi, I know that your Mountains and Seas Pavilion encountered a disaster a year ago and suffered great losses. Our Heaven’s Border faced a similar situation, but the culprit is too powerful so we can’t do anything about it. However, murder must be paid for with blood. Now that Heavenly Sword Union is here to seek justice for us, speak your grievances. Under the witness of everyone here today, we must eradicate this evil and return a bright future to the 3,000 Worlds!”


Old Hong’s speech immediately reminded Qi Chang Ying of the tragedy that happened under his watch a year ago. His eyes turned red, and he could not help feeling sorrowful. He turned to the ship where Heavenly Sword Union was located from a distance, saluted and proceeded in a trembling voice, “Many thanks, Union Master Kong. This Old Master has nothing else to ask for today, but vengeance for this blood feud. If this wish can be achieved, I shall die with no regrets!”


After a pause, Qi Chang Ying spoke about what happened a year ago heartbrokenly, how he heard that there were complete sets of Fifth-Order materials being sold in Void Star City, how they gathered everything they had, how they travelled all the way to Void Territory, how they were attacked, and how he managed to stay alive… He disclosed every single detail in his speech.


Old Hong clenched his teeth, “Junior Brother Qi, did you mention that you escaped by faking death, and vaguely heard the words ‘Void Land’ and ‘Senior Yun’?”


Qi Chang Ying nodded slowly, “That’s right! This Old Master also knows that the person in charge of Void Star City is a man named Yun Xing Hua. He has the same cultivation with this Old Master, and matches the person who killed our Mountains and Seas Pavilion disciples! This Old Master lived an ignoble life after that, sneaking into Void Star City to investigate and confirm whether Yun Xing Hua was indeed the one who killed my Mountains and Seas Pavilion disciples. This Old Master swore he would take revenge no matter what!”


Old Hong immediately asked, “What is the result of the investigation?”


Qi Chang Ying shook his head slowly, “Yun Xing Hua lives a reclusive life, and this Old Master didn’t have the chance to see him.”


Old Hong raised his brows slightly, “If I show you Yun Xing Hua, will you be able to recognize him?”


Qi Chang Ying gritted her teeth ferociously, “Even if he were reduced to ash, this Old Master would still recognize him!”


Old Hong nodded, “Good, Junior Brother Qi, look over there, Yun Xing Hua is among that group!”


Qi Chang Ying was stunned before he hurriedly looked to the direction that Old Hong pointed at. After a moment, he widened his eyes and leapt towards the ship with raging murderous intent, “Yun Xing Hua, suffer death!”


Among the captives, Yun Xing Hua was absolutely appalled. He already felt humiliated enough being caught due to his incompetence and was still worrying about his own safety. Fortunately, Lu Xue stood at the head of their group, preventing him from sticking out too much. But now, his face turned white as this unfamiliar old man suddenly rushed towards him to take his life. Unable to care about face any longer, he retreated while shouting horrifyingly, “Mercy, Old Sir, there must be some kind of misunderstanding!”


He was totally clueless about what was going on. He had never met Qi Chang Ying, let alone killed the disciples of Mountains and Seas Pavilion. Ever since he signed his name on the Loyalty List and was sent to Void Star City by Yang Kai, he has been taking care of the Star City conscientiously, in fear of being punished by Yang Kai for any mistakes.


Initially, the Star City was blossoming with activity, but he did not expect a large number of people to attack all of a sudden half a month ago. The people of Void Land failed to defend themselves and were captured, and then were brought here.


Hearing the previous conversations from the crowd, Yun Xing Hua vaguely sensed that someone was conspiring against Void Land, and he was just a pawn caught up in this plot. Previously, he felt a little fortunate that he was not their target, but he did not expect that he would be the first to die.


Qi Chang Ying naturally ignored him. While flying out, Qi Chang Ying slammed his palm at Yun Xing Hua with murderous intent even from thousands of meters away.


Yun Xing Hua was unable to resist as his strength was currently sealed. Seeing that palm strike about to land on him, he could not help exclaiming, “My destined end has come!”


He could only close his eyes and accept death!


But a moment later, the attack did not arrive as he thought it would. It seemed that someone had saved his life. When he opened his eyes, he saw Qi Chang Ying shouting and falling back to where he came from.


Yun Xing Hua was thrilled that he escaped death and out of the corner of his eyes, he saw the young woman sitting on the chair withdrawing her fair hand. It was she who saved him!


He glanced at the young woman gratefully. Even though he had no idea who this woman was or why she wanted to save him, he was sure that the cultivation that she had was in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


Luan Bai Feng brushed her hair back behind her ear and looked at Yun Xing Hua with a smile. Surprised by her action, Yun Xing Hua quickly thanked her.


Luan Bai Feng chuckled, “If you have anything to say, just say it with your mouth. Why resort to violence right away? Life… is very precious. Union Master Kong, do you think so?”


Kong Feng smiled faintly, but he did not say anything.


He knew why Luan Bai Feng wanted to save Yun Xing Hua; it was all because these captives belonged to her. Anyone of them dying was a loss to her; therefore, no one would be allowed to harm her interests while she was present.


After Luan Bai Feng’s interception, Qi Chang Ying acknowledged her terrifying strength and dared not to do it again. Still, he glared at Yun Xing Hua angrily, as if he wanted to peel his skin off.


Old Hong continued in a deep voice, “Junior Brother Qi, please calm your anger. Do you recognize the man who attacked your Mountains and Seas Pavilion that day?”


Qi Chang Ying immediately pointed out his finger, “It was him! He led people to intercept my Mountains and Seas Pavilion ship and killed hundreds of our disciples… None of them were spared!”


As he finished his sentence, he let out a long cry to the sky as two streaks of tears rolled down his cheeks.



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