Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4419, Out


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“What the…” Mao Zhe exclaimed and looked around. He had a speculation, but he found it hard to believe it.


“It’s my Small Universe. Rather than letting these Wind Spirits make a scene outside, I thought it would be better to just trap them here. I’ll cordon off the area around here, so please help me restrain them for now. I’ll handle them when I’m free!” Yang Kai’s voice reverberated from all around.


Not only was Mao Zhe in disbelief, but Geng Qing and Zhou Ya were also astounded.


They couldn’t believe that they were in Yang Kai’s Small Universe!


Common sense dictated that only when an Open Heaven Realm Master reached the High-Rank would their Small Universe be able to fully materialise and accommodate living creatures. Yang Kai was only a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so how did he manage to achieve it?


They couldn’t wrap their heads around it as this went against the knowledge that was deeply imprinted in their minds.


Nevertheless, as Mao Zhe felt the density of the World Force around him, he finally understood why he wasn’t a match for Yang Kai even though both of them were in the Sixth Order.


The heritage in Yang Kai’s Small Universe was clearly richer than his own. As he looked up at the Bright Moon, he realised that the celestial entity seemed to contain a power that could freeze his soul. He was astounded, thinking that it was probably a High-Rank Element Power. Although he was now a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he had only reached the Fifth-Order directly when he achieved an ascension in the past. In other words, his limit would be the Seventh Order in the future, which was why he craved this kind of power.


As soon as Yang Kai finished speaking, they felt a force cordoning off the space around them.


Apparently, Yang Kai had sealed this region so that the Wind Spirits wouldn’t be able to cause too much damage to his Small Universe. However, his effort would be futile if there was no one around to tie down the Wind Spirits as the seal would be broken through sooner or later if they were left alone.


That was the reason Yang Kai decided to put the Proprietress and the others into his Small Universe. He was trying to make use of their powers to stall for time. Presently, he had to bring everyone out of the Astral Wind source as soon as possible, so he didn’t have time to deal with the Wind Spirits for now.


Although it was difficult for four Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters to confront more than ten Wind Spirits, it wasn’t Yang Kai’s intention to have them kill the odd-looking creatures. He just wanted them to distract them so that the Wind Spirits wouldn’t run rampant; hence, there shouldn’t be any problem.


Upon learning Yang Kai’s plan, the Proprietress made the first move. The whip in her hand coiled around the Wind Spirits like it was a Dragon before ripping them apart. She was trying to attract their attention so that they wouldn’t be able to concentrate on swallowing the heritage in Yang Kai’s Small Universe.


Seeing that, Mao Zhe and the others quickly made a move as well.


Yang Kai felt that his Small Universe had descended into chaos, which made it hard for him to focus.


There was a bitter smile on his face as he finally realised why people always said even a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master wouldn’t easily let others enter their Small Universe, for that would be a terrible experience. No one would let someone else go into their Small Universe unless they wholeheartedly trusted that person as any slight disturbance would cause damage to their Small Universe.


Under Yang Kai’s Towering Evergreen, these people looked around in horror. Of the more than 100 Open Heaven Realm Masters, 20 or so had lost their lives in a short time. It could be said that they had suffered an immense loss.


Moreover, the eerie Wind Spirits had all dived into Yang Kai’s body, which made them feel worried.


It had to be noted that Yang Kai was the key to their survival. If anything happened to him, all of them would be exposed to the Astral Wind source. With the Towering Evergreen around, they would be safe from the harassment of the Astral Wind; however, without this Wood Element Divine Manifestation, no one had the confidence to survive here for long.


Therefore, all of them turned to look at Yang Kai, who seemed fine even though he sported a solemn expression.


Hua Yong asked with concern, “Sect Master, those Wind Spirits…”


Yang Kai replied in a muffled voice, “They’re inside my Small Universe. Mao Zhe and the others are dealing with them. We have to leave this place quickly!”


Then, he continued leading the crowd forward. They followed him closely, ensuring that they were always within the protection range of the Divine Manifestation.


On the road, they came across several more Wind Spirits that broke through the defence of Towering Evergreen and caused a ruckus.


Yang Kai used the same trick and sent these Wind Spirits inside his Small Universe.


The Proprietress and the others already found it hard to deal with the dozen or so original Wind Spirits, so the situation only exacerbated when more were let in. There were even times when they were almost attacked and invaded by the Wind Spirits.


Left with no choice, Yang Kai sent Hua Yong and Shu Mu Dan into his Small Universe so that they could help.


The movements in his Small Universe thus became even more violent. Yang Kai could feel his blood weltering while his aura was extremely unstable. As his head kept buzzing, he had a feeling that he would suffer from cultivation dissonance at any moment.


Time seemed to pass by even more slowly at this moment.


Accountant, who had been standing guard beside Yang Kai, suddenly exclaimed, “You’re hurt!”


He could see that blood was leaking from Yang Kai’s seven orifices, and his eyes were horrifyingly red.


Yang Kai grunted as he couldn’t even spare the focus to respond. He silently charged forward while exerting more force to sustain his Towering Evergreen to fend off the howling Astral Wind.


Each breath that passed felt like an hour, but at a certain point, Yang Kai suddenly felt that the pressure around him was gone and the Towering Evergreen’s protection, which was suppressed by the Astral Wind earlier, abruptly expanded.


An energised Yang Kai shouted, “We’re out of the source!”


Everyone was elated as they looked around; however, as the green branches hung so low, they were still engulfed in an emerald light, making it impossible to see outside clearly. With that said, they were aware that the wind, which had haunted them for a seemingly long time, finally stopped howling. 


They had really left the Astral Wind source!


At that instant, all of them started cheering.


To be safe, Yang Kai didn’t immediately retract his Towering Evergreen, sustaining it as he continued charging forward for another incense stick worth of time. Following that, he released his Divine Sense, and upon making sure that they were safe, he withdrew the Wood Element Divine Manifestation.


As the light dissipated, the others released their Divine Senses and realised that they had landed on a shattered Spirit Province, which was about a hundred square kilometres. It was absolutely desolate, while all around was only an endless void.


“Please stand guard for me,” Yang Kai hurriedly said to the Shi Brothers as he sat down cross-legged. Then, he emptied his mind and sunk his consciousness into his Small Universe.


The Shi Brothers still hadn’t figured out what was going on or where they were, but upon hearing Yang Kai’s words, they immediately surrounded him and raised their vigilance.


At this moment, they were not certain whether they had really left the Shadowless Cave Heaven and returned to the 3,000 Worlds, so they reckoned that they had to ensure Yang Kai’s safety.


The battle inside Yang Kai’s Small Universe was fierce. Six Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters and about 20 Wind Spirits were locked in combat. As these people flew around, the powers of their artifacts blossomed.


Although Yang Kai had cordoned off this battlefield, the wild energy fluctuations still caused his Small Universe to shake and rumble.


The six of them were elated when they saw Yang Kai’s figure appear.


The Proprietress said, “Yang Kai, it’s too hard to deal with these Wind Spirits. We’re unable to destroy them.”


When the first Wind Spirit appeared, it took all 100 or so Open Heaven Realm Masters attacking it for some time for its colour to simply become dim, to say nothing of the fact that there were so many Wind Spirits now. Furthermore, they were now inside Yang Kai’s Small Universe, so they didn’t dare to release too much of their power. They were now even more restricted in their movements than previously.


“I know. Let me handle the rest. Many thanks for all you’ve done.” As Yang Kai spoke, he extended his finger, whereupon a portal appeared in his Small Universe, beyond which was the aura of the outside world.


Mao Zhe asked with a frown, “Will you be alright on your own?”


Yang Kai replied, “I have no idea, but I have to give it a try. Right now I’m restricted since all of you are here, so please leave this place first.”


After a moment of silence, Mao Zhe sent a signal to Geng Qing and Zhou Ya, then the three of them shot out through the crack together, followed by Hua Yong and Shu Mu Dan. A worried Proprietress gazed at Yang Kai and parted her lips.


Before she could speak though, Yang Kai said with a smile, “Don’t worry, Proprietress. Even if I can’t kill them, I’ll still be able to expel them.”


The others were unable to force these Wind Spirits out once they were invaded because their Small Universes were still ethereal. On the other hand, Yang Kai’s Small Universe was corporeal, so if it came down to it, he could simply cut out part of his territory and expel it. Although his foundation would be damaged by doing this, it was better than waiting for death.


“Be careful, and don’t push yourself too hard,” Proprietress stated in a solemn voice, then turned around and left through the portal.


After closing the portal, Yang Kai stared silently at the Wind Spirits and said through clenched teeth, “I bet all of you have been having fun, haven’t you?”


The Wind Spirits apparently couldn’t understand him, and without the restraint of the Proprietress and the others, they immediately started swallowing the heritage of his Small Universe again.


Yang Kai could clearly feel that the power of his Small Universe was rapidly streaming into these Wind Spirits. Although he had cordoned off this area, he was still unable to stop them from absorbing his heritage.


Honestly speaking, Yang Kai still had no idea what these Wind Spirits really were. He speculated that they were born in the Astral Wind source and simply followed their instincts to swallow up World Force. They probably didn’t even have sentience.


Yang Kai couldn’t let these creatures continue wreaking havoc in his Small Universe. The longer they stayed, the greater the loss he would suffer, so with a thought, he yelled, “Water Reflects the Moon!”


The Moon in the sky immediately shone brightly and cast its glow on everything below.


A layer of frost was instantly seen on the figures of these Wind Spirits, as though they were covered in white clothes.


Yang Kai was ecstatic since his Water Element Divine Ability seemed to be working. Just now, he was worried that his Element Powers wouldn’t be useful against these Wind Spirits, but now he could set his mind at ease.


As the frost expanded, Yang Kai could clearly feel that the speed at which the World Force was draining had slowed. The Wind Spirits instinctively felt that something was off. They were originally wolfing down the Small Universe’s heritage, but they were now staring up at the Moon in the sky.


The next instant, their figures shook to break free of the frost, then they pounced at the Moon. The howling of wind was heard coming from their mouths, which threw Yang Kai’s Small Universe into turmoil.




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