Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4663, See A visitor Off, Force a Guest to Stay


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It was apparent that Yang Kai’s Pear Flower Divine Ability hadn’t caused any real damage to Xia Lin Lang, but she acted as if she was badly injured, which went to show how scheming she was.


“Hey Grandma, what is this? Don’t you know it’s inappropriate to see a visitor off only to force them to stay as a guest?”


Xia Lin Lang batted her lashes and just replied lightly, “It’s expected that women are erratic creatures. Didn’t your Mother ever teach you that?”


At that moment, Yang Kai was lost for words.


After a moment of silence, he said, “If I’m not mistaken, this should be the world in that picture scroll.”


A calm and collected Xia Lin Lang gazed at him, “How are you still in the mood to ask me about such frivolous things even facing your imminent death?”


It was as though Yang Kai was speaking to himself as he said, “The portal of Pear Flower Cave Heaven was that picture scroll. I already realised that the picture scroll was extraordinary when I first saw it, but now it seems that the picture scroll wasn’t just a powerful artifact, but a self-contained World of its own. You acted reluctant to let me go, but you actually used a trick on me to let me jump into a more suited cage than the last one.” 


At this point, Yang Kai muttered in annoyance, “It seems that before your return, even if I was able to force open the portal of Pear Flower Cave Heaven, I would still plunge into this place and become trapped.”


Xia Lin Lang gazed at him in an innocuous manner, “So what if you’ve figured it out? There’s no pill in the world for regret. If there was one, I wouldn’t mind buying a few thousand of them and letting you have a taste.”


Yang Kai pressed his hand against his chest, “It feels terrible!”


With her lips covered, Xia Lin Lang giggled, “Oh really? I’m very pleased actually.”


A vexed Yang Kai stared at her and said, “I’ve treated you with sincerity, but you’ve gone back on your word instead. That’s not righteous at all!”


Xia Lin Lang couldn’t help but roll her eyes, “What a thick-skinned man!”


“Since you have no more worries, are you ready to make a move now?” Yang Kai gazed at her.


Dispassionately, Xia Lin Lang replied, “I’ll never be at ease as long as someone who doesn’t know his place like you is still alive. Although the World Spring is precious, I don’t have the patience to wait for you to make it to the Seventh Order. Let’s just see how lucky I am. If I’m lucky, the World Spring might survive after your death. If I’m not, I’ll just watch as the World Spring goes with you to the Yellow Springs. As a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, you shouldn’t have any regrets since you have such an honour.”


Yang Kai nodded gently, “You’re right.”


“Do you have any last words?” Xia Lin Lang gaped at him.


“There’s no need for that,” Yang Kai shook his head.


Xia Lin Lang stared fixedly at him. The next moment, she appeared in front of him and pushed out her palm before cursing, “You can die now, then!”


Instantaneously, Yang Kai parried the attack with his fist.


Following a loud boom, the ground shook violently. A crack appeared beneath Yang Kai as his feet sank into the ground.


Without giving him a chance to take a breath, Xia Lin Lang pushed out her palm again at the speed of lightning. If Yang Kai hadn’t personally experienced it, he wouldn’t have believed that such a petite woman could unleash such violent attacks. The last time he came across such a situation was when he met Zhu Qing, who was from the Dragon Clan, for the first time.


Her attacks landed on Yang Kai like a torrent, and ten strikes later, half of Yang Kai’s figure was beneath the ground.


“How is a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like you supposed to fight me without the help of Pear Flower Cave Heaven’s power? Regardless of how amazing the World Spring is, it can’t make up for the gap between us!” Xia Lin Lang snorted while her attacks never stopped. Previously, since Yang Kai had obtained the inheritance of Pear Flower Divine Monarch, he was able to make use of Pear Flower Cave Heaven’s power. If they got into an intense battle in Pear Flower Cave Heaven, the place would suffer an immense loss.


That was the reason Xia Lin Lang tricked him into entering the world in the picture scroll instead.


The picture scroll outside of Pear Flower Cave Heaven not only served as a portal and a layer of defence, but it was also a cage.


Now, Yang Kai was trapped inside this cage, and unless he killed Xia Lin Lang, he would never be able to get out of it.


As Xia Lin Lang spoke, she attempted to sweep her leg across the man’s head. Yang Kai raised his hand to block, but as he was faced with the violent force, he was sent flying away like a carrot that had been plucked out of the ground. While in mid-air, he sprayed out a mouthful of blood.


Although the World Spring was able to stabilise his Small Universe and prevent it from falling into chaos, the attacks from a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master could not be underestimated. After getting struck so many times, Yang Kai was naturally injured.


He managed to stabilise himself in mid-air with difficulty and wiped the blood from his mouth. As he gazed at the grim-looking Xia Lin Lang, he put on a grin and taunted, “An old bat like you is indeed quite powerful.”


An incensed Xia Lin Lang snarled, “I’ll tear your mouth off!”


The moment she finished saying the last word, Yang Kai was sent flying away again as though he had been struck by lightning. Although he was in a defensive pose, there was a huge gap between their strengths, so he was unable to disperse her raging attacks.


The ground shook and the sky paled. The mountains in the picture scroll crumbled and fell; it was as though the entire world had been turned upside down. Xia Lin Lang didn’t hold back at all, leading Yang Kai to be struck like a sandbag, powerless to counterattack.


If he hadn’t refined the World Spring, his Small Universe would’ve come apart already. If it weren’t because his Half-Dragon Form physique was so sturdy, he wouldn’t have persevered.


On the other hand, Xia Lin Lang became increasingly unsettled as time passed, for she had a feeling that Yang Kai had some kind of secret plot; after all, he hadn’t summoned his spear even up until this moment and had simply been facing her with his body.


However, she felt that Yang Kai wouldn’t be able to carry out any secret plot in this world in the picture scroll even if he had any. In this place, she was already invincible as a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


Therefore, her doubt soon vanished into thin air as her attacks became even more rapid. With that said, she was amazed at the fact that a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master still hadn’t lost his life following her barrage of blows.


It was no wonder that after she left, he was able to occupy Lin Lang Palace and kick Qin Fen and the others out so easily. He was indeed significantly more powerful than an average Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters.


An incense stick later, Yang Kai appeared to be at an absolute disadvantage as he was completely powerless to fight back. In addition to many bruises on his face, his figure was covered in wounds and blood. He looked truly battered.


Having lost her patience, Xia Lin Lang stared calmly at the staggering man who was standing not far away from her. A sense of hesitation flashed through her eyes, but it soon dissipated. As she performed a hand seal, she yelled, “I’ll end it here!”


As her hand seal was formed, her World Force surged. She then pointed her finger at Yang Kai’s forehead from a distance.


Her attack would determine the life or death of this man!


Her slender finger seemed to ignore the limits of space and gently landed on Yang Kai’s forehead. As if struck by a mountain, he suddenly tipped his head back, but a grin appeared on his blood-covered face at that exact moment as he threw out his fist and bellowed, “Cow Punch!”


A violent force burst out from his figure. Following the trail of the aura he had spent so much effort chasing, Yang Kai crashed all the force he could muster into the woman’s Small Universe.


Xia Lin Lang’s expression changed drastically. In an instant, she felt the world around her spinning, and a thunderous noise rang out in her ears as her Small Universe was sent into turmoil.


Before she could come to her senses, she saw a spear magnifying before her eyes through her blurred vision, a horrifying murderous intent swirling around its tip.


The strength and resilience of a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master could not be underestimated though. At the critical moment, Xia Lin Lang forcefully drew upon her Small Universe’s might and exerted more force with the finger that was on Yang Kai’s forehead, knocking him away.


Azure Dragon Spear jabbed almost a palm’s length into her belly before it was forcefully drawn out, its blade covered in blood.


Having just escaped from death’s door, Xia Lin Lang rapidly withdrew 1,000 kilometres.


Looking down, she realised that blood was streaming out of her belly and dying her clothes crimson. Her figure was close to being run through by the weapon just now. If she had suffered such an injury, while she wouldn’t have lost her life given her Seventh-Order cultivation, it would still be considered a critical wound.


What was more shocking for her was that there was a dark flame burning around her wound.


The black flame was so ferocious that she could only suppress it, but not put it out immediately despite being a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


“Golden Crow’s True Fire!” Xia Lin Lang’s pupils contracted as she instantly deduced the flame’s origin.


Golden Crow’s True Fire was a High-Rank Fire Element Power. Since Yang Kai was able to use this power, it meant that he had refined it for himself.


Xia Lin Lang slowly made it to the Seventh Order from a lower realm, so she knew full well how hard it must have been to condense a High-Rank Element Power.


It was then she realised why Yang Kai was far stronger than cultivators in the same Order. In this vast universe, those who could condense High-Rank Elements and make it to the Open Heaven Realm were all famous figures.


[Could this guy really be a disciple from Bright King Cave Heaven? But I’ve never seen him use the Immovable Bright King Body before. However, just like what’s described in the rumours, his physique is extremely robust.]


While the use of Golden Crow’s True Fire stunned Xia Lin Lang, the transformation in her Small Universe was what really concerned her. At this moment, a force was weltering in her Small Universe, which made it impossible for her to circulate her strength smoothly.


Before she could attempt to suppress it though, Yang Kai came at her with his spear.


The mark of a finger on his glabella was conspicuous and golden blood streamed out of the wound and slid down his face. An unperturbed Yang Kai put on a savage grin, which made his face look even more hideous.


“Do you think I can only go against you using Senior’s Spear Dao? I, Yang Kai, have my own Daos. I’ll let you know the consequences of angering me!”


The reason he held his fury in and never summoned his Azure Dragon Spear despite being wounded all over his face and body was that there was a huge gap between their base strengths. Even if he summoned Azure Dragon Spear, the outcome wouldn’t change. However, it was different at this moment. Following his use of Cow Punch Secret Technique, the situation had been turned around. He now had the capital to oppose her.


It had to be said that the aura of a Seventh Order was extremely difficult to trace. Since he comprehended his Cow Punch Secret Technique, Yang Kai had only used it to deal with four people.


Senior Sister Jin was the first, but that was more like a friendly spar rather than a life-and-death battle, and it ended after Yang Kai succeeded.


Tan Luo Xing was the second. As a Sixth-Order Blood Slave, he barely had any sentience left to speak of, so after the trail of his aura was caught by Yang Kai, he was instantly killed.


Blood Crow was the third, and he had indeed suffered a big setback because of Yang Kai.


However, these three were all in the Sixth Order while Xia Lin Lang was in the Seventh Order. Yang Kai hadn’t endured an incense stick’s worth of attacks for no reason. As their World Forces clashed and their auras entangled, he could finally find the chance to counterattack at the most critical moment.


Unaware of Yang Kai’s capabilities, Xia Lin Lang almost had her figure penetrated by his spear.


If she were a stronger Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, Yang Kai might not have had the chance to use this Secret Technique and he would’ve fallen into a state of complete powerlessness.




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