Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4668, Escape


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The heritage of Pear Flower Cave Heaven had been sucked dry, so the entire place had become dead. Even the command centre, Pear Flower Palace, had left; therefore, following the violent upheaval, the Universe Cave Heaven crumbled and exploded.


In the void, shattered Spirit Provinces of different sizes appeared from out of nowhere and shot forward in all directions.


At the same time, four battered and injured figures emerged. They appeared to still be reeling from the shock. Zong Zheng was the most severely injured among them as he was covered in terrible wounds. One could even see his squirming organs through the gashes in his flesh.


It wasn’t that Zong Zheng was weaker than the rest of them, he was just unlucky to have borne the brunt of the horrifying attack.


It was an attack that had exhausted all of Pear Flower Cave Heaven’s power, so although it wasn’t as powerful as an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master’s strike, the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters couldn’t easily parry it.


The excruciating pain caused Zong Zheng’s face to contort as he covered his wounds with his power to stop the bleeding. He also fished out lots of precious pills from his Small Universe and gulped them down.


All of a sudden, he felt a sharp pain in his chest as a stream of dangerous World Force had locked onto him from behind.


He instantly froze on the spot, and when he looked down, he saw a child’s hand sticking out of his gut. 


With widened eyes, he bellowed, “Purple Night Old Ghost!”


Behind him, Purple Night Boy stuck close to him like a shadow as he grinned, “Since you’re so badly injured, you won’t stand a chance to survive. I’ll send you on your way now, no need to thank me!”


“You dare?!” Zong Zheng roared. However, he was attacked by Purple Night while he had lowered his guard, and he was now horribly injured, so there was no way he could resist.


The next moment, Purple Night Boy surged his World Force, which rushed into the other man’s body and destroyed his vitality.


Purple Night then pulled a bloody liver from Zong Zheng’s body and started gnawing at it. His expression was as casual as someone who was having a cold drink in the hot summer.


In a nearby place, Grandma Jiu and Zhu Ling Shan watched the incident unfold with impassive expressions.


In a place like the Shattered Heaven, people could turn hostile to each other at any moment. If one of them had been badly injured instead of Zong Zheng, such a calamity would’ve befallen them as well.


Since Zong Zheng was severely wounded, there was no way he could keep fighting. That was the reason Purple Night Boy seized the chance to kill him. Even if Purple Night hadn’t done that, the other two would’ve developed some ill intentions.


A Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was killed just like that.


However, unlike a Mid-Rank Master, Zong Zheng’s Small Universe didn’t instantly collapse after his death. Instead, it contracted and sucked the corpse into it before disappearing into the Void.


Since time immemorial, this was how Universe Paradises and Universe Cave Heavens had come about after the death of High-Rank Masters. As long as the Small Universe didn’t suffer from any violent impact or irreversible damage, there was a decent chance of it remaining after the owner’s death.


There was no doubt that Zong Zheng had left behind a Universe Paradise after he passed away.


The liver of a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was immensely beneficial to Purple Night Boy, so he rapidly swallowed it down. As he wiped the blood off his mouth, his initially listless aura stabilised.


He then turned to look in the direction Pear Flower Palace had disappeared and said, “Even with the help of Lin Lang Palace, Xia Lin Lang must be in a terrible state after forcefully mobilizing the power of the entire Universe Cave Heaven. There won’t be such a chance again if we let it slip through our fingers. I’m going after her. What do the two of you think?”


Grandma Jiu and Zhu Ling Shan exchanged glances before nodding lightly. A moment later, the three of them shot forward.


Certainly, the Universe Paradise left behind by Zong Zheng was precious as well. By breaking the World Barrier, one could obtain all the possessions Zong Zheng had left behind in his Small Universe. Nevertheless, regardless how many precious items he had, they paled when compared to the World Spring.


After weighing the pros and cons, they certainly wanted to obtain the World Spring instead of searching the new Universe Paradise.


With that said, they had memorised the location of this Universe Paradise, so they would come over to loot it when there was a chance in the future.


Inside Pear Flower Palace, blood streamed out of Yang Kai’s nose and mouth while Xia Lin Lang was pale-faced.


Just like Purple Night Boy had said, it was extremely taxing to forcefully activate the power of the entire Pear Flower Cave Heaven. If Xia Lin Lang had done it on her own, she would’ve lost all power to fight by now.


Fortunately, Yang Kai was there to share the burden with her, so she was less exhausted than her pursuers anticipated. Nevertheless, since she had to recuperate, Pear Flower Palace was temporarily controlled by Yang Kai.


At this moment, Yang Kai felt fortunate that he had decided to absorb all of the Spear Dao Essence in Pear Flower Cave Heaven; otherwise, it would’ve been wasted by now. After all, Pear Flower Cave Heaven had collapsed and broken apart.


Although they had fled from Pear Flower Cave Heaven, they couldn’t let their guard down. The World Spring was extremely attractive, so the four High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters wouldn’t easily give up on it. On the other hand, they couldn’t stay in the Shattered Heaven forever.


While controlling Pear Flower Palace, Yang Kai sat down with his legs crossed to recuperate. He also infused his Divine Sense into his Small Universe to check on those living inside it.


Although it had only been a few days since the over 10 million people entered the Small Universe, they had become at ease following the Emperor Realm Masters placating them. They had also been divided into dozens of groups with some of them remaining in the same place, harvesting wood and stone in order to build houses. Some of them had moved across a long distance to look for suitable places to live.


These groups of people ranged from several tens of thousands to several hundreds of thousands, and each one was respectively led by an Emperor Realm Master.


This was what Yang Kai had told the Emperor Realm Masters to do; after all, development would be obstructed if more than ten million people gathered in a single place. Therefore, after putting them inside his Small Universe, Yang Kai ordered the Emperor Realm Masters to lead the people to live in different places.


Now, it seemed that the Emperor Realm Masters had done a great job.


The migration was definitely taxing. Many of them were old people and young children. There were also a lot of families. That was the reason they were moving slowly. As a thought flashed through Yang Kai’s mind, he swept his World Force across them and instantly sent them to suitable places to stay.


It was his own Small Universe, so it wasn’t hard for him to do this.


After the initial shock, the Emperor Realm Masters soon came to their senses. They looked up at the sky and cupped their fists to express their gratitude, then started settling the people down.


Following a moment of observation, Yang Kai was elated.


In the future, several dozen cities of different sizes that were filled with people would form in his Small Universe. When these people settled down, they would certainly bring some transformation to his Small Universe.


Furthermore, his Small Universe was far more habitable compared to others because he had refined the Immortal Tree, which was a High-Rank Wood Element. Hence, the environment in his Small Universe was vibrant and full of vitality. All forms of vegetation could grow very strong inside it. On top of that, even the frail old people radiated a healthy glow upon entering his Small Universe.


A Great Sun was hanging in the sky in his Small Universe, and at dusk, the Sun fell beyond the horizon while the Moon leaped into the sky.


This kind of phenomenon was non-existent in other Small Universes. Perhaps there was only one such Small Universe in the entire 3,000 Worlds.


As the Moonlight spilled over the world, Yang Kai suddenly recalled something and fell into his thoughts.


He seemed to have fallen into a state of abstrusity and enlightenment as all sorts of ideas clashed and formed sparkles in his mind.


It felt as though he had finally noticed a key aspect he had accidentally ignored in the past, but he was unable to fully grasp it. It was as if a thin piece of paper had been placed in front of him. He should be able to break it with a poke of his finger, but he seemed incapable of doing so.


At that moment, he felt as if there was an itch he couldn’t scratch.


“What are you doing?” Just then, someone called out to him, which made him snap back from that ethereal state.


Apart from him, Xia Lin Lang, Qin Fen, and the other Open Heaven Realm Masters were also inside Pear Flower Palace.


Upon seeing how their Palace Master and Yang Kai worked together, the others wouldn’t dare to provoke Yang Kai again. Since this guy was not even afraid of Xia Lin Lang, he certainly wouldn’t have any regard for them.


Therefore, the person who dared to interrupt him could be none other than Xia Lin Lang.


Yang Kai was full of grievances after his state of enlightenment was interrupted by Xia Lin Lang. Although he hadn’t figured out the idea that almost became clear in his mind, he was certain that it was extremely important.


While suppressing his fury, he jerked his head to the side, only to see the woman glowering at him, “Where are you bringing me to?”


She had let Yang Kai control Pear Flower Palace since she had to recuperate; however, she had never expected that this guy would drive the palace out of the Shattered Heaven, which was why she was incensed.


Yang Kai frowned, but he soon realised why the woman was infuriated, so he explained, “The existence of the World Spring has been exposed, so we can’t stay in the Shattered Heaven any longer. Moreover, Pear Flower Cave Heaven is destroyed, and you have nowhere to go. There’s no point for you to stay here. I have a place in Void Territory that is very safe. I can assure you that no one will have their eyes on you when you reach there, and you won’t have to remain hidden.”


“Pfft,” Xia Lin Lang sneered, “How are you going to assure me?”


“Action speaks louder than words. You’ll find out by then. If you trust me, come with me.”


Xia Lin Lang snapped, “It’s not about whether I trust you or not, it’s that you have no idea about the situation we’re in! If I leave the Shattered Heaven, those from the Cave Heavens and Paradises will come to capture me. Can you ward them off by then?”


Yang Kai knit his brows, “How did all of you offend the people from the Cave Heavens and Paradises?”


Xia Lin Lang roared, “How should I know!? I’ve never fallen into any conflicts with the Cave Heavens and Paradises since I started cultivating; however, after I ascended to the Seventh Order, they came knocking on my door without ever telling me what they wanted. I was powerless to resist them since they were so formidable. Left with no choice, I went into hiding in the Shattered Heaven. Now, thanks to you, I’ve lost my home, and here you are trying to send me to the lion’s den! Go to Void Territory if you want, but don’t count me in!”




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