Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4762, Don’t Ever Lower Your Head


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“How should we reply to him?” Gongsun Ri Hua asked.


“I’ll do it!” Gongsun Yue Hua volunteered and took the Communication Bead from the hands of her Big Brother. After pondering in silence for a while, she sent out a message with a surge of her Divine Sense.


Deep beneath the lake, Yang Kai held the Communication Bead between his fingers. He raised his brow at the message and murmured softly to himself, “Compared to a night of lovesickness… even the ends of the world are not vast enough to convey this loneliness! Who is this!?”


He could be certain that Gu Pan’s Communication Bead was no longer in her possession; otherwise, she would never have spoken in such a manner. Nevertheless, he was not worried for her safety. She was a Lang Ya Paradise Core Disciple. Even if she had been kidnapped by a pair of twins previously, Lang Ya Paradise’s main purpose was to separate him from her. They had no intention of harming her.


[To think they even tried to contact me by imitating Gu Pan.] Whilst he was feeling speechless, the Communication Bead received another message, “Senior Brother, where are you? I’ll come and find you!”


Yang Kai smacked his lips. [I guess they couldn’t resist asking about my whereabouts.]


After briefly considering his answer, he replied to the message.


Inside the bamboo building, Gongsun Yue Hua announced excitedly, “Found him!”


Gongsun Ri Hua quickly asked, “Where is he?”


She shook her head, “He doesn’t know his exact location either. There are countless Spirit Provinces in Lang Ya Paradise, so he does not know the name of the one where he is hiding. Even so, he gave us some clues.”


Gongsun Ri Hua grinned, “It’ll be easy with clues! Pass the information to our Fellow Brothers and Sisters and ask them to split up to search for him. I’m sure we’ll find him soon!”


Nodding in agreement, Gongsun Yue Hua quickly passed the message on to the others.


Inside Lang Ya Paradise, the Open Heaven Realm Masters who formed teams to search for Yang Kai’s whereabouts suddenly received a communication from the Gongsun siblings. They immediately became overjoyed after reading this message. Although the clues provided were not comprehensive, it was still better than how they were forced to wander around like headless flies right now. As long as they focused their search around the clues, they would eventually discover Yang Kai’s hiding place.


Many Open Heaven Realm Masters instantly began searching with all their might.


In just half a day, they found a Spirit Province that was very similar to what was described in the clues. The first team to discover the place was led by Senior Brother Zhao, who was previously severely injured by a single Cow Punch from Yang Kai. Senior Brother Zhao stared at the Spirit Province in front of him with some hesitation, “It can’t be, right? Is he hiding here?”


Another Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master on the team spoke through gritted teeth, “That brat is treacherous indeed. I can’t believe he was hiding here. It’s no wonder we failed to find him even after all this time!”


At this time, several other teams also arrived here in their search. It was obvious that they had been following the clues. Everybody looked at each other with slightly speechless expressions.


That couldn’t be helped. The Spirit Province in front of them belonged to the Sect Master. The Sect Master had an extremely hectic schedule, so he spent most of his time at the Main Conference Hall located on the central Spirit Province. Although he rarely returned to his residence, there was no doubt that this Spirit Province belonged to him. Under normal circumstances, nobody would dare to come here for no reason.


“Should we inform the Sect Master?” Somebody asked tentatively.


“That brat is as cunning as a fox. I’m sure he noticed the commotion when we rushed over. If we take the time to inform the Sect Master, he will surely escape. Let’s take action first and talk later. Once we capture the thief, the Sect Master will not blame us!”


“That’s true!”


“In that case, let’s begin!” Senior Brother Zhao shouted and took the lead to charge towards the Spirit Province. Everybody else quickly followed closely. More than a dozen Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters swarmed into the Spirit Province in an instant as their Divine Senses spread out unscrupulously, searching for traces of anything suspicious.


A short while later, even more Open Heaven Realm Masters who received the information rushed over. It was not just the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, but also the Fifth-Order and even Fourth-Order Masters who had joined in. Even though Li Yuan Wang only sent the message to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, this matter was a raging topic in Lang Ya Paradise, so it was only natural for the news to spread quickly.


Upon learning that capturing Yang Kai would give them the opportunity to enter the Five Lights World for training, even the Fifth-Order and Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters wanted to try their luck. They could not dismiss the chance that they might be lucky enough to obtain that opportunity despite knowing that it was impossible for them to compete against Yang Kai. It was the opportunity to enter the Five Lights World for training! Normally, only Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters had the qualifications to obtain the rights to entry.


In less than an hour, over 1,000 Open Heaven Realm Masters had gathered in the Spirit Province.


Li Yuan Wang’s Spirit Province was not considered a Restricted Area in Lang Ya Paradise, but few people generally came here; therefore, it was an unprecedented sight for over 1,000 people to gather in this place. Not to mention that every one of them was in the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm and above.


In the beginning, they could be considered restrained and only used their Divine Senses to search for Yang Kai’s whereabouts; however, their methods became increasingly forceful after some time, so much so that they practically dug up the entire Spirit Province.


When Sect Master Li Yuan Wang received the news and rushed over, he saw that the once prosperous and picturesque Spirit Province had become a complete mess. The entire Spirit Province was broken and ruined. Looking down at the scenery below, his brow twitched violently.


When they noticed the arrival of the Sect Master, all the Open Heaven Realm Masters hurriedly bowed in greeting, “Greetings, Sect Master!”


“What are you all doing?” Li Yuan Wang asked grimly.


Senior Brother Zhao stepped forward and cupped his fist, “Reporting to Sect Master, we are searching for Yang Kai!”


Li Yuan Wang felt his chest tighten as he asked in a slightly higher-pitched tone, “If you are searching for Yang Kai’s whereabouts, then why are you searching my residence?”


Senior Brother Zhao replied, “We received solid information saying that Yang Kai is hiding here!”


“Huh?” Li Yuan Wang was surprised, “Where did you get this information?”


“It was sent by Junior Brother Gongsun Ri Hua and Junior Sister Gongsun Yue Hua. They seemed to have discovered the information from the communication between Junior Sister Gu Pan and Yang Kai.”


Li Yuan Wang mulled over this news and vaguely understood how the entire situation came about. He then asked with a stern expression, “Then… have you found him?”


Senior Brother Zhao shook his head, “Not yet!”


“Idiots, the lot of you!” Li Yuan Wang roared furious, “How can you not realise that you’re being led by the nose by the enemy!? How did my Lang Ya Paradise raise such fools!?”


Senior Brother Zhao was extremely stunned, “Sect Master, do you mean to say that Yang Kai is not hiding here?”


Li Yuan Wang was absolutely devastated as he shouted, “If he was hiding here, how could he possibly escape this King’s perception!? Even this King does not detect him anywhere, so how are you expecting to find him here!?”


Senior Brother Zhao bowed his head in contemplation. After a while, he suddenly seemed to come to a realisation, “Disciple understands now!”


Li Yuan Wang looked at Senior Brother Zhao, “What do you understand?”


“The siblings, Gongsun Ri Hua and Gongsun Yue Hua, have defected to the other side. In order to act as decorative thugs, they have deliberately spread fake news to confuse us!” Senior Brother Zhao quickly and enthusiastically declared.


Li Yuan Wang felt something hot and sweet rising up in his throat and nearly coughed up blood as a result. He then looked at Senior Brother Zhao in despair and earnestly gave a warning, “In the future, don’t lower your head when you walk!”


Senior Brother Zhao was confused, “This Disciple does not understand. Please enlighten me, Sect Master!”


Li Yuan Wang sighed, “This King is worried that the water in your head will accidentally spill out!” Turning his head to the side, he waved his hand dismissively, “Scram, scram! All of you get lost!”


When the disciples saw that the Sect Master was in a terrible mood, they quickly ran away in fear. However, Senior Brother Zhao continued to mull over the Sect Master’s words. Whilst walking, he shook his head and turned to the Junior Brother beside him with a puzzled look, “Do I have water in my head?”


The Junior Brother glanced at Senior Brother Zhao and answered cautiously, “Everybody has water in their head, right?”


“Oh!” Understanding seemed to strike Senior Brother Zhao; thus, he hurriedly raised his head so that his nose pointed towards the sky.


A figure suddenly appeared beside Li Yuan Wang. Observing the messy ground below, he smiled lightly, “Sect Master, about that stone you dropped before, does your foot hurt?”


Li Yuan Wang sighed, “That’s quite enough gloating! This is that brat’s first time here, so he couldn’t have known that this Spirit Province belonged to this King. Xiao Pan’er probably just told him about it when she took him on a tour around Lang Ya Paradise.”


Gao Ting nodded, “Now that he is being chased and surrounded by countless Lang Ya Paradise disciples, he is undoubtedly annoyed that you, the Sect Master, are not stopping their movements. That’s why he deliberately invited them here to annoy you.”


“I swear I’m going to get even with him!” Li Yuan Wang was livid.


Gao Ting revealed a look of admiration, “That boy sure is stubborn. Despite being in quite a bind, he refuses to come to you. Honestly, he could have talked to you about the situation and asked you to step forward to put an end to everything.”


Li Yuan Wang coldly snorted, “It’s not like he knows about the order this King issued!”


Gao Ting nodded lightly, “That’s true!”


Meanwhile, many streams of light raced through the sky above the Spirit Province where Gu Pan lived. A very large group of Open Heaven Realm Masters then landed in front of the bamboo building.


Noticing the commotion, Gongsun Ri Hua and Gongsun Yue Hua quickly walked out to investigate the situation, but both of them were taken aback by the sight that greeted them.


“Senior Brother Zhao, have you caught the thief?” Gongsun Ri Hua asked.


Senior Brother Zhao turned his nose up and squinted at Gongsun Ri Hua, “Traitor!”


Gongsun Ri Hua was stunned… [Huh? Why did I suddenly become a traitor?]


Before Gongsun Ri Hua could make sense of the situation, Senior Brother Zhao gestured with his large hand, “Beat him up!”


A large number of Open Heaven Realm Masters sprang out from behind and buried Gongsun Ri Hua under them in the blink of an eye. The sound of kicking and punching came out, mixed with the sound of Gongsun Ri Hua’s cries of agony!


Gongsun Yue Hua watched helplessly as her Big Brother was surrounded and beaten by so many people. She couldn’t help shuddering at the sight. Although she did not understand the situation, she didn’t dare to stop them either!


After a while, the crowd finally dispersed. Gongsun Ri Hua was beaten black and blue and left lying on the ground, groaning in pain.


“Let’s go!” Senior Brother Zhao waved his large hand and flew away arrogantly with a group of people following behind him.


“Just what is going on!?” Gongsun Ri Hua shouted furiously from where he lay on the ground with a badly swollen face. His Fellow Brothers suddenly came to beat him up and left just as abruptly as they came. These actions left him completely confused. [What happened to Yang Kai? Did they manage to capture him?]


Gongsun Yue Hua watched from the side in trepidation. It was fortunate that she was a woman, which made it difficult for their Fellow Brothers to hit her; otherwise, there would have been one more person lying on the ground right now.


Gu Pan hid behind Gongsun Yue Hua, looking apologetic. She had a vague guess about the situation, but she was in no position to explain; therefore, she could only silently apologise in her heart.


Above the lake, a team of three people suddenly turned back after leaving earlier. One of those three people was Senior Brother Zhao.


Senior Brother Zhao held his head high and glanced at the lake below him out of the corner of his eye. Rubbing his chin thoughtfully, he asked, “Has anybody checked the bottom of this lake?”


The two Junior Brothers beside him shook their heads in unison. The one that looked slightly younger answered, “Although nobody checked the bottom of the lake, many Fellow Brothers have passed by from above over the past few days. Their Divine Sense perception did not detect any abnormalities.”


Senior Brother Zhao shook his head and said, “We can’t be careless. Yang Kai is a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Not to mention, he is extremely strong. I’m certain he has some Secret Techniques to conceal his aura so that he can escape Divine Sense perception. It might not mean that he is not hiding here. Don’t people always say that the most dangerous place is the safest one to hide in? Junior Sister Gu is being placed under heavy watch here. For all we know, maybe that brat likes taking risks!”


The Junior Brother nodded repeatedly, “Your words make sense, Senior Brother Zhao! I’ll go down and take a look!”


“You can’t!” Senior Brother Zhao raised a hand to stop his Junior Brother, “You might be in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, but you are definitely not his opponent. If he really is hiding underwater, then you will suffer a tragic fate if you go alone.”




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