Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 39, Intermediate Level Mutant Beast!


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


“Intermediate Level Mutant Beast!?” Sensing the Spiritual Energy fluctuations that were no weaker than his own, Yan Gao Yuan’s expression drastically changed.


An Intermediate Level Mutant Beast possessed a Peak Spiritual Energy ranging from 4,000 to 6,000. It could ignore most bullets and rockets. Its formidable combat power was terrifying enough to threaten a fully armed squad.


Although Yan Gao Yuan was one of the most outstanding Superhumans in the country, he was currently at the Intermediate Level. 


In the face of Mutant Beasts of the same level that were born from piles of corpses and a sea of blood, Humans had always been at a disadvantage.


It was worth mentioning that ‘Intermediate Level’ was just a preliminary classification of strength created by Humans. Apart from Intermediate Level, there were Low Level and High Level as well.


Low Level referred to a Peak Spiritual Energy of around 1,000 to 3,000. Beings at this level had surpassed ordinary individuals and possessed significant enhanced abilities in all aspects.


The High Level, on the other hand, corresponded to a Peak Spiritual Energy ranging from 7,000 to 9,000. Beings at this level had the strength to tear through alloys and possessed speeds that were difficult to follow with normal Human eyes. They were true war machines.


In other words, a High Level Mutant Beast was capable of threatening the safety of an entire city.


Imagine a beast so fast that it was difficult for the normal eye to reach, and so strong that it was capable of tearing through metal, appearing in the city. That scene was too terrifying to even contemplate.


However, that was not the most terrifying part. What was even more terrifying was there was a level beyond High Level, the so-called Transcendent Level.


Unfortunately, Humans had had very little contact with Transcendent beings. The information they had was insufficient to describe such entities.



“We’re in deep trouble.” Yan Gao Yuan’s pupils shrank slightly as he instinctively used Spiritual Energy to protect his vital areas.


An Intermediate Level Mutant Beast was scary enough to make anyone’s scalp tingle, including himself.


At this moment, the only thing he could hope for was that this Intermediate Level Mutant Beast was not a large predator like a Lion, Tiger, or Leopard. Otherwise, its danger level would increase by a level or two.


But the next moment, Yan Gao Yuan’s pupils fiercely contracted as if he had discovered something.


Much to his surprise, it was a very famous animal.


Looking at its snow-white fur standing up like a hedgehog, its bloodshot eyes, and its size several times bigger than normal, Yan Gao Yuan’s face drastically changed.


“A Mutant Honey Badger!?” 


Taken aback, Yan Gao Yuan quickly retreated.


With a ‘thud,’ its sharp claws landed on a tree next to Yan Gao Yuan, which was as thick as a water bucket.


Before Yan Gao Yuan could react, the tree, as thick as a water bucket, was split in half diagonally, revealing a smooth cut surface.


“This is no longer just trouble. We are in deep shit!” A wry smile appeared on Yan Gao Yuan lips, nonetheless, his right foot kicked the ground, sending a powerful tremor, as his both shot toward the Mutant Honey Badger like a cannonball.


A battle was inevitable.


He could not avoid it.


Now, all Yan Gao Yuan could hope for was to repel this Mutant Honey Badger and safely lead everyone out of this damned misty mountain.



After a short while, in the forest…


*Cough, cough…* covering his chest, a figure stumbled out of the dense forest. Trailing behind him were several figures supporting each other.


“We can’t rest here.” Spurting a mouthful of blood, Yan Gao Yuan looked back toward the depths of the mountains and reminded everyone.


“Mhmm…” Nodding, the Colonel with a scruffy face also agreed.


However, compared to before, the Colonel was now particularly disheveled; there were three deep claw marks on his back, and most of his uniform was torn here and there.


Not only him, but others were not faring any better.


Unfortunately, they had also lost six brothers in arms.


The Colonel bit his teeth hard, but chose not to dwell on it at this moment. They had finally escaped from the clutches of those giant green wolves, and if they did not retreat now, it would be too late. Moreover, what was even more frustrating was that among the attacking mutant beasts, there was a Honey Badger.


Thinking of it, the Colonel could not help but bitterly smile.


[Why couldn’t it be any other mutant beast? Why did it have to be that motherfucker!?]


It was because of that damn thing that they did not dare to linger after repelling those mutant beasts, and even started heading outside the mountains right away.


Honey Badger, Honey Badger… No matter life and death, it never submits and was always ready to fight.


Although its combat power could not be compared to Lions, Tigers, or Leopards, it had quite a big notoriety. But the most ridiculous thing in its notoriety was that it was extremely vindictive. Once someone provoked it, unless he or she managed to kill it, what awaited him or her was the relentless revenge of this asshole, regardless of the cost.


Honey Badgers were so vindictive that one had once dug a hole overnight and fought the Lion in a zoo just because the Lion had looked at it the wrong way.


Although it did not win, its vindictive nature made everyone shudder.


And now, a Mutant Honey Badger, so strong that even Yan Gao Yuan, a Superhuman, almost got killed, was targeting them. How could they not be nervous?


If they did not retreat quickly, it was possible that they would lose their lives here.



At this moment, Yan Gao Yuan and his group were unaware that in a distant canyon, a Willow Tree that had been watching them let out a sigh of relief.


“Finally, I’m finally free of these troubles.” If Yu Zi Yu’s speculation was correct, these should not be back in a short while. In fact, when those guys were fighting against the Storm Wolves and Honey Badger, Yu Zi Yu was planning on intervening, thinking of burying them there.


Given his current strength and abilities, it would not be difficult for Yu Zi Yu to bury them here, even if they were tens of kilometers away. Using the Shroud of Mist and Hallucinogen, Yu Zi Yu could easily eliminate them in a short time. However, after giving it a deep thought, Yu Zi Yu chose to give up.


He needed to use their mouth to stabilize the higher-ups of Human society for a short period of time, giving him a buffer to truly develop.


Regardless of whether his existence was exposed or not, just the fog and the numerous mutant beasts hiding within it should be enough to deter some people and prevent them from daring to venture here again.


As for whether Humans would use weapons of mass destruction to clear this mountain range…


In theory, it should be impossible.


After all, with the resurgence of Spiritual Energy, there were abundance of mountains like the ones where Yu Zi Yu was residing.


Until Humans were completely sure that a Transcendent creature was hidden in these mountains, Yu Zi Yu believed that Humans that he knew of, did not have the audacity to employ weapons of mass destruction.


Yu Zi Yu’s goal was to utilize these relatively powerful mutant beasts to drive away any potential threats without revealing his own existence. This way, he could hide behind the scenes and develop in peace.


After giving his plan a serious contemplation, Yu Zi Yu did not find anything amiss in his plan.


“If nothing unexpected happened, this matter should come to a close in the near future.”


At present, Yu Zi Yu only sought stability. As for whether he would be discovered in the future, it was not something he could consider at the moment. He had done everything possible, and now he must leave the rest to fate.




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