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Martial Peak – Chapter 4821, Fate Is a Bitch

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This young private guard named Yang Kai was indeed powerful. Despite being an ordinary person, the Eldest Young Lady could see that.


With that said, she was also aware that there was no way he could defeat so many enemies all on his own.


She had no idea how much longer this young private guard could persevere, nor did she understand why he still steadfastly stood in front of her in the face of death; after all, they had never even met each other before today.


There was one thing she knew, though. If this young private guard collapsed, she would end up in a more horrible state than death; therefore, she had to be prepared.


The sharp tip of the sword pressed against her chest and formed a cut on her skin, which made her feel a slight tinge of pain. She stared fixedly at the young private guard from behind to monitor his condition.


In the worst-case scenario, they would probably perish together here. While she was in her wild thoughts, she felt a sense of longing, as though she was almost looking forward to it.


The Head Manager of Hidden Treasure Peak never stopped cursing. As more of his subordinates collapsed, his voice became louder while his saliva spouted out of his mouth. As the bandits were continuously reprimanded, they were furious while they became increasingly ruthless with their moves.


Although their ruthlessness had inflicted a lot of injuries on this private guard from the Meng Manor, they could not make him fall.


Presently, the private guard from the Meng Manor was covered in blood while his clothes were all tattered. There was a long cut on his forehead from which blood slid down his face and dyed his eyes scarlet, which made him look like a mad Ominous Beast.


His sword had become crooked from all the hacking and slashing, so he randomly took up the blade of a nearby dead bandit so he could wield two weapons at once. Nevertheless, the cutlass was also badly chipped, so there was no way it could last for a long time.


About twenty to thirty corpses had been piled up in front of him. Blood streamed past his feet and made him look extremely terrifying.


The bandits from Hidden Treasure Peak were horrified. They knew that as long as they persevered, there would come a moment when this private guard from the Meng Manor collapsed to the ground, but before that, many of their lives would be sacrificed. They were afraid that they would be the ones who died uselessly here.


The bandits, who were initially high-spirited following the order from the Head Manager, started becoming timid as they launched attacks less frequently.


An infuriated Head Manager killed a bandit who was trying to flee. He then drove his horse forward as he apparently planned to enter the battlefield personally.


Just then, the ground started shaking as the sounds of hooves could be heard rapidly approaching from a distance.


The Head Manager felt his chest tightening. When he turned his head, he saw that the dust was rising in the distance as a lot of people were rushing towards them on horses.


Reinforcements from White Jade City had arrived.


Upon that realisation, the bandits became flustered as they instinctively moved backwards. Many of them turned to the Head Manager and awaited his order.


The Head Manager stared at the private guard from the Meng Manor, who had been standing resolutely in front of the cave all this time. After a moment of hesitation though, he shouted through clenched teeth, “Retreat!”


A lot of soldiers from White Jade City were approaching, so there was no way their weakened group could ward them off. They might even lose their lives by staying here. It would be an unwise decision to do so just because they were not willing to give up their prize.


The bandits were already frightened by Yang Kai’s actions to begin with, so upon hearing the Head Manager’s order, they turned their horses around and ran for their lives without hesitation.


A moment later, more than 100 knights clad in sturdy armour arrived at this place with a young man leading the way. The young man looked in the direction the bandits from Hidden Treasure Peak were fleeing with narrowed eyes, but he didn’t have the intention to chase after them.


He turned his head and took a glance at Yang Kai, who was covered in blood. Despite being an experienced man, he was still astounded at the sight.


The attention of the knights behind the young man was also attracted to Yang Kai.


He was standing there like a statue, as though he was trying to protect something. His figure was covered in cuts of different sizes, and his clothes were in tatters. The corpses of the bandits had been piled up in front of him, and his feet were drenched in a puddle of blood. His murderous intent seemed to have materialised and the horses beneath the knights were unable to bear it. They neighed and instinctively stepped backwards.


None of them had seen such a sight before, but they could imagine how intense the situation had been. A lot of bandits must have continuously launched attacks on this young man in an attempt to defeat him; however, like a rock amidst the storm, he was still standing strong in the end.


It was obvious that after his sword became bent, he picked up a cutlass that was also chipped. Even with such broken weapons, he wielded them to kill these bandits.


“Is it him?” The young man asked.


The person beside the young man was Yin Zhi Yong, who was also a private guard from the Meng Manor. Upon hearing that, he quickly nodded, “Yes, it’s him.”


After he finished speaking, he leaped off the horse and bolted towards Yang Kai, shouting, “Little Brother! Little Brother!”


Before he could get close though, he saw a sword slashing at him. He exclaimed in fright and fell on his bottom, his Soul almost leaving his body.


When he came to his senses, he quickly examined himself. Upon confirming that he wasn’t injured, he breathed a sigh of relief. While reeling from the shock, he called out, “Little Brother, it’s me, Yin Zhi Yong. Don’t you recognise me?”


He had no idea why Yang Kai would suddenly hack at him. If he were killed just like that, he would have passed away full of grief.


“He has already passed out!” The leading young man suddenly said.


Yin Zhi Yong was dumbfounded, “He has?”


How could Yang Kai still attack him when he was unconscious?


Upon closer look though, Yin Zhi Yong realised that there was indeed something off about Yang Kai. He was glowering at the front, but never batted his eyes. The blood from his forehead streamed down his face, which made him look horrifying, but his eyes seemed to have lost focus as he looked hollowly in no particular direction.


Nevertheless, he remained unmoving with the weapons in his hands.


“Don’t go near him. He will only react on instinct now,” the young man ordered.


A dazed Yin Zhi Yong nodded. Despite his age, it was the first time he saw someone who was still able to react out of reflex while unconscious. How resolute must one be in order to achieve that?


“He’s really something.” The young man stared at Yang Kai with admiration written all over his face. He turned to Yin Zhi Yong, “What’s his name?”


Yin Zhi Yong quickly replied, “Young City Lord, his name is Yang Kai. He’s a new private guard in the Meng Manor.”


“Yang Kai?” The Young City Lord narrowed his eyes as his expression became conflicted.


Yin Zhi Yong didn’t notice it as he looked worriedly at Yang Kai, “Little Brother Yang is badly injured, Young City Lord. We can’t go near him now; however, if we don’t help stop his bleeding, he’ll surely lose his life.”


The Young City Lord fell silent.


Just then, some noises could be heard coming from behind Yang Kai.


Yin Zhi Yong bellowed, “Who goes there!”


After he finished speaking, he saw a curvy woman whose hair was a mess crawling out of the small cave behind Yang Kai. There was a sword in her hands as she appeared vigilant.


“Eldest Young Lady!” Yin Zhi Yong was flabbergasted.


He only saw Yang Kai when he arrived at this place, and never paid attention to anything behind him. It wasn’t until the Eldest Young Lady crawled out that he realised that there even was a cave behind Yang Kai.


All of them finally realised who the person was that Yang Kai was protecting.


The Young City Lord became startled as he examined the Eldest Young Lady’s face. All of a sudden, he put on a wry smile.


He thought that life was truly full of surprises. Over the past few years, he had been looking for a particular person, but he still hadn’t managed to achieve his goal. Nevertheless, he had never expected to come across her today.


Fate was really a strange thing in this Samsara World. Despite having entered this world much earlier, he still hadn’t gained any advantage. On the other hand, the one who came at a later time had a chance to get close to the person he had been looking for almost immediately.


“Greetings, Eldest Young Lady. My name is Yin Zhi Yong, a private guard from the Meng Manor.” He cupped his fist, then quickly added, “Be careful. Please don’t go near Yang Kai.”


The Eldest Young Lady pressed her lips together and tossed the sword away. After making up her mind, despite the warning, she still shuffled towards Yang Kai.


She had heard the conversation between Yin Zhi Yong and the Young City Lord while she was hiding inside the cave, so she was aware of Yang Kai’s current condition.


But, so what? This man was willing to protect her with his very life. She didn’t believe that he would harm her in any way.


Upon seeing that, Yin Zhi Yong turned pale.


Since the Eldest Young Lady was fine, he and Yang Kai would be given handsome rewards after returning to the Meng Manor; however, if Yang Kai harmed her in any way, he would be doomed.


Before Yin Zhi Yong could stop her, the Eldest Young Lady was already standing in front of Yang Kai.


To everyone’s surprise, Yang Kai didn’t even try to harm her. Instead, his expression became more hideous as though he was trying to suppress something.


Yin Zhi Yong felt his heart leaping to his throat as he was worried that Yang Kai would hack his sword at her in the next instant. When that happened, the alluring Eldest Young Lady would surely lose her life.


Tears could be seen sliding down the Eldest Young Lady’s face. She covered her mouth with her hands as her shoulders uncontrollably trembled.


The person in front of her didn’t have any part of his skin intact. He was soaked in blood, and through his tattered clothes, she could see that he was covered in deep cuts with his flesh rolling up around his wounds.


Every wound and every drop of his blood was proof that he had resolutely protected her from harm.


While suppressing her tears, she extended her hands and took the weapons from Yang Kai.


Yang Kai didn’t resist. Just now, the bandits from Hidden Treasure Peak were unable to make him lose grip of his weapons no matter what they tried, but at this moment, the frail Eldest Young Lady easily took them from his hands.


She tossed the blood-covered weapons to the ground. When she looked up, she realised that his eyes had closed, and faint breathing could be heard coming from his nostrils.


“Does anyone have medicine? Help treat him, now!” The Eldest Young Lady turned her head and sought help from them.


Given his injuries, he would surely journey to the Yellow Springs if he wasn’t treated in time. Although the Eldest Young Lady had rarely stepped out of the manor, she was aware of such common knowledge.


The Young City Lord motioned to one of his subordinates.


The subordinate quickly leaped off the horse and bolted towards Yang Kai. Upon making sure that the man posed no threat, he helped him lie down on the ground.


Yin Zhi Yong hurriedly came over to help out. Seeing that the Eldest Young Lady was still standing nearby, he encouraged, “Please go somewhere else, Eldest Young Lady. I’m worried that you’ll feel nauseated at the sight.”


The Eldest Young Lady nodded and stepped back.


The Young City Lord walked up to her and examined her before saying, “Eldest Young Lady Meng, I am the Young City Lord of White Jade City, Feng Cheng Si. I just returned from my studies abroad. I’m sorry that I didn’t n’t manage to save you earlier.”


The Eldest Young Lady shook her head, “I’m fine.”


Her eyes never looked away from Yang Kai though as she was apparently full of worry.


When Feng Cheng Si saw that, he secretly cursed, thinking fate was really a bitch.



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