Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4823, Personal Bodyguard


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One day, Yang Kai was wielding a sword and a saber in the courtyard when the Captain of the private guards entered the place.


Upon hearing the noise, Yin Zhi Yong quickly got out of the room and asked passionately, “Big Brother Chu, why are you here?”


The Captain was surnamed Chu, so the private guards would call him Big Brother Chu in private.


Big Brother Chu replied with a smile, “What’s wrong? Can’t I visit you two without any important matter? Have you forgotten about us just because you’ve made some contributions now? Are you looking down on us?”


Yin Zhi Yong put on a bitter expression as he said, “What are you talking about, Big Brother Chu? It’s thanks to your guidance over the years that I’ve had a chance to make a contribution. I would never dare to look down on you all.”


Big Brother Chu extended his hand and poked him, “You’re such a smooth talker, aren’t you?” All of a sudden, he put on a solemn expression and changed the topic, “Anyways, there’s indeed an important matter now.”


Yin Zhi Yong quickly said, “Please tell us right away, Big Brother Chu.”


Big Brother Chu turned to look at Yang Kai, “How are you feeling?”


Yang Kai moved his shoulders a little, “I’m fine.”


“Good. I was worried that you wouldn’t be able to take on this task.”


Yin Zhi Yong asked with concern, “What kind of task is that?”


Big Brother Chu put on a mysterious smile, “It’s not bad news. Something good awaits you. Come with me.”


After exchanging glances with Yin Zhi Yong, Yang Kai sheathed his weapons as they followed the Captain.


As they navigated through the Meng Manor behind Big Brother Chu, they soon arrived at a Grand Hall. In front of the Grand Hall stood an old man with a goatee. He was the chief steward of the Meng Manor. Seeing Captain Chu, he nodded gently.


Yin Zhi Yong suddenly felt his legs trembling slightly, for he finally recognised this Grand Hall.


Although he had been working in the Meng Manor for more than ten years, he had never had the right to come to such an important place as he was just an outer court’s private guard. 


“Captain…” Yin Zhi Yong looked inquisitively at the Captain in the hope that he would be given a hint.


Big Brother Chu muttered quietly, “Don’t say anything unnecessary after going in.”


Yin Zhi Yong nodded repeatedly.


After having a small talk with Big Brother Chu, the steward with a goatee turned to Yang Kai and Yin Zhi Yong, “Come with me.” Upon finishing his words, he shuffled into the Grand Hall.


Yin Zhi Yong stuck close to Yang Kai and said in a small voice, “Little Brother, I believe we’re going to meet the Patriarch. You have to be cautious.”


The Grand Hall was where the Patriarch dealt with his daily business. No one could go near this place without his permission.


Yang Kai nodded gently to show that he understood.


After entering the Grand Hall with the chief steward, Yang Kai looked up and saw a man who was going through some documents behind a desk.


There was nothing special about the man, who was about fifty years old. Nevertheless, since he had taken good care of himself, he looked slightly younger than his age.


He was supposed to be the Patriarch of the Meng Family, Meng De Ye.


The chief steward told the two of them to stop, then walked up to Meng De Ye in light steps and said, “Sir, I’ve brought them.”


Meng De Ye grunted and continued handling his business.


Since he never said anything, Yang Kai and Yin Zhi Yong could only remain standing there.


About a cup of tea later, Meng De Ye put the documents aside and stamped them with a seal before falling into his thoughts with a frown. He seemed to have finally recalled the presence of these two private guards as he looked up at them, “Who is Yang Kai?”


Yang Kai cupped his fist and said solemnly, “Yang Kai greets the Patriarch.”


Yin Zhi Yong saluted him as well, “Outer court guard Yin Zhi Yong greets the Patriarch.”


Meng De Ye stared fixedly at Yang Kai and said impassively, “I heard that you were badly injured.”


Yang Kai replied in a firm voice, “As a guard of the Meng Manor, it is my duty to ensure the Eldest Young Lady’s safety even if it costs me my life.”


Admiration was written all over Yin Zhi Yong’s face as he thought that Yang Kai was usually taciturn, but the latter could tactfully fawn over someone in power when it was necessary.


“Good.” There was no doubt that Meng De Ye was pleased with his reply. Others might not be sincere when they said such a thing, but Yang Kai had proven his loyalty in the previous incident as he was willing to protect the Eldest Young Lady even with his life on the line.


Meng De Ye had heard others talk about the incident, so he knew that Yang Kai really almost died that day.


Although he had no idea why this new private guard was so bold and loyal, he reckoned that no more tests were needed.


“The inner court is supposed to be the place where the security is the strictest in the Meng Manor, but Ru’er was almost harmed this time. It’s because of this incident that she doesn’t trust the personal bodyguards in the inner court anymore.” Meng De Ye didn’t intend to beat around the bush as it wasn’t necessary to do so in front of his own private guards. Therefore, he directly told them the reason he had summoned them, “However, since you’ve saved Ru’er’s life, she has total trust in you. It could be said that she only trusts you of all the private guards in the Meng Manor.”


Yang Kai hung his head low, “It is my honour to have gained the Eldest Young Lady’s trust.”


“I want you to go to Ru’er’s side and be her personal bodyguard. Are you willing to take on this task?” Meng De Ye asked.


Yang Kai became startled for a moment before cupping his fist, “Rest assured, Patriarch. I am willing to be punished if the Eldest Young Lady loses even a single strand of hair.”


Meng De Ye nodded, “I have faith in your loyalty and capabilities. I’ll not mistreat you if you work hard.” He paused for a moment, “Do you have any requests?”


[He can even make a request?] Yin Zhi Yong was shocked, thinking that the Patriarch truly regarded Yang Kai as important.


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai replied, “I want a good saber and sword.”


The sword previously given to him by those from the Meng Manor was mass-produced, so it couldn’t be considered a good weapon. It soon became bent and chipped, making it all but unusable. The saber he randomly took from a dead bandit from Hidden Treasure Peak was just an ordinary weapon as well.


In a world where the Martial Dao was so low, one’s power would be enhanced greatly by having a good weapon. If Yang Kai had an incredible weapon in his hands at that time, he wouldn’t have become so battered.


Meng De Ye nodded lightly, “You may leave now. Someone will get the weapons ready.”


“Many thanks, Patriarch.”


To the side, the steward with a goatee saluted Meng De Ye before leading Yang Kai and Yin Zhi Yong to leave the hall.


An elated Yin Zhi Yong still had no idea what was going on. Just now, the Patriarch told Yang Kai to be the personal bodyguard of the Eldest Young Lady, but he never mentioned anything about Yin Zhi Yong.


If he didn’t also become a personal bodyguard, why was he summoned to this place?


While leading the way at the front, the steward with a goatee said, “Congratulations, both of you. Only the most powerful and loyal private guards have a right to enter the inner court of the Meng Manor. Most private guards are not allowed to even approach the inner court.”


Instantly, Yin Zhi Yong became ecstatic as the steward’s words suggested that he was also a part of the inner court now, which allowed him to set his mind at ease. It had been more than ten years since he joined the Meng Manor, but he had always been an insignificant private guard in the outer court. Now that he could enter the inner court, he found it to be surreal while feeling excited.


“Many thanks, steward.” With a smile, Yin Zhi Yong walked up to the steward and stuffed a money pouch into his hands. Fully aware of what was going on, the steward discreetly took it as he was pleased with Yin Zhi Yong’s gesture.


Yin Zhi Yong then asked, “Are there any taboos in the inner court, Sir? Although I’ve been working in the Meng Manor for more than ten years, I’ve never stepped into the inner court before. Please grant us some instruction.”


The steward replied with a smile, “There’s indeed some taboos, but the most important thing is that men and women understand their stations. Both of you are men after all, and most of the people living in the inner court are women. Hence, when you’re in the inner court, don’t listen to anything you shouldn’t listen to, and don’t look at things you’re not supposed to see. Also, don’t go to any places as you please without the Patriarch’s permission. You’ll be fine as long as you fulfill your duties.”


“Yes, yes, yes.” Yin Zhi Yong nodded repeatedly, “Little Brother Yang and I will protect the Eldest Young Lady regardless of what happens. We’ll do whatever she tells us to do, and we won’t make any mistakes.”


“I’m glad that’s what you think, and you’d better remember what you’ve said. Although you’ve made significant contributions this time, the Patriarch will not forgive you if you make any mistakes in the inner court.”


As they spoke, they finally arrived at the inner court. A maidservant with a bun was already waiting in front of the courtyard. 


Yin Zhi Yong walked up to her and cupped his fist, “Lady Qian Qian!”


She was none other than the maidservant who worked for the Eldest Young Lady, Qian Qian. When Yang Kai was recuperating in the past, the Eldest Young Lady would send her to visit him every day; hence, Yin Zhi Yong recognised her.


Qian Qian seemed to be a timid woman. Although she had come into contact with Yin Zhi Yong and Yang Kai many times before, she still started blushing at this moment. She couldn’t help but take a step back and fall silent with her lips pressed together.


The steward stepped forward and said, “Lead the way for them. The Eldest Young Lady will make some arrangements.”


“Yes,” Qian Qian replied. After taking a glance at Yang Kai, she quickly hung her head low and turned around to lead the way.


Yang Kai and Yin Zhi Yong followed her closely.


The inner court was vast and beautiful. A lot of small bridges, ponds and rockery gardens were built among the various courtyards.


Yin Zhi Yong looked around and tutted in amazement. It had been more than ten years since he joined the Meng Manor, but it was the first time he came to the inner court, so he was curious about everything here. He was especially enamoured of the pleasant fragrance that lingered in the air that reminded him of the times when he was on a woman’s bed.


When he came across any women in the inner court, he quickly hung his head low as he would never forget that he was just a guard.


Of Meng De Ye’s three daughters, two of them were already married. Only the eldest Daughter, Meng Ru, was still single. The Patriarch had more than ten Wives though, so there were a lot of women in the inner court.


If Yin Zhi Yong caught a glimpse of anything he was not supposed to see, his eyes would probably be dug out.


After making many turns, they finally arrived at the Eldest Young Lady’s residence. Qian Qian went inside to inform the Eldest Young Lady about their arrival while Yang Kai and Yin Zhi Yong waited outside the building.


It was a building with three storeys. Many busy servants continuously entered and left the place. Perhaps they had heard the news, so they would look curiously at Yang Kai and Yin Zhi Yong when passing them by. Seeing that these two men appeared anxious, they covered their mouths and giggled while whispering among themselves.


A moment later, Qian Qian stepped out and said to them gently, “Come in. The Eldest Young Lady is waiting for you.”


Yin Zhi Yong replied in a fawning manner, “Many thanks, Lady Qian Qian!”


They entered and arrived at the lobby on the ground floor. It was supposed to be the place where the Eldest Young Lady received her guests as it was lavishly decorated. At this moment, the Eldest Young Lady, Meng Ru, was seated by a round table as she stared fixedly at Yang Kai with a pair of bright eyes.




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