Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 61, Rock Python


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


“This girl is really impulsive.“


Watching Qing Er disappearing into the fissure, Yu Zi Yu could not help but find it both amusing and exasperating.


He had not expected her to still act so recklessly even after spending so much time among the Humans.


However, after giving it a thought, Yu Zi Yu himself was at a loss. After all, Qing Er was just a Soul, who was impervious to physical attacks, which allowed her to fearlessly face most assaults.


Backed by such extraordinary abilities, it was only natural for Qing Er to possess such great confidence.



Amidst the swirling mist, a fleeting red shadow zoomed through the air.


In a matter of moments, Qing Er had delved deep into the crevice, descending over a hundred meters.


Yet, her excitement grew with each passing moment. 


For this meant that the likelihood of this crevice leading to the Spirit Stone Mine had significantly increased. If nothing went awry, a Spirit Stone Mine should be right below.


With this realisation, Qing Er gracefully waved her hand, hastening the speed of her descent.


However, not long after, Qing Er’s figure abruptly halted.


“Spiritual Energy…” muttering to herself, Qing Er looked down and was stunned at the sight of colorful lights surging below.


She had not expected to find it so quickly, within just 350 meters.


The Spiritual Energy was originally colorless, but in the eyes of a Transcendent, the Spiritual Energy was like the colorful mist rising slowly like summer transpiration.


At this very moment, the surging Spiritual Energy was colorful and radiant even in the eyes of ordinary people. This was enough to understand how terrifying the concentration of Spiritual Energy below was.


However, that was not the most important thing.


The most important thing was that her Master could easily shield himself from Human surveillance with this Spirit Stone Mine. 


As this realization dawned upon her, Qing Er exhaled a long, deep breath, quelling the surge of excitement that welled up within her.



In an instant, her figure spinned as she once again transformed into a wisp of crimson smoke, flying toward the very bottom of the crevice the next moment.


Gazing upon the glowing illumination below, Qing Er suddenly accelerated.


With a thunderous boom, she felt as if she had plunged into a vast ocean.


A symphony of colors enveloped her, as the dense, compressed Spiritual Energy swirled around her.


Yet, Qing Er did not surrender herself entirely to this ocean of Spiritual Energy, no matter how inviting it was. 


The potent and pungent smell wafting from the distance caused a subtle change in her countenance.


Raising her gaze, Qing Er beheld a sight just dozens of meters away–a colossal Python, resembling a small mountain, coiled serenely.


The magnificent creature commanded attention with its captivating emerald eyes, exuding an eerie and intimidating aura. Its sleek, coiled body was adorned in yellowish-brown color fish-like scales. Its back radiated a gentle light yellow hue, while the rest boasted a deep, stony yellow reminiscent of rocks.


Though its massive form remained coiled, its body held a diameter comparable to a water bucket and stretched an impressive length of 20-30 meters.


“Is this a Rock Python!?“ Qing Er’s pupil could not help but shrank in astonishment and trepidation, gazing at this massive Python.


Rock Pythons were formidable Mutant Snakes renowned for their ability to manipulate the Earth Element. Its name ‘Rock Python’ came from the military’s Mutant Beasts Encyclopedia, which documented an array of Mutant Beasts, ranging from very small to colossal beasts.


However, the Rock Python was one of the apex predators among the listed Mutant Beasts. Its entire body was so hard like sculpted from solid granite, boasting a defense that could effortlessly withstand the majority of artillery fire.


However, there was something subtly different about this massive Python from the Rock Pythons.


“This guy…” Qing Er stared intently at the giant Python’s earthly yellow scales that exuded an aura reminiscent of the land itself. An ominous premonition began to take root in her heart.


Just then…


*Hisss…* A chilling hoarse hiss cut through the air, as the Python fixed its cold gaze on Qing Er, who was not far from its position.


Immediately after, the Python’s tail lightly swayed, slamming the ground nearby.


With a thunderous rumble, the earth started violently trembling.


And in that fleeting moment…


*Swish* A sharp, pointed spike of soil shot forth from the ground, swished through the air, and completely impaled Qing Er.


“How formidable.“ Despite witnessing the soil spike piercing through her body, Qing Er remained composed. She was impervious to physical attacks; it was not just some empty words.


Considering the Rock Python’s formidable defense, Qing Er had no intention of engaging in a struggling battle with it. Monsters of this caliber were meant to be confronted by her Master. After all, if her conjecture was right, this Rock Python had already completed its metamorphosis, completely transforming into a Tier-1 Transcendent.


With this realization, Qing Er could not help but feel grateful that they had discovered it early.


Otherwise, given more time, who knows what kind of monster it would have evolved into?




Releasing a long, deep breath, Qing Er surveyed her surroundings.


The coiled colossal Python was in the west, silently absorbing the Spiritual Energy emanating from the nearby Spirit Stone Mine.


While the Spirit Stone Mine was located in the east. Although only a corner of it was exposed, it was still possible to peak at its concealed splendor within the mountain.


However, at this very moment, Qing Er’s eyes suddenly narrowed, as if she had sensed something. Raising her gaze, she spotted a red plant growing atop the corner of the Spirit Stone Mine.


A delicate fragrance lingered in the air, casting a bewildering charm, stirring a restlessness within her, as if by instinct.


“A plant growing from the Spirit Stone Mine?“ Muttering, Qing Er’s eyes sparkled with intrigue.


[Such Spirit Herbs will definitely be of great value to Master.] Moreover, what piqued her curiosity further was that the giant Python’s apparent interest in this blood-red grass.


Rather than following up with another attack after missing its initial strike, the snake’s gaze shifted to the blood-red grass, exhibiting a vigilant demeanor as if guarding against potential theft.


A mischievous smile spread on Qing Er’s lips as realization dawned upon her.


Without hesitation, she swiftly transformed into a wisp of crimson smoke, darting straight toward the blood-red grass.


Suddenly, a roar akin to a dragon’s roar yet not quite, or a snake’s hiss yet different, echoed underground; a cacophony of madness and unrestrained ferocity.


The next moment, an enormous bloody maw lunged toward Qing Er with astonishing speed.


[Fast! Too fast!]


Who could have predicted such thunderous swiftness from a Python of such colossal size?


Regrettably, it was up against Qing Er, an ethereal Soul.


If not for her apprehension that the giant Python possessed means to harm Souls, Qing Er would not have needed to employ this sluggishness.


Shaking her head slightly, Qing Er pursed her lips into a cold smile.


In an instant, she accelerated, swiftly evading its bloody jaws.


Then, her illusory hand materialised, reaching out to grasp the blood-red grass.




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