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Martial Peak – Chapter 5562, Negotiation

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Inside the Myriad Monsters World, Great Monsters began to cultivate after receiving the ancient cultivation method, causing the entire Universe World’s World Force to thrum.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai found a Spirit Peak and began setting up a Universe Array.


He had left multiple Universe Arrays in the New Great Territory, mainly to facilitate High Heaven Palace disciples’ exploration, but there were none in the vicinity of the Myriad Monsters World.


Although Hua Qing Si did not know Yang Kai’s intentions, she did not ask any questions either. Her Palace Master always had his reasons for doing things, all she needed to do was assist him; there was no need to ask any question.


Half a day later, a new Universe Array was finished. After which, Yang Kai started building a sturdy Universe Temple around it together with Hua Qing Si.


At this moment, the Monster Qi of the first Great Monster to start cultivating using the ancient method suddenly soared. Immediately after, lightning started flashing in the clear sky before a thick purple bolt suddenly emerged out of thin air, striking straight towards the Great Monster. The next moment, a towering wave of flame spread from the location of the Great Monster, burning everything in its path. The flames were so hot that even the local space began to crack.


Immediately, a beastly roar resounded throughout the sky.


Yang Kai looked up, immersed in his thoughts.


By the looks of it, if the Great Monsters wanted to break their shackles, they would also need to go through some suffering, but it was not that it was unexpected. The Human Race’s advancement to the Open Heaven Realm was not a smooth path either. Although Humans did not have to face Heavenly tribulations when they merged Yin, Yang, and the Five Elements into one before splitting Heaven and Earth apart in their bodies, they would face many internal troubles, and the slightest mistake would result in death.


This Lightning and Fire Tribulation was probably a test from the Heavenly Way. If the Great Monsters weathered it, they would have a wider world ahead of them, but if they couldn’t, they would perish on the spot.


Be that as it may, the Great Monsters of the Myriad Monsters World were bound by the shackles of the Grand Dao here, and without a suitable cultivation method, they had tempered their bodies for many, many years after reaching the peak of their current Realm. It should not be difficult for them to overcome this Lightning and Fire Tribulation.


Yang Kai had no intention of lending a hand. In any case, one had to depend on themselves in such matters, outside intervention would ultimately be counter to the natural order.


The Lightning and Fire Tribulation became fiercer and fiercer, and the beastly roars became louder and louder. Finally, after several hours, things slowly calmed down.


Things might have calmed down in the original spot, but there were still many Great Monsters trying to overcome their own Lightning and Fire Tribulation in the Myriad Monsters World.


The Universe Temple was also finished on the Spirit Peak by now. With two powerful Open Heaven Realm Masters working together, it was a simple matter to build a Universe Temple.


Suddenly, a fearsome aura rapidly approached from the horizon. Hua Qing Si and Yang Kai both looked up before Yang Kai proposed with a smile, “Let’s go meet our new friend.”


Walking out of Universe Temple, Yang Kai spotted a big and strong snow-white Tiger. The enormous Tiger was some 70 to 80 metres tall and radiated an intense Monster Qi. Its massive body was giving off quite a huge pressure.


Its eyes alone were as big as a water tank, but because it had just gone through the Lightning and Fire Tribulation, it also looked quite miserable.


The giant Tiger’s eyes flashed with vigilance at the sight of Yang Kai and Hua Qing Si as it instinctively took two steps back.


Yang Kai sized it up from top to bottom before lightly nodding his acknowledgement, “Not bad.”


It had just weathered the Lightning and Fire Tribulation, but it was radiating a pressure comparable to a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Given time, this Great Monster’s achievements would not be too low.


Humans’ Open Heaven Realm cultivation method had its own advantages and disadvantages. The advantage was that those with great aptitude could reach the sky in a single bound. For instance, the seedlings who could advance straight to the Sixth Order or Seventh Order would immediately possess such strength the moment they ascended from the Emperor Realm.


The drawback was that the advancement to the Open Heaven Realm came with an innate shackle. The lower one’s aptitude was, the lower would one’s future limit be. It was for this reason that every Seventh-Order elite was extremely treasured by the Human Race.


On the other hand, Divine Spirits had no such shackles, and neither did the Monster Race.


The Divine Spirits’ advancement depended on their Bloodline Power. The purer one’s bloodline was, the stronger one would be.


The Monster Race’s ancient cultivation method focused on tempering one’s Monster Core. A Monster Beast relied on their Monster Core to improve. The giant Tiger had just broken through, but it was already as strong as a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Human, but this did not mean that its limit would be the Fifth-Order. As long as it diligently polished and tempered its Monster Core, with ample opportunity and aptitude, advancing to the Sixth-Order, Seventh-Order, Eighth-Order, or even Ninth-Order equivalent was not impossible.


In a sense, the Human Race’s Open Heaven Realm cultivation method could be said to be flawed, or at least incomplete. Yang Kai had only recently understood this. Even if he had noticed it though, he was unable to do anything about it. The Open Heaven Realm cultivation method was passed down by Cang and the other Martial Ancestors from the Late Ancient Era. Millions of years had already gone by since then, and the Human Race had always relied on this cultivation method to grow stronger.


Without the Open Heaven Realm cultivation method, Humans would have been stuck in the Emperor Realm still, never having achieved the greatness they had today.


“Don’t be afraid, this King has no malicious intentions. I just have some matters to discuss with you and the other Great Monsters,” Yang Kai looked at the giant Tiger with an amiable look on his face.


The giant Tiger let out a growl as the vigilance in its eyes became even stronger. Who knew if it understood Yang Kai or not.


Realization suddenly dawned upon Yang Kai as he muttered, “I forgot that you have never communicated with Humans before.”


Saying so, he stepped forward, stretching his hand towards the giant Tiger’s forehead.


The giant Tiger was startled and instinctively tried to dodge, but how could it? It helplessly watched Yang Kai’s fingertip grow closer and closer before touching its forehead. Its fur all stood on end in fright.


But very soon, it realized that Yang Kai had no intention of harming it; instead, many strange things appeared in its mind.


Yang Kai floated back as he spoke to the giant Tiger with a smile on his lips, “Now we can communicate.”


The giant Tiger’s eyes widened in shock. At this moment, it suddenly discovered that it could understand Yang Kai. What’s more, if it wanted to, it could speak with the opposite party.


It tried to open its mouth, asking in somewhat broken Human language, “W-Who… you?”


Yang Kai replied, smiling, “I am the Palace Master of High Heaven Palace, Yang Kai.”


How would the giant Tiger know what this High Heaven Palace was? Quickly assimilating the new language it had been taught, it asked again, “What you do here?”


Yang Kai answered, “Today, I have come to your precious land to teach you a cultivation method and help you escape from the shackles of this Universe World’s Grand Dao. In exchange, I will send a few people here to cultivate. I hope all of you will restrain the other Monster Race members and not harm these Humans.”


The giant Tiger had some difficulty understanding everything that was said, but it ultimately comprehended Yang Kai’s intentions and angrily proclaimed, “This place… is mine!”


The Monster Race was extremely territorial. When it heard that Yang Kai wanted to send Humans to cultivate here, it naturally was not too happy about it.


Yang Kai responded with a smile, “It used to be.”


The giant Tiger was momentarily taken aback before asking, “What about the future?”


“This World is mine from now on!”


The giant Tiger understood Yang Kai’s words and immediately growled, “Why?”


Yang Kai thought for a moment before replying, “Because I’m stronger than you!”


The giant Tiger appeared to have something to say, but it did not know how to put it into words, so it simply chose not to say anything. It leapt up and bit towards Yang Kai, “Die!”


Yang Kai simply flicked his finger towards the giant Tiger’s head, sending it tumbling back. It was immediately hit with a fit of dizziness and shook its head for a long while, but was still unable to stand up. Only now did it realize that the tiny ‘Human’ before him was extremely strong, so strong that it could provoke him.


Yang Kai jumped up and landed on its head before lowering his head and asking, “Is this territory yours, or mine?”


The giant Tiger’s eyes took a moment to focus before it replied, “I… can’t say!”


The giant Tiger’s territory was just a small portion of the vast Myriad Monsters World and there were naturally others who occupied other territories.


Yang Kai immediately understood. The next moment, Space Principles started undulating as he stretched his hand out and clasped it.


What happened next completely horrified the giant Tiger as Great Monsters of all shapes and sizes suddenly appeared out of thin air and were thrown in front of it.


The giant Tiger recognized some of these Great Monsters, while some were unfamiliar, though it seemed to know about most of them at least.


All these Great Monsters were scattered throughout the Myriad Monsters World and were the strongest members of the Monster Race.


But now, all of them have been captured and brought here by Yang Kai.


With the sudden change in their surroundings, all the Great Monsters were a little absent-minded, unable to understand how they suddenly appeared here.


Yang Kai ordered the giant Tiger, “Pass on my words, and see who dares to refuse.”


The giant Tiger was filled with incomparable anguish, but under Yang Kai’s strong-arming, it had no choice but to communicate with the other Great Monsters and convey Yang Kai’s intentions.


While the Great Monsters were conversing, they would look towards Yang Kai with eyes filled with dread.


At this moment, they also came to know who imparted to them the ancient cultivation method. Furthermore, when someone as strong as the giant Tiger was unable to resist the opposite party, how could the other Great Monsters dare to cause trouble?


They simply could not afford to provoke this Human.


The next moment, all the Great Monsters withdrew their auras as if they had reached some consensus.


Yang Kai was satisfied with this.


The giant Tiger suddenly started speaking, “Those two… don’t agree, they want to eat you!”


Saying so, it stretched out its claws, pointing towards two Great Monsters.


The two Great Monsters who were being pointed at, instantly had their hair stand on end and the hedgehog-like Great Monster of the two angrily shouted, “Non, non, non…nonsense! We… agree?”


Originally, the Tiger wanted to bully these two Great Monsters he had a grudge with. Thinking they did not understand Human language, they would be unable to refute, but much to its surprise, they could speak the Human tongue as well.


The giant Tiger realized that when this Human had captured and brought these Great Monsters here, he must have secretly done something.


Yang Kai jumped down from its body and patted its massive head, stating, “Good, since everyone has agreed, this Myriad Monsters World will be this Yang’s territory from now on. In the future, I will send some Humans to cultivate here. I hope that everyone can restrain your subordinates and stop them from attacking those Humans.”


Yang Kai really found the giant Tiger’s antics quite funny. The giant Tiger was quite the schemer, actually trying to murder with a borrowed knife. He wondered what kind of grudge those two Great Monsters had with the giant Tiger.


One of the black-furred Great Monsters, who looked like a jackal, asked, “What happens if… they harmed?”


Yang Kai slightly smiled, “What do you think?”


Although Yang Kai’s tone was quite light, as if he was joking, all the Great Monsters had a chill run down their spine. They realized that this Human was not joking. If such a thing really did happen, the Monster Race member who attacked the Humans would definitely be killed.


Another Great Monster asked, “What if Humans… hurt us?”


Yang Kai assured, “Don’t worry, I will also make it clear to the Humans who are sent here to cultivate that they are not to harm the Monster Beasts of the Myriad Monsters World. Anyone who dares to break this rule will be killed as well!”


The Great Monsters looked at each other before nodding lightly.


It was only fair that both sides were not allowed to harm or kill at will. If the Humans could attack them at will but they could not even retaliate, then they could never agree.


By the looks of it, this Human was quite fair.


“Alright, this matter is settled. Everyone, please return.” Yang Kai waved off. It was not that hard for him to subdue the entire Monster Race of the Myriad Monsters World. Perhaps he could use gentler methods to accomplish this, but Yang Kai did not have the time to do so. When even the Divine Spirits of the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary were beaten into submission by him, what would Monster Beasts of the Myriad Monsters World count for?



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