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Martial Peak – Chapter 5590, So Strange

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Inside the Void Dao Temple, many future Open Heaven Realm Masters had gathered together. There were around 300 people in the Dao Temple currently, and other than roughly 20 who hadn’t fully refined the powers of Yin, Yang, and Five Elements, the rest were ready to leave and achieve a breakthrough.


In front of everyone’s eyes, the space in the centre of the Grand Hall contorted. Like a stone dropping into a still lake, ripples spread across the place.


Following that, an oval portal appeared in the originally empty space.


The eyes of these future Open Heaven Realm Masters brightened in an instant.


Liu Jing Shan, who had been waiting for 3,000 years, immediately took action. While the others were still pleasantly surprised, he cupped his fist and said, “Fellow Brothers and Sister, I’ll be going on ahead.”


The next moment, he charged towards the portal and disappeared.


After Liu Jing Shan made the first move, the others stopped hesitating as they streamed into the portal in an orderly manner.


Fang Tian Ci was among the crowd. After the world spun around for a bit, he found himself in an expansive void. As he looked around, he realised there were innumerable Stars in the distance. While hovering in this place, he felt how small and insignificant he truly was.


Liu Jing Shan, who was the first to leave the Dao Temple, came over and tugged Fang Tian Ci’s sleeve before jutting out his chin in a particular direction.


Fang Tian Ci looked in the same direction and saw a young man in some casual robes.


“The Dao Lord!?” He exclaimed.


He had seen the Dao Lord’s statue in the Grand Hall where their Seniors’ names were recorded. The young man in front of him had 90% likeness to the main statue; as such, he could recognise him at first glance.


Besides him, the other future Open Heaven Realm Masters, who had just left the Dao Temple, saw Yang Kai as well, their gazes filled with admiration and fervour.


More and more disciples emerged from the portal, and when the last one appeared, the portal disappeared abruptly.


Yang Kai swept a glance over them and announced, “Since you’ve chosen to leave the Void Dao Temple, you should all be prepared to battle the Black Ink Clan; however, all of you are not powerful enough to do that yet. Focus on your ascension first. All of you are the geniuses in the Void World, and you’ve been nurtured for years in the Dao Temple. I suppose it won’t be hard for you to make it to the Open Heaven Realm. Don’t disappoint me.”


As he spoke, he sent a signal to Hua Qing Si with his eyes.


Seeing that, Hua Qing Si raised her hand and shot out hundreds of light beams before saying, “These are Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills. Consume one before attempting your breakthrough. It will be very useful.”


These future Open Heaven Realm Masters took the Spirit Pills and stared at them, evidently excited.


In fact, they had been getting ready to break through to the Open Heaven Realm for many years, so it wouldn’t be a problem for them to achieve an ascension even without any external aids. Now that they had these Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills, they felt even more assured.


They then saluted and thanked the two.


Yang Kai waved his hand, “You may begin now.”


They then dispersed and looked for suitable places to attempt a breakthrough.


Zhan Wu Hen had remained silent all this while, but at this moment, he couldn’t help saying, “If my memory serves me right, you brought a batch of disciples out of your Small Universe just 400 years ago.”


At that time, several thousand people emerged from Yang Kai’s Small Universe. The magnificent sight of so many people achieving an ascension together shocked Bi Xi, Mo Mei, and the others in the Void Land. Although Zhan Wu Hen was not there to witness it, he heard about it at a later time.


To his surprise, there were another 300 good seedlings just 400 years later.


Yang Kai explained, “The flow of time in my Small Universe is different from that in the outside world.”


It was the first time Zhan Wu Hen heard about this, but after giving it some thought, he realised what was going on, “Is it because of Time Principles?”


Yang Kai nodded, “Although only 400 years have passed in the outside world, around 3,000 years have gone by in my Small Universe.”


Zhan Wu Hen did some calculations and realised the flow of time in Yang Kai’s Small Universe was about seven to eight times faster. In other words, a cultivator could grow rapidly before making it to the Open Heaven Realm by cultivating in Yang Kai’s Small Universe.


“There are significantly fewer people in my Small Universe than the Star Boundary; as such, fewer geniuses are produced in the same period; however, due to the difference in the flow of time, the absolute rate at which geniuses are produced isn’t very different from the Star Boundary.”


Currently, several people who had the potential to directly ascend to the Fifth Order and above would appear in the Star Boundary every year.


“What about the percentage of those who have the potential to directly ascend to the Seventh Order?” Zhan Wu Hen asked.


“Around 10% of them,” Yang Kai replied.


Hearing that, Zhan Wu Hen was astounded. The percentage was indeed terrific. It was higher than that in the Star Boundary. Over the years, they had estimated that among those who had the potential to directly ascend to the Fifth Order and above, only 5% of them could directly make it to the Seventh Order. Of course, it must have something to do with the fact that there were far more people in the Star Boundary to begin with.


There was only so much a World Tree clone could do, and with such a massive population, fewer top geniuses were produced as the nourishment was shared between more people overall.


With that said, besides the Star Boundary, the Humans also had the Myriad Monsters World now.


It had been some 300 years since Yang Kai planted a World Tree clone in the Myriad Monsters World, and the nourishment of the World Tree clone had started showing its effects. Now, many soldiers would spend Military Merits to get access to the Myriad Monsters World so that their friends and relatives or disciples in the same Sect could live and cultivate there.


As it had only been a short time since the World Tree clone was planted though, things hadn’t yet stabilised in the Myriad Monsters World.


When the World Tree clone fully grew up a few hundred years later, the Myriad Monsters World was bound to become a second Star Boundary.


More importantly, there were not any Great Emperors in the Myriad Monsters World yet.


That was what the Humans valued the most. The Great Emperors of the Star Boundary could cultivate far faster than others; however, the quotas in the Star Boundary had been fully taken up. As such, there wouldn’t be any new Great Emperors in the foreseeable future.


Nevertheless, the Myriad Monsters World was different as it was basically empty now. If anyone could receive the acknowledgement of the World’s Will and become a Great Emperor, their future would surely be bright.


Moreover, there were a lot of Great Monsters in the Myriad Monsters World. Over the past 300 years, some Great Monsters managed to break through their limits and leave their World. Human Masters would then bring those Great Monsters and use them on the battlefields.


The entire Myriad Monsters World was a treasure trove that was yet to be dug up.


As they spoke, the future Open Heaven Realm Masters had found their own places and consumed the Spirit Pills. Soon, streams of powerful aura were felt coming from all directions in the void.


The sight of nearly 300 people achieving an ascension together was magnificent; however, compared to the several thousand people who had done so at the same time back then in Void Land, what was going on now was less remarkable.


It might take the average cultivator some effort to achieve an ascension, but it had been smooth sailing for these cultivators who came from the Void Dao Temple. That was because most had refined the powers of Yin, Yang, and Five Elements a long time ago, and they were fully ready to achieve a breakthrough. Due to the Void World’s suppression, they were unable to explore the secrets of the Open Heaven Realm, so all they could do was further consolidate their cultivation.


Now that they had left the Void World, there were no more restraints, and with the help of Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills, they certainly wouldn’t dawdle.


People like Liu Jing Shan had been waiting for this day for 3,000 years, and they had imagined themselves achieving an ascension on countless occasions.


As these streams of aura expanded, these disciples from the Dao Temple subsequently achieved their breakthroughs.


A lot of them made it to the Fifth-Order and Sixth-Order, but it was the Seventh-Order Masters who caught the most attention.


Zhan Wu Hen soon confirmed that 10% of the disciples who came from Yang Kai’s Small Universe indeed made it to the Seventh Order. In other words, there was 1 Seventh-Order Master in every 10 people.


That was a staggering ratio. For the rest, about 30% of them were Sixth-Order Masters while 60% of them were Fifth-Order Masters.


Given enough time, these people would reach their own limits and become High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters one day.


More and more people broke through to the Open Heaven Realm. Only over 10 people among 300 of them still hadn’t achieved a breakthrough while presently, there were 26 Seventh-Order Masters.


Supposedly, one of these people who was still attempting an ascension would become a Seventh-Order Master.


Those who had made it to the Open Heaven Realm were thrilled as they examined their increased strength.


From the Emperor Realm to the Open Heaven Realm, the increase in power was extreme. As such, new Open Heaven Realm Masters could barely control their strength, and it was especially true for those who had achieved a higher Order.


Hua Qing Si looked in a particular direction and smiled, “There’s another Seventh-Order Master.”


Over there, a disciple from the Dao Temple felt his aura surging as a buzzing sound was heard coming from his body. His Small Universe took shape, and his aura rose from the Emperor Realm to the Open Heaven Realm in an instant.


The aura exuding from him suggested that he was in the Seventh Order.


Meanwhile, Liu Jing Shan was looking in the same direction. When he saw that Fang Tian Ci had achieved an ascension, he was elated, “He succeeded!”


However, the moment he finished speaking, something surprising happened. For some reason, Fang Tian Ci’s ample aura plunged all of a sudden as it dropped from the Seventh Order to the Sixth Order in the blink of an eye.


Certainly, Fang Tian Ci was shocked to find his aura plummeting as well. He couldn’t help grunting as his power became a mess.


“Junior Brother Fang!” Liu Jing Shan exclaimed as he charged towards Fang Tian Ci.


However, the instant he started moving, he felt an immense force pinning him to the spot. Realising the source of the force, he hunched his back and wouldn’t dare to move a muscle.


It was apparent to him that the Dao Lord had made a move.


At that instant, he was relieved. Since the Dao Lord had decided to help, there shouldn’t be a problem with Fang Tian Ci’s ascension, though he appeared to be in a perilous situation.


At this moment, Yang Kai was paying close attention to Fang Tian Ci. Initially, he was surprised to see Fang Tian Ci ascending to the Seventh Order, but when he felt that aura plunging to the Sixth Order, he knew that he had been too naïve.


He couldn’t help sighing as he took a step forward and appeared in front of Fang Tian Ci. Then, he placed his hand on the other man’s stomach and sent a Divine Sense transmission, saying, “Focus and adjust your aura.”


Hearing that, Fang Tian Ci promptly did as he was told.


He had gone through the vicissitudes of life, and it had taken him 2,000 years to become who he was today; as such, he was more sedate than most new Open Heaven Realm Masters. With Yang Kai’s help now, he managed to restore order to his chaotic aura.


One hour later, Fang Tian Ci opened his eyes and examined himself. What he found shocked him.


He had successfully achieved an ascension, but he was only in the Sixth Order, not the Seventh Order.


It was so strange. One had to know that the resources he had refined in the Dao Temple were all Seventh-Order. Supposedly, he would make it to the Seventh Order when attempting an ascension. In fact, he had indeed made it to the Seventh Order, but for some reason, the moment he succeeded, there was a mysterious force that descended on him, which caused his cultivation to drop from the Seventh Order to the Sixth Order.


As he examined himself, he found something even more astonishing.


His Small Universe had materialised!



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