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Martial Peak – Chapter 5813, Consecutive Victories

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“Mo Na Ye is probably out of seclusion!” Stated Mi Jing Lun, standing in front of a giant Universe Chart inside the Supreme Headquarters Main Conference Hall.


The Universe Chart was specially created by the Human Race and was used to simulate the situation of the various Great Territories. This Universe Chart included all the Great Territories known to the Human Race. Even the Black Ink Battlefield was presented to everyone in a translucent manner.


Nearly 99% of the display was dyed black, representing the area occupied by the Black Ink Clan.


Only a few locations were not dyed in black. These were the Great Territories currently under the Human Race’s control, including the few Great Territory Battlefields that they had recently been reclaimed.


While speaking, Mi Jing Lun raised his hand and circulated his strength. Immediately after, the Universe Chart started to change a little before everyone’s eyes as the pitch-black darkness blanketing one of the Great Territories began to fade.


Everyone could clearly see that it was the location of Great Storm Territory.


Those gathered here were the brightest of the brightest gathered from all over to serve under Mi Jing Lun. They formed the think tank of the Human Race.


The cultivation of these people ranged from low to high. Some were Eighth-Order Masters, while others were only in the Fourth-Order. They might not have fought on the battlefield, but it was an irrefutable fact that they had played a huge role in the Human Race resisting the Black Ink Clan’s invasion all these years.


Every single military order sent to various Great Territories was meticulously discussed between them and Mi Jing Lun.


Seeing Mi Jing Lun’s action, someone exclaimed in surprise, “Great Storm has been reclaimed?”


Mi Jing Lun would only make changes to the Universe Chart like this when a Great Territory was recovered.


Mi Jing Lun nodded his affirmation as he passed a jade slip, “This is the battle report I’ve just received from the front lines. The Azure Sun Army and Great Storm Army jointly captured the Black Ink Clan’s main camp three days ago and seized control of Great Storm Territory.”


Everyone immediately gathered around and began reading the jade slip one by one. A look of joy appeared on the faces of many, but there were also some with tight furrows on their brow; they faintly felt that something was wrong.


Nearly 100 years ago, when the projection of the Universe Furnace reappeared, the Human Race, which was already prepared, gave the Black Ink Clan a good beating and killed a lot of their Masters.


Furthermore, with Xiang Shan and Ou Yang Lie returning as Ninth-Order Masters, the Blood Flame and Profound Nether Armies reclaimed their respective Great Territories just a few years later under their leadership.


Over the next few years, the Human Race Armies’ morale was through the roof as they swiftly reclaimed a total of four Great Territories. So, counting Azure Sun and Wolf Fang Territories, the Human Race had already regained six of the dozen or so Great Territory Battlefields.


Unfortunately, their good days soon came to an end. The next couple of decades were filled with arduous struggles and horrific battles.


The Black Ink Clan had produced dozens of Pseudo-Royal Lords out of thin air, erasing the advantages brought about by the Ninth-Order Human Masters. Over the next 100 or so years, the Human Race had not been able to make any significant progress and had failed to recover any more Great Territories.


Yet they were suddenly able to recapture Great Storm Territory despite it being a pure stalemate just months ago. This was quite strange.


Furthermore, there also appeared to be a little problem with the battle report. Those with sharp minds had already noticed that something was amiss.


Combined with what Mi Jing Lun had said at the beginning, someone couldn’t help asking, “Sir Mi, why are you so certain that Mo Na Ye has come out of seclusion?”


Mi Jing Lun happened to be deep in thought, looking at the Universe Chart. Hearing the opposite party’s question, he replied with a question of his own, “First, tell me about the battle report. What does everyone think?”


The person who had spoken just now replied, “At first glance, there doesn’t appear to be any problem. It looks like the Human Race won a momentous victory and killed countless enemies, but upon closer inspection, the Black Ink Clan’s casualties aren’t significant. Also, not a single Pseudo-Royal Lord was killed.”


Many nodded in agreement, and those who had not realized the problem had also come to catch on at this moment.


It was a battle that concerned total control over a Great Territory, so it stood to reason that the Black Ink Clan would have gone all out. But if that really was the case, they should not have suffered so few casualties.


In every single battle that had reclaimed a Great Territory, one or two Pseudo-Royal Lords had always been killed.


This time though, not a single one of them had fallen. A simple Three Fortunes Formation formed by Pseudo-Royal Lords could fight evenly with a Ninth-Order Master or several Six Paths Formations formed by Eighth-Order Human Race Masters.


“Did the Black Ink Clan give up the Territory?” Someone shouted.


Mi Jing Lun replied with a nod, rubbing his forehead, “By the looks of it, the Black Ink Clan should have decided to withdraw from Great Storm Territory long ago, and have just taken advantage of the Human Race’s attack to carry out their retreat. If I’m not mistaken, the other Great Territories should also be recovered very soon.”


Recovering the lost territory was a cause for celebration; after all, the Human Race had been working hard all these years to achieve this very goal. Retaking the lost territories would give meaning to the sacrifices of countless soldiers.


However, the current situation was not what the Human Race wanted to see.


“Retreating instead of defending to enlarge the battlefront. It really does smell like Mo Na Ye,” a voice came from the corner.


Over the years, everyone had fought against Mo Na Ye’s schemes many times under Mi Jing Lun’s leadership. It was a battle of wits and strategy using the deployment of their respective Armies. As such, everyone was quite familiar with Mo Na Ye’s tactics.


The Black Ink Clan had been stubbornly resisting and defending the various Great Territory Battlefields for the past 100 years, but now they had suddenly changed tactics. It was obvious that someone of great authority was behind this. It could be none other than Mo Na Ye.


In fact, when the Human Race had reclaimed six Great Territory Battlefields, Mi Jing Lun had said that recovering the lost territories was not entirely a good thing.


The Human Race’s goal was not just to recover their lost territories, but also to injure, or preferably kill, as many Black Ink Clansmen as possible. If they could recover their lost territories, and also kill a large number of enemies at the same time, that would be the perfect scenario.


It was because there were simply far too many Great Territories in the 3,000 Worlds.


The Black Ink Clan may have lost a Great Territory, but they could still retreat to another. So long as they had not lost too many soldiers, losing a Great Territory could not be considered a significant loss for the Black Ink Clan. The only difference for them was a change of battlefield.


In contrast, things were very different for the Human Race. Every time they reclaimed a Great Territory, it would extend the frontlines further. This would not only create problems with logistics, but once the frontline was stretched too thin, it would most likely isolate the Armies at the forefront, allowing the Black Ink Clan to counterattack.


The best option would have naturally been to maintain the current situation. The Human Race could continuously thin out the Black Ink Clan’s forces until the enemy no longer had the strength to resist. By then, it would be a piece of cake for the Human Race Armies to reclaim the 3,000 Worlds and completely eradicate the Black Ink Clan in one fell swoop.


Thus, although the Human Race had not been able to take back any more Great Territories for the past 100 or so years, every time a war broke out, the Human Race would do everything possible to kill as many Black Ink Clansmen as they could.


The Human Race was more than happy to see the Black Ink Clan fighting to the death in the various Great Territory Battlefields.


But now, the Black Ink Clan had suddenly adopted the exact opposite strategy…


This was quite unfortunate.


“It has been almost 100 years since the Universe Furnace closed. That is ample time for Mo Na Ye to fully recover from his injuries. So, it’s not that surprising for him to come out of his seclusion now. Furthermore, he already has experience in commanding the Black Ink Clan. Mo Yu will value him even more now that he has become a Royal Lord!”


Mi Jing Lun’s heart was filled with regret. If Yang Kai hadn’t met with some unknown mishap, he would have definitely eliminated Mo Na Ye and they would have nothing to worry about.


According to the information they had gathered, Yang Kai and Mo Na Ye entered the Universe Furnace from the same location. After the Universe Furnace closed, they should have appeared at the same time and at the same place. Mo Na Ye was seriously injured at that time, so how could he be Yang Kai’s opponent?


Unfortunately, Yang Kai disappeared after that earth-shattering battle in the Universe Furnace, which gave Mo Na Ye a chance to escape with his life.


By the looks of it, Yang Kai did not appear with Mo Na Ye when the Universe Furnace closed. Could it be that he was trapped inside the Universe Furnace?


If that was the case, who knows how long it would take for him to escape?


“Supreme Commander Mi, how should we respond to the Black Ink Clan’s strategy?” Someone asked.


Mi Jing Lun bitterly smiled, “This is open intrigue, an obvious trap, but we have no choice but to swallow the bait thrown by the Black Ink Clan!”


Great Storm Territory had been reclaimed already, so why would they not want it? This was true for the other Great Territories as well.


It was very easy to predict that the Human Race would definitely reap successive victories in the coming years, reclaiming numerous Great Territories in succession.


With every Great Territory reclaimed though, the front lines would extend further and move farther away. The Human Race would have to leave behind some troops to defend the Great Territories they had reclaimed, which would weaken the Army’s strength with every new Great Territory seized.


Once the front line was stretched enough, and the Black Ink Clan was confident of easily resisting the Human Race, they would launch their counterattack.


This was another battle of wits and courage.


As Mi Jing Lun had expected, the Supreme Headquarters kept receiving news of success from the different battlefronts over the next few months.


Divine Wind Territory had been reclaimed by the combined forces of the Twin Poles Army and Divine Wind Army, with the Black Ink Clan’s main camp being swiftly occupied.


Purple Feather Territory had been reclaimed by the combined forces of the Purple Feather Army and Profound Nether Army, killing countless enemies.


The Cloud Sword Territory had been reclaimed…


The Brahma Territory was taken back…


Reports came in one after another. After a year, the dozen or so Great Territory Battlefields where the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan had been fighting for thousands of years had all fallen into the hands of the Human Race. The Human Race Armies were triumphantly marching forward in high spirits.


As the news of this spread to the Star Boundary, Myriad Monster World, and the Universe Worlds in the New Great Territory, all living there celebrated in jubilation.


Ever since the Black Ink Clan invaded the 3,000 Worlds, gloom and darkness had shrouded the Human Race. But today, everyone finally saw the light and a glimmer of victory in the pitch-black darkness. It seemed as if the Human Race would be able to reconquer the Great Territories one after another as easily as crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, restoring peace to the 3,000 Worlds.


Only a few people understood that these beautiful dreams would not really come true. 


The real war had just begun.


Who knows how much blood would be shed, how many would die in this bloody war which concerned the fate of the two Races?


Meanwhile, Yang Kai was struggling hard on his way back.


Thunder Shadow’s voice rang in Yang Kai’s mind, “Big Brother, you can do it! Just a little faster and we will be able to escape!”


Thunder Shadow sounded panicked and clearly a little nervous.


This could not be helped as Yang Kai happened to be in the middle of a crisis.


Originally, he believed that after advancing to the Ninth Order, he would be able to roam the Universe without any worry. Even if he were to run into someone stronger, he could still escape.


Now though, he found himself completely helpless against this strange Celestial Phenomenon he had encountered on his way back.


Along the way, he was patiently digesting the insights he had gained in the Universe Furnace, leaving Fang Tian Ci to pilot his physical body. Under normal circumstances, he would have steered clear of any Celestial Phenomenon he encountered; however, the Celestial Phenomenon he ran into this time caught him completely by surprise.



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