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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 479, Supreme Domain

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


Now, Little Tenth was indeed a member of the Dragon Clan. 


It was a true Giant Dragon. Though it was young, the horns on its head already spoke of its magnificence loud and clear.


With this in mind, Yu Zi Yu focused his gaze on it, confirming once again.


Race: Lightning Dragon (A legendary species, a terrifying existence that truly reigns at the top of the food chain, and with a very long lifespan, reaching adulthood at an age of hundred years.)

Rank: Tier-1 Transcendent

Innate Talents: Elemental Immunity – As a legendary species, the Lightning Dragon can mitigate most elemental attacks, especially those of the Lightning-Attribute, with absolute exemption.

Dragon Breath – The purest form of Dragon Breath, capable of breathing a lightning beam that tears through Heaven and Earth.

Unique Abilities: Dragon Physique – As a Dragon, its physique far surpasses that of ordinary Mutant Beasts, so much so that even at just the Tier-1 Transcendent, it possesses a terrifying power that makes even the Tier-2 Transcendents wary.

Lightning Dragon’s Roar – As it roars, the might of a Dragon is fully displayed, capable of influencing weather around it, summoning rolling thunderclouds.

Lightning Eater – It’s able to absorb lightning and replenish its own needs.


After going through his status screen, Yu Zi Yu couldn’t help but silently praise.


This was everything Little Tenth had gained after painstakingly refining his bloodline.


The bloodline of a legendary species, the Lightning Dragons, that possessed a combat power that surpassed that of their peers, if not far surpassed them.


However, the most terrifying aspect was that they would become a Tier-4 Transcendent upon adulthood, becoming a Natural Disaster.


And this was why, in legends, the lairs of Dragons were always close to environments matching their attributes.


For instance, the lair of the Rock Dragon was surrounded with dry and cracked rocks.


Or, the lair of the Ice Dragon had endless glaciers in its vicinity.


This wasn’t just because they chose these lairs, it was also because when they reached adulthood, when they were not suppressing their strength, their strength alone affected their locality, turning thousands of kilometres into scorched earth or glaciers.


They were like walking and breathing Natural Disasters, terrifying to the extreme.


“Unfortunately, it takes a hundred years to reach adulthood,” Yu Zi Yu heaved a sigh, feeling a bit helpless.


If it were any other era, Little Tenth would have been fine. But in this era of crazy evolution, a hundred years was truly an unreachable span of time.


With time, Natural Disaster-Class entities would continuously emerge like mushrooms after rain.


In other words, this era didn’t appear that friendly to ‘legendary species.’


However, looking at Little Tenth, who was come to him and even affectionately rubbing him head against him, Yu Zi Yu’s lips curled slightly, once again admonishing, “Little One, remember not to use the Elemental Flower to transform your Lifeform into an Elemental Lifeform. What’s more important for you now is to accelerate your growth.”


At this point, Yu Zi Yu added in a solemn voice, “I hope that after absorbing this Elemental Flower, you’ll step into the Tier-3 and possess a certain degree of self-preservation ability.”


Little Tenth nodded vigorously to Yu Zi Yu’s advice, earnestly swearing, “Understood, Master. I promise.”


With that, Little Tenth couldn’t help but glance at the purple flower in his claws, seemingly woven from countless intertwining purple lightning arcs.


[Only those who have truly held it in their hands can really understand the power contained within this Spirit Flower. It’s a terrifying power capable of destroying everything. If the power of this Spirit Flower is to be unleashed, not to mention Misty Mountains, even the surrounding cities would be leveled to the ground. And yet, the Master has given me such a precious Spirit Flower.] Thinking of this, Little Tenth stared at Yu Zi Yu’s Tree Body, feeling even more grateful.


At this moment, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze shifted away, no longer focusing on the young Lightning Dragon.


No matter how astonishing one’s Innate Talent, without growth, it would all be in vain.


At this point, Yu Zi Yu had done everything he could, now everything rested on the young Lightning Dragon to determine his own path.


More than anything else, Yu Zi Yu was now more concerned about Misty Mountains.


*Haaa…* Exhaling a long, deep breath, Yu Zi Yu shifted his gaze on a nearby figure, with a face like sculpture, simple and unadorned, but with a body tall like a mountain.


Qing Gang, one of the Elemental Commander Yu Zi Yu relied on the most.


“Qing Gang…” Calling out, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze became focused.


“I’m here,” replying in a respectful voice, the young man was already kneeling on one knee, his gaze burning as he looked at the teenage form of Yu Zi Yu.


“In the coming days, I need you to expand the territory of Misty Mountains, and when necessary, I will assist you with the mist…”


“Yes, Master.” Qing Gang nodded his acknowledgment, the corner of his lips rising into a smile.


[Finally, this day has come!] However, as if having thought of something, Qing Gang lifted his head and asked, “Master, when expanding, if we encounter Human cities, what should we do?”


“If you can subdue them, then subdue them. If not, drive them away. And if they refuse even that, then make them disappear from the face of this earth!” Yu Zi Yu instructed with a rare coldness in his voice, before adding, “Wherever the thick fog covers is the territory of our Misty Mountains…”


“Understood,” responding, Qing Gan understood everything.


[Now that Master has made up his mind, it’s a done deal. And considering that Master has already broken through, the expansion will be much easier.]



At this moment, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze shifted again, towards a figure not far away, with a shoulder adorned with a flower that seemed to embrace all the beauty of the world.


The present High Priestess of Misty Mountains, the Five-Colored Spirit Flower, Aurora, as well as the body she controlled.




“Here,” responding, Aurora’s petals slightly trembled, displaying her excitement.


“The quota for offerings will increase. Try to subdue more Superhumans in the coming days under the guise of ‘offering.'”


“Alright, Master.” A smile bloomed on the Human body controlled by Aurora, pleased.


With this, her resources would increase substantially.


It should be brought to notice that with a continuous supply of resources, her Spiritual Energy had already reached 800,000-900,000, just a bit away from breaking through to the Tier-3.


And when she becomes a Tier-3 Transcendent, Yu Zi Yu will also initiate a plan centred around Aurora.


The Tower of Trials – A tower established for tempering one’s mind, with Aurora standing at the top of the tower. A place where countless Mutant Beasts would challenge the tower to temper their mind.


Of course, this was not without benefits for Yu Zi Yu.


Although the Tower of Trials was intended to temper Mutant Beasts, it served Yu Zi Yu’s purposes more than anything else.


At that time, Yu Zi Yu would also leave a wisp of his Soul to preside over this tower, through which he would observe numerous Mutant Beasts and temper his own state of mind.


Now that he had become a Tier-4 Transcendent, many of the plans that Yu Zi Yu had in mind could be implemented one by one.


The Tower of Trials was just one of them.


Subjugating Human cities, establishing the first Research Institute of Misty Mountains, as well as expanding territory, dispatching Mutant Beasts, War Generals, or Elemental Commanders to venture out of Misty Mountains, showcased Yu Zi Yu’s ambition to the fullest.


He planned on creating an isolated society, a Supreme Domain, far beyond anything in this era.


In the future, even if myriad races emerged and flourished, Yu Zi Yu will be able to suppress them with the aid of this Supreme Domain.


And establishing a Monster Kingdom was just one step in this process.


Ashish: I’ll be using War Generals instead of Generals to refer the previous Generals, like Honey Badger, Wild Boar, and the rest, and Generals for the one hundred eight creatures joining Misty Mountains.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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