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The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 1297 (First Ending), Mortal Domain’s Collapse

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Through lightning, fire and ash, Sword Child raced with Chu Qingcheng to safety, sometimes looking back with confusion. Despite no pursuit, he never let up.


The enemy had an overwhelming strength, giving them not even a glimmer of chance to survive.


They trumped the father and son in brawn and brains many times over, a crushing defeat. It was an absolute miracle they even got out alive from those monsters.


He now knew the meaning of avoiding at all costs.


“What are they doing here?”


Sword Child noticed Danqing Shen’s group and rushed over, “Why are you guys here? Run quickly or you’re going to die.”


The others sighed.


Sword Child asked, “What’s wrong with you?”


“Miss Shuang’er had set up an array and perished within it, soul and all…” Danqing Shen pointed at the sacred stones on the ground.


Sword Child started, “She perished? Why?”


“She said she’d save Steward Zhuo. She turned into bright motes of light inside the array, forming the curtain of light in the sky…”


Everyone sighed as he pointed at the light path above.


Sword Child shuddered, “The path that saved father’s soul was because of her. What a save!”


“But this is not the time for lamentation. All of you must come with me. If the Heavenly Sovereign comes after us, we’re all finished…”


“The Heavenly Sovereign? He’s alive?”


“Why else do you think I’ve been fleeing for my life?”


“W-what about Steward Zhuo?”


“It’s a long story. Let’s just get to safety first!” Sword Child said, “We need to survive to fight. We’ll think of something later.”


Sword Child fled first with the weakened Chu Qingcheng. Danqing Shen’s group followed.


The strange array shone behind, along with the white stream above, mesmerizing and beautiful…


“Big brother Zhuo!”


A familiar voice reached Zhuo Fan among the stars. He opened his eyes to find light everywhere. He then noticed a figure smiling back in a white dress. 




Zhuo Fan stood up and looked pained at her translucent image, “Was it Sovereign Yun’s plan?”


Shuang’er nodded with a bright smile.


Zhuo Fan sighed, “Why did you do it? He was your ancestor but this is between ancient experts. They have their eyes on me and I can’t escape, so why must you become their pawn too?”


“No, I wanted this.”


“You wanted it?”


Zhuo Fan raised an eyebrow, then he nodded, “Oh, the Yun clan always put the people first. The Heavenly Sovereign just told me he wants to remake the world. Shuang’er, you’d never allow all those people to suffer for it. But was it worth it, sacrificing yourself to save a man for the good of the world?”


“Once the world is gone, won’t I go as well?”


“It’s not the same! No matter the outcome, you always want to sacrifice yourself. What difference would that be to you when you won’t see the world again in both cases?”


“There is. At least I know someone will watch over it in my stead.” Shuang’er gave a sweet smile.


Zhuo Fan patted her head, nodding, “Shuang’er, you’re still the same after all this time. I promised you back in Tianyu’s war, that I will do all I can. I won’t let your sacrifice be in vain.” 


Zhuo Fan brushed past her with a bitter smile. He formed a sign and then let it go. 


He knew that Shuang’er was now but a trace bound to fade. This was their final meeting.


He would never see her again…


“Big brother Zhuo!”


Zhuo Fan went through the starry path when Shuang’er spoke again, “This is as far as I can take you. Look after the world, this beautiful place…”


Zhuo Fan’s heart shook.


She hadn’t done it solely out of Sovereign Yun’s wish to save the people, but for him as well. He was the one that helped her see the world, not the people. 


[She sacrificed herself for me…]




Zhuo Fan shouted but he sped up and vanished in the distance with the star path. 


Behind him, a holy figure floated with a faint smile. 


“I thought I had a big heart, only caring about the safety of the world and I still thought the same up until the moment I carried out Ancestor Yun’s mission. Only to now realize that I was selfish, my heart unable to hold more than one single person.”


Shuang’er faded as she watched Zhuo Fan go, “Sister Chuchu was right. We’re all frail, unable to see the world, only one man. Goodbye, big brother Zhuo…”




The holy light burst and a prismatic light rose up high above, mystical and majestic.




Sword Heart shot out of nowhere and seized it in his hand.


Sword Heart looked at the bright stars with a nod, “We now have Sovereign Yun’s path. Zhuo Fan, just how many aces do you have? The outcome is already decided.”


Sword Heart vanished…


In a study on the mortal domain, Wu Randong leaned back in his chair with a big grin.


Ever since Sword Star Empire fell, he had been free of struggles, only needing to handle some business matters.


His only mission remaining was to wait for Zhuo Fan’s signal…




A sudden explosion startled him and turned around. A hung jade plaque broke into five pieces and fell. 


The book fell from his hands and Wu Randong roared, “Guard!”


“What is it, master? What are your orders?”


The guard bowed, baffled.


Wu Randong took a deep breath to calm down, “Let all the lands’ array grandmasters assemble to start the array!”




The guard left and Wu Randong went to the five pieces to trace them with worry, “Palace Lord said to start the large array when the soul plaque broke. He must’ve been in big trouble to use this last move. Palace Lord, may you be safe…”


Wu Randong’s hand tightened.


Three days later, in Sword Start Empire’s ex Thunder Pavilion, two dozen array grandmasters gathered, all 11th grade and up. Wu Randong rushed over, seeing Wu Qingqiu having come with Shangguan Qingyan and the other big names of the mortal domain. 


“Sir Wu, did something happen to Zhuo Fan? Is Devil Palace on the move?” Wu Qingqiu asked, with Shangguan Qingyan nodding, “Zhuo Fan and dad are in the Sacred Domain. Did something bad happen?”


“I don’t know either.”


Wu Randong shook his head, “The Palace Lord only left a soul plaque behind with a trace of his soul. He said that the moment he made it break, the matter was dire. We need to activate the recoil array at once. We will know what exactly happened after we activate it. We’ll ask the Palace Lord himself.”


Shangguan Qingyan and the others nodded, filled with worry.


Wu Randong looked at the sky and roared, “It’s noon, time to activate the array!”


The two dozen array grandmasters made their signs and correlated with the other array masters at the World Wind Tunnels around the domain to activate the arrays.


A huge ripple flashed before a beam shot from the Thunder Pavilion into the heavens.


The other seven World Wind Tunnels shot their own beams as well…



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