The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 756, Burden


Translator: StarReader

Editor: CutieBinkie

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Letting out a long sigh, Sect Leader Xuan finished filling self-incriminating facts into the jade slip and slumped powerlessly to the ground, the jade slip falling at his side.


Zhuo Fan flicked and the jade slip went to his palm, nodding after checking the content.


The battle now took a righteous tone and the enemy was vanquished in heart as well. There was no need to fear Double Dragon Manor any longer.


“Dad…” Knowing what just happened, Xuan Shaoyu’s face fell. Sect Leader Xuan showed a smile, then he looked hard at Zhuo Fan, “Zhuo Fan, are we done here?”


“Ha-ha-ha, of course, thanks, Sect Leader Xuan!”


Zhuo Fan nodded, then showed bloodthirst, “Men, kill half of Mystical Heaven Sect disciples!”


“Yes!” The crowd shouted together and bowed.


Zhuo Fan was gone as well, appearing next to Xuan Shaoyu. In his eyes filled with fear was reflected the hand that clutched his throat.


Xuan Shaoyu’s face went red, unable to breathe. He flailed his arms against Zhuo Fan, despite how pointless it was. He was nothing more than a weak little chick.


Sect Leader Xuan shouted, “Zhuo Fan, what are you doing? Didn’t we say…”


“Humph, ever heard of the saying ‘don’t trust a demonic cultivator’?” Zhuo Fan mocked, “You always curse demonic cultivators for being vile and fiends you can’t trust, but at the end of it all, you still talk terms with us. Isn’t that a cruel irony?”


The Demon Scheming Sect team laughed.


Sect Leader Xuan shook and the moment he moved from his spot, he coughed blood then slumped back down. He could only watch as Zhuo Fan squeezed the life out of his son.


Zhuo Fan had a vile smile on his face, “Sect Leader Xuan, I never do business without assurance, much less suffering from one. In our fight with Mystical Heaven Sect we have lost many people. So, to make sure you don’t come making trouble, ha-ha-ha, sorry, but I’ll have to cripple you. But don’t worry, seeing as how it involves Double Dragon Manor, I won’t destroy you, nor harm you, Sect Leader Xuan. It would make the jade slip useless if I do, ha-ha-ha…”


With a cackle, Zhuo Fan showed his evil side, increasing his grip on Xuan Shaoyu.


Sect Leader Xuan shook and spoke rashly, “Wait, Zhuo Fan, you can kill anyone and I won’t care, but please let my son go. He’s my only…”


[And you call yourself a Sect Leader? You only ever cared about your son and not the sect.]


Everyone looked at him with scorn.


Han Qianying sighed and walked to Chu Qingcheng, “Junior sister, your man is amazing. Even the Sect Leader is being toyed with. But this is a bit too cruel. After all, Mystical Heaven Sect has once been our home. We have many brothers and sisters here…”


Han Qianying did not finish, but her meaning was loud and clear, for Chu Qingcheng to plead for them.


“Every king rose to his throne by trampling on a mountain of corpses…” Chu Qingcheng sighed as she hesitated.


She had once been the ruler of Drifting Flowers Edifices and knew this cruelty. Being soft now would only come back as misery to bite you.


Drifting Flowers Edifices had suffered so much for so long and she could understand Zhuo Fan in this. This man was not as cruel as he looked, but doing all for self-preservation.


It was easy to speak for Mystical Heaven Sect, but she could not risk knowing it might bring Zhuo Fan pain later on. 


Even with the girls looking at her like that, she still held her ground.


“Chu Qingcheng!”


One aged voice sounded that stunned everyone. Sect Leader Xuan, looked from the ground at Chu Qingcheng with begging eyes, “Qingcheng, when you wanted to save that girl’s life, I helped you. The condition for that was to come to Mystical Heaven Sect and save my son. That was our deal. Because of you, Zhuo Fan came and ruined my sect. I’m not asking you to hold your end, but at least let my son live.”


[What, Qingcheng knew everything?]


Shui Ruohua looked at her in shock, “You mean… you were ready to give yourself up…”


“Yes, she knew everything, unlike you. Because she owed me, she would do anything I asked,” Sect Leader Xuan shouted. 


“A bit of favor yet returning endless gratitude. Because you met him again, you chose to break your promise. I did not mind. You wanted to see him again afterward and made another promise which I agreed to. But now, I see the last agreement won’t be fulfilled. I give you back your freedom and only hope you can stay Zhuo Fan’s hand, leave…”




Sect Leader Xuan did not finish. Chu Qingcheng did not speak either. Then they heard Xuan Shaoyu crashing to the ground, coughing in pain.


Zhuo Fan released him with a calm face, then ignored the father and son, walking to Chu Qingcheng. He took her shoulder and left while shouting, “Demon Scheming Sect, withdraw!”


“Uhm, aren’t we killing Mystical Heaven Sect’s men? There’s still a hundred Ethereal Stage experts breathing. Once they recover they…” Fiend Yang started. 


But Zhuo Fan only held Chu Qingcheng as he said, “I said withdraw! This fight is over…”


The Demon Scheming Sect team looked at him oddly then shrugged as they followed Zhuo Fan leaving.


“Master, look after yourself. I’m going with Kui Lang.” Han Qianying took Shui Ruohua and Dan’er after saying her last words to Sect Leader Xuan.


Sect Leader Xuan shook, his face dark.


Only Xuan Shaoyu was still coughing, looking at Zhuo Fan going away and spoke with vitriol, “Father, we must take rev- “


“Shut it!”


Sect Leader Xuan grabbed his mouth and looked at Zhuo Fan in worry. Seeing as he did nothing, he relaxed then cursed, “Are you suicidal? He didn’t kill all of us because of Chu Qingcheng…”


“Junior sister Qingcheng…” Xuan Shaoyu frowned, gnashing his teeth, “I won’t let that vile spawn take her. One day I will get her back.”


Sect Leader Xuan gave him a long look then nodded. With a steel gaze, he thought.


[Don’t worry Shaoyu, the day will come. You still need her for your illness…]


Meanwhile, Zhuo Fan and Chu Qingcheng walked out of Mystical Heaven Sect hand in hand. With a faint smile, the two were in their own world as a group of third wheels approached.


Chu Qingcheng worried, “Is it really alright to let them go? Maybe they’ll harm you later…”


“Yeah, Steward Zhuo, I think it’s best we finish them off. Just like you said, the central area is attacking and Double Dragon Manor won’t…”


“You’re wrong.”


Fiend Yang approached to say, but Zhuo Fan mocked, “Did you also believe my bluff back then? Central area’s matter is only a rumor. Who knows if it’s true? I only used it to scare him. If the central area remains quiet, the Double Dragon Manor won’t leave this matter be. That’s why we can’t ignore Double Dragon Manor’s rules and give us more trouble.”


Fiend Yang nodded, then Zhuo Fan spoke heavily, “Qingcheng, Mystical Heaven Sect had given us a favor back then. I will help, no, take the burden on myself since what happened to Ning’er was my…”


“Your problem is my problem!” Chu Qingcheng was direct.


Zhuo Fan nodded and smiled, “Yes, your problems are my problems. Since this binds you to Mystical Heaven Sect, I’ll help you break it and not affect your heart.”


“But then you…”


“I’m a demonic cultivator, carrying all that hatred is nothing.” Zhuo Fan smiled at her and looked her in the eye with conviction, “With me next to you, no one will force you again!”


Chu Qingcheng started and nodded in happiness. She rested her head on his shoulder, her heart at peace. 


She felt like she was back to Drifting Flowers City’s shabby house, with only the two of them around…



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  1. I wonder if it was worth it? She knew that ZF didn’t know about her deal and never told him. She let him believe that the deal with the sect and her was about the double dragon gathering. Not even her friends knew. So now after he done all that to save her, when he shouldn’t he can’t finish the guy’s son because of her deal, since she made a deal to save the guy’s son.

    At the end, everyone is more demonic than the real demons. He is a demon, but the people who aren’t are the worst, are people you can’t trust.

    If the author is taking this path, I really hope he makes ZF suffer and lose a lot because of this woman. She is just a dead weight, but he is in love and won’t see it.

    Even the girls didn’t know about all this, and she knew and dragged all other girls with her. He put a life of a lot of people in danger because of her. Stupid demonic magical emperor.

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