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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 455, Forbidden Zone, Emperor Valley

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Translator:  Ashish

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The Black Wyvern squinted his eyes as he gazed at the waves rolling towards the mainland, revealing an unusual hint of seriousness.


“You have quite a few strong ones under your command…” as if praising, the Black Wyvern spoke, a rare act on his part.


“Hahaha…” Hearing the praise from the Black Wyvern, the Flood Dragon King couldn’t help but break into laughter. “My Sea Clan is blessed by nature, and so, we’re teeming with powerful Transcendents.”


As he spoke, fearsome figures emerged from the waves, one after another.


Upon closer inspection, these two figures appeared not much different from the Flood Dragon King. However, compared to the Flood Dragon King, their bodies were several times smaller.


On one side was a creature resembling a dark blue Mutant Sea Snake with an ash gray sheen.


It was a Deep Sea Python, another terrifying Tier-3 Transcendent, and also one of the Flood Dragon King’s strongest forces.


Whereas on the other side, a creature with a pinkish serpentine body and two horns on its head coiled around a water column dozens of meters tall, gradually descended.


Red Monarch – a terrifying creature rumored to lurk in a mysterious coral sea. It resembled a snake but lacked the fierceness typically associated with serpents. While labeled a Flood Dragon, it lacked the majestic qualities of one, instead emanating a hint of gentleness and beauty.


This individual was personally invited by Flood Dragon King from the deep sea. This was the foundation of the deep sea Flood Dragon Clan.


This was not the end of it. However, there was no need to expose everything at this time.


What mattered at this moment was that Flood Dragon King, who was leading the invasion, radiated an aura far surpassing an ordinary Tier-3 Transcendent, which caused the very air to tremble.


Tier-3 Transcendent were not that uncommon in the deep sea. Rather, even the land was teeming with many terrifying Tier-3 Transcendents in hiding. However, the ocean occupied far more area than land. Furthermore, the Spiritual Energy resurged in the deep sea first. In light of this, how could it be lacking in Tier-3 Transcendents?


However, the Seven Kings of the Sea Clan were undoubtedly on a whole nother level compared to the ordinary Tier-3 Transcendents.


According to the classification of the Sea Clan’s Sage–the Wise One, the Transcendents of Tier-3 could be classified into Marquis, Monarch, and King. They were a kind of title that clearly defined the gap between individuals of the same level.


And the seven kings of the Sea Clan were unquestionably terrifying Tier-3 Transcendents of the Third Realm.


According to the Wise One, there was a realm above King in Tier-3, titled Sovereign, and beyond Sovereign was the pinnacle of Tier-3 combat strength.


Such an existence, if present, would be worthy of being called the Emperor of the World.


As for breaking through Tier-3 and advancing to Tier-4… even the Wise One dared not think about it.


Because, theoretically, the accumulation of Spiritual Energy and foundation in Tier-3 was an extremely long and lengthy process.


According to the Wise One’s predictions, even if his lifespan did not come to an end, it would still have taken him another 20-30 years of accumulation before attempting to break through to Tier-4.


This was a testament of how distant Tier-4 was.


The fact that the Flood Dragon King had brough Red Monarch and Deep Sea Python, along with millions of Sea Creatures to attack Australia, known as the Mutant Beasts Paradise, was enough to prove the importance the Flood Dragon King attached to this continent.


“Surrender! Although you are quite talented, and your strength is not inferior to Red Monarch, facing an existence like me, you are like a mantis trying to block a car.”            


“Hmph!” The Black Wyvern did not dignify it with a response and just coldly snorted.


At the same time, billowing dark clouds spread further across the sky. A faint, oppressive, and ominous feeling, akin to the imminent arrival of an apocalypse, filled the air.


“We haven’t been defeated by the Humans, nor have we perished at the hands of our own kind. How is it that we would lose to you?” Muttering to himself, the Black Wyvern flapped his wings and formidable Spiritual Energy gradually converged towards him.


Meanwhile, oblivious to Black Wyvern, in the heart of Australia…


*Roar, Roar, Roar…* Amidst a cacophony of roars and growls, countless Mutant Beasts emerged from the depths of the continent, sensing the disturbance at the coast.


Among them, there was a group of Mutant Beasts who stood shoulder to shoulder with each other.


“I’ve long felt uneasy about the deep sea. I didn’t expect these guys to be so crazy, invading the continent like this.”


Listening to a muscular Humanoid Mutant Kangaroo’s rebuke, another Humanoid figure, resembling an elegant Black Cat, revealed a slightly serious expression as she heaved a sigh and stated, “We might be in for a tough battle ahead!”


“A Tough battle…!?” Murmuring to themselves, other Mutant Beasts fell into silence.


[Indeed, it’s going to be a tough battle.] The fearsome auras in the distance made the scalp of many powerful Mutant Beasts tingle.


The deep sea was too terrifying!


Now, the only thing they could do was pray that there wouldn’t be too many powerful Transcendents from the deep sea. Otherwise, even if all the powerful Transcendents inland poured out in full, it would be difficult to escape destruction.


After all, every Mutant Beast was well aware of how vast and majestic the sea was. It was not only a Forbidden Zone for Humans but also a Forbidden Zone for Mutant Beasts.


However, at this moment, as if thinking of something, the leader of this group, a Humanoid Kangaroo, asked, “Have you sent someone to notify those Forbidden Zones?”


“There’s no need.” Shaking her head, the Humanoid Black Cat explained proactively, “Even we can smell the unique scent of the sea coming from miles away. There’s no reason those guys would not have noticed.”


“Alright then.” The Humanoid Kangaroo nodded his understanding.


However, at this moment, he couldn’t help but turn his head, casting a long, deep glance in the direction of those Forbidden Zones.


Forbidden Zones, whether natural or artificial, without exception, were terrifying places where no life could set foot.


It was true even for Mutant Beasts like them.


There happened to be four Forbidden Zones in Australia.


One of them was Black Dragon Valley, where the Black Wyvern Bastard was residing.


[Since, the Sea Creatures have landed on the coast, which happens to be near Black Dragon Valley, it’s quite likely that that bastard Black Wyvern, should be facing off with the Sea Creatures. That dark and ominous aura in the distance definitely belongs to that bastard.]


Apart from Black Dragon Valley, the other most anticipated Forbidden Zone was Emperor Valley, an area teeming with beehive-shaped towers, formed over millions of years of sedimentation. A place where fossils from the prehistoric sea were etched into the 330-million-year-old sandstone.


It was completely red, red as blood.


And this was Emperor Valley, Australia’ most terrifying Forbidden Zone. 


It was said that no one had ever walked out of it, and even until now, no one knew what was inside.


However, the Humanoid Kangaroo was well aware that in the depths of Emperor Valley lurked a true prehistoric monster. It was a monster of unspeakable terror.


[If that guy decided to make a move, we might be able to put up a fight. But for now, all we can do is pray!]


Ashish: Bungle Bungle Range – Wikipedia


‘According to the Wise One, there was a level above King in Tier-3, titled Sovereign, and beyond Sovereign was the pinnacle of Tier-3 combat strength.’

(Silavin: Honestly, confused with this one but, the translation is correct… I thought 4th Order is Peak.)



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