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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 456, National Behemoth

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


Apart from Australia, the North American Continent and Europe, both were successively struck by an unprecedented invasion of Sea Creatures.


However, surprisingly, America, a superpower known for its technological prowess, encountered a small unexpected situation.


*Roooaar…* A resounding beastly roar echoed deep within an unknown canyon, with researchers in white lab coats standing on either side.


“Still unwilling to yield?” With a look of total helplessness on his face, an old man with white hair gazed at the monstrous creature chained with numerous chains deep in the canyon.


The chained creature was a dreadful Behemoth.


It had a body resembling a bipedal Dinosaur, but compared to Dinosaurs, it was much larger, reaching a height of a hundred meters. Even when lying silently in the canyon, its horrifying body still made the canyon look significantly narrower.


However, more frightening than the size of this Behemoth was its appearance. With an extremely robust body and a hide of predominantly green with a mix of blackness, it appeared exceptionally ferocious.


Especially the occasional blue spines on its back, which added to its terrifying aura.


It was famous. Originally a Mutant Sea Python, through numerous evolutions, it transformed into its current ferocious appearance. It even underwent Atavism, awakening the bloodline of ancient Dinosaurs.


In the past, it triggered towering sea waves that swept through several cities in America. Later on, it clashed with America several times.


During one of these confrontations, America managed to suppress this Behemoth in this location at great cost and sacrifice.


Countless arm-thick black chains of terrifying hardness, woven with muscle fibers resembling metal, were entwined around the Behemoth, connected to certain instruments that regularly extracted Spiritual Energy from it.


At a closer look, one would notice that these chains, tightly wrapped around the Behemoth, had an inexplicable luster flowing along them.


This was the Spiritual Energy of the Behemoth.


Because of the continuous extraction of its Spiritual Energy, the Behemoth was devoid of any energy to mount any struggle, and could only remain trapped in this canyon.


However, now…


America sent dozens of high-ranking officials to this place.


“I know you have high intelligence, and I know you hold deep resentment against our country… But now, an opportunity has presented itself for us to negotiate,” spoke an old man in a white lab coat, as he arrived at the level of the Behemoth’s gaze using a lift.


*Gulp…* Looking at the Behemoth’s calm and eerie, the old man couldn’t help but shiver.


However, he had no choice either; the invasion of Sea Creatures this time was just too horrific. Until now, more than a dozen American cities already got submerged, with five cities completely buried under the surging waves.


Such heavy losses finally made America realize the terror of Mutant Sea Creatures.


No, not the terror of Mutant Sea Creatures, but the terrifying Transcendents among the tide of Mutant Sea Creatures, standing at the top of the hierarchy.


With them leading the attack, the millions of Mutant Sea Creatures seemed to have gained a backbone, and actually swept the entire continent with billowing waves.


In just half a day, America had lost all the coastal cities.


However, that was not the most terrifying part. What was truly terrifying was that America could not find a way to resist the Mutant Sea Creatures. 


Until and unless they manage to deal with the Sea Clan Kings, the entire America was in danger. 


Furthermore, there was no Forbidden Zone on the North American Continent. Any place that was off-limits was the location of nuclear weapons.


Until now, America had control over most of the North American Continent. As for Mutant Beasts, as soon as they grew stronger, they were targeted and eliminated by America immediately.


Powerful Mutant Beasts, like the one suppressed here, number in the tens.


This was a testament of America’s ruthlessness; they could suppress powerful Mutant Beasts, and did so at any cost.


This Behemoth for instance, codenamed Monster Zero, was acclaimed to be the most terrifying. Yet, it was subdued by America at the cost of dozens of Army Corps.


However, it would be more accurate to say that it was subdued by an endless stream of technological weapons that had overwhelmed it as it tried to counter them.


Against an individual target like this, America was able to perfectly display its terrifying might.


However, at the end of the day, it was still against a single target. When facing the incoming tide of beasts, most of America’s targeted technological weapons were rendered useless. Not to mention, the Sea Kings hidden within the tide of Mutant Sea Creatures, had yet to truly make their entrances.


In other words, America was baffled by this conundrum, utterly so.



However, while they might be stupefied, the onslaught of Sea Creatures was not slowing down at all. Up until now, they were still sweeping across the entire continent at a terrifying speed.


The more tumultuous the waves were, the more Mutant Sea Creatures had landed on the continent.


When the sea had engulfed the entire continent, this war would come to an end. However, this was something America could not tolerate.


For this reason, they chose to negotiate with the Behemoth they had imprisoned, a surprising act on their part.


It sounded absurd, but it was a fact.


After all, codenamed Monster Zero had evolved from an aquatic monster to an amphibious monster. More importantly, Monster Zero might be extremely territorial.


Thinking about this, the old man in a white lab coat reminded again, “Although we are enemies, you must understand that it’s ultimately an internal struggle, and now, external enemies are invading. They have come with deep malice. They intend to destroy everything, even wanting to destroy the territory that belongs to you alone…  As an apex predator in the food chain, can you tolerate it?”


As he laid out the facts, the old man suddenly shuddered, because the next moment, he noticed Monster Zero’s eyelids slightly trembling before rising up, its brown-yellow hawk-like pupils staring coldly at him.


*Gulp* The old man gulped nervously once again, his body going limp.


Even though Monster Zero was completely bound, the pressure unique to the top of the food chain still sent chills down his spine.


However, at this moment, a long and resonant roar suddenly echoed from deep within the canyon.


*Roooaar…* The deep, beastly roar carried an inexplicable rhythm, eliciting a joyous look on the old man’s face.


His Innate Talent happened to be Communication, which granted him the ability to communicate with myriads of Mutant Beasts. As such, he could understand what Monster Zero was trying to convey.


“Its…useless… It’ll be extremely difficult for me to defeat them… You… Humans… are doomed to be destroyed…” Though the voice was intermittent, it was enough for the old man to understand.


It was enough, because the American government had already taken this into account.


Thinking about this, the old man waved his hand, gesturing towards the top of the canyon.


The next moment, to Monster Zero’s puzzled gaze, a giant dark purple egg descended on the elevator.


What left Monster Zero even more bewildered was the sight of numerous helicopters carrying metal boxes, slowly flying over.


“This is a Wyvern Egg. It should be enough to make up for what you’ve lost,” After introducing the giant dark purple egg, the old man pointed to those metal boxes and straightforwardly stated, “We know that you can devour nuclear energy, and that’s a whole lot of nuclear energy, enough to greatly enhance your combat power.”


At this point, the old man suppressed his excitement and continued, “We’re offering you all this, but in exchange, you must promise us that after driving away the Mutant Sea Creatures, you won’t destroy us. In exchange, we also promise you a piece of land for cultivation… Of course, the most important thing right now is for you to deal with the Sea Kings. Rest assured, we Humans will help you fend off those Sea Clan minions… This is a trade, a fair trade. You will gain freedom, become stronger, and we will gain security…”



Shortly after this somewhat nerve-wracking negotiation ended, the sounds of chains breaking echoed in the canyon.


*Roooaar…* Then, a terrifying roar shook the sky. At the same time, an inexplicably powerful surge of Spiritual Energy erupted from the canyon with a deafening roar.


Visible to the naked eye, the increasingly vigorous Spiritual Energy dyed the entire canyon red, even melting it bit by bit.


Ashish: Can you guess what the Behemoth is?

Silavin: Godzilla? No, that should be Japan though. Or, am I mistaken? Oh, it is Godzilla. Godzilla’s nickname is Monster Zero-One. 



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