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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 454, The Flood Dragon King

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Translator:  Ashish

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It was an invasion of Sea Creatures, and the largest one in the history of mankind.


It completely awakened the city located at the mouth of the sea.


*Boom Boom Boom…*


In the midst of endless thunderous explosions, the brilliance of the artillery fire unexpectedly mingled with the fading glow of the setting sun, casting a gentle halo over the scene.


At this moment, countless eyes seemed to dotted the towering city walls, each eye flickering with intermittent brilliance.


However, that was not the scariest part.


What was truly frightening was the symbol of the pinnacle of Human Technology, the weapons of mass destruction known as nuclear missiles, rising from various corners of the city.


“I repeat, a Tier-3 Mutant Sea Creature has been detected, with Spiritual Energy of over four million…”


As the cold, artificial electronic voice echoed, the staff members of the Spiritual Energy Monitoring Branch Office in Shanghai wore solemn expressions, with some even appearing pale. 


Only those who had long been involved in Spiritual Energy research could understand what four million Spiritual Energy meant.


It was a living and walking disaster. Just its existence alone could annihilate an entire city. And now, such an unprecedented Sea Creature was driving countless Mutant Sea Creatures towards Shanghai!


Just at this moment, as if receiving some news, a deep and solemn voice echoed in the office, “It’s not just us in Shanghai. The Alliance of Southeast Asian Nations, Russia, and many coastal nations have all encountered an unprecedented invasion of Mutant Sea Creatures. According to current information, this is another worldwide Sea Creature invasion, but compared to before, this is more organized. It is confirmed to be a premeditated invasion!”


Upon hearing this, the faces of staff members turned pale.


However, just at this moment, a hesitant voice suddenly emerged from the crowd, “If that’s the case, this should be a war between land and sea.”


“It’s quite possible…” The former speaker affirmed with a nod.




After a long silence, many staff members chose to remain silent. The sudden outbreak of war was already disastrous, and now, this war might involve both land and sea. This revelation was like a huge boulder pressing heavily on everyone’s chest.



And at this moment, in the deep north, on a certain arctic island…


“Are you sure?” Staring deeply at the sea, at the Mutant Orca with sharp fangs, Qing Gang, had a solemn expression. 


“Yes.” Nodding, Whalefall emphasized again, “Retreat to Misty Mountains. The invasion of Sea Creatures is initiated by several kings of the deepest part of the sea. Millions of Mutant Sea Creatures have been summoned, and I am no exception.”


*Tch…* Qing Gang clicked his tongue, and the corner of his lips twitched.


[Several kings of the deepest part of the sea!? Millions of Mutant Sea Creatures!? Would anyone even stand a chance?]


However, glancing at the end of the icy ocean, where the high waves were rolling, Qing Gang heaved a long, deep breath.


“Alright, we’ll immediately return to Misty Mountains, but you have to take good care of yourself.”


Hearing Qing Gang’s concern, Whalefall nodded and assured with a smile, “Rest assured, this time, me and my Clan wouldn’t be fodder during the war. We will try hard to strengthen ourselves.”


At this point, Whalefall cast a deep glance at Qing Gang and advised, “This is a battle between the land and sea. No one can survive alone. If the Divine Tree has any instructions, please notify me immediately. I, Whalefall, would rather die than renege on my oath.”


Smiling, Qing Gang straightforwardly replied, “I’ll surely do so.”


With this, Qing Gang did not tarry for another moment. He glanced at the Mutant Polar Bears gathered behind him before waving his hand and shouting loudly, “Set off! We’re going home!”


“Yes, Sir!” Shouting in unison, over a hundred Mutant Polar Beasts started charging towards Misty Mountains on all fours.


Running ahead of these quadruped Mutant Polar Bears happened to be eight Giant Humanoid Bears.


These Giant Humanoid Bears were terrifying Polar Bears who had gone through Human-Form Evolution. Each of them was at least a Tier-2 Transcendent, and together with their already terrifying racial advantages, it could be said that a terrifying Clan second only to the strongest Chimpanzee Clan had been born in Misty Mountains.



The sudden war not only swept across the continent but also affected the so-called Mutant Beast Paradise, Australia.


*Boom…* Accompanied by a terrifying roar, waves as high as a hundred meters swept the coastline, surging towards the mainland. Watching the overwhelming waves, numerous Mutant Beasts plunged into panic.


Yet, just at this moment…


“You’re courting death!” A thunderous shout, akin to a clap of thunder, reverberated through the sky. The once clear sky was now blanketed with swirling dark clouds, adorned with intermittent flashes of lightning.


Right at that very moment, a Black Wyvern with wings so huge that they overshadowed the sky rose into the air.


*Rooaar…* A Dragon Roar echoed through the sky and the earth as the Black Wyvern opened his mouth wide.


*Booooooom…* Then, with a deafening roar, a devastating purplish-black beam of light shot towards the towering waves.


Yet, just at this moment…


“Hmm?” a light exclamation rang, sounding a bit surprised.


Immediately after, a creature bearing a resemblance to both a serpent and a dragon, with a winding body spanning thousands of meters, emerged from within the towering waves.


“Who would have thought that there would be such a powerful creature on land!?” praising with a touch of admiration, this peculiar creature curled its tail.


*Crack, crack, crack…*


In a flash, the towering waves started to freeze, becoming a towering shield that stood in the path of the purplish-black beam of light.


Soon after, much to the shock of countless Mutant Beasts, the terrifying Dragon’s Breath fired by the Black Wyvern had been blocked as an earth-shattering explosion blasted out, shaking the sky and the sea.


Although that terrifying Dragon’s Breath kept melting the giant shield, it failed to breach the ice.


Just at this moment, seemingly noticing the seriousness deep in the eyes of the Black Wyvern, the corner of this peculiar Sea Creature drew back, revealing a hint of playfulness. It introduced itself, “Let me introduce myself. I am one of the Seven Kings of the Sea Clan, known as the Flood Dragon King…”


Just at the drop of its words…




With a resounding boom, its aura which it had been suppressing until now, spread in all directions. Faintly, even the entire continent started quaking.


And at this moment, if one looked behind this self-proclaimed ‘Flood Dragon King,’ they would undoubtedly discover that countless Mutant Sea Creatures were surging along the waves.


Among them, a few even radiated terrifying auras not inferior to those of Tier-3 Transcendents.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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