Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 7, Red Fox


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


On the other side, the owner of that pair of fiery red eyes, after a half-an-hour-long struggle, finally could not hold back its curiosity and cautiously crawled its way out of the dense forest.


“A Red Fox!?“


Watching the nearby Red Fox slowly and cautiously approaching toward him, an idea popped up in Yu Zi Yu’s mind.


Red Fox were the widely distributed members of carnivora, mainly present across the entire Northern Hemisphere. It was a rather cunning animal that preferred to be alone. As a nocturnal animal, it generally came out at night, and slept hidden in its cave during the day.


As for why it was out in the day, it was probably attracted by the commotion caused by Yu Zi Yu. After all, the Red Fox’s sense of hearing was extremely well developed.


One thing was worth mentioning was that this Red Fox was a bit special. Its body was bigger than normal, reaching over a meter in length. A normal adult Red Fox was only about seventy centimeters in length. In addition, its eyes were also very unusual from the normal Red Fox. They looked as if fire was burning in them, making them quite pretty.


*Tap tap tap* Tiptoeing its way, as the Red Fox got closer and closer, it became more and more cautious. Even its body was tensed up like a bow. Nonetheless, the deadly temptation coming from afar made it difficult for it to stop.


Yes, a deadly temptation.


It was a faint fragrance that made its blood surge with excitement.


When it was all said and done, it could not escape the slavery of instinct. Bit by bit, the Red Fox pressed a little toward the unusual Willow Tree not far away. However, what this Red Fox failed to notice was that while it was approaching the Willow Tree, something had already creeped its way to it from under the ground.


A moment later, the Red Fox suddenly let out a sharp, ear-piercing cry, as if it had sensed something. “Ka!”


At the same time, it also instantly leapt up in the air. 


Much to Yu Zi Yu’s surprise, the Red Fox was a meter long, far beyond the size of an ordinary Red Fox. (About half a meter)


Unfortunately, despite its leap, in the face of Yu Zi Yu’s meticulous plan, it was all in vain.




Along with the sound of ground splitting apart, a thick as an arm black root was already upon it. 


In a flash, the root wound around the Red Fox, tightly binding the Red Fox amidst its desperate and shrill screams.


Faintly, traces of blood had stained its beautiful fur around the root.


“It’s quite strong.“ Yu Zi Yu was struck dumb, but he did not worry too much.


The usual beasts, such as hares and snakes, would generally come within ten meters of him. And when they did, he would stab through them with lightning speed.


It was only because this Red Fox seemed strange that Yu Zi Yu chose not to kill it right away.


Otherwise, given that his root was a whole lot stronger than his branches, he would have crushed the bones of the Red Fox in an instant.


It would not even be able to throw death throes.



“It’s really beautiful.“


The root rolled up the red fox, slowly pulling it closer to the canopy of the main body.


Thanks to the keen visual perception through the branches, Yu Zi Yu was able to clearly see the pair of eyes of the Red Fox , which resembled rubies, with a glistening, flowing sheen.


[How beautiful! How very beautiful!]


They gave the impression as if they did not belong to the world of mortals.


But right then, Yu Zi Yu suddenly fell into a trance as the tight hold of his root slowly loosened up.


“Damn it!“


With a sudden jolt to his mind, Yu Zi Yu also realized something.


As expected…


As he focused his gaze, the Red Fox who had just been tightly bound by his root had already fallen on the ground.


At the same time, the Red Fox too picked itself up, and attempted to pull some distance from the Willow Tree.




It was too close to Yu Zi Yu.


Everything within ten meters of Yu Zi Yu was his territory. And, it was not empty words.


*Swish* With a swishing sound, a green branch was already moving toward the Red Fox. Before it could react, another branch was already swishing toward it.


At this moment, if the Red Fox could speak, it would definitely not be able to resist cursing. Anyway, even if it could not speak, watching the branches coming down on it, blocking every route of escape, a look of despair appeared on the Red Fox’s face.


Even faint cries of despair were escaping from its mouth.


“Ka… Ka…” The cries of the Red Fox were not at all that pleasing to listen to. 


A male Red Fox’s cries were like ‘Ku Ku’, and a female’s was ‘Ka Ka’.


Still, the cries of the Red Fox at this moment carried a sense of sadness. which made its listener feel sad.




Gusts of wind blew toward the Red Fox as the white circular shock waves stopped just a foot away from the Red Fox.


Gawking at the branches that had stopped just a little away from it, the Red Fox was stupefied.


At this moment, a green branch slowly popped out amidst the swaying branches, inching closer and closer towards it.


Frightened, the Red Fox could not help but take half a step back.


However, the branches dangling behind it were like spears aimed at it, preventing it from taking another half a step.


It froze.


It really froze.


Even if it had a little strength to fight back, the Red Fox could not even muster up the courage.


Fortunately, it was born with some spiritual wisdom. As such, it was well aware of how dangerous this situation was.


It could even be said that its life was already in someone else’s hands.


While the Red Fox was wary and frightened, that slowly approaching branch had already landed on its head, gently stroking its fur with his tender leaves.


“Wow, it’s really soft and comfortable.” Feeling the soft and comfortable feeling coming from the branch, Yu Zi Yu was slightly moved.


The Red Fox’s fur was not just visually striking; there was more to it than meets the eye. When touched, it felt like a down jacket, very warm and comfortable.


At this moment, watching the Red Fox that wanted to resist yet dare not, Yu Zi Yu suddenly chuckled.


From the start, he had no intention of killing the Red Fox.


And now that he had personally witnessed how different this Red Fox was, he could not bear to kill it even more so.


Luckily, the Red Fox was also intelligent, and did not resist. Otherwise, Yu Zi Yu did not mind lashing it half to death before studying it.


[For now, let’s try to tame it.]




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