Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 8, The Era of Transcendents


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


[But before taming…] Yu Zi Yu seemed to have something in his mind as one of his branches started moving.


*Snap* The next moment, the tip of the branch broke as a drop of green liquid seeped out from the broken tip. It was a drop of essence flowing inside Yu Zi Yu’s body. 


As for its exact efficacy, Yu Zi Yu had no idea how it would work on others.


Anyway, Yu Zi Yu started indulging himself in wishful thinking, looking at the injured Red Fox.


He thought that if it was beneficial for the Red Fox, perhaps it would make it easier to tame the Red Fox. And if this essence was poisonous, then all Yu Zi Yu could do was sigh in pity for the fate of the Red Fox.


[Well, all of this is to find out more about myself, and it is all for my own benefit.]



‘Drip’, with a dripping sound, the liquid seeping out of the broken branch gathered into a drop, and fell on the Red Fox’s head. 


Immediately afterward, right under Yu Zi Yu’s stunned gaze, the Red Fox actually started trembling. Then, it instantly crouched on the ground as if it was simulated by something.


*Ka…* A duck-like cry escaped its mouth as its sharp claws fiercely clawed at the ground.


*Kicc.. Kicc* It clawed out deep grooves in the ground, one after another.


At this time, Yu Zi Yu finally noticed that the Red Fox’s claws seemed to have grown several times bigger, looking even sharper.


What he found even more incredible was that the Red Fox was actually growing in size as well.


It had only been a very short while. Yet, the Red Fox, which was originally one meter long, had become one and a half meters long. Now, it looked comparable to that of a Cheetah. Only, it was exuding even more elegance compared to a Cheetah. Its fur dancing along the wind looked no different than flames, and its deep red eyes were burning like fire, radiating a stunning and magnificent beauty.


“Is this, evolution?” Wondering aloud in a puzzled voice, Yu Zi Yu also focused his attention on his broken branch.


“Uh…” Yu Zi Yu’s heart throbbed as he noticed that the branch had already withered and turned yellow. He even found that he could not control it either.




[No way!]


[So, extracting my essence would actually affect my body?]


Fortunately, it was just a single branch. If it had affected most of his branches, Yu Zi Yu would have perhaps cried himself to death.


Be that as it may, it triggered some speculations in Yu Zi Yu’s mind at this moment. He speculated that some of the essence flowing in his body might be the embodiment of the Evolution Points.


After all, the biggest advantage of the Evolution Points was that Yu Zi Yu could completely control his body now.


And with the loss of the essence, Yu Zi Yu’s control over this branch had plummeted.


Although he could still control it, the control and strength was very weak. He could no longer break a rock into pieces with just a lash.


“Perhaps, time can replenish the lost essence of this branch.? After giving it a thought, Yu Zi Yu speculated again.



After a long time, the Red Fox had reached the size of a small calf. At this moment, it was already affectionately licking Yu Zi Yu’s outstretched branch.


[Seems like animals behave like this, slaves to their instincts. They do not have a complex mind like Humans. If kind to them, they might get close…]


And now, the Red Fox was acting like this because Yu Zi Yu’s essence had helped it evolve.


One thing was worth mentioning was that this Red Fox was not like any other beast. Its red fur was exhibiting radiance like flames. It was not only strong, but it also radiated beauty in its strength.


More importantly, the shine in the Red Fox’s eyes was currently becoming brighter and brighter as if flames were rising.


Right then, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze suddenly became focused as if he had noticed something.


In his gaze, a status screen just like his had surfaced just above the Red Fox.


Race: Mutant Red Fox

Life: 3/20 Years

Rank: Tier-0 Level 4

Unique Abilities: Enchanting Eyes – Its gorgeous eyes are the treasures of the world with the mystical power of bewitching.




Yu Zi Yu became a little puzzled, looking at this brand new term.


But the next moment, he seemed to have thought of something as he suddenly focused his consciousness on himself.


Race: Mutant Weeping Willow

Life: 0.4/100 Years

Evolution Points: 0.2 (Can be obtained by absorbing unknown energy and refining under the sunlight, or by preying on other animals, even plants, and extracting from them.)

Rank: Tier-0 Level 9

Unique Abilities: Mutated branches (50) – Flexible like arm, swift like wind.


Mutated roots (9) – Terrifying roots that are like a black Python, strong enough to strangle everything.


As expected, he too had managed to get an additional rank evaluation at some points.


Furthermore, he was just an Entry Level 9!


Be that as it may, judging by the fact that it could easily suppress the Red Fox, it was also understandable that his was four levels higher than the Red Fox.


[What’s this Tier-0!? Does this mean that the future ranks would be Tier-1, Tier-2…]


After giving it a thought, Yu Zi Yu found himself in partial agreement.


If this was really the case, the ranks in the future would be intuitive and clear.



[Uh…wait, something’s not right.]


Suddenly, Yu Zi Yu’’s heart skipped a beat.


[Hmmm…. Doesn’t this mean that I’ll be walking toward transcendence?] Thinking of this, Yu Zi Yu’s heart couldn’t help but skip a beat.


[As expected, this world is a little different. It’s a bit like… the era when the Spiritual Energy has just recovered, and everything is evolving in a supernatural direction. For instance, this Red Fox, or myself, a Willow Tree…]


[Not to mention the Golden Eagle that has been occupying the sky recently, spying on me from time to time…]




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