Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 6, Fiery Red Eyes


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


Spring…was indeed beautiful. Yu Zi Yu kept admiring the sight for a long time. Also, he did not move even a bit until the two girls left. He even sorted his branches, making them look no different from the surrounding willows.


After a long time, silently watching the girls’ departure, Yu Zi Yu regained his focus, discarded all the distracting thoughts, and entered an ethereal state once more.


He had discovered this ethereal state by chance, and it allowed him to refine Evolution Points faster.


<Ding, basked in sunlight, Evolution Points +0.1.>


As the sonorous sound of notification rang in his mind, Yu Zi Yu slowly opened his eyes.


For a moment, his attention was drawn to the status screen, gazing at his 1 Evolution Point which he had just accumulated.


Just now, he had 0.9. With the 0.1 Evolution Point he had just refined, it pushed his Evolution Points to exactly 1.


What was worth mentioning was that Yu Zi Yu’s all fifty branches had already been completely upgraded.


The reason he was stacking points was simply because he was going to carry out the next round of upgrades.


<Ding, please confirm, are you sure you want to use 1 Evolution Point to upgrade your root.>




Having given his confirmation, Yu Zi Yu became a little excited.


Compared to the branches which require just 0.1 points to upgrade one branch, upgrading a single root requires a whole 1 point.


Be that as it may, it was also a fact that as a tree, upgrading his roots was a matter of grave importance. As for the fact that so many points were required to upgrade his root meant that it had to have its own reason.


Moreover, Yu Zi Yu was also expecting that after this upgrade, he would be able to pull his roots out of the ground and run like a Human.


If that became really possible, he could even picture the image of a Willow Tree running on the ground with its root acting as its legs.


[I’m afraid that image would be really ugly. A Tree Monster, or a Demon!?] Thinking about this, Yu Zi Yu started wondering what he should call himself in the future.



And right at that moment, Yu Zi Yu’s mind was suddenly assaulted with excruciating pain. He felt as if some energy had surged into his roots, and before he could even digest this surging energy, it had already broken through the shackles of Yu Zi Yu’s roots.


Followed by a ‘CRACK’ sound, Yu Zi Yu felt as if his roots had shattered as an excruciating pain was transmitted from deep within the ground. The bout of pain was agonizing that Yu Zi Yu’s branches were shaking non-stop, as if they were trembling.


What was even more terrifying was that those upgraded branches were dancing randomly in the air, and this random dance of theirs was giving rise to waves of winds.


For a while, the area around Yu Zi Yu was reduced into a forbidden zone where no one could enter. Only the nest at the top of the tree was left untouched.


Even in this agonizing pain, Yu Zi Yu had not forgotten about this brood of Peregrine Falcons.


“I never thought that upgrading the roots would be so painful!? “


Despite the agony, Yu Zi Yu kept enduring again and again.


And a short while after this…


*Rumble* The ground around Yu Zi Yu suddenly blew apart as a ten or so meter long black root came into view.


“My goodness…”


Looking at the sinuous root, which under his control had completely transformed into a jet-black Python and controlled it like his arm, Yu Zi Yu could not help but be dumbfounded.


[So this is the power of Evolution Points. It has given me free reign over this root.]


Of course, it was just a sub-root, not his main root.


His main root was about 20-30 meters long, and it went deep into the underground rock layer.


More importantly, it was Yu Zi Yu’s very life.


Yu Zi Yu had to find that out the hard way. He had attempted to pull his main root from deep underground just a while ago. A pain so indescribable and excruciating that it almost struck his soul away hit him.




Heart-wrenching pain!


Well, after that, not to mention running on the ground, Yu Zi Yu had even dropped the idea of controlling his main root.


After experiencing this excruciating pain, Yu Zi Yu felt that if he suffered it a few more times, he would be completely finished.


Even if he came to possess outstanding strength, he could not change the fact that he was a tree. And a tree’s biggest weakness was its main root. As for others, like branches, as well as the sub-roots, even if they were broken, Yu Zi Yu would not even bat an eye.


However, his main root was different. It was basically his throat, and must not be touched easily.


Thinking of this, Yu Zi Yu subconsciously drove his other sub-roots.


*Boom! Boom! Boom!*


Along with fearsome tremors, the entire ground moved as if an Earth Dragon had flipped over.


Meanwhile, deep within the underground, out of everyone’s sight, Yu Zi Yu had already manipulated eight sub-roots to tightly wrap around his main root.


[After all, this is my very life! I cannot let it remain unprotected!]


As for the longest black root exposed above the ground, Yu Zi Yu drove it back into the ground.


In case of an unexpected situation, this black root could also act as the coup de grace.


Not to mention, the might of this lone sub-root that was several times thicker than his branches.


And right at that moment, Yu Zi Yu got startled, as if he had sensed something.


“Tsk tsk, curiosity kills the cat, you know?“


In the direction Yu Zi Yu was looking, there was actually a pair of fiery red eyes not too far away in the dense forest, staring dead straight in Yu Zi Yu’s direction.


He very decisively immediately played dead, remaining completely still. Even his countless branches drooped down.




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