I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 178, Even the Ancestor, Drag and Brag


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*Poof!* Blood splashed in the air and revolting odour wafted in the air. No matter how furiously Yu Xuan screamed, he was eventually turned into ashes as Gu Changge sent him on his way to his childhood friend.


“Worry not, your entire clan will join you very soon.” He said with a smile, yet his words were immensely spine-chilling. Gu Changge was obviously an extraordinary man, but it was truthfully shocking to see him casually resort to such brutal methods.


“Thorough. Fine work, indeed.” Gu Nanshan, Gu Xianer, and the Grand Elder, who caught up in the sky witnessed the murder. With a comforted smile, Gu Nanshan continued. “The Ruthlessness the Young Master of the Gu Family should possess. Anyone who offends the family should end up annihilated along with their entire clan.”


Despite saying that, he was, in fact, highly frustrated. Since the Immortal Gu Family’s principle opposed its members to start trouble unless there was someone who offended the family. Whereby, they should then respond with the most merciless punishment.


Although there was no major issue in Gu Changge’s methods, seeing how heartless and barbaric he was, Gu Nanshan thought that it was more appropriate for the young man to be a warrior or an assassin, rather than the leader of the family. Nevertheless, he could only keep it to himself in front of Gu Xianer and proceed to praise Gu Changge. This was despite betraying his own principles, hence his awful perturbation.


“You’re right, Ancestor Nanshan. The Feathered Clan is asking for it. If they hadn’t crossed the line, things wouldn’t have gone this way. Still, how ignorant of them to have walked right into Gu Changge’s trap! Otherwise, Gu Changge wouldn’t have found an excuse to engage them.”


Hearing that, Gu Xianer nodded in agreement. After all, the Feathered Clan had attacked her once after Gu Changge deliberately drew them towards her. There was no way she would forget about that.


As silence filled the sky and the vast cities, no one dared to make a sound. 


Standing in the sky while resting his arms, Gu Changge appeared as though he was a young god that was overseeing that world with his cold eyes. Not only did his overbearing methods leave the entire Feathered Clan dumbfounded, it also sent a chill up the spines of the bystanding, be it native or outsiders. 


After seeing how Gu Changge murdered the Successor of the Feathered Clan right in their territory, no one fron the Feathered Clan dared to confront him. They were all intimidated by his imposing aura. Indeed, Gu Changge was the most formidable man among his generation given how he was able to subdue an entire clan all by himself.


“Young Master, since they’re not coming out, shall we set them ablaze?” Lu Yu, the middle-aged man in golden armour, who came from the Primal Celestial Temple and possessed the cultivation in the Quasi-Saint Realm, respectfully suggested.


Right now, the Feathered Clan must give them an answer. To surrender, or to be annihilated. Any resistance would only hasten their deaths.


“Cowards make undesirable slaves.” Gu Changge chuckled as he gave a nod, knowing that he was fully in control of the fate of the Feathered Clan. If he made the slaughter of Yu Xuan too simple, the latter’s allies wouldn’t have been as scared. 


Furthermore, Gu Changge inferred that the Feathered Clan was most probably trying to contact the Dragon Race in the Celestial Ancient Continent to request for reinforcement. Sadly, the Dragon Race were no altruists. They would not risk upsetting the forces from the outside world so easily since they were merely testing how strong those forces were. Therefore, the Dragon Race’s only choice was to ignore the Feathered Clan’s call for help, and postpone the inevitable battle.


As such, the Feathered Clan, being in the middle of two great forces, was left with no other choices. In that instant, they could either surrender, or be obliterated by Gu Changge’s forces, which were from the Primal Celestial temple and the Immortal Gu Family.


“I’ll allow you one chance. Surrender, or die.” Crossing his arms, Gu Changge walked in the sky as he coerced the vast cities that comprised the Ancient Mystic Mountains as well. As he slowly spoke, his words carried a domineering coldness that instilled immense fear in its listeners.


The young prodigies immediately acknowledged that the power gap between them and Gu Changge was immeasurably wide. Despite being peers, their aura was simply so miniscule compared to Gu Changge. Aware of that, Ye Langtian, Wang Wushuang and the rest were dumbfounded.


“Know your place, Gu Changge! We’d rather choose death than giving in to you!” Agonised screams could be heard coming from all over the territory of the Feathered Clan. There were a number of people detestfully glaring at Gu Changge, wanting to tear him apart.


Meanwhile, in the palace, numerous powerful cultivators from the Feathered Clan were gathered. One of them was a middle-aged man donning a golden robe and crown. His face was filled with gloom and solemnity. That man was Yu Wudi, the current leader of the Feathered Clan. Judging by his name, it was visible how formidable he was in his prime, and his current cultivation level was in the Sacred Noble Realm. As he opened his eyes, icy gleams flashed across them.


“This brat from the Gu Family is intolerable! Does he think the Feathered Clan is one to be bullied!? Does he think that his handful of men is enough to defeat us, the Feathered Clan!? He must be dreaming!” Yu Wudi’s frown was as hideous as it could be. “Indeed, we don’t have much in terms of might, but that doesn’t mean we’re to be oppressed! He’s clearly underestimating us!”


“Xuan! Aarrghh!!” An old man, an Elder from Yu Xuan’s branch, beside him then yelled with a pained voice after having witnessed Yu Xuan death by Gu Changge’s hands without the power to stop it, let alone the courage to defend him. As such, those from the Feathered Clans were devastated by shame and exasperation, and they couldn’t be any more resentful.


Unfortunately, the Dragon Race had yet to give them any response, so for now, they wouldn’t dare to go toe-to-toe with Gu Changge and declare war against him. They feared the frightening outworldly powers of Immortal Families and Cults of Immortality. They believe what they were seeing was merely a fragment of what the ancient and enormous Immortal Gu Family truly possessed. As a matter of fact, other Cults of Immortality and formidable factions, too, dreaded the Gu Family.


“The Celestial Ancient Dragon Race has yet to voice a response. It seems like they’re trying to use us to test out how strong Gu Changge’s forces are. How cunning!” An Elder exclaimed with an icy yet livid face. 


The forces from the Primal Celestial Temple had been guarding outside their territory for days. Yet, the Dragon Race seemed to be unresponsive. It was easy to figure out what the Dragon Race were thinking.


“Why don’t we summon the Ancestor? Without him, this will never be resolved!” one of the Feathered Clan clansmen suggested.


Hearing that, the rest of the higher-ups unanimously agreed. As a result, a number of clansmen with stiffened faces hurried towards the depth of their base. If it weren’t how things have become so grave, they wouldn’t have dared to interrupt the Ancestor.


To the Celestial Ancient Races, their Ancestors were beings of utmost sacredness. It might be impossible for some of them to return to a state of meditation as their life force would deteriorate the moment they stepped outside of their retreat. It might even result in their death. Therefore, those of the Feathered Clan moved with extremely heavy hearts. They never expected to one day face their extinction, and the root of this disaster was brought upon by just one young man.


“It’s all the same in the end either way. I hope your persistence doesn’t outlive you.” High up in the sky, Gu Changge overheard their conversation and retained his subtle smile. Finished muttering to himself, he immediately drew his finger as he walked forward through the void.


*Whoosh!* Anomalies surged in the air as a clear metallic ring reverberated through the space, making a terrifying sound. As his finger turned into a sword, he struck it and sent a dense amount of energy condensed into a sword, which charged forward like a plummeting meteorite. The sword flew across the land so fast that the mountains and cities started quaking.


“D*mn it!” Seeing that, those from the Feathered Clan immediately grew anxious. Their faces turn pale white as they were taken aback by Gu Changge’s sudden mighty attack. The sword was shining with such terrifying aura as though it could instantaneously shatter beings in the True Enlightened Realm and Enlightened Noble Realm. Thus, those in the Feathered Clan dumbfounded.


Although Gu Changge was injured for some time, he was obviously fully healed now. Besides, he was significantly stronger now. That meant that the injury to his Source had been  an opportunity to rebuild and strengthen himself.


Instantly, countless young prodigies felt downcasted. Their urge to compete with Gu Changge completely dispersed. Such a monster could only be rivalled by those in the Nirvana Realm or some overpowered abomination in the world.


“Charge!” With Gu Changge at the front, the Immortal Guards of the Immortal Gu Family and experts from the Primal Celestial Temple yelled in unison. As their murderous voices thundered through the sky, they swiftly charged towards the  ancient cities before them..


At once, a terrorizing battle erupted.


Explosions broke out everywhere as battleships with radiating runes landed directly on the cities and mountains bringing them to ruin. The crowd of bystanders watching from afar could even feel terrifying shockwaves storming towards them.


“The battle has begun! Young Master Changge is extremely aggressive! Look at him! Does he truly intend to kill everyone in the Feathered Clan?”


“That would indeed be insane! Does he even have the Feathered Clan in his eyes?”


“How is Gu Changge so confident that he can defeat the Feathered Clan? They possess Supreme grade weapons!”


Watchers from every direction were stupefied. They believe that Gu Changge must have had an ultimate move up his sleeves. Or, he had some formidable support that had yet to show up.


Glowing like stars in the sky, the sword energy was swung towards the Feathered Clan’s territory. It was as though it could split mountains in half. Within the golden light, there was a force containing unimaginable power, which suppressed those in the Feathered Clan. The alarming, oppressive light intertwined as though the galaxy was collapsing. 


*Boom!* Ancient arrays and contraptions on the ground were triggered, springing up and spreading across the lands.


In that instant, as though the sky was being shattered, the Ancient Mystic Mountains were violently trembling as fissures occurred, destroying the nearby trees while the boulders disintegrated to ashes. *Thump…*


Meanwhile, Gu Changge was leading the Immortal Guards into an ancient city. His eyes bore immense coldness. In that instant, he resembled the all-powerful demonic overlord with how ferocious he was. He was casting innumerable spells, dropping attacks like rain, and slaughtering those in the Feathered Clan.


[Perhaps it’s about time I drag that guy into this…] Although Gu Changge seemed like he was focusing on the invasion, he was actually concentrating on what was happening high up in the sky, where he could sense Gu Xianer. Since she was hiding there, the Grand Elder as well as Gu Nanshan must also be there. This was something Gu Changge had no doubts about.


From his perspective, the carnage bore no significance to him as the Feathered Clan was merely a tool for him to warn everyone else. He was wondering how he should drag the Ancestor from the Gu Family into the battle, which was his ultimate goal. Once a Gu Family Ancestor appears, the dominance of the family would naturally be flaunted. Simultaneously, the Ancestor would be the best person to keep the Celestial Ancient Races in check when he moves to suppress them.


Other than that, Gu Changge was also aware that the reason the Ancestor came to the Celestial Ancient Continent wasn’t to support him, but to help Gu Xianer settle accounts with him.


However, the moment the Ancestor stepped into the Celestial Ancient Continent, he unknowingly got wrapped into Gu Changge schemes. Naturally, the Ancestor would offer no help to Gu Changge. Rather, he would try to teach Gu Changge a lesson. Gu Changge, knowing this, already had thought up countermeasures. One of them was his current actions. Every move of his seemed even valorant and bold in the eyes of the crowd.


Amidst the explosions, heavenly light glowed behind him in the sky. That was a vast space where golden lights of terrifying weapons surged. Be it axes, pitchforks, or flasks, all of them were overflowing with a daunting aura.


Immediately, Gu Changge cast a spell. The Godly Weapons Conjuration, and shortly after, godly weapons gushed out along with the blinding lights, as though they were about to pierce through everything. Naturally no one from the Feathered Clan was spared. 


Gu Changge intended to face the strongest cultivators of the Feathered Clan. Thus, he was heading straight towards his final destination, the main palace of the Feathered Clan.


High up in the sky, Gu Nanshan tensed his brows. [Is he planning to barge into the palace alone? Also, was he smiling when he looked over here seconds ago? Why did he do that? Does he know I’m here?]


He grew more confused towards Gu Changge behaviour. However, he was certain of one thing, that smile of his bore no good intentions. Baffled, he kept on wondering. [What happened back there? Did I see it wrongly? Did I overthink it? But my cultivation level is much higher than his. He shouldn’t be able to tell that I’m hiding here!]


Little did he know, Gu Changge was able to sense Gu Xianer’s position due to her Daoist Bone in his body.


In this instant, Gu Changge had already advanced to the depths of the Feathered Clan’s palace. His weapons levitated in the sky with blinding lights. They could murder anyone with just one touch. Even those in the Enlightened Noble Realm would find themselves devastated against his weapons..


The crowd widened their eyes in awe as they saw his godly weapons. Each of them harboured unimaginable strength and their values weren’t measurable. Yet, Gu Changge used them at his expense. Apart from feeling shocked, the bystanders had only astonishment for his fortune.


In the meantime, Gu Changge slaughtered and disintegrated every living being that was in his way using his palms.




Swiftly, he arrived at the depths of the Feathered Clan’s main palace. It was located in the grand ancient city that was constructed with giant gemstones. Attacked by the ancient battleships’s heavenly beams, the defenceless city was crumbling down and being brought to ruin.


“D*mned it Gu Changge!”


“Awaken the Ancestor now!”


Those from the Feathered Clan yelled out in panic and hopelessness. They hadn’t the slightest chance to fend off Gu Changge’s explosive attacks.


Within the mountain-like sturdy city walls, there were towering taverns that resembled a floating palace that emitted an astonishing aura. Meanwhile, the Immortal Guards of the Gu Family and experts from of the Primal Celestial Temple were attacking from the sky. At once, the buildings and the walls were instantly shattered and turned into dust.


Meanwhile, in the depths of the Feathered Clan’s main palace, countless members of the Feathered Clan were gathered, troubled by the turbulence. The ancient runes etched on the city walls that didn’t belong in this era started to explode


“I’ve come peacefully, yet all of you had to turn things into a mess. Do you like the outcome you’ve chosen?” Gu Changge leisurely questioned as he came to the palace alone without any followers. While intense battles were happening everywhere else, those from Feathered Clan in front of him were extremely scared. They were staring at him with pale faces as they dared not to engage him. This included the Elders that were in the Quasi-Saint Realm.


Despite possessing powers of Partial-Enlightened Realm, Gu Changge was bold enough to barge into the palace like a fool. However, everyone knew he no fool. He even possessed the slyest intellect that allowed him to manipulate the entire Celestial Ancient Races and everyone else like pawns on a chessboard. Since he was not one to take risks, his lone arrival into this palace left those from the Feathered Clan wary. Their backs were drenched in cold sweat as they feared Gu Changge might suddenly pull up some unstoppable tricks.


“Pick. Surrender, or die,” Gu Changge smilingly repeated. He was aware that many forces were paying attention to him.


“Give us everything you have, Gu Changge! If we—” Someone from the Feathered Clan angrily glared at him and shouted. However, before he could finish, a sword-like beam penetrated his skull along, destroying his Primordial Spirit within.


“Be smart, now. I’m showing mercy by giving you a chance right now. I’ll give you just a moment before I revoke my kindness,” Gu Changge stated with an nonchalant expression as he scanned his eyes across the fear-filled members of the Feathered Clan. On his finger was a sword-like beam that seemed to be able to destroy the entire universe.


Behind this group of Feathered Clan clansmen, there were innumerable higher-ups of the clan. This included the Elders, and their leader, Yu Wudi. They were gazing at Gu Changge with gloomy scowls, yet none dared to make a move.


Seeing that, Gu Changge let out a sigh. “Come on, I’m being so insufferable right now, yet you’re all standing still, doing nothing? Square up already, you hopeless cowards…”


“Gu Changge, all your evil deeds will ultimately lead you to your downfall!” Fearing that Gu Changge might suddenly attack, an Elder vexedly scolded as alarming gleams surged from his body.


“Evil deeds? Can’t say I follow. You’re the ones who planned to kill me and asked for rewards from the Celestial Ancient Dragon Races. Those plans of yours only failed because I saw through your wicked schemes. How am I the one to blame?” Gu Changge casually spoke in front of the beings in the Quasi-Saint Realm and Quasi-Sacred Realm. He was completely unaffected by the auras they were flaunting as he retained his calm face. Though, it was somewhat meaningless pointing out what everyone already knew.


“You brazen scum!” Tilted by Gu Changge’s attitude, an Elder immediately rebuked. Filled with hate, he never lived a day where his urge to kill a junior grew so intense.


“Stop it! Something’s off about this man…” Yu Wudi warned with a dull face as he pulled the Elder back. If an ordinary young cultivator were to face so many powerful cultivators in the Sacred Realm at once, they would have fallen on their knees, However, Gu Changge still manage to retain his mindless behaviour. As such, their hearts palpitated and so did those of the cultivators observing from afar. It seems that Gu Changge actually came prepared.


“I’d assume all of you have cultivated for thousands of years. Yet, it seems that you’ve lost your courage in the process given how you’re all too much of a coward to come at me. Why don’t you save our time and kill yourselves right away?” Gu Changge subtly smiled as he turned to look at the battlefield.


Be it those from the Primal Celestial Temple or the Immortal Guards, they had all experienced hundreds of wars. Furthermore, with their peerless cultivation the current battle was unquestionably, completely one-sided. The Feathered Clan basically does not have the capabilities to defend themselves.


“Don’t fall for his tricks! Did you all forget what happened to Yu Jing?” Gu Changge’s words left many of the Elders feeling ashamed and furious, but their leader remained rational and halted their aggression with a reminder that felt like an awakening from a cold shower. Instantly, they came to their senses and their anger waned, but all of a sudden they felt goosebumps all over their bodies.


[What a familiar tactic! Gu Changge’s planning to provoke us into attacking him, and intends to make that an excuse to kill all of us! This brat is truly vile!] Thinking that, they were immediately on edge.


“Your spinelessness truly knows no bound.” Gu Changge carried an uncanny grin. No matter how he made fun of the Feathered Clan, they could only stare at him with their livid expression, without being able to do anything.


To be honest, Gu Changge was genuinely surprised. Everything he had done up until now was to force the Gu Family Ancestor to getting involved. He never expected the Feathered Clan to be this timid, to the point they do not even dare to lay a finger on him.This actually cause Gu Changge some trouble.


He revealed a helpless expression and turned to the sky before speaking in a natural tone. “Ancestor, this is getting boring. Why don’t you come down here and finish it up? I shall pass on the burden to you.”


As he was speaking, he looked at the sky with a knowing look before quickly withdrawing it.




Gu Changge’s voice wasn’t loud, but his voice was echoing into the sky. Hearing that, everyone, outsiders and natives, were thoroughly dumbfounded. Their eyes widened while some were still oblivious to what just happened.


[What does he mean? Ancestor? Is there an Gu Family Ancestor that’s currently in hiding? Is that why Gu Changge dares to show up without a trace of fear on him?]


They then turned to where Gu Changge was looking. However, since the sky was cloudy, they couldn’t see any silhouettes. Furthermore, since Gu Changge was referring to an Gu Family Ancestor, no ordinary person could sense his presence if he was concealing himself.




“Ancestor Nanshan…”


Hiding high up in the sky, Gu Xianer and the Grand Elder, too, were left stunned. They had never expected that Gu Changge and Gu Nanshan were in on it together. This would explain why Gu Nanshan was so fond of Gu Changge.


Somewhat dazed, Gu Xianer sternly pondered. [It seems like Gu Changge is quite close with Ancestor Nanshan, or he wouldn’t have said those things. If there was a grudge between the two of them, Gu Changge wouldn’t have brought him up so suddenly. To think that they’re on the same team… But Ancestor Nanshan never told me anything about it!]


Gu Xianer grew even more resolute with her belief. That Gu Changge was hiding a great secret unknown to anyone else.


“This d*mned brat…” Shocked, Gu Nanshan slipped up.


He didn’t expect Gu Changge to actually know of his precise location. Even less that he would speak such misleading words. Worse, prior to this, he had never even met Gu Changge before, let alone shared a conversation with him. This was why he was absolutely stunned by Gu Changge’s actions and his unexpected words.


[I’ve been plotted against by this brat!] Gu Nanshan’s frown. His facial expression could not be more hideous as the urge to smack Gu Changge rose in his mind. Sadly, given the circumstances, he was left with no other choice but to show himself.




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