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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 739, A Rare Enigma, Sensed Something Amiss?

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The fact that the One-Eye Daoist of Sky Emperor Mountain came to the Divine City to ask Gu Changge about the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being was not something that was kept a secret.


Many people had also witnessed the incident. Therefore, the news soon spread throughout the Divine City.


The Young Master of the Ten Thousand Treasures Merchant Alliance had been an unlucky soul. Many sighed to themselves, though they revelled in his misfortunes as well.


Why did he choose to offend Gu Changge of all people?


Alas, not only did it cost him his life, but even the Quasi-Nirvana Realm expert from the Ten Thousand Treasures Merchant Alliance had only been able to leave with his life intact because the One-Eye Daoist from Sky Emperor Mountain came forward and protected him.


At the time, many people had been able to guess what would become of the old man in grey. Gu Changge would have killed him in one fell swoop.


He was only able to survive out of sheer luck and good fortune.


The news of this spread like wildfire and nearly all of the cultivators discussed it among themselves.


Naturally, what they cared about the most was whether or not the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being would appear. Since Gu Changge said so himself, they were convinced it would not be untrue.


“I can’t wait. If the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being is willing to lend a hand, we’ll be able to easily eliminate the Eternal Overcast Scourge.”


“Perhaps, the emergence of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being signals the unfolding of a glorious era. Look at all the young prodigies and hidden experts who have gathered in the Divine City. Something of this majesty has not been seen in tens of millions of years. I can now die in peace after having witnessed this for myself.”


“This grand occurrence came to be because of Young Master Gu. No youth in all of history has ever reached his level of status and success, right?”


Across all the restaurants, inns, palaces, and buildings throughout the city, everyone engaged in fervent discussion over this matter. They had a look of both awe and fear when they talked about Gu Changge.


After the incident at the Eternal Overcast, few if any suspected Gu Changge of having anything to do with the Successor of Demonic Arts. The many rumours were dispelled.


It also went without saying that the Immortal Forces were wary of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being’s appearance. They would need to have solid evidence before they could level any sort of accusation at Gu Changge the way they did before.


Gu Changge’s dominant stance had proven that if anyone tried to test him again, they would have to pay a heavy price.



Time flew by in the blink of an eye. The next day, in the central palace at the very centre of the Divine City.


The hidden experts from Godly Illusion Clan, Sky Emperor Mountain, Endless Fire Kingdom, Devil Mountain, Buddhist Mountain, and many other Immortal Forces all gathered here.


Jiang Luoshen seemed to be fully shrouded in a golden light as she stood beside a golden-haired old woman with an unidentified tree branch. She was not her usual proud and lofty self. Instead, she gave off the impression of being docile and quick-witted, which was the complete opposite of what others expected of her.


The golden-haired old woman was short and had a small frame. Her face was covered in wrinkles and her eyes were glassy. Nevertheless, all of the cultivators inside the central palace, even the other hidden experts, dared not underestimate her.


She was known as the Golden Sun Gifted Lady in her youth and was a pure-blooded Gold Crow. She possessed shockingly remarkable Talents and everyone was in awe of her. Countless fine young prodigies had fallen at her feet.


In terms of strength, she was far stronger than all the prodigies of her generation. Alas, she did not take a liking to anyone. Even now, there were those of her generation who had not gotten over her yet.


Although she looked wizened now, with her cultivation level, she could easily restore herself to her former beauty.


Meanwhile, the branch she was holding was said to be a genuine branch of the Fu Sang Immortal Tree. It could be wielded in countless incredulous ways and was on par with Innate Artifacts.


On the other side of the central palace, Chosen Monk Jin Chan was also accompanying Ancient Buddha Sha Na from Buddhist Mountain. Chosen Monk Jin Chan’s hands were pressed together. He had a calm look on his face and seemed unaffected by the outside world.


Ancient Buddha Sha Na had a look of compassion. His long white eyebrows hung down over his face, and the Buddha aura around him made others feel a sense of piety.


Apart from them, the Heavenly Ox Demon King from Devil Mountain was also present. He was dressed in the ancient attire. His greyish-white eyes were stormy, and the pair of black horns atop his head was particularly eye-catching. He and the Demons from Devil Mountain stood in silence in yet another corner.


However, what was frightening about the Heavenly Ox Demon King was his aura, that exuded out of him like a vast ocean. Chaos Qi would billowed out of his nose before circling back to him, suppressing the void in the process until it was as if the void would crack.


Even the ordinary True Daoists were too afraid to stand near him.


As for the One-Eye Daoist of Sky Emperor Mountain, he stood in a separate corner some distance away from everyone else. His calm, unperturbed expression made him look like an elderly master who had achieved enlightenment. His face was like a piece of jade that shone in the light.


The hidden experts of the other Immortal Forces such as Great Yu Celestial Dynasty, Unrivalled Celestial Dynasty, Purple Cloud Valley, and the Lake of Reincarnation had gathered in the palace and were all waiting quietly.


A lot of prominent figures were gathered outside the palace as well. They paid close attention to the goings-on inside the palace.


The Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being was someone from an ancient mythical period and the many things he did passed down through time in the form of historical records.


Many were thrilled and excited that he would be appearing in front of them.


“I’ve seemed to have kept you all waiting.” Just then, a faint chuckle rang out outside the palace. Gu Changge walked into the palace under everyone’s expectant gazes. He was a tall, broad-shouldered man with handsome features. His long black robes were wide and embroidered with images of the sun, the moon, and the stars, as well as mountain valleys and ancient seas, among other things. He had a pleasant smile that evoked a feeling of mystery and nobility.


At this very moment, even the hidden experts stiffened ever so slightly. They sensed something about Gu Changge that made them grow wary.


“Ancestor, this is Gu Changge, the one I told you about.” Jiang Luoshen’s eyes sparkled with a smile when Gu Changge showed up. She could not resist murmuring to the golden-haired old woman beside her.


Although the hidden experts knew about Gu Changge and were aware of some of his feats, it was their first time seeing him up close in person. They all felt the same thing, which was that he lived up to the rumours about him.


“He is indeed a rare enigma. Even I can’t see through him.” Golden Sun Gifted Lady, the golden-haired woman, shook her head ever so slightly.


Her eyes were similar to Jiang Luoshen’s in the way that golden light swirled in them when she stared at Gu Changge. They were no longer glassy now.


She and Jiang Luoshen were incredibly similar in terms of Bloodline. However, unlike her, Jiang Luoshen had yet to become old and be an Ancestor of the Clan. She still had a long path ahead of her.


As it was, the entire Godly Illusion Clan was closely connected with the ancient Golden Crow Clan. Furthermore, their divine techniques had technically evolved from the Sun as well.


“Greetings, Young Master Gu.”


Once those inside the central palace caught on, they courteously cupped their hands and greeted Gu Changge.


“What…” On the other hand, the Heavenly Ox Demon King fixed his eyes on Gu Changge. He tensed up as if he had just seen something unbelievable.


Initially, he had been cold and aloof. He did not even bother with the hidden experts around him. However, he was now trembling slightly as if he had just encountered something which made him so aghast that he could not calm down.


“Demon King, what…” The Demons behind the Heavenly Ox Demon King viewed him as their leader, and now that they noticed his unusual state, their expressions shifted as they checked on him in concern.


Ancient Buddha Sha Na, One-Eye Daoist, Golden Sun Gifted Lady, and all the other hidden experts also noticed the Heavenly Ox Demon King’s peculiar reaction. They glanced at him in puzzlement.


With how powerful their divine senses were, it was a given that they detected the Heavenly Ox Demon King’s aghast and tumultuous emotions.


They were both curious and confused.


[Does Gu Changge possess something mysterious that made the Demon King react in this manner? Or, did the Demon King sense something amiss?]


However, at the very next moment, these thoughts instantly vanished from their mind as they assumed the Heavenly Ox Demon King’s reaction was due to him seeing the figure further back.


A person of average height stepped into the palace behind Gu Changge. His robes fluttered as he walked.


He had a warm and kind smile on his face. His eyes were shrouded and yet clear at the same time. Fragments of light seemed to circle him. He did not look like someone who belonged in this world.


“The Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being…”


No introduction was needed as everyone in the palace instantly recognised who this person was. It had to be the figure from the Celestial Ancient Times.


The aura and Divine Energy he gave off could not be falsified.



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