I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 786, Not Enough to Reach the Immortal Realm, Sees All Beings in the World as Ants

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Translator: Fate

Translation Checker: Silavin


The four hidden experts were completely helpless despite exerting their full strength to resist the Eternal Overcast Sources. Eventually, they faded into the grey mist and were bound by the chains, before they were imprisoned in the Dark Cages. 


After dealing with everything, Gu Changge looked towards the distant universe where there was a huge army. This army had not entered the universe with these four hidden experts and within this army, there were True Daoists, Quasi-Nirvana Realm and numerous Sacred Emperor Realm experts. However, once the hidden experts were suppressed, they were no different from ants that Gu Changge couldn’t be bothered paying attention to.


“The army has not arrived yet. Only four hidden experts are not enough for me to ascend to the Immortal Realm,” Gu Changge softly uttered. He was still waiting for the right time. Naturally, his target was all the hidden experts who would come to this universe in order to become Immortal. It was not just these four individuals currently before him. 


Although he intended to spare the vast army outside Resplendence Universe, they appeared to not know what was good for them as they tried to charge in and rescue the four hidden experts. They thought that the four hidden experts were under some kind of evil influence, which was why they weren’t able to display their true strength. 


The grey mist proceeded to sweep in from an unknown place, shrouding the entire universe, and silently pulled them in.


Those outside the Resplendence Universe were incredibly shocked. They hadn’t witnessed the course of this battle and had no idea what had happened for the four hidden experts to vanish without a trace. It was as though they were mud that had sunk into the sea.




Another crack tore open outside the Resplendence Universe. With a loud bang, heaven and earth trembled when the vast army rushed in. As the True Daoists at the forefront made their move, they emitted a dazzling radiance and overwhelming imperial prestige that caused World Principles to tremble. Never before had so many Nirvana Realm figures joined forces and attacked a single common enemy together. The pressure alone shocked the universe and suppressed all!


Various Principles capable of crushing Quasi-Nirvana Realm experts, only able to be resisted by Nirvana Realm figures, intertwined within that crack. They didn’t charge directly towards the Northern Dipper Star Territory as the initial four hidden experts did; their target was the dim Star Territory shrouded by the endless grey mist, where four pillars holding up the heavens could be seen.


As countless chains accompanied by the resounding sound of their descent slowly spread over from that place, everyone in the army felt their souls freeze. 


Gu Changgeonly watched this scene without any changes in his expression from Gods’ Ruins. Before long, he reached out in that direction, letting out a terrifying fluctuation that almost wiped out that part of space, as if he intended to end the world.


Large swaths of living were directly wiped out at the wave of his palm. Not only that, they couldn’t even utter a sound as they disappeared. Stars fell, and a myriad of Domains trembled as they seemed like they were about to collapse together, but in the end, they shattered instead.


At this moment, the True Daoists were like mere ants, unable to hold on for long under his strike. When they exploded under that terrifying presence, they became a bloody rain that dyed the entire universe red.


“Why choose to die at this moment?” Gu Changge’s expression remained indifferent. As he sighed, his voice spread from Gods’ Ruins and reverberated throughout the entire Resplendence Universe. All the living beings felt a chill up their spines when they heard his words. It felt as if an age-old deity was standing tall, coldly overlooking them and observing them like they were ants.


“Just who are you?” A True Daoist howled, exerting all his strength trying to shatter the heavens and disperse the surrounding grey mist. But in the end, he made no progress despite exhausting himself by burning up his Source and using the Forbidden techniques he knew. He felt a sense of despair when he realised that this was an enemy he couldn’t contend with.


Gu Changge remained silent as he simply watched them. His gaze then turned towards the distant universe. He could sense the approach of other hidden experts from the Upper Realm. Not only that, there were much more of them compared to before.


[More and more big fish are swimming into my net.]


A smile appeared on his lips as the Tree of Epoch behind him suddenly emitted a radiant and dazzling light. It was like a beam of light shining from this era, spanning the past, present, and future.


Vaguely, the illusion of the Immortal Path, one that was incredibly solid and not blurry, began to appear above the sky behind him.


On that Immortal Path, the Great Dao started to manifest, and the terrifying shadows of gods and demons gathered here. One after another, they stood there in armour, exuding immense horror like they were the sky soldiers guarding the Immortal Path, which one would only see in myths. As soon as the Immortal Path appeared, a pervasive fluctuation spread to the entire Resplendence Universe, enveloping the surroundings in the Light of Immortal Ascension.


The scene here permeated this universe and transmitted to other places, as if announcing to the myriad realms that the Immortal Path had truly descended.


The rich Brilliance of Immortal Ascension was so blinding that it illuminated the entire universe, and even a blurry River of Time began to manifest its image. Of course, none of this was real, as all of this was refined by Gu Changge using Principles. He did this only to drive those hidden experts even more insane.


“More and more hidden experts are coming…” Tao Yao spoke as she stood in Gods’ Ruins, gazing into the depths of the distant universe.


Only Empress Huang Yu felt afraid. With her state of mind, it was difficult for her to remain calm. She found everything terrifying. She considered True Daoists inferior to dogs, and only hidden experts had the qualifications to fight and be considered as worthy adversaries.


[What kind of earth-shattering scheme is Senior plotting?] She couldn’t have imagined that she would witness such a scene that filled her with horror and fear. To her, Gu Changge was a person who was easygoing and transcendent like an Immortal. She had never expected him to be so ruthless while treating all living beings as insignificant ants.




The Resplendence Universe was once again blasted open, and terrifying cracks spread as the heavens and earth seemed to be crumbling. The unprecedented fluctuations emanated from beyond the torn universe were unmasked and unmatched. Eight horrifying and supreme figures with gazes like lightning now stood tall like mountains in that direction.


“There’s something peculiar about this universe. All the people that previously rushed here were annihilated, and even remnants of an Immortal Grade Artifact being used remains. Something extraordinary must have happened.”


“But one thing is certain: the path to immortality is right before our eyes…”


Having the eight hidden experts standing together was truly heaven-defying. They were forcing their incompatible Daos to squeeze into such a small space, resulting in big explosions among them. Each person stood amidst a galaxy surrounded by countless starry rivers, and each one was the master of the universe. When they exert their power, they have to keep a distance from one another.


Each person was comparable to a true vast universe. Even so, chaos surged between them, resulting in massive explosions. They all utilised supreme techniques to direct the fluctuations towards the Resplendence Universe.


The barriers of space ahead shattered in an instant, and the immense fluctuations rushed forth like a breached Heavenly River which then surged like a torrent.


“Could that truly be the Immortal Domain, or is it just a manifestation that hasn’t truly descended into the world?” A mighty force surged within the large spatial rift and looked at a shining world floating ahead. 


They were rapidly approaching.


At this moment, tens of thousands of figures resembling Immortals appeared. It was as if they were ascending to the Immortal Realm. The group that covered the sky and earth gathered within that illusory world. It was a splendid light shower which transformed into eternity and destroyed everything. Even if a Quasi-Nirvana Being was present, or even with millions of troops, they would immediately turn into pus and blood upon entering here. Once touched by the rain of light, one’s body and spirit would surely be annihilated. 


It was a World Principle specifically created to hinder hidden experts.


They exerted all their strength as they intended to shatter Resplendence Universe, eagerly yearning to make contact with the shining world ahead. However, they were afraid of the strangeness within and didn’t dare to venture deep into it.


“Don’t want to come in? Let me help you with that.” Gu Changge sat calmly in Gods’ Ruins. 


With a small shout, Sword Principles condensed before him. He was glowing all over when colourful Immortal Aura overflowed from his body. Even though the chaotic aura that enveloped him was shaken off, revealing his pure and handsome countenance, his expression remained cold and emotionless as if he hadn’t felt anything in particular.


As the void in front of him exploded, the Sword Principles were refined into an incredibly solid bronze Immortal Sword. The sword then flew up with a hum. With a single strike, the universe’s galaxies lost their splendour, and the splitting of heaven and earth caused even the ‘Immortal Path’ to collapse.




The Immortal Sword swept through, making the light and shadows scatter as the weapon shattered all the fluctuations ahead into countless fragmented Principles and dust.




“Such a terrifying existence. Did he kill the other hidden experts with a single strike?”


The eight hidden experts simultaneously made their move, attempting to pierce through the Resplendence Universe. However, they all coughed up blood at this moment. They were quivering as shock and horror appeared on their faces. The horrifying sword aura seemed to descend from the Nine Heavens, boundless and surpassing anything in this world and capable of shattering everything.


They felt a chill down their spines. If they were outside the universe, they would have no way to reach each other, let alone break through this universe and approach the shining ancient world.


In the next moment, the eight hidden experts exchanged glances and decided to join forces. The aura of their respective Daos diffused, emitting a terrifying momentum that crashed forward and collided with each other before they stepped directly into Resplendence Universe. 


Another terrifying battle that swept across endless Star Territories and countless universes ensued. Even the distant worlds and myriad of Domains were shuddering in fear as they could feel the after effects of this battle.


“No matter how many of you there are, your numbers mean nothing to me,” Gu Changge indifferently uttered while he looked at the eight approaching figures. His eyes were deep, like an ancient and unchanging sea. Undoubtedly, this battle would soon come to an end. The Dark Cages accompanied by the sound of dragging chains soon reappeared. Just like that, the eight hidden experts were once again dragged into them, their presence disappearing.


The Resplendence Universe then plunged into darkness. Except for the radiant Immortal Light above Gods’ Ruins, a terrifying mist swept over, obscuring everything and plunging the place into silence and desolation.


The hidden experts who arrived later trembled with horror as they stood outside the universe. However, they couldn’t resist the temptation of becoming Immortals, and decided to directly rush in. 


Without exception, they followed in the footsteps of the previous hidden experts and added to the number of prisoners in the Dark Cages.



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