Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 532, The Two Guardians of the Abyssal Prison

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


In a moment, within the calm gaze of the Black Wyvern, countless rootlets outgrow from the section of the root, intertwining into a figure.


This figure was none other than Yu Zi Yu.


As a matter of fact, over the past three years, Yu Zi Yu’s primary root had pierced through half of the planet, with secondary roots spreading about everywhere, freely rooting within the planet.


Among them, one even managed to emerge from the other end of the planet.


However, just as it emerged, this section of the root encountered this Black Wyvern.


He instantly figured that this Black Wyvern was none other than the one once hunted down by the people of various continents.


The basis of his reasoning came from the similarity in his aura with Little Tenth’s.


However, that was not the most important part.


What was important was that Yu Zi Yu had saved the Black Wyvern’s life.


If Yu Zi Yu hadn’t infused Vitality into the heavily injured Black Wyvern in time, given his condition at that time, things wouldn’t have gone as smoothly.


Even so, the Black Wyvern didn’t display a friendly attitude towards Yu Zi Yu. Due to his cold and arrogant nature, he had always maintained a cold and unapproachable attitude towards everyone.


“It’s been half a year since we last saw each other, and your attitude is still as cold as ever…” Joking, the corners of Yu Zi Yu’s figure woven from rootlets slightly curled upwards.


However, at this moment, if one were to pay really close attention to Yu Zi Yu’s figure, they would surely notice that this figure appeared somewhat illusory, with vague outlines of rootlets visible every now and then.


Given the vast distance between the two continents, Yu Zi Yu’s control over his power was somewhat inadequate.


For instance, this section of Yu Zi Yu’s root could only display strength at the level of a Tier-3 Transcendent, far inferior to the overwhelming power on the other continent.


“Hmph…” The Black Wyvern let out a cold snort, and did not justify his attitude.


Instead, he changed the subject, speaking in a cold voice, “Golden Ant, the one you have asked me to keep an eye on has grown up. There are no more than ten individuals on this entire continent who can deal with him.”


“Oh, is that so?” Yu Zi Yu was a little satisfied.


[That’s fantastic!] Yu Zi Yu had been quite concerned about Little Fifth, who had traveled to another continent. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have used his roots to pierce through the planet and come to the Australian Continent.


Now, having obtained accurate information about Little Fifth, Yu Zi Yu felt at ease.


However, at this moment, as if remembering something, Yu Zi Yu looked towards the nearby Black Wyvern and asked, smiling, “Are you interested in joining Misty Mountains…”


“No,” giving a cold and short response, the Black Wyvern flapped its wings and flew towards the sky, giving Yu Zi Yu no more chances to speak.


However, right then, a voice suddenly rang in Yu Zi Yu’s ears, “You’d better be careful. Your awakening has not only alarmed all the continents but even the deep sea. They have not forgotten about the deep grudge from back then…”


The Black Wyvern’s rare reminder got Yu Zi Yu thinking.


“The deep sea, huh…” muttering to himself, a playful expression on Yu Zi Yu’s face, looking towards the direction of the sea.


[Since they remember it so well, then let’s have some fun with them. In any case, I’ve been hunting various races recently. I believe that compared to the continent, there should be even more powerful races in the deep sea.] While these thoughts flashed in Yu Zi Yu’s mind, his figure slowly dissipated into the air. After all, at such a huge distance, Yu Zi Yu found himself lacking in strength.


If he managed to cultivate to the peak of Tier-4, his earth-shaking power would allow him to descend upon the Australian Continent, unlike now, when even channeling his power to a section of his root left him fatigued.



By the time Yu Zi Yu’s consciousness returned to the depths of North Canyon in Misty Mountains, it was already late at night.


However, except for Yu Zi Yu, most of the Mutant Beasts chose to stay in Steel World.


They were quite curious about places like Steel World, especially since there were still many Metal Lifeforms remaining.


Unfortunately, without the Elemental Heart, the cultivation of these Metal Lifeforms had also come to a stop.


Without fully submitting to Misty Mountains, their cultivation would remain stagnant, which was completely intolerable for being born in this age of cultivation.


Yu Zi Yu believed that it would not be long before Metal Lifeforms led by the Black Iron Monster and the Green Monster would submit to him.


However, before that, Yu Zi Yu still had his hands full to deal with the other Mutant Beasts caught around Steel World.


“Human-Faced Beast, Human-Faced Spider, Rainbow Deer, and a Mutant Rat…” muttering to himself, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze fell consecutively on the captured Mutant Beasts one after another.


While all these Mutant Beasts were Tier-3 Transcendents, they were no match for Qing Gang and Little White.


As a matter of fact, aside from some Superior Clans, it was really difficult to find Mutant Beasts and Humans who could go against the Mutant Beasts of Misty Mountains neck and neck. 


“How should we deal with you all?” Saying this, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze fell upon the most eerie-looking Mutant Beast among all–Human-Faced Spider.


*Gulp* Subconsciously swallowing the saliva, Human-Faced Spider looked towards the distant sky-reaching Tree hidden in the thick fog, feeling somewhat nervous.


In fact, it would be more accurate to call it fear.


It would never forget the sight of meteors raining down from the sky.


No one had thought that the towering Divine Tree would possess such mighty power that it could reduce mountains and rivers to a deep canyon. Even now, the crater that resembled a deep valley was filled with countless lightning arcs streaking everywhere.


What left everyone even more terrified that the towering Divine Tree’s move had pierced through the ground, sending earthquakes for thousands of meters.


This was the world today.


Under the enhancement of Spiritual Energy over the past three years, the ordinary Earth was now as solid as the steel of the past. Otherwise, even the residual shockwaves would have swept through almost half of the continent.


*Haaa…* Taking a deep breath, the astute Human-Faced Spider lowered its head, without a hesitation, “Divine Tree, I am willing to follow you.”


While speaking, this huge and ugly Black Spider prostrated on the ground, like a Human.


And right afterward, Human-Faced Beast beside it, after shooting a glance at Human-Faced Spider, also proactively submitted without a hesitation, “Divine Tree, I am also willing to follow you…”


“Follow me!?” Smiling, Yu Zi Yu’s branches cut through the night sky, descending from the sky.


“I heard from Qing Gang that the two were cooking up some kind of scheme…” Amidst Yu Zi Yu’s indifferent chuckle, sharp howls of something rapidly cutting through the air echoed.


Immediately, two lashing sounds echoed before both Human-Faced Beast and Human-Faced Spider suddenly went limp, collapsing to the ground.


At this moment, if one were to look at their backs, they would surely see a bloody lash.


“Divine Tree…” A painful cry filled the air, but before Human-Faced Spider could say anything, Yu Zi Yu’s voice echoed again, “Human-Faced Spider, we know you have the power to discern Human hearts. In the future, you will guard the Abyssal Prison for me.
As for Human-Faced Beast, you will handle the rewards and punishments of the Abyssal Prison.” 


“If you two dare to slack off, we’ll show no mercy.”  With this, two of Asia’s most famous and vicious Mutant Beasts had found their true home.



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