Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3377, The World Collapses


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


As soon as Lan Xun cried out, everyone realized that Bright Moon Great Emperor was also here.


This was consistent with the information that Yang Kai had previously received. It was Bright Moon Great Emperor’s message that led Star Soul Palace all the way here. They were also guessing whether the Great Emperor had entered this world or not, and by the looks of it, he had indeed.


The full moon phenomenon in the sky was the best proof in itself.


In other words, there were three Great Emperors in this strange world; furthermore, they were locked in a heated battle. 


But one thing that was certain was that Bright Moon Great Emperor and Night Shadow Great Emperor were on opposite sides. As for whose side Iron Blood Great Emperor stood remained unclear, but chances were that he had teamed up with Bright Moon Great Emperor.


In the sky, the darkness swept back and forth, fighting against the brilliance of the full moon. The clashes between the light and darkness were the clashes between the Principles of the two Great Emperors.


If they were fighting alone, it would be hard to tell the strong and weak from the two Great Emperors as they were like water and fire, but at this moment, there was Iron Blood Great Emperor, Zhan Wu Hen, here as well, and with a two vs one, Night Shadow Great Emperor was surely at a disadvantage.


Judging by the phenomena in the sky, it was evident that although the darkness was mighty, it was obviously not stronger than brightness and was being suppressed little by little. Occasionally, a long cry would resound, shaking the world.


Yang Kai and the others quietly watched. Except for Yu Ru Meng, everyone had a solemn look hanging on their faces.


Because they knew the reason why the three Great Emperors were fighting.


If their Disciples and descendants were kidnapped, something happening like this is a matter of course; after all, a battle between Great Emperors wasn’t a trivial matter. It was very likely that the entire Star Boundary would be shaken by such a conflict. Lan Xun, Lin Yun’er, and the others hadn’t even suffered any injuries, they were just trapped in this world, that’s all, but that did little to alleviate the grievances that had been forged by their abduction in the first place.


The shockwaves spread far and wide, sending ripples through space, destabilizing the foundation of this world more and more.


Yang Kai drew a deep breath and proposed in a solemn voice, “We should leave, now.”


Lan Xun came back to her senses and withdrew her gaze, turning to look at Yang Kai, “But which direction should we go?”


Yang Kai also had no idea, so he could only turn to Gao Zhan, “Brother Gao, shouldn’t it be time for you to make some predictions?”


Yang Kai had experienced Gao Zhan’s ability first-hand. [Since he could even figure out Yu Ru Meng’s location, it shouldn’t be that hard to find the location of the exit, right?]


But contrary to his expectation, Gao Zhan just slowly shook his head, “I can do nothing!”


Yang Kai turned his gaze then to Yu Ru Meng. If Gao Zhan couldn’t be counted on, he could only turn to her as she seemed to know more about their situation than anyone, but no matter how much Yang Kai asked, she did not give him any substantive answer.


When their eyes met, Yu Ru Meng indifferently asked, “Why is Brother Yang looking at me? Shi Qing has no idea either.”


[Cheap Slut!] Yang Kai was sure that she definitely knew something, but since she was pretending to be Li Shi Qing, she put on a perfectly innocent and righteous act. Annoyed, Yang Kai really wanted to tear off her disguise, but instead, he immediately stated in a heavy voice, “We might very well die here. If you know something, please tell me.”


Yu Ru Meng slowly shook her head, “Brother Yang, why are you asking me? Shi Qing had been in deep sleep before and just woke up now, how would she know anything about this place?”


Lan Xun intervened, “Senior Brother Yang, please don’t embarrass Senior Sister Li. She really doesn’t know anything.”


[You’re the ones who don’t know anything! You’re all being deceived by her!] Yang Kai roared in his heart.


But at this point, Yang Kai was also helpless. All he could do was resign himself, “Then it will depend on our luck. If we are lucky, we might be able to leave this place alive, but if not…” He paused and continued, “Everyone might die here.”


After having said this, he viciously glared at Yu Ru Meng, who just stared back at him innocently, though with a flash of mischievousness in the depths of her eyes.


The battle in the sky grew fiercer and fiercer as the three Great Emperors seemed to be exerting their full power without any reservation. This only increased the signs of this world collapsing though.


Everyone dared not stay in such a place for a long time, so all they could do was move on.


Not long after, Yang Kai’s expression suddenly changed as he raised his head, looking ahead.


“What’s wrong?” Lan Xun asked as she noticed the slight change in Yang Kai’s expression.


“Someone’s here!” Yang Kai replied as he promptly scanned with his Divine Sense and reported, “It’s the members of Star Soul Palace.”


“Elder Xue and the others?” Lan Xun’s spirits immediately lifted.


Yang Kai nodded before speeding up.


Obviously, the other side had noticed the situation here and were rushing over to Yang Kai and the others. After a while, the two groups met.


“Princess!” Xue Zhang Mao looked happy after meeting Lan Xun. He hurriedly stepped forward and inquired about her well-being, carefully checking for any signs of injuries. After making sure that she was safe and sound, he finally put his heart to rest.


Xiao Yu Yang walked to Yang Kai and asked, “How did you find them?”


Yang Kai replied, frowning, “I don’t know who, but someone led me to them. When I found them, they were all in a deep sleep, probably a result of something using some kind of Soul Secret Technique on them.”


“Someone lured you over?” Xiao Yu Yang was stunned.


Yang Kai affirmed with a nod, “Now it’s apparent that the person who led me to them was either Senior Bright Moon or Senior Iron Blood! Otherwise, I wouldn’t have found them so easily.”


Xiao Yu Yang pondered for a while before nodding and agreeing, “That makes sense.”


[Bright Moon Great Emperor or Iron Blood Great Emperor should have discovered Lan Xun and the others, but had other concerns to attend to, so it wasn’t convenient for them to bring these Juniors with them; as such, they had led Yang Kai over and left the rest to him.]


“Elder Xiao, there is one more thing I need to tell you.” Yang Kai suddenly turned serious.


“What is it?” Xiao Yu Yang and the other members of Star Soul Palace turned to look at him.


Yang Kai’s lips moved up and down a few times before he finally stated, “We have to find a way out of here as soon as possible. If I’m right, if the Seniors continue to fight like this, it will soon cause this Sealed World to collapse.”


[So it’s about this.] Xiao Yu Yang failed to stifle his laughter. Even if Yang Kai hadn’t warned them, they had also noticed.


Xue Zhang Mao added, “We have been looking for an exit, but unfortunately, we have found nothing so far. Have you found any clues here?”


Yang Kai slowly shook his head.


Everyone’s face turned gloomy. They too hadn’t found anything, and if Yang Kai hadn’t noticed anything either, how would they get out of here?


Xiao Yu Yang asked, “Since you are proficient in the Dao of Space, can’t you simply tear the space of this world and open an exit?”


Yang Kai replied, shaking his head, “That’s not possible; after all, this is an independent Sealed World with its own Principles and World Barrier. With my current comprehension of the Dao of Space, I can’t tear the barrier of this world. Even if I tried to tear space here, the rift would only lead to some other place in this world. We wouldn’t return to the Star Boundary.”


Xue Zheng Mao resigned, “In that case, we can only slowly search. Since we were able to come in, we must naturally be able to go out.” His voice suddenly turned solemn, looking at the sky, “I just hope we can find the exit in time.”


He then waved his arm, “Let’s go.”


The combined team of people hurriedly chased after him.


Who knows whether it was intentional or unintentional, but Yu Ru Meng fell behind and flew shoulder to shoulder with Yang Kai.


The next moment, her voice rang out from the side, “You just tried to expose me, right?”


Yang Kai glanced sidelong at her, “En, so?”


The corners of Yu Ru Meng’s eyes rose as a smile started to bloom on her face, “Then why didn’t you do it?”


“None of your damn business!” Yang Kai bitterly replied.


“I know, it’s because you couldn’t bear to do it!” Yu Ru Meng smiled even more happily.


Yang Kai coldly snorted, “We don’t know whether we will live or die, it doesn’t make sense to expose you now. If we can find a way out of here, I will definitely expose you in public and watch you die.”


Yu Ru Meng rebuffed, “Just don’t be sad at that time.”


“In your dreams,” Yang Kai snorted angrily and immediately picked up his pace, widening the distance between them at once.


Happiness flashed across Yu Ru Meng’s eyes as she stared at his back and leisurely followed after him.


Time ticked by, bit by bit, and after a full day and night, everyone had become a little restless, because they had not been able to find the exit even after searching for so long.


As for the battle between the three Great Emperors, it had not once ceased during this time, cracking more and more fissures in the world around them to the point that Void Cracks were now present just about everywhere.


Yang Kai was leading the way, only because no one could fly in this environment without his guidance. One might accidentally rush into a Void Crack, or have their bodies cut by the small invisible tears in space and end up dying.


At a certain moment, a dazzling light suddenly illuminated the world.


The team involuntarily halted their steps and looked up.


The next moment, they saw an enormous dark screen clashing with the brilliance of the full moon in the sky, eliminating each other invisibly. At the same time, ear-splitting rumbles also started reverberating throughout the world.


The earth began to crack, opening up massive canyons across the world, ones that seemed bottomless. Space shattered like a mirror and the sky literally began to break apart. 


“Not good!” Xiao Yu Yang couldn’t help but cry out in alarm.


Their previous fears had come true, this world couldn’t bear the fierce confrontation of three Great Emperors and was on the brink of collapsing. All of these phenomena were nothing but the precursors of its destruction.


“Come here!” Xue Zheng Mao shouted. At this time, he didn’t have the luxury to keep searching for an exit. All they could do was huddle together and gather everyone’s strength to resist the coming calamity. Maybe, and just maybe, they could still survive the destruction of the world.


Everyone understood their situation and as such, gathered around Elder Xue. Emperor Qi surged as nearly twenty people acted together, trying to maintain the stability of the place where they stood, preventing an area of a few hundred meters from being affected by the collapse of the world.


Yang Kai looked over at Yu Ru Meng and asked via voice transmission, angrily glaring at her, “Are you only going to be happy after we all die?”


Yu Ru Meng indifferently replied, “Whether others die or not, what does that have to do with me? As for you, will someone like you, who is proficient in the Dao of Space, really die here?”


“Slut!” Yang Kai cursed out of anger.


Yu Ru Meng was dumbstruck for a moment before she asked through gritted teeth, “What did you just call me?”


“S… L… U… T… SLUT!” Yang Kai spelt it out for her.


He had even cursed the Second Elder of the Dragon Clan, so what did Yu Ru Meng matter?




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  2. I hope they don’t drag that heart seal crap on for much longer, this is so annoying. Makes no sense that the Soul Warming Lotus could not even protect against it.

  3. It’s not inherently harmful to the soul, so it makes sense that the Soul Warming Lotus can’t protect against it. Even a Great Emperor couldn’t remove it, didn’t you hear?

    1. It is just complete bullshit alltogether and the worst kind of way to write a quasi antagonist. “Oh, MC has a super powerful soul, a treasure protecting his soul that is the highest grade in the entire world, and at least 2 or 3 other ways to deal with such a situation. I guess we just say this is a secret technique that doesn’t care about any of that.”

  4. If yang Kai still doesn’t put them in the sealed world bead and they die he is an asshole. He even said that he doesn’t have to hide it anymore himself

  5. So uh, why didn’t anybody even try to mediate between the GEs? Like hey look, ur children are here, can you stop fighting for one sec cus otherwise we all die? Author can’t use the BS reason of “it’s too powerful to get close”, I’m 10000% sure the star palace people, not to mention their children or disciples, have ways to contact them. Yes you can bullshit about “oh they’re fighting can’t look at it now”, but since someone’s voice can travel a ridiculous distance, just shout lol

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